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Spanish Box Office Holds, Edging Down Just 0.7% in 2017

Madrid — Marking continued recovery after its withering double-dip 2008-13 economic recession, Spain punched a fourth year of improved results at its box office after a recent 2013 trough, total box office grosses coming in at €597 million ($668.6 million), 0.7% down on 2016, according to a ComScore report, published Tuesday.

Total admissions came in at 99.7 million, 0.5% down on 2016’s result.

“Without such potent pictures as 2016, the results are still pretty positive, said David Rodríguez, managing director, comScore Spain.

“But these days you notice the lack of a really strong Spanish title, and though ‘Tadeo Jones 2’ performed very well indeed, it still fell short of 2016’s ‘A Monster Calls,’” Rodriguez added.”

“2017 began strongly, up on 2016, but summer was weak and autumn saw the best fall weather of the century and a political crisis in Catalonia,” said Arturo Guillen, ComScore VP, Europe, Middle East, Africa.

“All in all, this has been a plateau year with strong fundamentals to maintain solid growth in next years
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Apple’s TV Content Push: Who Will Get a Piece of That $1 Billion?

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Apple’s TV Content Push: Who Will Get a Piece of That $1 Billion?
Apple signaled this week that it is serious about competing in the original-programming space, devoting a cool $1 billion in a concerted push into new TV shows. But questions remain regarding exactly which kinds of shows will fill out its roster. The Cupertino-based company initially plans to develop up to 10 series as it joins the crowded content fray that already includes digital platforms such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. This summer saw Apple launch its first two original shows, “Planet of the Apps” and a spinoff of James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke.” Neil Landau, author of “TV Outside the Box” and.
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Annecy: Jordi Gasull on ‘Tadeo Jones 2,’ One of Spain’s Biggest New Animation Bets

Annecy: Jordi Gasull on ‘Tadeo Jones 2,’ One of Spain’s Biggest New Animation Bets
Annecy, France — “Tad the Lost Explorer” marked a milestone in Spain’s animation industry, which is long on talent, short on governmental support, consolidating the backing of Spain’s powerful private broadcasters – here, via Mediaset España’s Telecinco Cinema – as well as Telefonica for select, higher-end Spanish animated features. It demonstrated what Mediaset España’s muscular marketing machine could do with a movie which merited its marketing. Directed by Enrique Gato, it won three Spanish Academy Goyas – best animated feature, new director and, notably, original screenplay. And it grossed about $50 million worldwide, half outside its native Spain, sparking a two-picture Paramount Pictures worldwide distribution deal on its creators’ next two features, “Capture the Flag” and “Tadeo Jones 2, and the Secret of King Midas.” And it turned its hero, the chinless Chicago bricklayer Tad, an amateur adventurer-archeologist and kind of cack-handed Indiana Jones, into a social phenomenon in Spain. It is
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Film Review: ‘Capture the Flag’

Film Review: ‘Capture the Flag’
Preteens and tweeners should enjoy the wild ride provided by “Capture the Flag,” a Spanish-produced animated feature receiving a limited U.S. theatrical release through Paramount, while grown-ups can be amused by some of the inside jokes and historical allusions. Indeed, it’s quite possible that two or three generations of extended families will be entertained during group home-screen viewings of this antic and exciting trifle. Parents and grandparents shouldn’t be surprised if, afterward, youngsters are sufficiently curious to Google info about the real-life Apollo moon missions that the movie playfully references.

On the other hand, the offspring of conspiracy theorists who have long insisted the 1969 Apollo 11 moon landing was faked may be unsettled to see that, in the world according to “Capture the Flag,” only villains and dullards subscribe to that notion. Chief among the former: Richard Carson (voiced by Dani Rovira), a flamboyant Texas oil tycoon
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Paramount Pictures Takes Worldwide Distribution on ‘Capture the Flag,’ ‘Tad’ Sequel

Paramount Pictures Takes Worldwide Distribution on ‘Capture the Flag,’ ‘Tad’ Sequel
In a milestone deal for Spanish animation, Paramount Pictures has inked worldwide distribution on both space fantasy adventure “Capture the Flag” and a second installment to 2012’s “Tad, the Lost Explorer.”

Paramount already handled the distribution in Spain of the original “Tad, the Lost Explorer.” “Tad” hlemer Enrique Gato is directing both “Capture the Flag” and “Tad Jones: The Hero Returns” feature.

A co-producer and cornerstone financier of a string of high-profile Spanish international hits – “The Orphanage,” “The Impossible,” “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Agora,” for instance – Mediaset Espana’s Telecinco Cinema is re-teaming to produce both films with most of the other members of the original “Tad” production team in Spain: Telco production arm Telefonica Studios – an ever-larger force in film/TV production in Spain and Argentina, backing this year and last 2014 Cannes competition player “Wild Tales,” Juan Jose Campanella’s “Foosball” and Alejandro Amenabar’s “Regression” – and producers Jordi Gasull,
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“It’s Better to Be Somebody Negative than Nobody”: Breaking Bad‘s Vince Gilligan on Walter White

The following interview of Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap: 21 Navigational Tips for Screenwriters to Create and Sustain a Hit TV Series by Neil Landau. It is exclusively excerpted here thanks to Focal Press. Neil Landau: The toughest thing for most screenwriters is creating original characters. People come up with ideas for what might be an interesting show, but creating complex characters is extremely difficult to do. What’s your process when you’re starting with the pilot? Walt [Bryan Cranston] is all about the choices that he makes in life. How do […]
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“It’s Better to Be Somebody Negative than Nobody”: Breaking Bad‘s Vince Gilligan on Walter White

The following interview of Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan is an excerpt from Chapter 5 of The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap: 21 Navigational Tips for Screenwriters to Create and Sustain a Hit TV Series by Neil Landau. It is exclusively excerpted here thanks to Focal Press. Neil Landau: The toughest thing for most screenwriters is creating original characters. People come up with ideas for what might be an interesting show, but creating complex characters is extremely difficult to do. What’s your process when you’re starting with the pilot? Walt [Bryan Cranston] is all about the choices that he makes in life. How do […]
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Judge Asked to Render Quick Decision in ‘Trouble With the Curve’ Suit

Both sides in the dispute over the authorship of Warner Bros.’ “Trouble with the Curve” are asking a federal judge to grant summary judgment in the case, in which a college-baseball-player turned screenwriter is accusing Warner Bros. and other defendants of a “conspiracy” to cover up the lineage of the pic’s screenplay.

On Friday, attorneys for Ryan A. Brooks, who contend that his idea for a project called “Omaha” was stolen for 2012 Clint Eastwood movie “Trouble with the Curve,” filed a motion for partial summary judgment, relying heavily on the opinions of three experts who concluded that not only are the two projects “substantially similar” in “both a qualitative and quantitative respect,” but that “these works are in many respects the same story.”

“In fact, all three experts opine that the two scripts share countless identical details and even a shocking degree of grammatical and stylistic identities and sequences,
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World TV Markets Have Big Love for French Fare

World TV Markets Have Big Love for French Fare
It’s liftoff time. Powered by a crop of established producers, pay TV giant Canal Plus and a surge of international alliances, Gallic fiction production is slowly but surely taking off and landing in other countries — including the notoriously hard-to-penetrate U.S. market.

The past two years have been particularly fruitful for French drama exports, with a flurry of homegrown shows, including cop skeins “Braquo” and “Spiral” and supernatural series “The Returned,” getting snatched up in major territories and scoring high ratings.

Riding the wave, the French Consulate in Los Angeles and the Ile de France Film Commission have joined forces to bow Direct to Series, a Los Angeles-set showcase of French fiction drama. The Producers Guild and the Writers Guild are backing the event.

“In terms of the culture of moving images, America and France have always inspired each other,” says WGA veep Howard A. Rodman. “For the past 100 years,
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International Presales of U.S. Indies by Non-u.S. Companies

I participated in a Dreamago panel moderated by WGA-West VP and USC film writing prof and an artistic director at the Sundance Institute Wrting Labs, Howard Rodman.

Other panelists included Vince Fischer who, having been educated and working in Paris, Montreal, New York in business and advertising, event production, and creating the endorsement agency GlamCom which initiates deals between celebrities and products, such as he did with George Clooney and Nespresso, has gone on to create Artistic Alliance Eci which represents screenwriters, directors and actors with offices in Beijing, L.a. and Paris, to match people and projects abroad. Daniel Hsia, the writer/ director of Shanghai Calling, (Isa: Aldamisa) a U.S. - China co-production distributed in China by China Film Group and in So. Korea by Sookie and due to be released in Norht America in 2013 works with Janet Yang and is eager to do more co-productions in China though he admits to difficulties with censors, etc. You can see the trailer of Shanghai Calling here.

Neil Landau who wrote Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, the 3D animated feature Tad: The Lost Explores from Paramount which is the highest grossing animated film in Spain's history and the #1 Spanish box ofice movie of the year, is now working on its sequel and another animated feature by the same director. His latest screenplay is being produced by Cary Brokaw for Avenue Pictures (The Player, Closer, Angels in America). He is curretnly developing an original miniseries for HBO for the Russian Market and a crime drama for Sreda in Moscow.

Paula Manzanedo-Schmitt is VP of Film Finances Inc. the world leader in completion guarantees. She has been involved in more than 1,000 films and TV programs internationally and in U.S. She spoke of the various cross-cultural requisites in film production abroad.

The discussion centered around whether filmmakers could make a film without the notorioius interference of studios (they should all be so lucky as to have this problem). In other words, the panelists discussed their experiences making films with Russians and Chinese. All agreed that working abroad, and especially with international sales agents who also produce allows for greater freedom of vision (although in China the reward is writng so that China censorship does not interfere because one has written to their specifications). All agreed also that there is a certain cross-cultural divide one must discover in order to work effectively.

My suggestions for finding a way to create without corporate interferences are listed below:

** Coproduce with Canada who has the most coproduction treaties in the world, or go directly to producers or sales agents who do not rely on treaties.

** Work with international sales agents who produce international coproductions which include U.S., or with the producers of those films who now have established track records.

Take a look at Level K, Tine Klint's relatively new Danish company which is preselling films from U.K., Canada and Australia:

Not Another Happy Ending by Brit John McKay 33 Liberty Lane by Canadian Peter Hewitt The Turning by Australian Cate Blanchett and Robert Connelly starring Emily Watson The Last Ocean by New Zealander Peter Young

French sales agent Films Distribution is selling

Marina Zenovich's doc Roman Polanski: Odd Man Out which Showtime acquired for U.S. TV. Citadel from Ireland has sold to Cinedigm/ New Video for U.S. and Mongrel for Canada. 30 Beats from the U.S. sold to Roadside Attractions for U.S. and Codex Media And Advertising Corporation for Turkey.

Other French companies are doing likewise.

Studio Canal is selling

Liz Garbus' Love, Marilyn - though this was picked up complete at Tiff 12. Don Mazer's I Give It A Year from the U.K. and produced by Tim Bevan. It began presales in Cannes.

Celluloid Dreams is selling

Greetings From Tim Buckley--U.S.-Tiff 12 Special Presentations World Premiere - Director: Daniel Algrant The Comedian a U.K. comedy by Tom Shkolnik Francis Ha - U.S. - Tiff 12. by Noah Baumbach Satellite Boy - Australia The Conspiracy - U.K.

Snd is preselling The Love Punch an English language French comedy

Wild Bunch is selling

Blood Ties written by James Gray, directed by Guillaume Canet, Cast : Billy Crudup, Clive Owen, Marion Cottillard, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Producers: Alain Attal (Les Productions du Tresor), Hugo Selignac, John Lesher.

This very American sotry takes place in New York, 1974. Chris Pierzynski has just been released after years in prison for his part in a gangland murder. Waiting reluctantly outside the prison gates is his younger brother, Frank, a cop with a bright future. Chris and Frank have always been different, and their father, who raised them alone, has always favored Chris - despite all his troubles. Frank has known this since they were kids, and it eats at him like nothing else.

It has presold to Belgium-Lumière, Scandinvia -Scanbox Entertainment, Netherlands-Lumiere, Romania-Independenta Film, Switzerland-Frenetic Films, Turkey-Codex Media, Ukraine Top Film Distribution

Maniac by Franck Khalfoun U.S. English Horror, Writers : Alexandre Aja, Gregory Levasseur, Cast : Elijah Wood, Nora Arnezeder, America Olivo, Producers : Thomas Langmann (La Petite Reine), Alexandre Aja. It has presold to Germany -Ascot Elite, Japan - Comstock Only God Forbids by Nicolas Winding Refn from Denmark, in English has been selliing since Berlin 2012 and has sold to Bulgaria-A Plus Films Ltd., Germany-Tiberius Film Gmbh & Co. Kg, Hungary-Budapest Film (Distributor), Hungary-Mtva, Italy-Italian International Film, Korea (South)-Daisy & Cinergy Entertainment, Poland-Gutek Film Ltd, Romania-Independenta Film, Turkey-Calinos Films

Global Screen (Germany) has many English language films, some originating from U.S. and English speaking countries and others from non-English speaking countries.

• No Place on Earth (The Cave) by Emmy Award winning director Janet Tobias a U.S., U.K., German co-production. the doc tells the longest recorded underground survival story in human history, when 5 Jewish families descended into a pitch black cave to escape the Nazis for 511 days.

Hungaricom Ltd (Hungary) has the English language animated comedy feature The Secret of Moonacre and Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita both produced by Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo, and Gabor Kalomista, a Los Angeles based company with Hungarian born principals. The synopsis of Immigrants is worth repeating: More people immigrate to America than to all other countries in the whole world combined. Why? Is it because they love hot dogs and hamburgers? Or because they want to meet Snoop Dogg or have a close encounter with Pamela Anderson? Maybe. But the real reason is – immigrants go to the U.S. to chase the American dream. Immigrants is the story of Vladislav (a Russian), and Joska (a Hungarian). Both are immigrants and best friends, living and chasing the American dream together. Vlad has a daughter, Ana, who’s adapting to life in America at the speed of light, while her dad is in complete culture shock. They stay at the Vista del Mar, an apartment complex run by an old failed actress, Greta Knight, who is always after Vlad for sexual favors. The building is home to immigrants from all over the world: Flaco, a friend from Mexico; Mr. Chea, who runs a Chinese family restaurant; Nazim, a former Pakistani nuclear scientist who drives a tour bus; and Mr. Splits, an old black pimp. We follow Vlad and Joska in their adventures… through their encounter with the American capitalist company Glut-co, through their attempt to open a Russian/Hungarian restaurant, and as their friendship is put in jeopardy when they hit the L.A. night scene. All the while Vlad is looking for a way to make a life for himself and his daughter; and Joska… well, Joska is mainly looking for women.

If Niel Landau's adventures in Russia appeal to you, but you don't have the connections there, visit Rosskino and the L.A. based Eleonora Granata Russian Film Commissioner or produce in Russia through international sales agents which were founded by Russian-Americans who know both cultures such as Aldamisa (where longtime Disney acquisitons VP Jere Hausfater is now looking for projects), 108 Media who has Myn Bala the Kazahkistan submission for Best Foreign Language Academy Award nomination is Canadian owned, or Red Sea, all of whom are Russian – American and/ or Canadian owned.

Singapore is looking for Looking for copros and Icon has stepped up to the plate with James Wan Presents House of Horrors, an English language U.S. horror film now in pre-productions. In the aftermath of a horrific massacre, lead Detective, Mark Lewis, and the police department’s psychologist, Dr. Elizabeth Klein, question a suspect for the brutal murder of five college students. This has been preselling at Cannes 2012 (Line up), Afm 2011, Cannes 2011 and Berlin Efm 2012. Directed by Javier Guttierrez, written by James Wan and Max La Bella it will be distributed in Singapore by Cathay.

British companies are also packaging and preselling U.S. films:

Content is selling American indies 96 Minutes, Hick, Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence In The House Of God by Alex Gibney

Stealth Indie (Michael Cowan) is selling two U.S. indies, Crave and The Giant Mechanical Man

Bankside has a deal with New York based Killer Films for Innocence, now in post. This thriller is a modern-gothic vampire story where a recently bereaved teenage girl finds herself the focus of everyone’s attention at her elitist private school where life is steeped in tradition and ceremony.It has been preselling this at Afm 2011 and 2012, Toronto and Cannes 2011 and it has presold to Le Pacte for France, Videovision for So. Africa, Umut Sanat Filmcilik for Turkey, Shooting Stars for UAE.

Ealing Metro is preselling

Nina directed and written by Cynthia Mort, a U.S. production, a biopic about Nina Simone, a tormented genius who eventually finds love and peace. Produced by Barnaby Thompson, Stuart Parr, Mark Burton and Ben Latham Jones, it has presold since Toronto 2011 to Orlando for Israel, Entertainment One for Benelux, Cinesky has U.S. Better Living Through Chemistry directed and written by David Posamentier, a U.S. comedy now in post-production.A straight-laced pharmacist's uneventful life spirals out of control when he starts an affair with a dangerously seductive customer who takes him on a joyride with explosive consequenses involving sex, drugs and possibly murder. Starring Sam Rockwell, Olivia Wilde, Michelle Monaghan and Ray Liotta, produced by Felipe Marino, Joe Neurater and Keith Calder, it has presold to Metro Pictures of India. Bailout is being presold. One morning Matt Prior wakes up to find himself jobless, crippled with debt, convinced his wife is having an affair and six days away from losing his home. Bailout is a hysterical, heartfelt tale of how we can reach the edge of ruin and begin to make our way back.

Salt is preselling Welcome to the Jungle, a U.S. comedy directed by Rob Meltzer, written by Jeff Kauffman, produced by Justin Kanew and Luillo Ruiz and starring Adam Brody, Dennis Haysbert, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kristen Schaal, Megan Boone and Rob Huebel. A group of co-workers including Chris (Adam Brody) get stranded on a desert island when their nutty teambuilding coach (Jean Claude Van Damme) is mauled by a wild cougar. in the spirit of "lost in the wilderness" comedies such as Tropic Thunder and workplace comedies like The Office, Welcome to the Jungle is a rare beast in today's market: a comedy that delivers on the laughs - both the high and the lowbrow. It has already presold to Front Row for the Middle East.

Westend is preselling Joe which will start shooting this month be delivered in 2013. It is to be directed by David Gordon Green, produced by lisa Muskat and stars Nicholas Cage. Joe is the story of a man who becomes the unlikeliest of role models to 15-year-old Gary Jones, the oldest child of a family ruled by a worthless father. Together they try to find a path to redemption and the hope for a better life in the rugged, dirty world of a small Southern town. Joe is the story of the last hold-out of the cowboy age, when it was okay to shoot up a bar room or tell a lady what to do.
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Scripwriting Workshop Dreamago Continues Its Third Year of Panels During The American Film Market

Thursday, November 1st and Friday Nov 2nd during the 2012 American Film Market for its third year in a row, DreamAgo, in partnership with Hamilton International, the renowned Swiss watch company, will host "Hamilton Helps DreamAgo Connect". Known for its annual Plume & Pellicule screenwriting workshop held annually in Sierre, Switzerland and for the development, support and promotion of films that make a difference, the program has 3 key phases.

First phase is a speed dating-style pitch session designed to introduce selected screenwriters, who benefitted from DreamAgo's screenwriting lab in Switzerland, to well-known producers and distributors.  Screenwriters in attendance will have 10 minutes with a producer to present their project before moving on to the next producer and starting again.  Among the producers participating are Linda Obst (Hope Floats, Sleepless In Seattle, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days), Golan Ramras (One Missed Call, The Incredible Hulk), Kelley Feldsott Reynolds (The Flyboys, The Unsaid, Five Fingers), Sukee Chew (Jesus Henry Christ, Fireflies In The Garden), Christina Piovesan (Red Lights, The Whistleblower, Amreeka), Paula Mazanedo-Schmit (VP Film Finances Inc.), David Miller (Amal Sidarth, My Foolish Heart) and Vanessa Adkins (Unthinkable, A Late Quartet). 

Second, the program offers the opportunity for any WGA writer to propose a feature project and try to win a six weeks Residency in Sierre (Switzerland), all costs covered. Among the more than 250 pitches submitted, DreamAgo & the Residence Ruffieux will select 15 projects and each of the writers will be given the opportunity to pitch it in person for 10 minutes. The lucky winner will be revealed during a brunch at the Swiss Consulate.

Third, DreamAgo will present a panel, in partnership with The Writers Guild of America,  the topic this year:  How to Preserve Your Vision When Those Around You Won't Leave It Alone? (Hint: An International Production Might Be Your Solution), on Friday, November 2nd. Panelists confirmed for this event include Barry Navidi (Producer, The Merchant Of Venice, Wild Salome), Sydney Levine (Creator of Sydney's Buzz a Network Blog on Indiewire, Founder of Film Finders), Vince Fischer (International Agent, Creator of the International Eci Agency), and Neil Landau (Writer, Tad The Lost Explorer).

Writer Howard Rodman (Joe Gould'S Secret, Savage Grace) will serve as moderator.

Additionally, DreamAgo will also have a part in the celebrated Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards that pay tribute to the off-screen talents. The 6th edition will take place in Hollywood on October 28, just prior to the start of Afm.  DreamAgo, in collaboration with Hamilton, has selected Zoe Kazan to receive the Best Screenwriter Award for Ruby Sparks. The award will be presented by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the filmmaking duo behind Little Miss Sunshine.

About Dreamago:

DreamAgo is a nonprofit organization that brings together film professionals of all nationalities: screenwriters, directors, producers and distributors.  Its purpose is to nurture and promote the creation of cinematic works on all continents, offering support at each stage of their development. In short: from script to screen. DreamAgo was founded in February 2005 by Pascale Rey and Soula Saad.

About Hamilton:

Hamilton was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA. Hamilton watches combine the American spirit with the unrivalled precision of the latest Swiss movements and technologies.  Known for its innovative design, Hamilton has a strong foothold in Hollywood, with products appearing in over 300 films. The brand also boasts a strong aeronautical heritage.  Hamilton is a member of the Swatch group, the largest watch manufacturer and distributor in the world with 160 production sites in Switzerland.
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Cool Clicks: 'The Dark Knight' Rises on Blu-ray and DVD

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

Gotham's reckoning is coming to your home just in time for the holidays. Hypable reports that "The Dark Knight Rises" will be available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on Dec. 3, though unfortunately we won't be seeing the rumored longer cut of the film.

If you're like Huffington Post, there was nary a middle/high school sleepover that didn't involve a dramatic viewing of "Now & Then" followed by an impromptu flashlight seance. But it's been almost 17 years since that journey with Roberta, Teeny, Samantha and Chrissy ... check out the "Now & Then" cast, well, now.

Is the new Chosen One ... an angel? The CW is looking for the next "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and may have found it with "Embrace," a series based on Jessica Shirvington's Ya novel about twentysomething Violet Eden, who discovers that
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Don't Tell Mom How 'Babysitter' Ends: Neil Landau's Tips for a Perfect Conclusion to Your Script

Don't Tell Mom How 'Babysitter' Ends:  Neil Landau's Tips for a Perfect Conclusion to Your Script
Neil Landau is co-author of the bestselling 101 Thing I Learned in Film School (Grand Central Publishing, 2010), as well as an established Hollywood screenwriter for film and television. Among his screenwriting credits are the cult teen comedy "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead," the new 3D animated feature "Tad, the Lost Explorer" (Paramount 2012), as well as "Melrose Place," "The Magnificent Seven," "Doogie Howser, M.D.," and "The Secret World of Alex Mack."    Here's an excerpt from Chapter 16 of his new book, The Screenwriter's Roadmap: 21 Ways to Jumpstart Your Story ("How did we end up here?"), including five guidelines for how to end your movie well. The book's objective is to help you develop and bolster what remains of your screenplay, supplemented by examples from popular movies and interviews with Hollywood's finest. This excerpt has been...
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Buzz Gift Guide: The Movie Snob

You guys know I'm a movie lover of all kinds - but I happen to have a lot of pals who are pretty high-minded when it comes to their cinema intake. Like the music snob, you have to shop for a movie snob friend with a more refined eye, which is why I'm devoting this gift guide to them. First, please them with the DVD of Winter's Bone, a cult drama that's set to be awards bait in the next few months (they'll have heard of the film). Then hook them up with some books and accessories that reflect their tastes! 101 Things I Learned In Film School by Neil Landau ($15) Reefer Movie Madness: The Ultimate Stoner Film Guide By Shirley Halperin & Steve Bloom ($19) Exit Through the Gift Shop DVD ($20) Winter's Bone DVD ($20) The Graduate Tee ($28) Monty Python Rabbit Slippers ($44) Fox 75th Anniversary DVD Collection ($357)
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Make Your Movie Leap Off the Page

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Make Your Movie Leap Off the Page
By Neil Landau

Even the most accomplished, brilliant screenplays are, by definition, unfinished works, as they require a director’s vision to be made whole. Consequently, what you are writing is a written document first, which, God willing, will find its way into the hands of enthusiastic P.W.M.s (People With Money).

You, as the screenwriter, must find a way not only to tell a story, but also to present that story in an engaging narrative style from page one.

1. Command The Read.

You must develop your voice and attitude as off-screen narrator to l...
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Neil Landau

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Neil Landau
Neil Landau is a screenwriter, playwright, producer and director. His credits include writing for and producing for Universal Pictures, Disney, Columbia Pictures and 20th Century Fox. He has worked on such diverse projects as "Melrose Place," "Doogie Howser, M.D.," MTV's "Undressed" and "Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead." He is a faculty adviser in the Mfa Writing Program at Goddard College and teaches at the UCLA School of Theatre, Film and Television.
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