Full trailer released for road trip movie "Dear" starring Ken Takakura

The official website for Yasuo Furuhata’s upcoming road movie Dear has been updated with a new 90-second trailer.

In his first movie role in 6 years, Dear stars screen legend Ken Takakura as a prison guidance officer named Eiji Kurashima who drives an Rv from Toyama to Nagasaki to spread his late wife Yoko’s (Yuko Tanaka) ashes in the harbor of her hometown—both to honor her last request and to discover more about her life. Along the way, he meets various characters and reminisces about his time with Yoko.

The movie will be filled with well-known celebrities in small supporting roles, such as Koichi Sato as an ikameshi vendor and Tsuyoshi Kusanagi as a pub patron he has a heart-to-heart with. Other supporting roles are filled by Takeshi Kitano, Kyozo Nagatsuka, Mieko Harada, Kimiko Yo, Haruka Ayase, Takahiro Miura, Hideji Otaki, Tadanobu Asano, and Takashi Okamura.

“Dear” will
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More cast members announced for Koki Mitani’s ‘Once in a Blue Moon’

Koki Mitani’s already-big upcoming comedy Once in a Blue Moon (Suteki na Kanashibari) just got a little bigger.

It was previously announced that the film would star Eri Fukatsu as a third-rate lawyer who’s forced to depend on a 421-year-old ghost (Toshiyuki Nishida) as the sole witness to her client’s innocence.

Earlier today, a bunch of new names were added to the cast list, including Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (Smap), Masachika Ichimura, Takayuki Kinoshita (Tko). Fumiyo Kohinata, Takashi Kobayashi, Kan, Sen Yamamoto, Keiko Toda, Kazuyuki Asano, Katsuhisa Namase, Zen Kajihara, Kenji Anan, and Yoshimasa Kondo.

In addition to the casting update, Toho also revealed the theatrical release date: October 29, 2011.

Sources: Tokyograph, Cinema Today
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Trailer for "Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari"

It’s been a long time coming, but a trailer for Mamoru Hoshi’s Boku to Tsuma no 1778 no Monogatari has finally been released, nearly a full year after the project was first announced.

The film is based on the true story of science fiction writer Taku Mayumura whose wife died of colon cancer in 2002. After a doctor told him laughter can help the immune system, Mayumura began writing one story of at least 3 pages every day for his cancer-stricken wife. Although the initial prognosis was that she would only survive one year, she went on to live 5 good years with the help of the 1,778 total stories written by her husband for her over that time.

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi of Smap plays Sakutaro, a character modeled after Mayumura, and Yuko Takeuchi plays his wife Setsuko. The two last co-starred together 8 years ago in Akihiko Shiota’s “Yomigaeri”.

Source: Official website
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First Trailer for Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta

Oh boy, Japanese film makers sometimes really choose weird source material for their live-action adaptations. Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta is based on an animated (and awarded) Crayon Shin-chan movie from 2002 that has been put in a more serious shell for this adaptation.

The film tells the story of a young princess (Yui Aragaki) who constantly rejects the arranged marriage with a ruler of a neighboring state and thus brings the states to the brink of war. Smap member Tsuyoshi Kusanagi (yes, the one who got arrested for some drunk Eden of the East cosplaying back in April) plays a soldier who wants to win the princess’ heart. To make things even more complicated the couple to-be gets visited by Shinichi (Akashi Takei), a young boy from the future…

[See post to watch Flash video] Director Takashi Yamazaki’s Ballad: Namonaki Koi no Uta will open in Japan on September 5th 2009.

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Japanese singer sorry for 'shameful' act

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi has apologised to fans after he was allegedly found naked and drunk in a Tokyo park. The 34-year-old Japanese singer was arrested on suspicion of public indecency following the April 23 incident. The former member of boyband Smap was released by police today and immediately apologised for his "shameful" antics. "I drank a lot and did not know what I was doing," Kusanagi said. "I deeply (more)
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Japanese popstar arrested for streaking

Japansese singer Tsuyoshi Kusanagi has been arrested in Tokyo on suspicion of public indecency. The 31-year old, who is a member of the boyband Smap, was detained by police after allegedly being caught naked and drunk in a city park on April 23. The star is said to have stripped and sat cross-legged on the grass before being taken to a nearby police station, according to (more)
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Update on DiCaprio’s Ninja Scroll

Haven’t heard much from Leonardo DiCaprio’s live-action version of “Ninja Scroll” in a while, so here’s (kinda) something: according to a Japanese newspaper, DiCaprio is considering casting the film’s leads with the five members of a popular Japanese band called Smap. This, we’re told, is in keeping with DiCaprio’s intention to fill out the cast with Japanese actors, thus keeping the film true to its roots. I suppose it would be kind of difficult to cast, say, Keanu Reeves when your story is supposed to take place in Feudal Japan. Writes the Nikkan Sports (via Anime News Network): In addition to performing a string of hit singles, the five members of Smap — Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori — have acted in many films based on manga and anime. However, they have not acted together in the same film since 1994’s Shoot.
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Will Hollywood turn Ninja Scroll into J-Pop Scroll?

Oh boy, I really hope that this is just some kind of late April Fool’s joke. Ann reports in reference to Nikkan Sports (must be a great source for movie related news) that the members of the five-headed J-Pop boygroup Smap (Sports Music Assemble People) are considered to be casted as the main leads in the live-action adaptation of Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s anime classic Ninja Scroll. Leonardo DiCaprio, whose production company Appian Way has acquainted the rights last autumn has outed himself as a big fans of Japanese animation promised “not to make the movie until the script is in the right shape”. What noble words…

Smap is one of the biggest Japanese boygroups and was founded in 1991. All members, Masahiro Nakai, Takuya Kimura, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Goro Inagaki and Shingo Katori have already acted in several tv series and (mostly manga and anime related) films, but I don’t
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