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‘House of Cards’ Actor Reg E. Cathey Joins Indie ‘Flock of Four’

‘House of Cards’ Actor Reg E. Cathey Joins Indie ‘Flock of Four’
Reg E. Cathey has joined the cast of the indie drama “Flock of Four” from director Gregory Caruso.

Newcomers Braeden Lemasters, Isaac Jay, Uriah Shelton, and Dylan Snyder are on board to star, with Caruso writing and directing. Michael Nader co-wrote the script with Caruso.

The project is based on Caruso’s short film of the same name, which he also penned and helmed.

The film, which explores jazz and historic Central Avenue in South Central Los Angeles, centers around four jazz-loving teenagers who venture from their homes in Pasadena to South Central in order to hear the legendary bandleader Pope Dixon (Cathey) play a one-night-only show in 1959. The group encounters a side of Los Angeles, culture, and jazz that they never knew existed.

Shane Harper, Gatlin Green, Coco Jones, Connor Paolo, and Anthony Laciura are also in the cast. William Day Frank will produce along with Caruso, who will
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First Ep Of Steve Buscemi’s ‘Park Bench’ Is Talk Show About Talk Shows

One of the most anticipated web series on AOL's 2014 original content slate has arrived. AOL On is now home to the first four episodes of Steve Buscemi's Park Bench. Park Bench follows Buscemi as he wheels a roving park bench around New York City and holds candid conversations with his actor and comedian friends. This premise is reminiscent of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which also features a well-known actor as he cruises about town while shooting the bull with famous people. Chris Rock, one of the guest stars in the first episode of Park Bench, even lampshades the series' similarity to existing shows. "That's what the world needs, another talk show," he quips. "Just dying for another talk show." In execution, though, Park Bench succeeds in setting itself apart. Buscemi describes it as a talking show, and the first episode mixes in scripted bits with each episode's central conversation.
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'Boardwalk Empire' Season 4 Debuts on Blu-ray and DVD August 19th

'Boardwalk Empire' Season 4 Debuts on Blu-ray and DVD August 19th
The Emmy Award winning Boardwalk Empire is back on August 19, 2014 when the fourth season debuts on Blu-ray ($79.98), DVD ($59.99) and Digital HD. The Blu-ray set also comes with a Digital HD copy. After barely surviving an overthrow attempt by gangster Gyp Rossetti, Nucky Thompson is laying low at the end of the Boardwalk. However, the calm will be short-lived, as Nucky faces new challenges, including a clash with a violent Harlem power-broker, a battle with his brother Eli over Eli's college-age son, and the irresistible lure of lucrative - and perilous - opportunities in Florida. Featuring "achingly good performances," (The Chicago Tribune), Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Fourth Season is jam-packed with exclusive bonus material and is not to be missed!

Exclusive Blu-ray Features (along with all DVD extras):

Boardwalk Chronicle - an interactive, in-feature guide which offers character and location info as well as historical facts that are woven into each episode.
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Five Is Enough for 'Boardwalk Empire'

Five Is Enough for 'Boardwalk Empire'
History has already shown that the nonstop party of the Roaring Twenties couldn't go on forever, so neither could Boardwalk Empire. On Thursday, HBO announced that it was shutting down its homage to the Prohibition-era Atlantic City playground, making this fall's fifth season its last. As someone who has covered Boardwalk for Rolling Stone for the majority of its run, news of this decision was bittersweet. Sure, it's always difficult to say goodbye to a series in which you've invested so much time, energy, love and, let's be honest, aggravation.
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Boardwalk Empire: Season Four Ratings

Last year, viewership for HBO's Boardwalk Empire started to dwindle. Will the ratings continue to fall in season four or will they rise instead? We'll have to wait and see how things go.

Boardwalk Empire follows political figure Enoch "Nucky" Thompson (Steve Buscemi) as he works to control Atlantic City during the Prohibition era. Others in the drama's cast include Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Anthony Laciura, Stephen Graham, Michael Stuhlbarg, Vincent Piazza, Michael Kenneth Williams, and Gretchen Mol.

The ratings are typically the best indication of a show's chances of staying on the air. The higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival. This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available -- typically on Tuesdays.

Final season averages: 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demographic with 2.05 million total viewers.
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'Boardwalk Empire' Actress Margot Bingham Dishes on Daughter Maitland

'Boardwalk Empire' Actress Margot Bingham Dishes on Daughter Maitland
She sauntered into Chalky White's Onyx Club in the third episode of Boardwalk Empire's fourth season wearing a long, fur-lined coat and a magnetic stare – and we haven't been able to take our eyes off of her since. Her name is Margot Bingham, and she has transformed what could have been a one-note performance into the breakout role of the season. Bingham's character, Harlem jazz-and-blues chanteuse Daughter Maitland, clocked in at a total of two minutes of screen time during her first appearance on the 1920s HBO drama,
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Boardwalk Empire Season 4 - Episode 2 Review

Sadé Green reviews the second episode of Boardwalk Empire season 4....

The beauty of the slow and brooding Boardwalk Empire is that it doesn't rely on ridiculous story lines that fizzle out in one of two episodes. Every main arc is carefully constructed and well thought out and in 'Resignation', the foundations for some very exciting story lines have been set. With the introduction of the mesmerising Jeffrey Wright as Dr. Valentin Narcisse, this weeks episode focused largely on character development – or at least that times are changing for some of our favourites.

'Resignation' thankfully begins with the magnificent Nelson Van Alden/George Mueller (Michael Shannon). Missing our re-acquaintance with the ex-prohibition agent in episode 1, this is a welcome return. Van Alden is delivering flowers (or punches, depending on what was ordered) for Dean O'Banion (Arron Shiver), the florist/gangster that we met in Season 3. O'Banion recognises Van Alden has got
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Dunn's Violent 'Boardwalk Empire' Exit

Dunn's Violent 'Boardwalk Empire' Exit
Spoiler Alert: In tonight's episode, "The Old Ship of Zion," blues singer Daughter Maitland (Margot Bingham) saved her lover, Chalky, by stabbing Dunn to death before he could choke the life out of his former boss.

He started as a smart-mouthed, jail-cell antagonist in Season Two. Then, after being beaten into submission by Chalky White's "associates," the gold-toothed Dunn Purnsley had worked his way up to become Chalky's right-hand man by the start of Season Four. But as Boardwalk Empire has proved over and over again, no one – be they gangster,
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'Boardwalk Empire' Recap: Wrecking Brawl

'Boardwalk Empire' Recap: Wrecking Brawl
Three episodes ago, Nucky, after cleaning up Willie's little chemistry mishap, made a prescient remark: "The only thing you can count on is blood." He meant it in the sense of family, but there has been no lack of bloodshed on the boardwalk since then. What Nucky also couldn't foresee was that his comment will ring true for either himself or his nephew – and that the other will learn that loved ones are never to be trusted. Who will "win" and who will "lose" in this scenario remains to be seen,
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Recap: 'Boardwalk Empire' Season 4, Episode 7 ‘William Wilson’

There are traitors in our midst and they are myriad. Named after the Edgar Allen Poe poem that appears in William Thompson’s (Ben Rosenfield) college lecture, “Boardwalk Empire” episode “William Wilson” centers thematically on duplicity, doppelgangers, and those who are not what they appear to be. The most obvious deceiver so far is FBI Agent Warren Knox (Brian Geraghty) who has infiltrated Nucky Thompson's (Steve Buscemi) bootlegging organization despite Eddie Kessler (Anthony Laciura) committing suicide after Knox essentially blackmailed him to sing like a canary and work as an inside man. But the chinks are starting to show in Knox’s armor and he’s perhaps not as clever as he thinks he is. For one, last episode he handed Eli Thompson (Shea Whigham) a monogrammed handkerchief with the initials J.M.T.—James M. Tolliver—his real name, with Knox just being his undercover sobriquet. Eli, a former policeman,
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Boardwalk Empire, Ep. 4.05, “Erlkönig”: Fantastic performances propel powerful ep

Boardwalk Empire, Season 4, Episode 5, “Erlkönig”

Written by Howard Korder

Directed by Tim Van Patten

Airs Sundays at 9pm Est on HBO

Kate is new to Boardwalk Empire this season and her reviews will approach the acclaimed series from the newbie’s perspective.

This week, on Boardwalk Empire: Gillian becomes desperate, Mueller moves up, and Eddie is taken by the Erlkönig

As many viewers will no doubt be aware, Der Erlkönig is a poem by Goethe based on Danish folklore that was adapted by the great (early) Romantic composer Franz Schubert into one of his most famous lieder, or art songs. To set the mood for the discussion of by far the best episode this season, so far:

Schubert’s “Erlkonig” tells the story of a father racing through the forest on horseback to get his young son home while the son shudders and cries out to his father about the spectral Erlkonig (trans.
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Boardwalk Empire’s Anthony Laciura on Eddie Kessler’s Fate

  • Vulture
Boardwalk Empire’s Anthony Laciura on Eddie Kessler’s Fate
[Spoilers ahead.] Ever since the beginning of Boardwalk Empire, Eddie Kessler has had Nucky Thompson's back, acting as a bodyguard and even taking a bullet for his boss. But this season Kessler's loyalty was put to the test. After delivering money to one of the Capone brothers, he was picked up by two federal agents, including the undercover Agent Knox, a proto-fbi type working for J. Edgar Hoover who wants to prove that there is a web of organized crime emerging across the country. (Connecting the dots between Capone and Thompson would be a vital piece of the puzzle.) To get Kessler to confess, Knox tells him that unless he rats on Nucky, they would reveal his past misdeeds in Germany, which involved a lengthy session auf Deutsch. Not able to live with his betrayal, at the end of last night's episode Kessler commits suicide. Anthony Laciura, who played Kessler,
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Boardwalk Empire recap: ‘All In’

It could be seen as ominous last night on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire when Eddie (Anthony Laciura) repaired with new business associate/friend Ralph Capone (Domenick Lombardozzi) to a beerhall populated with fellow German expatriates and spilled a little too proudly of his elevated status within his organization. The organization, of course, is the Atlantic City-based bootlegging empire of Nucky Thompson. After taking a dose of lead in the war with mafia don Joe Masseria, Eddie picked up a limp but also a promotion from Nucky’s Man Friday to administrative capo, hence his making the drop of a payoff to the Capone […]

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Walking Through Upcoming Episodes of Boardwalk Empire

With fifth season of Boardwalk Empire being announced HBO has released the episode list for October 2013....

Episode #41: ErlkönigWritten by Howard Korder and directed by Tim Van Patten.Debut: Oct. 6 @ 9:00 p.m. Et/Pt

Nucky (Steve Buscemi) heads to Philadelphia to deal with the fallout from Willie’s (Ben Rosenfield) liquor fiasco. Eddie Kessler (Anthony Laciura) is detained by Agent Knox (Brian Geraghty), who uses physical and psychological tactics to elicit information about Nucky’s organization. A desperate Gillian (Gretchen Mol) turns to an unexpected source to score a fix, and is rebuffed in her attempt to reunite with Tommy (Brady Noon). In Cicero, Van Alden (Michael Shannon) is recruited by the Capones to pay an election-day visit to factory workers who are opposed to the Capones’ candidate of choice.

Episode #42: The North StarWritten by Eric Overmyer and Howard Korder; directed by Allen Coulter.Debut: Oct. 13 @ 9 p.m.
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Boardwalk Empire season 4 episode 2 review: Resignation

Review Michael Noble 17 Sep 2013 - 12:53

This episode of Boardwalk Empire is about race, loyalty, and money. Like every episode, then...

This review contains spoilers.

4.2 Resignation

‘When you see your kids remember they didn’t cost you anything’. He might have a tendency towards the sentimental, but Richard can’t half make a point when he wants to. He had, quite literally, a captive audience, but his statement about money stands. It’s a lesson that most of his fellow characters have yet to heed. It’s a natural result of the focus on gangsters, politicians and wannabes (sometimes all three in the same person) that money is the first thing reached for to fix things. It is, in so many cases, wholly inadequate. Perhaps they’d benefit from having their fingers trapped in a drawer for a bit.

For the most part, money remains the grease to everybody’s
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Get Ready For Boardwalk Empire With Season 3 Recap And Set Visit

The new season of Boardwalk Empire is right around the corner (Sunday, Sept. 8th – 9:00 p.m. Et/Pt), and this could be the season that really sends the show skyrocketing. That means you want to be sure that you’re caught up and/or have your recollection refreshed and ready, and/or binge your way through the first three seasons so you know what everyone is talking about.

Not only is Nucky kicking off in a rough spot that he’s going to have to get out of, but Chalky is in for some trouble (and thus, presumably more screen time), and there are some great new characters and cast members showing up, including Patricia Arquette as a Florida speakeasy owner.

If you aren’t quite ready to binge through things, there’s a convenient recap of Season 3 below, as well as a great look at the set.

Boardwalk Empire
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Boardwalk Empire Series 3 DVD Review

Creator: Terence Winter

Starring: Steve Buscemi, Kelly Macdonald, Michael Shannon, Shea Whigham, Michael Stuhlbarg, Stephen Graham, Vincent Piazza, Michael Kenneth Williams, Anthony Laciura, Paul Sparks, Jack Huston, Bobby Canavale, Gretchen Mol

Running Time: 600 minutes

Certificate: 18

Boardwalk Empire was left in a rather precarious situation following the Series 2 finale – Jimmy Darmody (Michael Pitt), probably the show’s most interesting and unpredictable character, was dead at the hands of Nucky Thompson (Steve Buscemi). The backlash from fans was huge, and the show’s writers had a monumental task ahead of them in attempting to regain viewers in Series 3.

Their solution? Gyp Rosetti, the series’ new big bad, and also basically the evil version of Jimmy. At least for a bit, as his unpredictability at lashing out at people soon weans into the predictability that he will always do the worst thing he possibly can. He’s fun to watch, with Bobby Cannavale
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Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray and DVD Arrive August 20th

Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray and DVD Arrive August 20th
It's New Year's Eve 1922 and the Roaring '20s are about to begin in earnest. Despite a booming economy, alcohol is scarce in Atlantic City, competition is at its fiercest and gangster violence is heating up. The 12-time Emmy Award winning Boardwalk Empire is back on August 20, 2013 when Season 3 debuts on Blu-ray with HBO Select* ($79.98), DVD ($59.99) and Digital Download. Hailed as "striking," ( with "first-rate performances" (USA Today), Boardwalk Empire: The Complete Third Season is jam-packed with exclusive bonus material and is not to be missed!

Nucky Thompson has become Atlantic City's undisputed czar during Prohibition and is facing the challenge of mending old relationships. While his marriage lies in shambles, he faces new competition from Gyp Rosetti, a hair-trigger gangster determined to siphon off his alcohol business. The conflict brings out the best and worst in Nucky, who proves his brutal mettle in a series of violent encounters,
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19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners

19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners
The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out today in Los Angeles, with Argo taking home the award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Modern Family and Downton Abbey won the top awards in the television categories. Take a look at the full list of the Screen Actors Guild Awards winners and nominations.

The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards Winners and Nominations

Theatrical Motion Pictures

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role

Daniel Day-Lewis / Abraham Lincoln - Lincoln (Touchstone Pictures)

Bradley Cooper / Pat - Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company)

John Hawkes / Mark - The Sessions (Fox Searchlight)

Hugh Jackman / Jean Valjean - Les Miserables (Universal Pictures)

Denzel Washington / Whip Whitaker - Flight (Paramount Pictures)

Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role

Jennifer Lawrence / Tiffany - Silver Linings Playbook (The Weinstein Company)

Jessica Chastain / Maya - Zero Dark Thirty
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"Argo," "Downton Abbey," "Modern Family" Big Winners at 2013 SAG Awards! See Full Winners List!

Ben Affleck's "Argo" continues its march as the Oscar front-runner this awards season. Yesterday, the film was the big winner at the 2013 Producers Guild Awards, and tonight, it won the big prize at the Screen Actors Guild Awards taking home the Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture trophy.

As predicted, Daniel Day-Lewis won the Lead Actor award for "Lincoln" while Jennifer Lawrence won the Lead Actress award for "Silver Linings Playbook."

Tommy Lee Jones won the Best Supporting Actor award for "Lincoln," and my fave, the lovely Anne Hathaway won the Best Supporting Actress award for "Les Miserables."

In the television category, "Downton Abbey" won Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series and "Modern Family" took home the Comedy Series award.

Here's the complete 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards® Winners (bolded and highlighted); for winners/nominees of other award-giving bodies, click here:

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