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‘The Naked Civil Servant’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: John Hurt, Liz Gebhardt, Patricia Hodge, Stanley Lebor, Katherine Schofield, Colin Higgins, John Rhys-Davies, Stephen Johnstone, Antonia Pemberton | Written by Quentin Crisp, Philip Mackie | Directed by Jack Gold

When John Hurt died we lost a true legend of film, and an actor loved by both young and old. Some knew him for his role as Kane in Alien, John Merrick in The Elephant Man, and even Doctor Who. Perhaps his most daring role though was as Quentin Crisp, The Naked Civil Servant.

The Naked Civil Servant is the story of Quentin Crisp, a shamelessly (and famously) homosexual man who was never afraid to be himself, even at a time when it was illegal. Looking at his coming of age and growth into old age the film celebrates the life of a truly inspirational individual.

Quentin Crisp is anything but shy, you get to see this in The Naked Civil Servant
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Roger and Val - and other boring TV couples

At its best "dull couple" comedy captures with affection the minutiae of everyday mundanity. At its worst, it's just people in jumpers talking about power tools

Wedged comfortably in BBC2's Friday evening nightcap slot, Roger and Val Have Just Got In (Fridays, 10pm, BBC2) follows a middle-aged couple as they shamble around the uneventful peripheries of their relentlessly ordinary existence. The opener hinged on the loss of a Hoover guarantee. Friday's episode centred on a row over Roger (Alfred Molina)'s seedlings, and next week's instalment revolves around Val (Dawn French) getting the curtains cleaned. Other than a bit where Roger mistakes Val for an upside-down brush, absolutely nothing happens. Ever. It is both monumentally dull and utterly charming: a skilfully observed slice of life served with tea and stifled yawns.

Of course, Roger and Val are far from pioneers in the realm of unapologetic comic monotony. Indeed, they
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