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Meryl Streep fans: the return of ‘Streep Tease’

By Greg Hernandez How great is this?

I got a note last night from the brilliant Roy Cruz who tells me that the very fantastic stage show he created, ‘Streep Tease,’ will return to the Bang Theatre this Saturday after a six-month hiatus.

The show is an evening of Meryl Streep monologues performed by an all-male cast. The most memorable films of the great Streep are given a new interpretation on stage. Each actor gives his own interpretation of his favorite Meryl Streep monologue. The cast includes Cruz, David Dean Bottrell, Bryan T. Donovan, Ron Morehouse, Matthew Nouriel, Joel Scher and Trent Walker.

The show is directed by Ezra Weisz with choreography by Fred Tallaksen. It is produced by Cruz and Kenneth Hartung.

“We have three new monologues and the show has evolved,” Roy says.

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Vince Vaughn Career Assessment | Daddy Got the Rainman Suite & He Sh*t All Over It

  • Pajiba
Subject: Vince Vaughn, 40-year old American actor, comedian, and producer

Date of Assessment: January 14, 2011

Positive Buzzwords: Swingers, smooth-talking, money

Negative Buzzwords: Christmas movies, stagnation, monied

The Case: If I asked moviegoers to consider today's subject, the vast majority would express the same sentiment in regard to today's subject; that is, what the hell happened to Vince Vaughn? Babies, you know what I'm talking about when I refer to Vaughn's promising performance as Trent "Double Down" Walker in Swingers. Vaughn virtually materialized out of thin air to great effect -- women wanted him, and men wanted to be him. To put it quite simply, he was money... and he still is, but Vince's definition of "money" has drastically changed over the past fifteen years. Instead of a descriptor of coolness, the term now refers to what's rattling around in Vaughn's very oversized pockets. Then again, the size of the pockets has changed as well.
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Tell Dennis Everything... "Streep Tease"

There's something about Meryl! In this week's edition of Tell Dennis Everything, Dennis Hensley meets the men of Streep Tease, an evening of Meryl Streep monologues that's been packing them in at L.A.'s Bang Theater. The cast includes Taylor Negron, David Dean Bottrell, Steve Hasley, Drew Droege, Mike Rose, Trent Walker, Ron Morehouse and show creator Roy Cruz.

Check it out after the break!

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