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Overview (4)

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Birth NameJerry O'Neil Lawler
Nickname Jerry "The King" Lawler
Height 5' 10½" (1.79 m)

Mini Bio (1)

Jerry Lawler was born on November 29, 1949 in Memphis, Tennessee, USA as Jerry O'Neil Lawler. He is an actor and producer, known for Man on the Moon (1999), WWE Raw (1993) and WWE '13 (2012).

Spouse (3)

Stacy Carter (29 September 2000 - 21 July 2001) ( divorced)
Paula Jean Carruth (14 February 1982 - ?) ( divorced)
Kay (1970 - 1982) ( divorced) ( 2 children)

Trade Mark (6)

Golden crown, long blue cape, golden sceptor
Trademark move: Fallback Piledriver
Finishing move: Spike Piledriver
Trademark move: Second-Rope Diving Fist Drop
Trademark move: Brainbuster DDT

Trivia (32)

Formerly married to Stacy Carter, who appeared in the WWF as "The Kat" (Miss Kitty).
Between scenes in Man on the Moon (1999) actor Jim Carrey remained in character as Andy Kaufman and spit on pro-wrestler Jerry Lawler, just as Kaufman did in 1982. A stunned Lawler reacted by grabbing Carrey by the hair and jerking his neck and sending him to the hospital. (This was later revealed to be a publicity stunt to promote the movie). In 1982, Lawler also sent Kaufman to the hospital for spitting on him. Lawler has since revealed that not only was his feud with Kaufman staged, but the two were actually good friends.
Son, Brian Lawler (b. 10 January 1972), who wrestled for the WWE (1997-2001) under the nickname "Grand Master Sexay". Daughter, Heather Lyn (Lawler) (b. 19 July 1969).
Professional wrestler in several organizations, including WWE.
Had a legendary feud with comedian Andy Kaufman in 1984.
One of the 100 Greatest Wrestlers of the 20th Century, as determined by Inside Wrestling magazine.
(27th February 2001) Left the WWF under protest after his wife "The Kat" (Stacy Carter) had her contract terminated.
November 2001: Returned to the WWF as color commentator for Monday Night Raw and WWF Smackdown!
July 2001: Separated from Stacy Carter (aka the Kat). Divorce papers filed.
Was disqualified when he piledrove comedian Andy Kaufman in their 1982 match in Memphis, where the piledriver was illegal.
Campaigned to become mayor of his hometown, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, in 1999 but was defeated by incumbent Mayor W.W. Herenton.
In 1999, he broke character and rushed to aid Owen Hart, after Hart fell from the rafters to his death. Later on that year, Lawler broke character again and rushed to the aid of fellow wrestler, Darren Drozdov, when an accidental move caused Droz to be permanently paralyzed from the neck down.
Is an accomplished artist.
Held the USWA Championship more then any other wrestler. He and fellow wrestler, Jeff Jarrett, actually had partial ownership of the USWA wrestling promotion, before it was forced to close.
Is a huge fan of the Cleveland Indians in baseball, and the Cleveland Browns in football. He became a fan of both teams when his family briefly lived in Ohio as a youngster. He infamously wore a Vinny Testaverde Baltimore Ravens jersey at Summerslam (1996) to infuriate the Cleveland fans who had recently lost the Cleveland Browns which moved to Baltimore.
Collects Coca Cola memorabilia.
Notable Title Wins Include: Southern Tag Team title w/Jim White (4); United States Junior Tag Team title; NWA Southern Tag Team title; NWA Southern Heavyweight title (42!); United States Tag Team title; CWA World title; USWA Heavyweight title (27!); AWA International titles; NWA Mid-America title; Polynesian Pacific title; AWA World Tag Team title; AWA World title; World Class Heavyweight title; Unified title; USWA Tag Team titles; USWA Texas title; Smoky Mountain Wrestling title; Power Pro Wrestling Tag Team title w/Bill Dundee; Maryland Championship Wrestling title
Cousin of fellow wrestler Roy Wayne Farris aka "The Honky Tonk Man".
Lawler won a battle royal in September 1971 to be recognized as the Tri-State Champion.
Has never wrestled at a Wrestlemania event, despite making several Wrestlemania appearances as an announcer.
Good friends with actor Michael Ironside.
Former AWA Tag Team Champion.
Once again re-enacted his popular "Kauffman" slap on an August 2008 airing of "Raw", to prove a point to Ted DiBiase Jr. and tag team partner Cody Rhodes. The concept was him still being credible (with honored guest "Hacksaw" Duggan), verses the younger generation of wrestlers. When told that they weren't yet born when Lawler struck the comedian on Late Night with David Letterman (1982) in 1982, he demonstrated its effect.
Is a fan of American Idol (2002).
Inducted into the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in 2011.
Published author.
WWE Hall of Famer.
Suffered a heart attack, on September 10, 2012, during WWE Raw (1993) broadcast.
Returned to WWF as colour commentator for WWE Raw (1993). [November 2001]
Will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by William Shatner. [March 2007]
Still commentating on WWE Raw (1993), alongside Jim Ross. [June 2005]
On the episode of WWE Raw in which "Stone Cold" Steve Austin attacked Mr. McMahon in his hospital room (and whacked him in the head with a bedpan), Lawler had to take his headset off so the television audience wouldn't hear how hard he was laughing.

Personal Quotes (88)

[when asked if Stu Hart was betting that Owen Hart would win the match] He gave up betting after the Civil War.
[on Owen Hart running away from Stone Cold Steve Austin] Looks like Owen opened up a can of haul-ass!
She wants me. I can read her like a book, but I prefer the Braille edition.
You know J.R., obviously the only exercise you get is stretching the truth or jumping to conclusions.
Andy Kaufman's mom wanted a girl, his father wanted a boy, and they were both satisfied!
If the Japanese are so smart, why do they eat with sticks?
[about Road Dogg] When he was in Desert Storm, he was getting shot at by both sides.
[Stone Cold Steve Austin says he'll knock Vince McMahon's teeth out] "I don't think they are real anyway, but I don't think McMahon wants to lose them".
[talking to Takao Yoshida about foreigners] Statistics prove that somewhere in Japan, a woman gives birth to a baby every four seconds. Now I'm going to go over there and find that woman and put a stop to it so we wouldn't have people like this coming into our country.
[Jim Ross mentions that Lawler would be wrestling at a local event] That's right, I'll be there. You know my only regret is that I can't sit out in the audience and watch me.
I'd like to see things from your point of view JR, but I'd have to get my head out of my rear end.
Panties aren't the greatest thing in the world, but they're next to them.
[to Jim Ross] You have diarrhea of the mouth and constipation of the brain!"
[Terry Funk did a moonsault and hit his leg on the security railing] The only thing harder than Terry Funk's legs are his arteries.
[commenting on the movie Congo (1995)] I've seen better film on teeth.
[to X-Pac] If brains were chocolate, he still wouldn't fill an M&M!
[talking to Jim Ross prior to a bikini contest] Should Viagra be taken now or, it takes a little while to kick in you know? [Jim Ross says Lawler doesn't need it] "No, I'm talking about you, J.R."
Women! Can't live with 'em, no resale value.
Everytime I look at Luna's face, I think she should put the bag back on.
When Sunny was in school she wasn't very good in history, but she was great on dates!
Mabel is so huge, when he was a baby, he got baptized at Sea World!
[Jim Ross implies that Sunny is too young for Lawler] I'm not embarrassed to be seen with younger women, except when I drop them off at school.
Mark Henry just walked in front of me. I thought it was an eclipse!
[a five year old girl cheering Shawn Michaels] Look at her! Now I know why animals eat their young.
Helen Hart is so old, she remembers when the Dead Sea was sick.
Mae Young is so old, when David killed Goliath, she called the cops!
Cheating is only cheating when you get caught.
This is bad! We should call the police. What's the number for the police around here again? 911-DONUTS or something?
Diesel is so stupid, he thought Hamburger Helper came with a person.
[Tazz tells Lawler to say his wise cracks to his face] Tell him to come down and I will tell him how short he is to his face. If I can bend down that far!
[Sunny comes to the ring with her chest showing] I don't know what the seven wonders of the world are, but I do know that Sunny has two of them!
I'm not a racist like Bret Hart, I hate everybody equally!
Is that Paul Bearer's face, or did his butt grow a nose?
[on Ahmed Johnson] He has the IQ of 2 and it takes 3 just to grunt!
[on Mankind] That guy is two fries short of a Happy Meal.
Paul Bearer has more chins than a Chinese phone book!
Paul Bearer is so fat, he has his own gravitational pull!
This bingo hall (ECW Arena) should be built out of toilet paper because there's nothing in it but s**t!
[about a ringside fan on camera] He can pick up cable with those ears!
[on Sable, wearing an extremely revealing outfit] I've seen more cotton on the top of an aspirin bottle!
Yokozuna is nothing but an ingrate! If it was not for James E. Cornette, Yokozuna would still be on a beach selling shade!
[on Alundra Blayze] She's got a million dollar body, but a ten cent face!
Vince McMahon thinks Snoop Doggy Dog belongs to Charlie Brown!
[after Vince McMahon said Road Dogg can sing as good as well as he can wrestle] Then he won't win many matches!
I'm not saying that Stu Hart is old, but I hear that Anna Nicole Smith is asking him out on a date.
I've heard of a face that could stop a clock, her face could stop Switzerland's!
Hey Finkel, the last time I saw something like you, I flushed it!
I saw this guy having a drink in the bathroom before. Then the seat fell down and hit him on the head!
A little sex on TV never hurt anyone...unless you fall off!
[to Vince McMahon] You're so cheap, you wouldn't even tip a canoe!
[Jim Ross says he has two daughters] "Not packing enough chromosomes, huh? I'm sorry Ross!
[Jim Ross asks why Lawler keeps referring to these fans as idiots and morons] We gave them an IQ test and the results came back negative!
[about Debra McMichael] If her skirt were any shorter, it'd be a collar!
(Jim Ross said his view of Vince McMahon firing Stone Cold Steve Austin) "Well, get your head out of your butt and you'd have a different view!"
What do Jake 'The Snake' Roberts and a beer bottle have in common? They're both empty from the neck up!
Look at Paul Bearer. Looks like somebody dropped an ugly bomb on him.
Jake 'The Snake's' two best friends are Jim Beam & Jack Daniels.
(to Macho Man Randy Savage) "Nice outfit, did the bag lady give that to you?"
Is it true that the toughest 4 years of your life was the 3rd grade?
(to Mick Foley) "Hey Mick, where'd you get your haircut? I want to make sure I don't go there by mistake!"
If Mae Young is going to breast feed, all that baby's going to get is evaporated milk.
(about Mae Young) "Her wrinkles have wrinkles."
Prince Albert respects the Big Boss Man so much he'd give him the hair off his back.
When God said 'Let there be light', Mae Young threw the switch.
(about the Fabulous Moolah) "She was a waitress at the last supper."
(about the Blue Meanie) "He's the reason for separate beds."
Women should be ob-scene and not heard.
(about Mark Henry) "Look at the lips on that guy, he could french kiss a moose."
(to Michael Cole) "She's not your type. She's not inflatable."
She's had more hands on her than a doorknob.
I couldn't warm up to Andy Kaufman if we were cremated together.
(about Goldust) "He's twisted, perverted... he's sick. Normally, I like that in a person, but..."
The only reason I lost to Aldo Montoya was the intoxicating fumes there were coming off his body from being around Jake Roberts.
(about the Legion of Doom) "The older they get, the better they were."
The only reason why Taka Michinoku is here in this country is because there are too many people in Japan.
(about Crash Holly) "Crash is so short, you can see his feet on his driver's licence photo!"
There goes Matt Hardy! Go Matt! ...Oh wait a minute, I'm rooting for the Dudleys...somebody stop Matt!
You know what they call a good looking girl in Philadelphia...a tourist.
You know what they say in Arkansas...manure happens.
(Gold medalist Kurt Angle asked the Canadian wrestler, Chris Benoit, if he's such a good wrestler, where are his gold medals?) "Canada never wins any medals!"
(talking to Michael Coulthard (aka "Michael Cole") "Your proctologist called, he said he found your head".
(When asked if he was an "ass man"): "Well I must be, because everywhere I go people say, 'you're an ass, man!'"
When most people get drunk, they see snakes. But, when snakes get drunk, they see Jake Roberts!
(Referring to Stacy Keibler dancing on the commentators' desk) "All these curves, and no brakes!"
(After losing the "Kiss My Foot Match" to Bret Hart at the 1995 King of the Ring) "Bret Hart, I have to admit it, your feet are the smelliest there is, the smelliest there was, and the smelliest there ever will be!"
"I don't think Victoria has been right since that house fell on her sister (referring to The Wizard of Oz (1939)).
(about the Spirit Squad) These guys have a future in delivering pizzas.
[on seeing Shawn Michaels defeating Bret Hart in Montreal]: I was as shocked as Bret Hart was, but I was not quite as upset!

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