Boos! & Whoop-doos!: Corey Feldman Terror Inside Film Premiere!

Terror Inside? Whoop-doo!

Corey Feldman and Joe Abby on the set of Terror Inside In Seinfeld: Episode 8.13: "The Comeback", Kramer rents the VHS tape The Other Side of Darkness and quips, "It went straight to video! That makes me the premiere!" Well, the same thing has happened for Terror Inside, the latest Corey Feldman thriller. It bypassed theater screens across the country to make its debut on good ol' fashioned DVD this past June 15th. Last night, me and my dogs Rydell and Twoey decided to throw a Wood Floor extravaganza in honor of our favorite 80s teen idol and his latest dumpster-diamond masterpiece. Yes, we held our very own premiere for the film.

There were no stars or celebrities in attendance. Neither Feldman nor director Jozef Lenders returned my calls. I couldn't lock any advanced interviews. Instead, it was just me, two dirty mutts, an upswept plank-board floor,
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