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Print Biographies (4)

Joel Sigel. Val Lewton: The Reality of Terror. New York: The Viking Press Inc., 1973.
Val Lewton. No Bed of Her Own. Glasgow, Scotland: Kingly-Reprieve Books, 2006. ISBN 0953163962
Edmund G. Bansak. Fearing the Dark: The Val Lewton Career. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Co., 1995. ISBN 089950969X
Alexander Nemerov. Icons Of Grief: Val Lewton's Home Front Pictures. Berkeley: University Of California Press, 2005. ISBN 0520241002

Film Biographies (2)

Articles (10)

Video Watchdog (US) 2008, Iss. 137, pg. 76-78, by: Tim Lucas, "'Biblio Watchdog': 'No Bed Of Her Own' by Val Lewton"
Bookforum (US) October 2005, pg. 46, by: Robert Polito, "'Shooting the Piano Player': Don't Think About the War"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) December 2001, Iss. 41, pg. 82-86, by: Bob Statzer, "Something in the Shadows, Part 5"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) September 2001, Iss. 40, pg. 90-93, by: Bob Statzer, "Something in the Shadows, Part 4"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) June 2001, Iss. 39, pg. 43-46, by: Bob Statzer, "Something in the Shadows, Part 3"
Scary Monsters Magazine (US) March 2001, Iss. 38, pg. 83-86, by: Bob Statzer, "Something in the Shadows, Part 2"
Scary Monsters Presents Monster Memories (US) January 2001, Iss. 9, pg. 57-61, by: Bob Statzer, "Something in the Shadows, Part 1"
Radio Times (GB) November 26 1988, Vol. 259, Iss. 3391, pg. 31, by: Philip Jenkinson, "Philip Jenkinson on the man who worked with a zombie"
Variety (US) March 21 1951, pg. 63:4, "Val Lewton"
New York Times (US) March 15 1951, pg. 29:3, "Val Lewton"

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