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Veteran stage and screen actor best known for playing the ranting, drunken Father Jack in the Channel 4 television comedy Father Ted

The actor Frank Kelly was best known as Father Jack Hackett, the demented, drunken old cleric bellowing “Drink! Girls! Arse! Feck!” from his armchair in the priests’ house on Craggy Island. But there was far more to Kelly, who has died aged 77. He had been a versatile television and radio star, stage actor, writer, satirist and singer in Ireland for more than 20 years before his breakthrough role in the classic Channel 4 series Father Ted (1995-98), written by Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews.

A gentle, urbane and analytical person, Kelly once told me: “Father Ted is not a lampoon of the church at all. It’s a dysfunctional little family, and it’s a very convenient umbrella to bring these people together under. Ted is a guy who
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Frank Kelly, Father Ted's foul-mouthed priest, dies aged 77

Irish actor had celebrated acting career on stage and screen including much-loved turn as Father Jack in Channel 4 sitcom

Actor Frank Kelly, best known for his role as the foul-mouthed priest Father Jack in the sitcom Father Ted, has died aged 77.

Kelly, who survived bowel cancer in 2011 and underwent treatment for skin cancer in 2014, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease last year.

Rip Frank Kelly. You made us laugh a lot.

Sad news about Frank Kelly. I know Father Ted was the thing everyone knew him for. I worked with him on The Deal and he was such a great guy

Goodbye Frank Kelly, you will be sorely missed. x #Emmerdale

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20 Years On: The Legacy of Father Ted

Tom Jolliffe on the legacy of Father Ted

So 20 years ago this week a sitcom debuted on Channel 4. Set in the fictional Craggy Island this focused on a parochial house of three priests and their house keeper. Father Ted ran for three seasons before the untimely death of Dermot Morgan who played the titular Ted. Though Morgan had apparently decided that three seasons was enough.

When the show first aired it caused a little controversy due to the nature of the show. The depiction of the Catholic church, whilst clearly absurd, was also largely a negative one. Ted is lazy and morally questionable (“that money was just resting in my account.”), then there is Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) who is a blithering idiot. You have Father Jack, a drunkard priest having completely lost his faculties whilst only retaining a disturbing penchant for nudity and unhealthy obsession with young girls (“More water!
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Father Ted at 20: Why its legacy will go on, go on, go on

April 21, 1995 – would that be the day the ice age ended?

Well, no, you can't be that precise about the ice age. But it would be the day that Father Ted debuted on Channel 4.

It's hard to believe, but it's been 20 years since we first met Father Ted Crilly, Father Dougal McGuire, Father Jack Hackett and Mrs Doyle. We came to the Parochial House looking for a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake, and decided to stay longer than Father Stone.

Two decades on, and Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews' sitcom is still as clever, fresh and fecking hilarious as it was back then. And it's not difficult to see why the show about three priests and their housekeeper trapped on Craggy Island has enjoyed such longevity, or to argue why it is the greatest TV comedy ever made.

It has topped countless 'all-time TV comedy' polls in the past,
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Father Ted actor Dermot Morgan "under terrific stress" before death

Father Ted star Dermot Morgan's former colleagues have spoken of the "terrific stress" the actor was under prior to his 1998 death.

Morgan won over audiences with his portrayal of the disaster-prone but well-meaning Father Ted Crilly in Graham Linehan's critically-acclaimed comedy.

However, the actor died suddenly aged 45 in February 1998, shortly after completing the third and final series of the show.

Morgan's co-stars Frank Kelly, Ardal O'Hanlon and Pauline McLynn told documentary Dermot Morgan - Fearless Funnyman of the high levels of stress the actor put himself under in the run-up to his untimely death.

According to Kelly, who played drunken Father Jack Hackett in the sitcom, Morgan "barely passed the medical tests" to film the third series and was "under terrific stress".

"He was never quite satisfied with what he was doing," Kelly said, according to The Mirror.

"The next thing was going to be infinitely better.
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Father Ted DVD Review

The Pope’s funny hat finds itself between Popes at present. It seems a rather an appropriate time to celebrate the three greatest gifts the Catholic Church have given mankind: Father Jack, Father Dougal and Father Ted. This week all three delightful series of Father Ted have been released individually – face-lifted with charming illustrations by renowned cartoonist Tony Millionaire – so that we may relive the magic all over again.

Father Ted is a show I remember fondly so it was gratifying to go back and find it every bit as good as I remembered. For those who have never had the pleasure (for shame!), Father Ted documents the misadventures of three Catholic priests sharing a small parochial house with their housekeeper on a remote outcrop of rock off the west coast of Ireland. Father Ted Crilly (Dermot Morgan), the show’s antihero, is an amiable blunderer. Father Jack Hackett (Frank Kelly
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Father Ted: Series 1-3 DVD Review

Created By: Graham Linegan and Arthur Matthews

Starring: Dermot Morgan, Ardal O’Hanlon, Frank Kelly, Pauline McLynn

Ireland always produces great comedians, writers and artists and there’s probably not been a better or equally more bizarre cult-classic comedy than Father Ted on the Irish shores or, to be truthful, in the UK at all in the late 1990s. For those who don’t know, Father Ted was created by Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews who invented the vividly insane world of Father Ted Crilly. He’s a priest that has been stuck on an Island somewhere off the west coast of Ireland (just past Donegal and past again), in a small parochial house. His days there are shared with the endlessly stupid Father Dougal (Ardal O’Hanlon) and the endlessly aggressive Father Jack (Frank Kelly), the latter who sits sleeping, drinking and shouting – a direct satirical reminder of the later life of Catholic priests.
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Six to watch: TV priests and vicars

With the current success of Father Brown and the past popularity of Rev, priests and vicars may be starting to take centre stage on TV. We pay homage to some of the best small-screen clergy

Traditionally, television has either dressed them up inWith straw hats and used them as the butt of jokes, or portrayed them as hapless victims in Agatha Christie adaptations. But it seems that priests and vicars have begun to take centre stage on the small screen. Following the success of BBC2's comedy Rev, there's currently another sympathetic ordinand on television: Gk Chesterton's prewar detective Father Brown, who has been appearing daily on BBC1 in the afternoons.

Brown is played by Mark Williams (of The Fast Show and Harry Potter fame). He would not have been my immediate idea for the part of Chesterton's squat and gentle character with the odd clothes and large brolly, but
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Frank Kelly announces 'Emmerdale' exit

Frank Kelly announces 'Emmerdale' exit
Emmerdale star Frank Kelly has announced that he is leaving the soap to focus on career opportunities closer to home. The Irish actor landed the role of Dermot Macey on the show last autumn and he has appeared on screen since December. However, speaking to Emmerdale's official website, Kelly confirmed that he will soon be bowing out from the programme. He commented: "I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Emmerdale and working within such a supportive and happy team, but travelling to Leeds each week from my home in Ireland has meant that work opportunities closer to home have proven (more)
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Frank Kelly praises 'Emmerdale' co-stars

Emmerdale's new recruit Frank Kelly has revealed that he is thrilled with the warm reception he has received from the soap's stars in recent weeks. The former Father Ted actor has been cast as Declan Macey's mischievous father Dermot on the Yorkshire soap, making him part of the new Home Farm dynasty alongside Jason Merrells, Corrinne Wicks and Sapphire Elia. Speaking to Digital Spy about Merrells, Kelly explained: "I like him very much - we're already mates! We've just been on the same wavelength from day one, which is great. "And Corrinne Wicks is a lovely girl, really lovely company and very charming. She looks so cool, calm and collected - but she's got a great sense of humour. She always (more)
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Kelly: 'Dales arrival will cause friction'

Kelly: 'Dales arrival will cause friction'
Emmerdale's new arrival Dermot Macey will cause friction amongst his family, according to actor Frank Kelly. Kelly, who is famous for his role as alcoholic priest Father Jack on Irish comedy Father Ted, will appear in Home Farm next week as new owner Declan's estranged father, after an invite from his daughter-in-law Ella and granddaughter Mia. However, the reunion is not anticipated to be a happy one, as Declan and Dermot are due to clash. Speaking to the soap's official website, Kelly said: "I'm (more)
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Frank Kelly discusses 'Emmerdale' role

Frank Kelly discusses 'Emmerdale' role
Former Father Ted star Frank Kelly has opened up over his new role in Emmerdale, admitting that he is glad to have a regular acting job once again. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Irish actor had signed up to play Declan Macey's (Jason Merrells) eccentric dad Dermot on the Yorkshire soap. Speaking to the Irish Independent, Kelly revealed that he has signed a one-year contract but would consider a longer stint with the programme. The 71-year-old explained: "I'd only know if I wanted to stay after the year's up, but it's very well-paid work, and with our economy and the state it's (more)
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Frank Kelly For 'Emmerdale'

  • IFTN
'Emmerdale's infamous country estate will be given a new lease of life this autumn when the glamorous Macey family, with 'Father Ted' actor Frank Kelly at the head, sweep into the village ready to make their mark on Home Farm. Frank will play the park of Dermot Macey, a mischievous eccentric who joins other family members played by Jason Merrells (Cutting It) and fellow newcomers Sapphire Elia (Britannia High) and Corrinne Wicks (Doctors).Frank's character, Dermot Macey, turns up at 'Emmerdale's Home Farm when his houseboat sinks. It will soon become clear to audiences that Dermot has a mischievous streak and a knack for winding his Declan (Jason Merrells) son up the wrong way.
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'Emmerdale' reveals new Home Farm dynasty

'Emmerdale' reveals new Home Farm dynasty
Emmerdale has revealed the new dynasty that will reign at Home Farm when the Wylde family empire crumbles. With Amanda Donohoe (Natasha Wylde), Alice Coulthard (Maisie Wylde) and Lyndon Ogbourne (Nathan Wylde) all exiting the ITV soap, it has been confirmed that Declan Macey, played by Jason Merrells, will take over the estate. However, Declan - who joined the soap in April - will also be joined by his "somewhat dysfunctional" family who "sweep into the village ready to make their mark on Home Farm". Famed for his role as Father Jack in Father Ted, Frank Kelly will play Declan's "eccentric and quick-witted" dad Dermot, who arrives in the village when his houseboat sinks.

Dermot is described as having a "mischievous streak" and the ability to wind his son up the wrong way. Kelly said: "I'm a big fan (more)
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Kelly Denies Cancer Reports

  • WENN
Kelly Denies Cancer Reports
Father Ted actor Frank Kelly has hit back at reports he is battling cancer again, insisting the disease he fought in 2007 has not returned.

British tabloid reports suggested the 70 year old is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat liver cancer.

Kelly has suffered from the disease in the past and underwent an operation to remove a giant tumour from his bowel in 2007.

He was reportedly given the all-clear after the procedure - but new reports suggest the disease spread to his liver last December.

The actor has downplayed the story, insisting he is fit and well, and adding he is only receiving chemotherapy treatment as a preventative measure.

He tells BBC News, "I want it made clear that I don't have cancer any more. I have had cancer of the bowel and something about the size of a mobile was removed.

"They then found a little spot on my liver and that was subsequently removed. But I don't have cancer; I just have to go for treatment for a period until they give the all-clear.

"I'm still working and just this morning I went for a long swim in the sea and then also a speed walk, which I thoroughly enjoyed. So that's how I am at the moment, feeling quite good if not a little tired after all that."

Kelly Battling Cancer Again

  • WENN
Kelly Battling Cancer Again
Father Ted actor Frank Kelly is battling cancer again - just a year after receiving the all-clear from doctors.

The 70 year old, who played Father Jack Hackett in the hit Irish TV series, underwent an operation to remove a giant tumour from his bowel in 2007.

He appeared to have beat the cancer last spring, but medics discovered that the disease had spread to his liver in December.

Kelly underwent another operation and has since been receiving chemotherapy treatment in a Dublin, Ireland hospital every two weeks for two hours.

He tells Britain's Daily Express newspaper, "It's a b**ody nuisance. Unfortunately, you can't tell God what to do.

"I think the doctors got a major fright when they found it because they had said bye-bye to the bowel cancer. Really, it was just the same cancer had got up to my liver. I was very relieved they found it. They took out about the same dimensions as a mobile phone."

And the star may have to undergo chemotherapy treatment for the rest of his life in a bid to fight the cancer.

Kelly adds, "I asked the doctors, 'When are you taking me off this?' and they said, 'We can't give you a deadline.' I said, 'You mean I could be on it for ever?' and they replied, 'Well, yes.'

"I guess they have to give themselves as much leeway as possible. The chemo is a preventative measure. I don't actually have any tumours anywhere."

Father Ted Star Given All Clear

Father Ted Star Given All Clear
Father Ted actor Frank Kelly has been given the all-clear from cancer.

The 69-year-old star, who played Father Jack Hackett in the hit Irish TV series, underwent an operation to remove a giant tumour from his bowel last September.

Kelly admits he pushed himself too hard shortly after the operation - but refused to tell his colleagues he was feeling poorly.

He says, "Early on I did a voiceover in a recording studio with a bright demeanour and dressed up to the nines. I excused myself to go to the loo and passed out there. But nobody knew because I came round again, got myself together and went back and finished the recording."

But there are plenty of well-wishers supporting Kelly in his return to health when he goes swimming in Sandycove, Dublin, Ireland.

He adds, "I was down there a few days ago and, as I wet my body, people nearby gave me a round of applause, hugs, cheers, cries of 'You're back!' It was lovely, a great encouragement."

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