'Brimstone' producer Vandevorst to partner with daughter Isabella for 'Truly Naked' (exclusive)

The English-language film will be structured as a UK-Netherlands co-production.

Brimstone producer Els Vandevorst of Isabella Films and her daughter Isabella Depeweg are joining forces to produce Dutch director Muriel d’Ansembourg’s debut feature Truly Naked.

The English-language film will be structured as a UK-Netherlands co-production and will shoot in Devon in the UK.

London Film School graduate D’Ansembourg was BAFTA-nominated for her graduation short Good Night in 2013.

Truly Naked is about a 15 year old boy and touches on what Vandervorst has described as “difficult issues” regarding “intimacy and sexuality.”

Depeweg has taken a 50% stake in Isabella Films,
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Dutch post-production companies unite for Netherlands Post-Production Alliance (exclusive)

The new body will represent 13 companies which service the increasing number of foreign productions.

As international film production booms in the Netherlands thanks to the successful cash rebate scheme, the post-production sector is enjoying a sharp rise.

Now 13 Dutch post-production companies have created the Netherlands Post-Production Alliance (Npa), a new body representing the companies which service the increasing number of foreign productions, such as Sergei Loznitsa’s Un Certain Regard opener Donbass, doing post work in the territory.

“Netherlands has become an important ‘post hub’ of Europe,” said Remco Mastwijk, Xx of Filmmore, and chairman of the Npa.

“We distinguish ourselves internationally through flexibility,
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Full Programme For Cinemasia Film Festival 2018 Now Available

The festival offers a kaleidoscopic trip through modern Asia with over 30 films that range from history-making blockbusters to arthouse gems and documentaries. We are honored to have Martin Koolhoven, Joko Anwar and Vanja Kaludjercic as our jury members. They will hand out awards for Best Film and newly created Best Director and Best Performer from a quality selection of eight titles.

CinemAsia Film Festival takes place 6-11 March 2018 at Kriterion and Rialto cinemas in

Amsterdam. With an unprecedented number of guests attending the festival, both the film industry and the public will have the precious opportunity to interact with creators who are making waves in Asia’s dynamic cultural scene.

With ‘The Young Asian Generation’ as a general theme we spotlight a new and successful crop of filmmakers and actors. Their authentic and fresh views give nuance and depth to this fascinating and complex continent.

Online ticket sales is available now.
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Movie Review – Brimstone (2017)

Brimstone, 2017.

Directed by Martin Koolhoven.

Starring Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Carice Van Houten and Kit Harrington.


A frontier woman turns fugitive when she is wrongly accused of a crime she didn’t commit and is hunted by a vengeful preacher.

An ingenious conglomeration of narrative complexity, Koolhoven’s audacious film Brimstone is tense, authentic and absolutely brutal. A lot can be said about Brimstone; its narrative arrangement emphasises both the audience and the protagonists’ necessity for retribution, the striking visuals of the Western landscape captivate your attention and the acting relentlessly wrestles with your emotions. The dialogue is well written and emotionally engaging, similar to that of Tarantino, despite falling flat in some areas that were clearly postured to highlight the humour in the absurdity of some Western clichés’. The film seems to monitor its own narrative pacing, choosing to reveal the horrific history between the two opposing characters,
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Brimstone review – Guy Pearce outrageously operatic in grisly and gripping western

Pearce reaches Nicolas Cage levels of menace as he torments Dakota Fanning’s fiercely defiant homesteader in Martin Koolhoven’s freaky thriller

This epically long, lurid, violent western from Dutch film-maker Martin Koolhoven has a kind of Tarantino-ish prolixity and narrative ingenuity. Despite its very indulgent length, it never bores.

Three intriguingly arranged chapters keep you wanting to know more – but the fourth and final segment relies on an outrageously unconvincing “escape” scene and a sheriff’s arrest that needs to be explained with a Pov-shift flashback that does not entirely make sense.

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Exclusive Interview: Director Martin Koolhoven Talks ‘Brimstone’

Dakota Fanning is an actor that we haven’t seen a great deal from in recent years. She started her career at a very young age, and for years was the go-to child if you needed a young cast member. As she’s gotten older she seems to have become a little more picky when it comes to projects that she wants to be a part of, and usually means that if she’s in it, the project is a good one. This is certainly true of her latest movie Brimstone.

The film also stars Guy Pearce, Kit Harrington, and Carice van Houten, and tells the disturbing tale of Fanning’s character Elizabeth’s life. Brimstone is a delightfully dark story told within the world of a Western. It jumps around the timeline in a way that makes the story really dynamic, and at its core is held together by a superb,
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‘Brimstone’ Review: Dir. Martin Koolhoven (2017)

Brimstone review: Guy Pearce leads the cast of this new movie from director Martin Koolhoven, one we’re calling ‘one of the most visceral and intense western thrillers of all time.’

Brimstone review by Ben Read.

Brimstone review

The western has always been a fickle beast. Its quality, reliability, and durability, has been a source of strong debate for many years among audiences. While originally thought to have died out in the late 1960’s, the genre has seen a wonderful resurgence in recent years. This has lead to some excellent modern entries in the genre, such as 3:10 to Yuma and True Grit. However, with the genre still struggling to find itself a legitimate audience, how does Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone fare?

First of all, this is a film that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Where most western’s glorify and glamorise the shoot ’em up, Wild West element of the era,
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Retribution is coming in exclusive clip from Brimstone

Ahead of its release in the UK later this month, we’ve got an exclusive clip from writer-director Martin Koolhoven’s acclaimed Western thriller Brimstone, which stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Kit Harington and Carice Van Houten. Check it out here…

Brimstone is an epic thriller set in the old west. A triumphant tale of powerful womanhood and resistance against a violent past that refuses to fade.

Liz (Dakota Fanning) is a mute young woman who lives together with her husband and two children. She is a midwife and communicates through sign language, sometimes assisted by her daughter. Her relationship with her 14 year old son could be better, but otherwise Liz’s life seems pretty good. When the new reverend (Guy Pearce) climbs the pulpit in church, Liz freezes. She immediately knows she and her family are in danger.

In four chapters we see not only how the reverend tries
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UK trailer for Brimstone starring Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Kit Harington, and Carice van Houten

Ahead of its UK release later this month, a poster and trailer have arrived online for writer-director Martin Koolhoven’s upcoming western thriller Brimstone which stars Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Kit Harington, and Carice van Houten; check them out below…

Our heroine is Liz (Fanning), a young and beautiful woman who is being hunted by a vengeful Preacher (Pearce) – a diabolical extremist and her nemesis. But Liz is a genuine survivor; she’s no victim but instead a woman of fearsome strength who responds with astonishing bravery to claim the better life she and her daughter deserve.

Told in four chapters, Brimstone is a suspenseful tale of guilt and retribution that unfolds at the end of the 19th century in the unforgiving American West. Making its premiere at the 2016 Venice Film Festival, Brimstone is a tale of powerful womanhood and the resistance against an unforgiving cruelty of a hell on Earth.
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Dakota Fanning: "Brimstone"

  • SneakPeek
Sneak Peek footage, plus images from the western horror thriller, "Brimstone", written and directed by Martin Koolhoven, starring Dakota Fanning, Guy Pearce, Kit Harington and Carice van Houten:

"...'Liz' is a mute young woman who lives with her husband and two children. She is a midwife and communicates through sign language, sometimes assisted by her daughter. Her relationship with her 4 year old son could be better, but otherwise Liz's life seems pretty good.

"But when the new 'Reverend' climbs the pulpit in church, Liz freezes. She immediately knows she and her family are in danger. In four chapters we see how the Reverend tries to take everything Liz loves away from her..."

Click the images to enlarge and Sneak Peek "Brimstone"...
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Bridging The Dragon co-pro events sets projects

  • ScreenDaily
Bridging The Dragon co-pro events sets projects
Projects include a new film from Brimstone director Martin Koolhoven.

Projects from European and Chinese producers including Taiwan’s Patrick Mao Huang, Norway’s Kjetil Omberg and the Netherlands’ Els Vandevorst will be presented at Bridging The Dragon’s co-production event in Nanjing, China next month.

Huang is producing arthouse drama Mumu to be directed by Hu Yangyi, while Omberg will present sci-fi horror Dark Moon and Vandevorst has an as-yet-untitled project to be directed by Martin Koolhoven (Brimstone).

Organised in collaboration with Arri and Chinese production company One More Pictures, the Sino-European Project Lab 2017 will present six European and six Chinese projects in Nanjing from June 13-16, just ahead of the Shanghai International Film Festival (June 17-26). The event also has support from Nanjing University of Arts.

Selected projects also include war comedy Undertake, produced by China’s Century Pictures; sci-fi adventure Mark Brandis – Space Partisans, from Germany’s Rexin Film; Elsa Yang’s culture shock comedy
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Nfts director Nik Powell to step down

  • ScreenDaily
Former film producer and Virgin Records co-founder steps down after 14 years.

The National Film and Television School has confirmed today that its director Nik Powell is to step down at the end of July after 14 years at the helm.

Under Powell’s stewardship the school has firmly cemented its place as one of the major film institutions in the world.

Powell recently oversaw the delivery of two new teaching buildings covering more than 20,000 square feet and a 4K digital television studio.

The school has evolved to offer Ma, diploma, certificate and short courses in film, television and the games industries and it has become a Higher Education Institution accredited by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (Hefce).

Recent graduates include Yann Demange, Anthony Chen, Ralitza Petrova and Michael Lennox. In 2013/14 Nfts graduates were nominated for a total 31 BAFTAs and won 10.

Former graduates of the school include David Yates, Lynne Ramsay, Terence Davies, [link
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Review: Brimstone, One of the Most Brutal Westerns in Recent Memory

In Brimstone, a Western that’s the English-language debut of Dutch director Martin Koolhoven, young actress Dakota Fanning amazes with her best performance yet, giving life to a character that since the first chapter (the film is divided in four) is revealed as unique. Liz is a mute woman who, with the help of her little daughter, assists women in labor. While the setting is the Old American West, her life is relatively calm as she lives with her husband, stepson and daughter in a town that doesn’t seem to be as wild as one can expect. A lot changes, though, when a complicated labor forces the protagonist to save the baby or the mother -- she ends up keeping alive the latter -- something the...

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New to Streaming: ‘Three,’ ‘My Winnipeg,’ ‘The Brand New Testament,’ and More

With a seemingly endless amount of streaming options — not only the titles at our disposal, but services themselves — we’ve taken it upon ourselves to highlight the titles that have recently hit platforms. Every week, one will be able to see the cream of the crop (or perhaps some simply interesting picks) of streaming titles (new and old) across platforms such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, and more (note: U.S. only). Check out our rundown for this week’s selections below.

Assassin’s Creed (Justin Kurzel)

Over three-dozen times has Hollywood tried their hand at the videogame adaptation, and the results, to say the least, have left much to be desired. Perhaps it’s the lack of venerable source material, but translating the entertainment factor of videogames — an experience in which the user often repeatedly fails until some enjoyment is ultimately had — has most adaptations feeling like one is watching characters play in God mode,
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Brimstone Review

Women never have a particularly great time in Westerns. Aside from the odd outlier, the genre generally features them as either helpless victims or sex workers, though both endure intense violence at the hands of men. Martin Koolhoven’s Brimstone takes this to new extremes; spending most of its 140 punishing minutes inflicting humiliation, misery and trauma upon its female characters.

By the time the credits roll, you’ll have seen women intimidated, leered at, strangled, punched, whipped, beaten, gagged, having their tongues cut out, sexually menaced by their fathers, repeatedly raped and eventually executed. It’s a smörgåsbord of misogyny: a film populated by yellow-teethed, half feral, sexually psychotic men preying on women whose only plausible escape is suicide. Brimstone is less a battle of the sexes and more a massacre.

Split into four chapters, each with portentous Biblical titles like ‘Revelations’ and ‘Exodus,’ the film consists of episodes in
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‘Brimstone’ Review: Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce Star In a Gnarly Revisionist Western That Trembles With Biblical Weight

‘Brimstone’ Review: Dakota Fanning and Guy Pearce Star In a Gnarly Revisionist Western That Trembles With Biblical Weight
Reverent and ridiculous in equal measure, Martin Koolhoven’s “Brimstone” is a wild pseudo-Western that trembles beneath the biblical weight of its comically grim story. Told with a steady tone that marries the anivine retribution of the Old Testament with the heightened slickness of a graphic novel, this gruesome carnival of debasement may be set in the lawless frontiers of 19th century America, but it might be more accurately located somewhere between Sodom and Gomorrah and “Sin City.” It’s the kind of movie in which an actor from “Game of Thrones” murders someone who’s taking a shit in an outhouse — the kind of movie in which a dying man, choking on a noose made out of his own intestines, still finds the spirit to tell his wife that he loves her.

Even after four discrete chapters (each of which is saddled with a subtitle like “Revelation” or “Exodus
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Brimstone | Review

The Love of a Preacher Man: Koolhoven’s Pseudo-Feminist Western an Ambitiously Grotesque Affront

Unveiling the most expensive Dutch film production since Paul Verhoeven’s Black Book (2006), Martin Koolhoven’s epically structured Brimstone is a dizzying revision of the spaghetti Western, prizing the perspective of a female protagonist (although no less rape filled than the frames of Sergio Leone) and featuring a concoction of varied international flavors in this cruel portrait of the American frontier.

Continue reading...
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The Weekend Warrior 3/10/17: Kong: Skull Island, Brimstone, Canners

Welcome back to the Weekend Warrior, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out….but mostly movies.

This Past Weekend:

It was absolutely no surprise that Hugh Jackman’s last Wolverine movie Logan would top the box office, but it actually ended up doing even better than my prediction when actual numbers came in, grossing $88.3 million over the weekend. That makes it the fourth highest X-Movie opening (including Deadpool) but also the biggest R-rated opening for March, defeating 300’s once-impressive $70 million opening. It’s also the fourth highest R-rated opening of all time after Deadpool, The Matrix Reloaded and American Sniper.

The bigger surprise was how well Jordan Peele’s thriller Get Out held up in its second weekend, not only because it was going up against Logan, but also because high-profile horror films tend
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Brimstone: Guy Pearce On The Dark Western Thriller

Ever since his breakout role in L.A. Confidential twenty years ago, Australian actor Guy Pearce has been able to create prestige for himself with memorable roles in Christopher Nolan’s early film Memento and others. (For instance, he appeared in two recent Best Picture winners in The Hurt Locker and The King’s Speech). More importantly, he's been able to star in a series of fantastic genre films from The Proposition and Animal Kingdom to the Guillermo del Toro-produced Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark and Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

Brimstone, from Dutch filmmaker Martin Koolhoven (Winter in Watime), puts Pearce back in familiar Western territory as The Proposition, playing a very different character, an ultra-pious Dutch preacher known only as “The Reverend” who spends the movie chasing after a young woman, played by Dakota Fanning. There’s a lot more to the story, which is told
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