The ultimate Michael Biehn interview: The Terminator, James Cameron, Aliens and more

In the first part of our extensive interview with actor Michael Biehn, we got to chat about his 1980s work in The Terminator, Aliens, and much, much more…

Anyone who’s familiar with my writing will know that I have a great love of under-appreciated actors. I’ll use any opportunity available to praise their work, and draw attention to films and performances that sometimes pass by relatively unnoticed.

Michael Biehn, for my money, is the most under-appreciated actor of them all. I’m sure most of our readers hold him in high regard, since he’s starred in several of the greatest films ever made, but to the general public, he’s less widely recognised.

Best known for playing father of the future, Kyle Reese, in The Terminator and D Hicks in Aliens (I’m well aware what the initial stands for, but I was crushed when the Special
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