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Cinema Centenarians: Among Oldest Film People Still Around Are Best Actress Oscar Winner; Actress with, gasp, Twilight Connection

Oldest person in movies? (Photo: Manoel de Oliveira) Following the recent passing of 1931 Dracula actress Carla Laemmle at age 104, there is one less movie centenarian still around. So, in mid-June 2014, who is the oldest person in movies? Manoel de Oliveira Portuguese filmmaker Manoel de Oliveira will turn 106 next December 11; he’s surely the oldest person — at least the oldest well-known person — in movies today. De Oliveira’s film credits include the autobiographical docudrama Memories and Confessions / Visita ou Memórias e Confissões (1982), with de Oliveira as himself, and reportedly to be screened publicly only after his death; The Cannibals / Os Canibais (1988); The Convent / O Convento (1995); Porto of My Childhood / Porto da Minha Infância (2001); The Fifth Empire / O Quinto Império - Ontem Como Hoje (2004); and, currently in production, O Velho do Restelo ("The Old Man of Restelo"). Among the international stars who have been directed by de Oliveira are Catherine Deneuve, Pilar López de Ayala,
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FM 275 Sneak Preview!

FM 275 Sneak Preview!
Apes and ghosts and comics, oh my!

That’s right, now that you’ve all got your heads happily buried in FM 274, it’s time to tease our upcoming issue so you completely lose your foc—I mean—get super excited for what’s next. Debuting at Sdcc in July, #275 features a massively epic cover by Jason Edmiston:

It’s time to revisit Planet Of The Apes! Fox’s reboot of the classic franchise surprised us all when Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes proved to be a quality movie that made motion-capture CGI apes into sympathetic creatures with personalities. Now we get Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes—the trailers for which look terribly exciting and harken back to classic adventure Sci-Fi from the 60s and 70s. In honor of these new movies, FM will revisit the original series with articles that detail the history and social context of the films,
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Two "Dracula" Actresses

The Los Angeles Times reports that one of the last remaining silent era actors has passed away. The actress in question, Carla Laemmle, had an easy in to the movies: her uncle Carl Laemmle founded Universal Studios and invited her family to live in a bungalow on the lot.  Carla only had a small part in the horror classic Dracula (1931) but a key one: she uttered the first line of dialogue. She didn't appear in many pictures in her long life, dying at 104 years of age, but she apparently just recently filmed a role in a new horror film Mansion of Blood (2014) starring Gary Busey.

In happier news - this is not a double Rip -  Lupita Tovar, a Mexican beauty who starred in the Spanish language version of Dracula that same year (in those early days of sound they made simultaneous alternative versions for other markets with the same
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Dracula Performer Dead at 104; Uncle Founded Universal Studios

Dracula’ 1931 actress Carla Laemmle dead at 104 (photo: Carla Laemmle ca. 1930) Carla Laemmle, a bit player in a handful of silent movies and at the dawn of the sound era — e.g., the horror classics The Phantom of the Opera (1925) and Dracula (1931) — and a niece of Universal Studios co-founder Carl Laemmle, died on June 12, 2014, at her Los Angeles home. Laemmle, who had reportedly been in good health, was 104 years old. Born Rebekah Isabelle Laemmle on October 20, 1909, in Chicago, Carla Laemmle was less known for her movie work than for having survived most of her contemporaries and for her family connection to the Universal mogul — her father, Joseph Laemmle, was Carl’s brother. ‘Dracula’ actress was a member of Carl Laemmle’s ‘very large faemmle’ "Uncle Carl Laemmle, Has a very large faemmle," once half-joked poet Ogden Nash, in reference to Laemmle’s penchant for hiring family members. As Laemmle’s niece,
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2002 Movie About Film Decomposition Included Among National Film Registry's 2013 Inductees

Gilda,’ ‘Pulp Fiction’: 2013 National Film Registry movies (photo: Rita Hayworth in ‘Gilda’) See previous post: “‘Mary Poppins’ in National Film Registry: Good Timing for Disney’s ‘Saving Mr. Banks.’” Billy Woodberry’s UCLA thesis film Bless Their Little Hearts (1984). Stanton Kaye’s Brandy in the Wilderness (1969). The Film Group’s Cicero March (1966), about a Civil Rights march in an all-white Chicago suburb. Norbert A. Myles’ Daughter of Dawn (1920), with Hunting Horse, Oscar Yellow Wolf, Esther Labarre. Bill Morrison’s Decasia (2002), featuring decomposing archival footage. Alfred E. Green’s Ella Cinders (1926), with Colleen Moore, Lloyd Hughes, Vera Lewis. Fred M. Wilcox’s Forbidden Planet (1956), with Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis, Leslie Nielsen, Warren Stevens, Jack Kelly, Robby the Robot. Charles Vidor’s Gilda (1946), with Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, George Macready. John and Faith Hubley’s Oscar-winning animated short The Hole (1962). Stanley Kramer’s Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), with Best Actor Oscar winner Maximilian Schell,
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100 of the Oldest Living Screen Stars of Note

With the back-to-back departures of Peter O'Toole and Joan Fontaine I've been really bummed about losing great artists from Hollywood's Golden Age. The Golden Age is roughly considered to be from Hollywood's 1930s through the 1950s. I still hadn't recovered from the loss of Eleanor Parker, an underappreciated actress I had honestly planned a retrospective of but never got around to.

This morning in my movie grief I inadvertently killed dozens of people off on twitter by claiming there were only six stars of the Golden Age still living. So consider this list my penance. In the past I've published a semi-annual list of all living Oscar-vets in any capacity. It ws never meant to be a morbid countdown list but a way for us to honor people while they're still theoretically conscious of our appreciation for their indelible contributions. So though I normally publish such a list on Ms.
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Review: The Art of Robert Aragon Collector Cards

Of all the things I don’t collect, trading cards has to be the one thing I wish I did. There are various reasons why I don’t but I’ll get into that later…

Art is a subjective passion. What is art to one person can be nothing other than tin cans glued together on a backboard to another. Whatever your taste in art, there is simply no denying if a particular artist has a unique and special gift. Robert Aragon has such a gift. An artist who spans several genres, from horror to portraiture and various genres in between, Robert is an artist of many talents. For the past two decades he has been a top force in the horror art genre. Whether creating comic book and CD covers or portraits for the likes of Sara Karloff or Bela Lugosi Jr. Robert infuses a sense of pathos in every piece he creates.
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The Art of Robert Aragon Trading Card Set

Science Fiction and Horror is the backbone of Famous Monsters. However, without the steadfast passion of fans these modern mythologies and the people behind them would have been long forgotten. After all, it was the very passion of Forrest J. Ackerman that allowed generations of fans to come together and share their own stories and passions about the various genres that make up the world FM inhabits.

One such storyteller is artist Robert Aragon, who for over twenty years has been creating and adding to the rich tradition of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. Now, Robert’s wonderful artwork comes together for the first time to create a card set that involves all of the silver screen favorites. The base set includes 72 cards. Collectors will find autograph cards from Bela Lugosi, Jr., Julie Adams, Sara Karloff, Carla Laemmle, George Clayton Johnson, Jane Adams and many more. Cut signatures from Vincent Price
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Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein And The Ghost And Mr. Chicken Sure To Scare At The Academy On Saturday

Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Glenn Strange, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Bela Lugosi in Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein, 1948.

Looking for something to get you into that Halloween frame of mind? Why not do it with fellow movie geeks and fans of the horror genre tomorrow afternoon and evening in Hollywood. The Academy is hosting an October-long celebration of classic horror films in honor of .Universal.s Legacy of Horror.- part of the studio.s year-long 100th anniversary celebration.

Saturday Double-double Feature*

.Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. (1948) and .The Ghost and Mr. Chicken.(1966)

Saturday, October 27, at 2 p.m.

Linwood Dunn Theater

1313 Vine Street, Hollywood

Special guests scheduled include actress Joan Staley, who played Alma Parker in .The Ghost and Mr. Chicken,. and Karen Knotts, daughter of Don Knotts, who played Luther Heggs in the film. Figuring the answers to the mystery lie in the old Simmons mansion, Luther Heggs (Knotts
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Happy Birthday: Carla Laemmle Turns 103!

Happy Birthday: Carla Laemmle Turns 103!
Over the weekend (on October 20th), Hollywood starlet Carla Laemmle turned 103. 103! How awesome is that? Carla Laemmle holds a special place in the hearts of the gang here at Famous Monsters, and undoubtedly does for any longtime horror fan. Laemmle is the last surviving cast member of The Phantom Of The Opera way back in 1925, as a prima ballerina. She also appeared as a coach passenger in Dracula (1931) and in other small roles throughout the 1930s. She left an indelible imprint on Hollywood and horror forever as the epitome of the Hollywood dream girl. In 2001, she briefly returned to the limelight as a vampire in The Vampire Hunter’S Club.

She is a part of a Hollywood dynasty, as she’s the neice of Carl Laemmle, who was one of the founders of Universal and had a helping hand in over 400 movies, bringing to life practically every monster we hold dear.
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Hitchcock’s The Birds To Descend Upon Filmgoers At The Academy


Fan of the Master of Suspense? You’re about to get your full of the iconic English director Alfred Hitchcock, one of the greatest creative minds in the history of cinema, in the upcoming weeks. On Saturday evening (October 20) HBO unveiled it’s latest film, The Girl. Known for his psychological thrillers, Hitchcock focused on characters in peril, on the run, or under suspicion. His leading men were handsome but compromised; his leading ladies were cool, beautiful and preferably blonde. One such actress was Tippi Hedren, an unknown fashion model given her big break when Hitchcock.s wife saw her on a TV commercial. Brought to Universal Studios by Hitchcock and offered a seven-year contract, Hedren was shocked when the gifted director, at the peak of his successful career, quickly singled her out and cast her to star in the ambitious and terrifying film The Birds. Little did she
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Creature From The Black Lagoon & The Invisible Man Continue Celebration For “Universal’s Legacy of Horror” At The Academy

The Academy continues it’s October-long celebration of classic horror films in honor of “Universal.s Legacy of Horror”- part of the studio.s year-long 100th anniversary celebration. Tomorrow night features some of my favorite films. Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954, in 3D) and The Invisible Man (1933). See these films in the best possible way at the Academy on Tuesday, October 16, at 7:30 p.m. The films will be shown at the Samuel Goldwyn Theater, 8949 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills. Special guests scheduled include actress Julie Adams, who played Kay Lawrence in “Creature from the Black Lagoon.” Mondo has released this neat poster from Creature From The Black Lagoon along with a few others to celebrate Universal’s Legacy of Horror”.

If tomorrow doesn’t work, but you’re in the area, there’s plenty left to see during the month of October. Check out the list below.

The Birds” (1963)

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John Landis & Rick Baker To Attend American Werewolf In London Screening At The Academy For “Universal.s Legacy of Horror” Series

As we gear up for Halloween. the Academy is hosting an October-long celebration of classic horror films in honor of “Universal.s Legacy of Horror“- part of the studio.s year-long 100th anniversary celebration. This week’s films highlight The Man Who Laughs, The Wolfman and An American Werewolf In London. Just last week writer, director Guillermo del Toro, a big fan of Jaws, hosted the kick-off screening celebrating the studio that defined .horror films..

Del Toro also answered questions from fans on the Academy’s Facebook page.

For those not in the Southern California area, you can watch all these cinematic masterpieces of the horror genre on Blu-ray in the Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection which debuted on October 2 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment.

If you’re in the Beverly Hills area, check out the lineup for the rest of the month:

The Man Who Laughs” (1928) Monday,
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Carla Laemmle Back in Limelight

Carla Laemmle Back in Limelight
Carla Laemmle has had a busy few weeks! She introduced the movie Dracula for the TCM Film Festival and was interviewed by Leonard Maltin. Additionally, she appeared at The Hollywood Show where she signed almost 500 autographs for fans. In honor of Universal Studio’s 100th birthday, Carla has been interviewed by numerous publications around the world! You can learn more about Carla, her family, and upcoming events at the Official Laemmle site,
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TCM Classic Film Festival Continues To Expand In Final Weeks Before April 12 Opening

Latest Additions Include Star-Studded Appearances, Noted Film Historians,

An Opening-Night Poolside Screening of High Society (1956)

And a Vanity Fair Showcase of Architecture in Film

Complete Schedule for 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival

Now Available at

With just over two weeks left before opening day, the 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival continues to expand its already-packed slate with new events and live appearances:

On opening night of the festival, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel will be the site of a poolside screening of the lavish Cole Porter musical High Society (1956), starring Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. Actresses Maud Adams and Eunice Gayson will attend a 50th Anniversary screening of the James Bond classic Dr. No (1962) and participate in a conversation about being “Bond Girls.” Filmmaker Mel Brooks will be on hand to introduce his brilliant parody Young Frankenstein (1974). Filmmaker John Carpenter will introduce his favorite film, the
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“Phantom Of The Opera” Documentary Trying To Scare Up Support

“Phantom Of The Opera” Documentary Trying To Scare Up Support
A new documentary about the Lon Chaney classic Phantom Of The Opera is in the works, a joint venture of the Witches Dungeon Classic Movie Museum and Bill Diamond Productions, and the team is looking for support from fans to help with the finishing touches. Phantom Of The Opera – Unmasking The Masterpiece will be a 2-dvd set featuring a new, digitally remastered, print of the film, with color tints and two-color Technicolor and a live orchestra performing the original 1925 music. Also included will be the 1907 short The Red Spectre. On disc two you will find an extensive documentary featuring new interviews with Ron Chaney, Carla Laemmle, Tom Savini, Mike Hill, and others. There will also be a video tour of the original opera house set, rare photos, posters, and much more.

To help fund the project, head over to the Phantom Of The Opera – Unmasking The Masterpiece Kickstarter page and give what you can.
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Review: The Phantom of the Opera (Blu-ray)

  • DailyDead
In 1925, Universal released what would become one of the most influential and important movies ever made. Even today it stands as a singular achievement in film that still impresses some eighty years on.

From Lon Chaney’s outstanding makeup to the beautiful sets and costumes, it is a breathtakingly lavish film that entertains as much as it educates. The film cannot be overstated in its historical importance, as it was the first of the Universal Monsters to be born.

Without Chaney and his amazing creation, we would arguably never have seen Lugosi’s Dracula or Karloff’s Monster and so on. One could point to this film and say it was the birth of the horror film, as we know it today. Sure, Nosferatu had come before, as had The Golem, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari and of course Edison’s Frankenstein. However, The Phantom of the Opera was the
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Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle Celebrates 102nd Birthday Pictures

Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle celebrates 102nd Birthday and 80 Years in Movies in Beverly Hills. Photo copyright richard shotwell / PR Photos. Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle celebrates 102nd Birthday and 80 Years in Movies in Beverly Hills. Photo copyright richard shotwell / PR Photos. Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle celebrates 102nd Birthday and 80 Years in Movies in Beverly Hills. Photo copyright richard shotwell / PR Photos. Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle celebrates 102nd Birthday and 80 Years in Movies in Beverly Hills. Photo copyright richard shotwell / PR Photos. Silent Movie Star Carla Laemmle celebrates 102nd Birthday and 80 Years in Movies in Beverly Hills. Photo copyright richard shotwell / PR Photos.
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Legendary Actress Carla Laemmle Celebrates 102nd Birthday and New Documentary this Fall

In some rather remarkable news, Carla Laemmle, one of Hollywood’s last remaining silent movie stars, is about to celebrate her 102nd birthday on October 22, 2011, and it looks like she has no intention of slowing down in the career department just yet.

The iconic actress just recently wrapped on the feature film Mansion of Blood alongside other horror veterans including Gary Busey (pictured with Laemmle on the right), Robert Picardo, and Terry Moore; and it was recently announced that a documentary on her life, Among the Rugged Peaks: The Carla Laemmle Story is set to debut during the St. Louis International Film Festival on Friday, November 18, at the Tivoli Theatre.

Narrated by award-winning Actress Sally Kirkland, Among the Rugged Peaks was produced by Tom Tangen of Elusive Entertainment and features extensive interviews with many classic Hollywood stars, all while taking Carla back to the original Phantom of the Opera stage
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No Busey in This Mansion of Blood

A TMZ report has put the spotlight on an upcoming independent horror film. The gossip site says Gary Busey was ejected from the set of Mansion of Blood for his unruly behavior and the lewd comments he made towards a female employee. Mansion of Blood is written and directed by Mike Donahue. Ray Quiroga, Jennifer Tapiero, Tom Tangen, Sarah Alami, Carla Laemmle, Terry Moore and Sam Stone. The story is a haunted house tale about a witch who casts a spell to raise the spirit of her dead boyfriend and the shit hits the fan. Expect various creatures of the night come out to play. TMZ says that Busey had finished half of the scenes he was committed to play as the character "Zacharia." The script will be re-written to account for his absence. Busey recently wrapped...
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