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  • (5/90) Music video: Helped to choreograph the Janet Jackson video "Alright".
  • (1965) Stage: Choreographer for "Skyscraper" on Broadway. NOTE: He was nominated for a Tony Award.
  • (1961) Stage: Choreographer for "Subways Are For Sleeping" on Broadway. NOTE: He was nominated for a Tony Award.
  • (1959) Stage: Choreographer for "Destry Rides Again" on Broadway. NOTE: He won a Tony Award.
  • (11/15/56-7/12/58) Stage: Directed / choreographed / co-produced "Li'l Abner", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by / Co-produced by Norman Panama and Melvin Frank; based on cartoon characters by Al Capp. Music by Gene de Paul. Lyrics by Johnny Mercer. Musical direction / vocals / continuity by Lehman Engel. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Ballet music arranged by Genevieve Pitot. Cast: Edie Adams ("Daisy Mae"; billed as Edith Adams); Stubby Kaye ("Marryin' Sam"), Peter Palmer ("L'il Abner"); Charlotte Rae ("Mammy Yokum"); Howard St. John ("Gen. Bullmoose"); William Lanteau ("Available Jones"); Joe E. Marks ("Pappy Yokum"); Julie Newmar ("Stupefyin' Jones"); Stanley Simmonds ("Dr. Rasmussen T. Finsdale"); Carmen Alvarez ("Moonbeam McSwine" / "Wife" / "Dancer); Margaret Baxter, Chad Block, Don Braswell, Marc Breaux ("Romeo Scragg" / "Dr. Schleifitz" / "Crony" / "Dancer); Joan Cherof, Pat Creighton, Grover Dale, Lanier Davis ("President" / "State Department Man"/ "Colonel" / "Secretary" / "Singer); Lillian D'Honau ("Wife" / "Dancer), Bonnie Evans, Joyce Gladmond, Jan Gunnar, Bern Hoffman ("Earthquake McGoon"); Hope Holiday ("Wife" / "Singer"); Maureen Hopkins, Jane House, James Hurst ("Clem Scragg" / "Radio Commentator" / "Singer"), James J. Jeffries, Lucky Kargo; Robert Karl, Barbara Klopfer, Mario Lamm, Ralph Linn, Tina Louise ("Appassionata Von Climax", Richard Maitland ("Government Man" / "Dancer"), Jack Matthew, Robert McClure, Tony Mordente (billed as Anthony Mordente), Reed Morgan, Al Nesor ("Evil Eye Fleagle"), Oran Osburn, Tom Panko, Louise Pearl, Christy Peterson, George Reeder, George Ritner, Anthony Saverino, Jeanette Scovotti, Sharon Shore, Ted Thurston, Aldo Ventura, Rebecca Vorno, Robert Weinsko, Deedee Wood.
  • (1953) Stage: Staged dances / musical numbers for "Can-Can", produced on Broadway. Musical Comedy. Music / lyrics by Cole Porter. Book by / directed by Abe Burrows. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Genevieve Pitot. Additional Orchestrations by Robert Noeltner. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Shubert Theatre: 7 May 1953- 25 Jun 1955 (892 performances). Cast: Lilo, Hans Conried, Peter Cookson, Gwen Verdon, C.K. Alexander, Sheila Arnold, Meredith Baylis, Ralph Beaumont, Socrates Birsky, Michael Cavallaro, Mary Ann Cohan, David Collyer, Joe Cusanelli, Michael De Marco, Shelah Hackett, Ina Hahn, Ferdinand Hilt, Clarence Hoffman, Jean Kraemer, Dania Krupska, Al Lanti, Vera Lee, Phil Leeds, Bert May, Tom Panko, Arthur Partington, Robert Penn, Eddie Phillips, Richard Purdy, Beverly Purvin, Erik Rhodes, Arthur Rubin, Michael Scrittorale, Jon Silo, Beverly Tassoni, David Thomas, Pat Turner, Ruth Vernon, Deedee Wood. Produced by Feuer & Martin.
  • (1950) Stage: Staged dances / musical numbers for "Guys and Dolls", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music / Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Book by Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling. Based on a Story and Characters by Damon Runyon. Musical Director: Irving Actman. Music arranged by George Bassman and Ted Royal. Vocal arrangements / Vocal direction by Herbert Greene. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Assistant Designer to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey and Trew Hocker. Directed by George S. Kaufman. 46th Street Theatre: 24 Nov 1950-26 Nov 1953 (1200). Cast: Robert Alda (as "Sky Masterson"; Broadway debut), Isabel Bigley, Vivian Blaine (as "Miss Adelaide"), Sam Levene (as "Nathan Detroit"), Pat Rooney (as "Arvide Abernathy"), Wana Allison, Forrest Bonshire, Douglas Deane, Geraldine Delaney, Charles Drake, Barbara Ferguson, Tony Gardell, Peter Gennaro, Bern Hoffman, Lee Joyce, Stubby Kaye (as "Nicely-Nicely Johnson"; Broadway debut), Beverly Lawrence, Marcia Maier, Christine Matsios, Paul Migan, Joe Milan, Carl Nicholas, Margery Oldroyd, Mission Band, Netta Packer, Tom Pedi (as "Harry the Horse"), Eddie Phillips, B.S. Pully, Paul Reed, Harry Lee Rogers, Don Russell, Hal Saunders, Bud Schwab, Johnny Silver, Earle Styres, Beverly Tassoni, Merritt Thompson, Ruth Vernon, Onna White (as "Dancer"). Produced by Feuer & Martin. NOTES: (1) On hiatus during much of the summer of 1953. (2) Winner of 5 1951 Tony Awards. (3) Filmed as Guys and Dolls (1955). (4) Won Tony Award for Best Musical. (5) Robert Alda won Tony Award for Best Actor.
  • (1947) Stage: Choreographer for "Finian's Rainbow", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by E.Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. Music by Burton Lane. Lyrics by E.Y. Harburg. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett and Don Walker. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Vocal arrangements by Lyn Murray. Dance arrangements by Trude Rittman. Assistant Vocal arrangements: Ray Charles. Scenic Design / Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Eleanore Goldsmith. Assistant to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey. Directed by Bretaigne Windust. 46th Street Theatre: 10 Jan 1947-2 Oct 1948 (725 performances). Cast: Lucas Aco, Anita Alvarez, Arlene Anderson, Bette Anderson, Robert Billheimer (as "Dancer"), Eddie Bruce, Robert Eric Carlson, Ralph Waldo Cummings, Royal Dano (as "Mr. Shears"), Kenneth Davis (as "Dancer"), Harry Day, Charles Dayton (as "Singer"), Nathaniel Dickerson, Jane Earle, Michael Ellis, Lorenzo Fuller, Cyprionne Gabel (as "Dancer"), Alan Gilbert, William Greaves, Eleanore Gregory (as "Dancer"), Erona Harris (as "Dancer"), Theodore Hines, Ann Hutchinson (as "Dancer"), Mimi Kelly (as "Singer"), Jerry Laws, Ella Logan, Eve Lynn, Norma Jane Marlowe, Dolores Martin (as "Singer"), Tom McElhany, Vera McNichols, Ann Mitten, Lyn Murray, Frank Neal, Roger Orhadieno (as "Dancer"), Eddie Phillips (as "Dancer"), Robert Pitkin, Donald Richards, Elayne Richards, James Flash Riley (as "Dancer"), Louis Sharp, Albert Sharpe (as "Finian McLonergan"), Maude Simmons, (as "4th Sharecropper" / "Singer") Roland Skinner (as "John, the Preacher" / "Singer"), Augustus Smith Jr. (as "Henry"), Kathleen Stanford (as "Dancer"), Helen Stanton (as "Singer"), Arthur Tell, Sonny Terry, Dorothy Tucker (as "Dancer"), Margaret Tynes (as "Singer"), Edythe Udane (as "Dancer"), David Wayne (as "Og"), Gene Wilson (as "Dancer"), Eleanor Winter (as "Singer"), Diane Woods (as "Diane"). Replacement actors: George Charles (as "1st Deputy"), Dorothy Claire (as "Sharon McLonergan"), Charles J. Davis (as "1st Deputy"), Mary Dawson (as "Diane"), James Grimes (as "Other Child" / "Henry"), Sheila Guyse (as "Singer" / "5th Sharecropper"), Regina Jouvin (as "Other Child"), Beryl Kaye (as "Susan Mahoney"), P.J. Kelly (as "Finian McLonergan"), Pearl Lang (as "Susan Mahoney"), Brayton Lewis (as "2nd Deputy" / "2nd Sharecropper" / "Singer"), Marijane Maricle (as "Singer"), Norma Jane Marlowe (as "Jane"), Ian Martin (as "Finian McLonergan"), William McDaniel (as "2nd Geologist" / "Singer"), Coyal McMahan (as "2nd Passion Pilgrim Gospeleer" / "Singer"), Peggy Murray (as "Dancer"), Jack Nagle (as "Dancer"), David Newman (as "Dancer"), Betty Nichols (as "Dancer"), James O'Neill (as "Finian McLonergan"), Albert Popwell (as "Dancer"), Morty Rappe (as "Singer"), Thomas Reider (as "Singer"), Elayne Richards (as "Honey Lou"), William Scully (as "4th Sharecropper" / "Singer"), Maude Simmons (as "3rd Sharecropper"), Larry Stewart (as "1st Sharecropper" / "Singer"), Gene Tobin (as "Singer" / "4th Sharecropper"), Harry Townes (as "Og"), Philip Truex (as "Og"), Onna White (as "Dancer"), Parker Wilson (as "Dancer"), Eleanor Winter (as "Tourist"), Nan Wynn (as "Sharon McLonergan"), Louis Yetter (as "3rd Deputy" / "Dancer" / "Tourist"), Joe Yule (as "Finian McLonergan"). Understudies: George Charles (as "1st Geologist"), Charles J. Davis (as "1st Geologist" / "Og"), James Grimes (as "Henry" / "Honey Lou"), Sheila Guyse (as "5th Sharecropper"), Brayton Lewis (as "Mr. Robust"), Bertha Powell (as "3rd Sharecropper"), Thomas Reider (as "1st Deputy" / "1st Sharecropper" / "2nd Sharecropper" / "Mr. Shears"), Philip Truex (as "Og"). Produced by Lee Sabinson and William R. Katzell. NOTE: Filmed as Finian's Rainbow (1968).
  • (1946) Stage: Appeared (as "Sailor" in "Fancy free") in "Ballet Theatre", produced on Broadway. Special production (revival / production was composed of the following shows: "Interplay", "Pillar of Fire", "Pas de Deux", "Fancy Free"). Broadway Theatre: 30 Sep 1946-9 Nov 1946 (unknown performances). "Interplay": Ballet/dance. Musical Director: Max Goberman. Music by Morton Gould. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Irene Sharaff. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins. Cast: Fernando Alonso (as "Ensemble"), Muriel Bentley (as "Ensemble"), Anna Cheselka (as "Ensemble"), Melissa Hayden (as "Pas de Deux" / "Ensemble"), John Kriza (as "Pas de Deux" / "Ensemble"), Paula Lloyd (as "Ensemble"), Fernand Nault (as "Ensemble"), Tommy Rall (as "Soloist" / "Ensemble"). "Pillar of Fire": Ballet/dance. Musical Director: Max Goberman. Music by Arnold Schoenberg. Scenic Design / Costume Design by Jo Mielziner. Choreographed by Antony Tudor. Cast: Diana Adams (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Fernando Alonso (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Patricia Barker (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Dick Beard (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Lucia Chase (as "Eldest Sister"), Kenneth Davis (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Shirley Eckl (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Barbara Fallis (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Mary Heater (as "Maiden Lady Out Walking"), Stanley Herbert (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Nora Kaye (as "Hagar"), Ruth Ann Koesun (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Hugh Laing (as "The Young Man From The House Opposite"), Paula Lloyd (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Doreen Oswald (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Frances Rainer (as "Maiden Lady Out Walking"), Cynthia Riseley (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Donald Saddler (as "Lover-in-Experience"), Roy Tobias (as "Lover-in-Innocence"), Antony Tudor (as "The Friend"), Norma Vance (as "Youngest Sister"). "Pas de Deux": Ballet/dance. Musical Director: Max Goberman. Music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. Choreographed after Marius Petipa by Anton Dolin. Cast: Alicia Alonso (as "Dancer") [final Broadway role], Igor Youskevitch (as "Dancer"). "Fancy Free": Ballet/dance. Musical Director: Max Goberman. Music by Leonard Bernstein. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Kermit Love. Lighting Design by Peter Lawrence. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins. Cast: Muriel Bentley (as "Passer-by"), Shirley Eckl (as "Passer-by"), John Kriza (as "Sailor"), Paula Lloyd (as "Passer-by"), Tommy Rall (as "Sailor"), Donald Saddler (as "Bartender"). Produced by Lucia Chase and Oliver Smith.
  • (1945) Stage: Danced in the ballet "Interplay," choreographed by Jerome Robbins, on Broadway.
  • (1942) Stage: Directed / danced in the ballet "Billy the Kid" (revival) on Broadway.
  • (1939) Stage: Danced in the ballet "Pocahontas" on Broadway.
  • (1939) Stage: Danced in the original ballet "Billy the Kid" on Broadway.
  • (1942) Stage: Choreographer/dancer for the ballet "On Stage!" on Broadway.
  • (1937) Stage: Dancer in "The Eternal Road" on Broadway.
  • (1993) Stage: Choreographed "The Goodbye Girl" on Broadway. NOTE: He was nominated for a Tony Award.
  • (1950) Stage: Choreographer for "Arms and the Girl" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Morton Gould. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Book by Herbert Fields, Dorothy Fields and Rouben Mamoulian (also director). Based on the play "The Pursuit of Happiness" by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall Langner. Music orchestrated by Morton Gould and Philip J. Lang. 46th Street Theatre: 2 Feb 1950-27 May 1950 (134 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames (as "Capt. Aaron Kirkland"), Howard Andreola, Andy Aprea, Seth Arnold (as "Thad Jennings"), Pearl Bailey (as "Connecticut"), Edmund Balin, Mimi Cabanne, Joseph Caruso, Lulu Belle Clarke, John Conte, Cliff Dunstan, Nanette Fabray (as "Jo Kirkland"), Barbara Ferguson, Paul Fitzpatrick, Peter Gennaro, Annabelle Gold, Georges Guétary, Sterling Hall, Maria Harriton, Eda Heinemann (as "Prudence Kirkland"), Katherine Henning, William Inglis, Robert Josias, Joan Keenan, William J. McCarthy, Barbara McCutcheon, Peter Miceli, Jerry Miller, Patricia Muller, Dan O'Brien, Mary O'Fallon, Frederick Olsson, Arthur Partington, Robert Rippy, Shirley Robbins, Philip Rodd, Patricia Rogers, Helen Stanton, Bettina Thayer, Donald Thrall, William Thunhurst, Arthur Vinton, Norman Weise, Marc West, Onna White (as "Dancer"), Fern Whitney, Lou Yetter, Victor Young. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Produced in association with Anthony Brady Farrell.
  • (1960) Stage: Directed / choreographed / co-produced "Wildcat" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Book by N. Richard Nash. Music by Cy Coleman. Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. Musical Director / Dance arrangements / vocal arrangements by John Morris. Music arranged / orchestrated by Robert Ginzler and Sid Ramin. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Lighting Design by Charles Elson. Hair Design by Ronald De Mann. Alvin Theatre: 16 Dec 1960-3 Jun 1961 (171 performances + 2 preview performances). Cast: Lucille Ball (as "Wildcat Jackson"), Keith Andes (as "Joe Dynamite"), Paula Stewart (as "Jane Jackson"), Ken Ayers, Robert Bakanic, Barbara Beck, Charles Braswell (as "Matt"), Clifford David, Mel Davidson, Howard Fischer, H.F. Green, Lee Green, Penny Ann Green, Valerie Harper (as "Dancer"), Edith King (as "Countess Emily O'Brien"), Lucia Lambert, Al Lanti, Ronald Lee, Jan Leighton, Urylee Leonardos, Bill Linton, Jacqueline Maria, Ray Mason, Wendy Nickerson, Virginia Oswald, Frank Pietri, Bill Richards, Anthony Saverino, John Sharpe, Jeanne Steel, Swen Swenson, Gerald Teijelo, Don Tomkins, Gene Varrone (as "Singer"), Marsha Wagner, Bill Walker. Co-produced N. Richard Nash.
  • (1945) Stage: Appeared (in [Act 2] in "Concert Varieties" on Broadway. Musical/vaudeville. Featuring songs by Harl MacDonald and Patquita Anderson. Musical Director: Pembroke Davenport. [Act 2: Music by Morton Gould. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins] Company Manager: John Tuerk. Ziegfeld Theatre: 1 Jun 1945-28 Jun 1945 (36 performances). [Act 1] Cast: Albert Ammons, William Archibald, Talley Beatty, Sidney Catlett, Nestor Chayres, Imogene Coca, The Katherine Dunham Dancers, Peter Johnson, John Krise, Eddie Mayehoff, Zero Mostel, Janet Reed, Jerome Robbins, Rosario & Antonio, The Salici Puppets, Deems Taylor. [Act 2] Cast: Muriel Bentley, Eric Kristen, John Kriza [Broadway debut], Janet Reed, Jerome Robbins, Bettina Rosay, Roszika Sabo. Produced by Billy Rose.
  • (1948) Stage: Choreographer for "Hold It!" on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Gerald Marks. Lyrics by Samuel Lerner. Book by Matt Brooks and Art Arthur. Vocal arrangements / Music conducted / Orchestra conducted by Clay Warnick. Ballet Arrangements by Irma Jurist. Music orchestrated by Hans Spialek and Ted Royal. Dance Captain: Onna White. Directed by Robert E. Perry. National Theatre: 5 May 1948-12 Jun 1948 (46 performances). Produced by Sammy Lambert.
  • (April 21 to July 8, 1978) He directed the musical, "Pal Joey '78'," at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, California with Lena Horne and Clifton Davis in the cast. Lorenz Hart was lyricist. Richard Rodgers was composer. John O'Hara wrote the book and music.

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