The Films of Frank Capra III, Ranked

As The Fate of The Furious enters theaters, a ranking of its 1st Assistant Director’s oeuvre.

Friday brings us the release of The Fate of the Furious, the eighth film in The Fast & The Furious series. Thus, there could be no better time to look back and rank the previous works of one of the films most notable craftsmen, a man whose name is legendary. I speak of course of First Assistant Director Frank Capra III.

Capra III is the grandson of director Frank Capra, a Hollywood legend whose work includes It Happened One Night, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, and It’s a Wonderful Life. How did that pedigree fare two generations removed? This exhaustive look at Mr. Capra III’s 1st Ad career will tell the tale.

While the film’s director often gets the lion’s share of the credit, the First Ad is one of the most critical positions on set. In
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Judge Judy Developing Scripted Series at CBS Based on Her Life (Exclusive)

Judge Judy Developing Scripted Series at CBS Based on Her Life (Exclusive)
Judy Sheindlin, better known as Judge Judy, is entering the scripted court.

The famed television judge is developing “Her Honor,” a drama series at CBS, which is inspired by her own life, Variety has learned exclusively.

“Law & Order” vet and “Chicago Justice” showrunner Michael Chernuchin is penning the pilot, alongside Sheindlin who is billed as story co-writer.

“Her Honor” will follow the youngest judge in New York, who cuts through the chaos in Family Court, but can’t seem to maintain control of her own life outside the courtroom.

Though the scripted arena is new territory for her, Sheindlin is certainly no stranger to TV. She is currently the most profitable star on television, thanks to her long-running court TV series “Judge Judy,” which debuted in 1996 and is renewed through 2020. Her new deal is reportedly worth more than her previous contract, under which she was making a whopping salary of over $47 million per year. When
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The Fugitive: Warner Bros planning new movie

It's not clear whether it's a sequel, reboot or remake, but a new movie of The Fugitive is on the way...

One of the biggest hits of 1993 (that didn't involve dinosaurs) was the big screen take on TV hit, The Fugitive. Harrison Ford starred as Dr Richard Kimble in a quality thriller, that won an Oscar for Tommy Lee Jones and picked up an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture too. Oh, and it made megabucks.

There was a sort-of-sequel to The Fugitive that followed, in the shape of Us Marshals. That was basically a less impressive retread, with Wesley Snipes stepping in for Harrison Ford, and Tommy Lee Jones reprising that Oscar winning role. But since then, Warner Bros has left well alone.

Well, until now.

News has broken that Warner Bros is now planning a new The Fugitive movie, although it's not clear yet whether it'd be a sequel,
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Warner Bros Now Developing Another Take on 'The Fugitive' Movie

Another day, another remake. Or this time a reboot. Or whatever the heck it will be. Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros is now in development on a new version of The Fugitive, working with producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson who helped make the first one. The Fugitive movie every knows, the one with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones from 1993, was actually adapted from a TV series from the 1960s. The report mentions it'll be a movie, with Christina Hodson (The Eden Project, Shut In) writing the script, but that's about it as details are sparse on what exactly it is beyond a new take. Maybe they want Harrison Ford back? Here's some of the best tweets collected regarding the news today - the funniest ones are at the bottom: The Fugitive Is Running Again at Warner Bros.: Sequel? Remake? Reboot? The details are still hazy.— Luigi Delarosa
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A New The Fugitive Movie Is on the Way

Those Samuel Gerard impressions are coming back into fashion! Yahoo reports that Warner Bros. is developing a new iteration of The Fugitive, 22 years after the feature film adaptation of the popular 1960s TV series opened to commercial and critical acclaim, spawning new catchphrases for both Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones. It’s unclear whether the actors will return, or even whether this is a sequel, remake, or something else entirely, but Christina Hodson has been set to pen the screenplay with Arnold and Anne Kopelson returning to produce. Director Andrew Davis’ film was one of those rare “perfect storm” movies, in which everything seemed to click perfectly despite the fact that much of the film’s dialogue was improvised on the spot. Jones won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role of Samuel Gerard, the U.S. Marshal tasked with hunting down Ford’s Dr. Richard Kimble, a
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‘The Fugitive’ to be remade at Warner Bros.

Deadline exclusively reported Tuesday that yet another classic film would be getting the remake treatment: The Fugitive.

The original film from 1993 was a major blockbuster and starred Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones in an Oscar winning Supporting Actor role. Andrew Davis’s film was adapted from a classic ABC TV show of the same name, in which Dr. Richard Kimble is wrongly accused of murdering his wife and is forced to go on the run while tracking down the real killer.

Deadline reports that emerging screenwriter Christina Hodson (Shut In, The Eden Project) would be penning the script. No word yet on whether Ford or Jones would return to this film, but of course Ford is on board for sequels to Star Wars and Blade Runner. Arnold and Anne Kopelson are returning as producers.

Thoughts on a director/star pairing? Chris Pratt might be too obvious if people also
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New 'Fugitive' Movie Planned, Will Harrison Ford Return?

New 'Fugitive' Movie Planned, Will Harrison Ford Return?
Warner Bros. is moving forward on a new installment of The Fugitive, but they have not confirmed or denied that stars of the original 1993 hit, Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones will return. At this time, it is not known if this is a reboot, remake or straight up sequel. Christina Hodson, who wrote the now-in-production drama Shut In starring Naomi Watts, will pen the screenplay.

The Fugitive is viewed as one of the best TV-to-Movie adaptations ever made, based on the original 1963 ABC series that ran for four seasons. The show starred David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, who was accused of killing his wife. He goes on the run, searching for the one-armed man he believes is actually responsible for his wife's murder. The show culminated in a finale that was viewed by nearly half of the population who owned TVs at the time. Harrison Ford starred as Dr.
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Warner Bros. wants 'The Fugitive' to go on the run once again

  • Hitfix
Warner Bros. wants 'The Fugitive' to go on the run once again
There is a purity to the concept of "The Fugitive" that I admire. When the original four-season series ended, almost half of the available audience tuned in to see whether or not Richard Kimble would be able to finally bring the mysterious one-armed man to justice before being captured by the cops who had been chasing him throughout the entire run of the show. I can't even imagine a show so popular that half of the population tuned in at the same time, and I'm not sure TV will ever create another hit with that kind of reach in our world of a million channels. The 1993 feature film version of "The Fugitive" was unexpectedly huge when it was released. Heading into that summer, the biggest question was whether "Jurassic Park" or "The Last Action Hero" would be the hit of the summer, and while the dinosaurs did indeed prove to be unstoppable,
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Warner Bros. Chasing The Fugitive Again

Warner Bros. Chasing The Fugitive Again
Not every film spawned from a TV series is a success, but 1993’s The Fugitive was a bona fide hit, leading Tommy Lee Jones to a Supporting Actor Oscar and spawning a Jones-centric sequel in U.S. Marshals. Now Warner Bros. wants to put the idea on the run towards screens again.The original film, of course, starred Harrison Ford as Dr. Richard Kimble, who went on the run when he was falsely accused of murdering his wife. In addition to tracking down the real culprit, Kimble had to evade dogged law enforcement (especially Jones’ hard nut Marshal Samuel Gerard) while simultaneously leaving clues to help the authorities in his search for the true killer.Deadline’s report doesn’t mention whether Ford or Jones will be back, or whether this will continue the story instead of following current trends and rebooting the whole the concept with new actors. Either way,
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The Fugitive Is Getting Another Movie

Harrison Ford still didn.t kill his wife. Tommy Lee Jones still doesn.t care. And if you get that reference, then you likely will be interested in the news that Warner Bros. wants to get back in The Fugitive business, after a 17-year hiatus. Deadline has the details on the new Fugitive project, which will be shepherded at the studio by screenwriter Christina Hodson, as well as producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson. The main question everyone needs answered, however, can not be found in the initial report: will this new chapter in the saga of The Fugitive include either Harrison Ford or Tommy Lee Jones, who made a terrific pair as hunter and hunted in Andrew Davis. 1993 film? Right now, it's unclear if this is a reboot, a remake, or a sequel that has been long in the making. Here.s that scene I referenced, up above: The Fugitive
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The Fugitive On The Run Again At Warner Bros.

As if Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Blade Runner 2 and Indiana Jones 5 weren’t enough, Warner Bros. is digging up another Harrison Ford classic, 1993’s The Fugitive, for a new installment.

No word yet on whether Ford or Tommy Lee Jones will be reprising their roles from the Andrew Davis-directed film, which won Jones an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The Fugitive was nominated in six other categories, including Best Picture, which it lost to Schindler’s List.

Christina Hodson, an up-and-comer who penned upcoming Naomi Watts thriller Shut In and had script The Eden Project snapped up by Sony, will scribe the update, which is not believed to be a remake so much as a franchise-reigniting sequel.

The original film, which was based on a tremendously popular ABC series of the same name, birthed a sequel called U.S. Marshals that had little to do with its predecessor outside of Jones’ character,
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Warner Bros Putting ‘The Fugitive’ Back On The Run

Warner Bros Putting ‘The Fugitive’ Back On The Run
Exclusive: Warner Bros has put into development a new installment of The Fugitive, one of those rare times that Hollywood took a well-executed TV series and turned it into an even more exhilarating feature film. The studio has set Christina Hodson — whose The Eden Project was bought at auction by Sony, and whose script Shut In is completing shooting with Naomi Watts for EuropaCorp — to write it. Arnold and Anne Kopelson are returning as producers, but they would not say…
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Warners Plans "The Fugitive" Sequel/Reboot?

Warner Bros. Pictures has begun development of a new installment of "The Fugitive". Christina Hodson ("Shut In," "The Eden Project") will pen the script whilst Arnold and Anne Kopelson are returning as producers says Deadline.

The property started as a 1960s TV series about Dr. Richard Kimble, a surgeon accused of murdering his wife. He goes on the run to clear his name, leaving clues for a dogged cop about a one-armed man Kimble struggled with during his wife's killing.

The show ran for four seasons and was very popular at the time. In 1993 the property was turned into a highly acclaimed and successful feature film which Andrew Davis directed. Harrison Ford took on the role of Kimble, while Tommy Lee Jones won an Oscar for his role as the U.S. marshal on the hunt for him.

This report does not make clear if this is a sequel or a reboot of the franchise,
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Guillermo Del Toro Sets Up Carnival Row At Amazon

Guillermo Del Toro Sets Up Carnival Row At Amazon
If anyone needs proof positive that Hollywood can be a tough place to get a movie made, it’s been ten years since Pacific Rim writer Travis Beacham first saw his script A Killing On Carnival Row optioned. After a decade lingering in development, it might finally see the light of day as one of Amazon’s original series.Set in an undetermined future, the action takes place in a city called the Burge, a place that oddly looks like 18th century London. There, strange creatures share the streets with humans, but everyone is terrified by a serial killer stalking the darker areas.Beacham originally sold the script to producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson and New Line quickly brought it to the attention of del Toro. But that was back when The Hobbit and other projects were dominating his brainspace, and he eventually passed. Neil Jordan and Tarsem flirted with the project for a while,
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Alec Baldwin Up For Re-Teams With Both Russell Brand And Woody Allen

Alec Baldwin Up For Re-Teams With Both Russell Brand And Woody Allen
Exclusive: In separate deals, 30 Rock star Alec Baldwin is reuniting with his To Rome With Love helmer Woody Allen, and his Rock Of Ages co-star Russell Brand. I’m told that Baldwin will be part of the cast of Allen’s next ensemble comedy, which he’ll shoot in San Francisco. Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper have also been rumored as participants. Baldwin and Brand are reuniting to star in Man That Rocks The Cradle, a New Line comedy about an overworked husband and father who thinks he has found the solution to all his problems by importing a super-nanny he is told is a true kid whisperer. Turns out the live-in maid is a man. The film will be produced by Arnold and Anne Kopelson. Man That Rocks The Cradle originated as a spec script by Josh Cagan and based on a story by Cagan and Rob McKittrick. New
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Showtime Teams With Arnold & Anne Kopelson For Drama Series Project

Exclusive: Showtime is developing Pure Evil, a drama series executive produced by feature producing duo Arnold and Anne Kopelson. The project, which is being written by Trey Callaway (CSI: NY), centers on a brilliant and sinister CEO of the world’s largest tech & media conglomerate. Callaway will executive produce with the Oscar-winning Kopelsons. Steve Barnett, president of Kopelson Entertainment, will also produce. This is the first TV effort in a decade for Arnold and Anne Kopelson who executive produced the CBS series The Fugitive, based on the it 1993 movie they also produced.
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Tarsem Singh to Direct ‘Killing on Carnival Row’

Fanciful Indian filmmaker Tarsem Singh had not directed a feature for five years before this month’s epic Immortals. Six years ticked away between 2000’s The Cell and 2006’s The Fall, both equally full of ambitious and imaginative visuals.

Now he is suddenly becoming prolific with big-budget features. He was in post-production on his 3D Greek mythology movie at Relativity Media while in pre-production on his Snow White family film Mirror Mirror, which he shot from June 2011 to mid-September (though the trailer is risible).

Tarsem told ComingSoon it was the “easiest thing in the world” shooting them back-to-back, and he hopes to make “one movie a year” now. So last week the director sat down, read, and decided between “one or two projects that [he's] interested in.”

According to Deadline, Tarsem’s next film is Killing on Carnival Row, a fantasy spec script written by Travis Beacham and purchased six years
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Tarsem Eyes Killing On Carnival Row From Fairytales To Fatal Behaviour

After lingering around the dusty halls of development hell for six years, Travis Beacham's attention-grabbing first script Killing On Carnival Row might finally have found a director to drag it on to the screen. Deadline reports that Tarsem Singh - the man behind Immortals - is attached to make it.

And given Carnival Row's concept, it certainly sounds like something the visual-obsessed director could work with. Set in an undetermined future, the action takes place in a city called the Burge, a place that oddly looks like 18th century London. There, strange creatures share the streets with humans, but everyone is terrified by a serial killer stalking the darker areas.

Beacham originally sold the script to producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson and New Line quickly brought it to the attention of Guillermo del Toro, who coincidentally is now directing Beacham's Pacific Rim screenplay. But that was back when The
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Tarsem Singh to Follow Mirror, Mirror With Killing on Carnival Row; Would "Love to Direct" Samurai Jack Adaptation

Even though his latest movie, the swords-and-sandals epic Immortals, just opened in theaters and he's deep into post-production on his next movie, the Snow White adaptation Mirror, Mirror, director Tarsem Singh is already lining up his next, next movie...and maybe even the movie after that one. According to Deadline, Singh is attached to direct Killing on Carnival Row, a "noir-style fantasy thriller" from Clash of the Titans (remake) and Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham. In addition, Singh recently revealed that his dream project would be to direct a feature adaptation of Genndy Tartakovsky's stylish action-adventure cartoon Samurai Jack.

Next Showing:

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Anne Kopelson | Arnold Kopelson | Tarsem Singh | Travis Beacham
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Tarsem Makes A "Killing On Carnival Row"

"Immortals" and "Mirror Mirror" director Tarsem Singh is showing no signs of slowing down his recent rapid succession of projects says Deadline.

Tarsem is now attached to the noir-style fantasy thriller "Killing On Carnival Row" which was originally set up by producers Arnold and Anne Kopelson six years ago at New Line.

"Clash of the Titans" and "Pacific Rim" writer Travis Beacham's script is set in a future city called Burgue which resembles 18th century London, albeit one populated by both humans and other creatures. It's in this setting that a serial killer is on the loose.

Guillermo Del Toro and Neil Jordan came close to making the film but Singh looks like a more certain option.
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