Film Review: ‘Swinging Safari’

Film Review: ‘Swinging Safari’
A cheerfully vulgar, consistently amusing and sometimes hilarious parody of life in a suburban Aussie cul-de-sac in the mid-1970s, “Swinging Safari” might just as easily have been titled “The Ice Storm Goes Berserk Down Under.” This partly autobiographical tale by writer-director Stephan Elliott (“The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”) misfires occasionally but rattles along so quickly audiences never have to wait too long before the next laugh-out-loud moment. With a terrific cast that includes Guy Pearce and Kylie Minogue giving it everything they’ve got, and lovely performances by Atticus Robb and Darcey Wilson as sensitive teenagers observing their parents’ irresponsible behavior, “Safari” should please plenty of viewers and appeal particularly to those in the Baby Boomer and Gen-x demographics when released locally on Jan. 18. International niche exposure is not out of the question.

As he did so winningly in “Priscilla” and 1997’s unfairly overlooked outback comedy “Welcome to Woop Woop,” Elliott celebrates
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9 team-up comics to read before Defenders

James Hunt Aug 11, 2017

Ahead of Marvel's The Defenders arriving on Netflix, here are some comics you may want to check out...

This August, Marvel will finally deliver the team-up its TV fans have been waiting for when Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist come together to battle The Hand in the Marvel/Netflix co-production The Defenders.

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But what if you can’t wait that long? Well, good news: these characters have been teaming up in the comics for years. And whether you want to get a fix ahead of watching the Netflix show or familiarise yourself with who these characters are and what they do,
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The Fantasticast #241 – Marvel Two-in-One #21 – Black Sun Lives

Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland are your guide to Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four. Starting at the very beginning of the Marvel Age of Comics, they cover every issue of The Fantastic Four, every spinoff title (Strange Tales, Marvel Two-In-One, and more), every guest appearance and every cameo, in order of publication…

A Pig In A Tartan Waistcoat

Hello, and welcome to episode 241 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

This week, we’re delving into the realm of never-reprinted* comics with Marvel Two-in-One #21, in which a licensing-defying•• Doc Savage crosses the boundaries between one fictional universe and another, coming golden-face-to-rocky-face with the ever-lovin’ blue-eyed Thing. Bill Mantlo, Ron Wilson and Pablo Marcos push against the boundaries of how to tell a superhero story in 1976. Well, for half an issue at least.

But that’s not all!
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Secret Empire #2 Review

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Let’s face it, Secret Empire is easily the most controversial event comic in years. And this, I think, is the issue that really turns the story upside down.

It really does look as though writer Nick Spencer has been pulling a bait-and-switch all along. There’s a twist at the end of the issue that’s simply breathtaking. Now, I’m not going to spoil it for you, as the twist really is a moment that, I think, will come to define the entire event. In fact, I reckon Secret Empire #2 will force us to reinterpret the last year’s worth of Marvel comics. That’s how big this twist really is.

Overall, this is a fascinating issue, and again, I can see why Nick Spencer claimed to be inspired by Star Wars. The attack
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Oscars: 'The Jungle Book' Wins Academy Award in Visual Effects

Oscars: 'The Jungle Book' Wins Academy Award in Visual Effects
Disney's The Jungle Book won the Academy Award in visual effects on Sunday, topping a field that included two additional high-profile Disney releases: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Doctor Strange, as well as Deepwater Horizon and Kubo and the Two Strings.

The Oscar was the third for veteran VFX supervisor Rob Legato, who also won the category for Hugo and Titanic. It was the first nomination and win for lead VFX house Mpc's VFX supervisor Adam Valdez; the second Oscar for Andrew R. Jones, who previously won an Oscar for Avatar; and it was the first win for Weta Digital's Dan Lemmon, who had...
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How ‘Jungle Book’ Seamlessly Blended CGI and Live Action

How ‘Jungle Book’ Seamlessly Blended CGI and Live Action
The Jungle Book” demanded verisimilitude in its effects, but employed no real animals in photography, unlike “Life of Pi,” which employed its fantasy elements to dramatize the visual effects and a real tiger to cut alongside the digital.

VFX supervisor Rob Legato says despite the minimalistic sets (a small hill or a short walkway), the film was made as — and meant to look like — a live-action film. It was filmed over two years, after six months of prep; “The Jungle Book” team took the success of movies like “Life of Pi” and “Gravity” as proof that the dream was possible.

Technology, improved over half a decade, now better simulates — rather than imitates — real life. “The real weight of things, the turbulence of water — all that is not just animated from scratch,” Legato says. “There’s some mechanics involved. If you move one thing, it affects other things.”

The simulations are really what drive believability; Legato,
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Is This the Big Easter Egg Waiting to Be Discovered in Guardians Of The Galaxy?

I recently received an email from a Gt reader named Matt, pointing out what he thinks is a big undiscovered Easter egg in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Could this be the big Easter egg teased by Gunn? I have no idea, but it looks like that Matt could be on to something. The email came along with the following image:

The image features a screenshot of the hologram body scan of Peter Quill/Star-Lord from the film next to an image of the Marvel character known as Legacy, a.k.a. Genis-Vell, a.k.a. Captain Marvel. As you can see there’s a fascinating resemblance between the two images. I know that this doesn’t really follow the storyline laid out in the comic books, but Marvel Studios and Gunn could be switching some things up for the future storyline for Star-Lord, which could be really interesting.
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Nosferatu Photos Latest Shoot from Horrify Me

Award winning UK horror photography studio resurrects a vintage icon Horrify Me Studio has breathed life into one of the original icons of horror cinema, Nosferatu. Artist and photographer Rick Jones had his sights set on this shoot for quite some time, but never wanted to do it with a rubber bald cap. “I wanted …

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The Entire Mega Man Story Told in 3 Minutes in Animated Video

Here’s a fun animated video that tells us the entire story of Mega Man in only three minutes. The video was created by Rick Jones for Arcade Cloud, and it’s a nice little refresher. This was one of my favorite games to play when I was growing up, and it’s cool to see that it’s still getting the fan love after all these years. The franchise is still going strong, and there’s even a new animated series currently in development that you can learn more about here.
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Voice of Disney's Pinocchio, Actor Dick Jones, Dies

Voice of Disney's Pinocchio, Actor Dick Jones, Dies
The title star's conscience may have been Jiminy Cricket, but his voice in the 1940 Walt Disney animated feature Pinocchio belonged to 10-year-old Dick Jones, who made millions of fellow youngsters cry when his screen character was reunited with his father and then turned into a real boy. Jones, not only the voice of Pinocchio but the veteran of 40 movies before he landed that role, died Monday night after a fall in his San Fernando Valley, California, home, his son, Rick Jones, told the Los Angeles Times. He was 87. Inducted in 2000 as a "Disney Legend" at the studio that produced the beloved movie (which,
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The Ten Best Captain America Artists (Part 1)

Captain America is one of the most famous and important superheroes in the Marvel Universe. He is also the oldest Marvel hero to consistently have his own comic as he was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in 1941. Beginning as a figure of anti-German and Japanese propaganda, Captain America and his civilian identity evolved into a man out of time, and one who was filled with great guilt because of the death of his partner Bucky Barnes. He went from wholeheartedly supporting the United States’ policy to refusing to wear the stars and stripes when the president himself was at the center of a conspiracy to hunt him down and kill him. He has fought and been betrayed by old friends and lovers, but Captain America still act as the moral center of the Marvel Universe, and the hero everyone from Spider-Man to The Punisher and Wolverine look up to and respect.
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Cosplay: Constantine In Tokyo As Marvel's Viper (Madame Hydra)

Viper (Madame Hydra) Cosplayer: Constantine In Tokyo * Photographer: Geri Kramer Photography Photographer: Darshelle Stevens Photographer: Saffels Photography Viper joined the subversive organization Hydra as one of the few female agents it had at that time. Ever ambitious, she quickly navigated her way to the highest ranks. When the Supreme Hydra Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was believed to have died in the destruction of Hydra Island, the organization fragmented. Viper, calling herself Madame Hydra, seized control of the faction operating out of New York City. Her first major operation was the attempted contamination of New York City's water supply, but she was thwarted by Captain America and Rick Jones. In revenge, she launched a series of heat-seeking missiles at Captain America but failed to kill him, seemingly perishing herself. However, one of the alien Space Phantoms unexpectedly intervened, taking on Madame Hydra's physical form and appearance and transporting her into the extra-dimensional Limbo.
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Hunger #4 (Galactus) Review

This is the final issue in the Galactus mini-series, Hunger, where Marvel 616 Galactus enters the Ultimates Universe after the crazy ending of Age of Ultron, and merges with Ultimate Gah-Lak-Tus to create a super-powerful hybrid Galactus – and only Rick Jones and the Silver Surfer can stop him!

On the face of it I thought this series was going to be a lot more fun than it turned out to be. A Galactus mini-series, brilliant! But writer Joshua Hale Fialkov hasn’t done anything different with the character, besides merge the two versions of Galactus into one, which didn’t turn out to be very exciting after all. Instead this is your standard Galactus story – he shows up, tries to eat a planet, heroes fight to stop him.

Rather than focus on Galactus, this series has really been about Rick Jones – whiny, teenage Rick Jones aka Ultimate Captain Marvel. His character is pretty dislikeable,

Hunger #1 (Galactus) Review

Spinning out of the aftermath of Age of Ultron, Galactus has crossed into the Ultimates Universe – and he’s hungry!

I was looking forward to this comic as it’s been a while since I read a Galactus-centred book, so it’s disappointing that even in his own series, he barely shows up. Instead, the bulk of the comic features Rick Jones, a herald of the Watchers (kind of like the Ultimates version of the Silver Surfer), as he tries to get a burger then gets teleported out into space to witness a battle between the Chitauri and the Kree.

If you’re not a fan of Rick Jones (which is almost everyone), you’re unlikely to be swayed by the annoying chatterbox who blathers his way through this mediocre comic, complaining like a twenty-something Bart Simpson to the stoic personality-vacuum of the Watcher. The entire time I was reading

‘Captain Marvel’ with great power, comes great insanity

Captain Marvel vol 4. (#1-25)

Writer: Peter David

Colorist: Chris Sotomayor

Published by Marvel Comics

One day at a shop, a book caught my eye. It’s very rare that I’ll see something and revert to a prepubescent “ewww, shiny” stage but just look at how awesome that damn cover is:

As it turns out Peter David’s short lived run with one of Marvel’s lesser known heroes would be one heck of a quality impulse buy. Captain Marvel, for those who don’t know, was a preposterously powerful extraterrestrial character from the 60′s who featured prominently in the big galaxy wide story arcs but also had his own crappy 62 issue run of mostly forgettable books. The character was criticized for being too generic and lacking much creative thought, for an example his real name is Mar-Vell which is awful because of the obvious reason but also because it
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Trailers and Info on 2012's New Animated Oscar Contenders

Yesterday when I showed you the list of the 21 Animated Feature contenders for the 2013 Oscars there were five films I didn't yet have information on -- Adventures in Zambezia, Delhi Safari, Hey Krishna, The Mystical Laws and Walter & Tandoori's Christmas. Well, I did a little scrounging and have come up with details on all five including trailers for each and only one of them is lacking subtitles. I have included information on all five below along with their trailers and, again, you can check out the full list of contenders here and I will be updating my Best Animation predictions very soon. Adventures in Zambezia Director: Wayne Thornley Voice Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Leonard Nimoy, Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Richard E. Grant, Jeremy Suarez and Jenifer Lewis Synopsis: Frustrated with his isolated upbringing, a young falcon journeys to the bird city of Zambezia, leaving his home and father to make a life for himself.
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Rumor: A Robin To Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Rumor: A Robin To Appear in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’
Christopher Nolan has been quoted saying Batman's sidekick Robin couldn't fit into his trilogy of films. Christian Bale said he would "refuse to go to work" if the character appeared in one of the movies. But a report from a Michigan NBC affiliate might now suggest otherwise. According to reports, location scouts for The Dark Knight Rises were in Grand Ledge, Mi recently and were looking at a water treatment plant to possibly be used as "a hideout for Batman's sidekick Robin." Are the location scouts being misquoted? Could this just be a red herring? Or are they possibly referring to another Robin? Read all the possibilities and quotes after the jump. First of all, thanks to Ain't It Cool News [1] for coming across the report from [2] in Michigan. Here's what the original report said. According to Eaton County and Grand Ledge officials who didn't want to be identified due to confidentiality agreements,
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Specific Detroit Filming Locations For The Dark Knight Rises Revealed?

Thanks to a tip-off from our friends over at Batman-News we have a transcript of comments made in an article from The Michigan Messenger by Michigan State Senator, Rick Jones about a possible new filming location for the next installment of Christopher Nolan's Batman franchise, The Dark Knight Rises A film company is investigating Grand Ledge for filming a new Batman movie. They looked at Fitzgerald Park, The Grand Ledge water treatment plant, and the underground vault area. If filmmakers decide on any of the Grand Ledge locations, it will be the second big budget film to use the Eaton county town west of Lansing. Fitzgerald Park contains rock cliffs known as "The Ledges" by locals. The Grand River runs through the area and carved the feature into the land. "Grand Ledge has already had one movie made there. The remake of 'Red Dawn.' Unfortunately, its release is
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Nick Swardson's Pretend Time takes the mickey out of The Old House, previews

Comedy Central fired over a new clip from the new episode of .Nick Swardson.s Pretend Time.. In the skit featured in this clip, Nick (as Rick Jones) visits his old house . much to the dismay of the couple who now lives there. Watch and laugh as he has a .look around. the house. Tomorrow at 10Pm on Comedy Central On tomorrow.s new episode of .Nick Swardson.s Pretend Time,. Sketches include a couple's role play gone wrong, a man visiting his old house, and a time capsule that never should have been opened. "Nick Swardson's Pretend Time" is a sketch comedy show in which each skit is filtered through the absurd point-of-view of stand-up comedian Nick Swardson. Swardson
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Alice Eve is a Marvel Girl. But What Role Will she Play?

Better question: is this just a lame excuse to post a really hot picture of a really hot actress? Well, yeah, pretty much. But there is some news value to this post, too, like, uh, Alice Eve (the hot girl out of everyone’s league in “She’s Out of My League”) has been signed on to a Marvel contract to play someone in some movie. According to Avengers News, who quotes an unnamed source, Eve recently signed her mysterious deal with Marvel Studios, and may be up for one of these roles: Sharon Carter, Carol Danvers, Enchantress and Shanna. Plus, that Kevin Pennington guy is also up for some roles, too, possibly one of these characters: Daniel Rand (Iron Fist), Rick Jones, Robert Reynolds (Sentry) and Ka-Zar. Yeah, lots of maybes, mights, and howzabouts there. One thing is certain, though: Alice Eve is smoking.
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