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Exclusive: Discover A Diamond In Clip From Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Endless Poetry’

While Alejandro Jodorowsky might be best known for his wilder cinematic visions such as the cult classics “The Holy Mountain” and “El Topo,” when it comes to telling a more personal story, the director’s imagination is just as vivid. Today, we have an exclusive clip from his new film “Endless Poetry,” which highlights the energy found in this autobiographical tale.

Read More: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s biographical ‘Endless Poetry’ [Cannes Review]

Adan Jodorowsky, the director’s son, takes the lead role as his father, with the story set in 1940s Chile where against the wishes of his authoritarian father, Alejandro leaves home to pursue his dream of becoming a poet, and is introduced into the bohemian and artistic inner circle of Santiago where he meets Enrique Lihn, Stella Diaz Varín, Nicanor Parra, all unknown at the time, but who would later become driving forces of twentieth century Hispanic literature.

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‘Endless Poetry’ Review: Alejandro Jodorowsky Mixes Memoir, Metaphor and Mythology

‘Endless Poetry’ Review: Alejandro Jodorowsky Mixes Memoir, Metaphor and Mythology
“I’ll save Surrealism!” is the sort of brash artistic mission statement only uttered by the young, usually in the first flush of self-regard, adult possibility and creative power. And it’s there that we reunite with fledgling poet and future cult filmmaking legend Alejandro Jodorowsky (played by his adult son, Adan Jodorowsky), in the director’s latest look back at his own life, the wonderfully strange “Endless Poetry.” Having explored his lonely childhood in 2013’s “The Dance of Reality,” Jodorowsky has much more to say on the subject of building a life in art. This new chapter involves teenage
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Movie Review: Endless Poetry returns cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky to his favorite subject: himself

More wigs, more mandarin collars, more anachronisms, more phalluses, more Jungian megalomania: The octogenarian, Chilean-born director, comics writer, and guru Alejandro Jodorowsky (The Holy Mountain, El Topo) continues to plumb his early life in Endless Poetry, the sequel to his autobiographical comeback of sorts, The Dance Of Reality. The time is now the early 1940s. The teenage, still virginal Alejandro (Jeremias Herskovits and Adan Jodorowsky, the latter closer to 40) is ready to leave behind his macho father, Jaime (Brontis Jodorowsky), and his long-suffering mother, Sara (Pamela Flores, who sings all of her lines in operatic soprano), to make it as an avant-garde poet in the bohemian circles of Santiago. He is properly outfitted with a futurist collarless jacket—the start of a lifelong love affair, perhaps—and one of those Jean Cocteau or Sergei Eisenstein Bride Of Frankenstein ’dos that attached themselves to the heads of artistic white men ...
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Alejandro Jodorowsky Gets Personal in U.S. Trailers for ‘Endless Poetry’

Best known for his surrealist masterpieces El Topo and The Holy Mountain in the early 1970s, Chilean filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky finally returned to directing a few years ago and now he’s back with another feature this year. Endless Poetry is the second part of a planned five-part series, which we said it “heralds the madcap hippie director as a master of a deeply personal magic-realist genre, effortlessly moving as it is psychologically and artistically rich.”

Now set for a release this July, a pair of trailers have arrived, along with a beautiful poster for the film which depicts Jodorowsky’s time in Chile in the 1940s when he had poetic aspirations. We also said in our review, “Influences of Fellini are particularly present (strong women, performance, the circus) and perhaps Jodorowsky has taken some influence, too, from Almodóvar with his over-the-top characters and an open-minded view on sexuality.” Check out both previews below.
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2 New Trailers For Alejandro Jodorowsky’s ‘Endless Poetry’ Introduces An Artist

A new film from cult director Alejandro Jodorowsky should probably be more of an event, but for whatever reason, his latest effort, “Endless Poetry,” has been flying a bit under the radar. But two new trailers for the visually stirring film should hopefully shine a light back on the picture that first debuted at Cannes last year (read our review).

Starring the filmmaker’s son Adan Jodorowsky, Leandro Taub, Pamela Flores, and Felipe Rios, the film is a personally inspired tale of the director’s coming of age as an artist in 1940s Chile.

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Cannes 2016. Alejandro Jodorowsky's "Endless Poetry"

Deeply personal cinema continues unabated over at the Directors’ Fortnight in Cannes, which three years ago hosted Chilean psychotropic visionary Alejandro Jodorowsky's (El Topo, Holy Mountain) return to the world of film after more than twenty years away. That film was The Dance of Reality, a darkly joyful, surrealist autobiography of the director and his father’s time in the Chilean town of Tocopilla in the 1930s. After a successful and inspiringly creative Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign to secure funding for a follow-up, we now have Endless Poetry, a continuation of the fantastic saga of Jodorowsky himself (played by one of the director’s sons, Adan Jodorowsky) leaving his town for the big city to become a poet in the 1940s.Clearly the second part in what must be an intended trilogy, Endless Poetry is more halting and less expansive than its predecessor, but no less personal, plunging into
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Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2016: #26. Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Endless Poetry

Endless Poetry

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Writer: Alejandro Jodrowsky

Chilean auteur Alejandro Jodorowsky has been incredibly productive since breaking his twenty-three year hiatus in filmmaking with 2013’s The Dance of Reality—he appeared as the subject of a documentary on his failed adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune the same year and has also published a successful comic Showman Killer, about to release its second volume. The energetic director funded his latest project, Endless Poetry, via a Indiegogo campaign, a co-production between Chile, Japan, and France that sees the continuation of the autobiographical elements in The Dance of Reality. Filming commenced in July with cinematographer Christopher Doyle on board.

Cast: Brontis Jodorowsky, Pamela Floris, Adan Jodorowsky

Production Co.: Satori Films, Uplink Co., Le Soleil Films

U.S. Distributor: Rights Available. Tbd (domestic) Tbd (international).

Release Date: With Jodorowsky last appearing in the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes, we’re hoping to
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Directors: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Adam Wingard, Johnnie To & More Line Up New Projects

Alejandro Jodorowsky is gearing up for a sequel to "The Dance Of Reality." The picture is called "Endless Poetry," and finds the filmmaker gathering together Dante Jodorowsky, Adan Jodorowsky, Brontis Jodorowsky, Pamela Flores, and Leandro Taub for the fantastical telling of "Jodorowsky’s teenage years in Santiago, Chile" chronicling "his struggle to overcome family pressure and find his path as an artist and a poet." A crowd-funding campaign for the low-budget movie kicks off later this month. [Variety] Alex De la Iglesia ("Witching & Bitching," "The Last Circus") will next direct the comedy "My Big Night." The story "unspools at a lavish New Year’s Eve TV show, where the frenzied fake bonhomie contrasts with the shoot date – a sweltering mid-August – the participants’ actions and sentiments, and the solitude of the studio’s setting." Filming starts this month. [Variety] "The Guest"...
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2014 Lausanne Underground Film Festival: Official Lineup

It’s lucky 13 — as in 13th annual edition — for Switzerland’s Lausanne Underground Film Festival, an epic celebration of cinematic weirdness, violence, filth and everything else that makes life worth living. The wild debauchery runs October 15-19.

The fest opens on Oct. 15 with the feature film debut by Leah Meyerhoff, I Believe in Unicorns, which tells the story of a troubled teenage girl who runs away with an aggressive older boy.

Other new films include the misanthropic comedy Buzzard by Joel Potrykus; the deep woods psychological thriller Mother Nature by Johan Liedgren; the complex Japanese drama Kept by Maki Mizui; and more.

Luff this year is really stuffed with great retrospectives beginning with a tribute to Beth B, who has been churning out controversial, thought-provoking flicks since the New York No Wave era to know. There will be screenings of her classic films, such as The Offenders and Salvation!, and her latest documentary,
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Marfa Film Festival 2014 : International Festival Thrives in Remote Desert

The Marfa Film Festival has announced its 2014 program. The five-day event (July 2-6) will present 52 films including features, shorts, and music videos in a variety of genres with over 15 countries represented. Musical artists Coco Rosie will perform an original live score to Sergei Parajanov’s 1968 masterpiece, "The Color of Pomegranates." 4th of July festivities include an advance screening of acclaimed French director Michel Gondry’s new film "Mood Indigo." Mff 2014 will also feature an interactive experimental gaming space where visitors will experience cutting-edge virtual reality games designed especially for Mff with a “Space Cowboy” theme. Comedy website Funny or Die will present humorous content and special events.

Founding sponsor Patron will return to elevate the mood with premium tequila spirits. According to festival director Robin Lambaria: “2014 feels like a transformative year for cinema. The films we received really surprised us with so much electric energy, talent, and raw imagination. Selecting our 2014 program seemed more challenging than ever given the sheer abundance of quality and novelty in so much of what today’s filmmakers are exploring.”

Festival highlights will include the world premieres of "Buttercup Bill" (a steamy psycho-sexual romance showcasing the fresh talents of up-and-coming directors Remy Bennett and Émilie Richard-Froozan) and "Book Of Ruth" (the harrowing tale of a young Mexican woman crossing the treacherous Us / Mexican border, directed by Pablo Veliz). Ryan Pierce Williams will present his new feature "X/Y" (America Fererra, Melonie Diaz, Common). Adan Jodorowsky’s new short "The Voice Thief"will make its Texas debut. Music fans will enjoy Florian Habicht’s visually mesmerizing documentary "Pulp: A Film About Life, Death, and Supermarkets." Mff’s 2014 program also includes films addressing controversial social issues including the "Death Penalty," "Juvenile Justice," "The Keystone Xl Pipeline," and the "Challenging Realities" of contemporary Native American life.

The full 2014 lineup can be viewed at :

About the Marfa Film Festival:

Since 2008 the Marfa Film Festival has attracted talented filmmakers, international press, industry professionals, and attendees from around the world to a remote corner of far West Texas. Over 5 days Mff screens a diverse mix of features, shorts, music videos, and experimental works, including a full afternoon schedule followed each evening with outdoor screenings under the stars, plus special happenings and spaces throughout.

Mff’s program celebrates innovation and excellence in film through highly selective curation and fostering a relaxed social space where up-and-coming filmmakers and adventurous cinephiles can mix with film veterans and living legends in a captivatingly scenic, culturally rich environment.
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Iffr unveils shorts lineup

  • ScreenDaily
24 films will compete for three Canon Tiger awards for short films; programme will also include tributes to British film-maker Jodie Mack and Swiss film-maker and artist HannesSchüpbach.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (Iffr) has unveiled the 24 films competing for the Tiger Awards Competition for Short Films.

Shorts include Yael Bartana’s Inferno [pictured] and Adan Jodorowsky’s The Voice Thief. The full programme of Tiger and Spectrum Shorts, with 217 short and mid-length films, will be screened from Jan 23-27 at LantarenVenster.

The programme also includes tributes to British film-maker Jodie Mack, with five of her works presented at the festival, and Swiss film-maker and artist Hannes Schüpbach with three of his works screened during Iffr.

Jan 23-26 will see Iffr and Gonzo (circus) magazine present Mind The Gap Nights, four evenings of unique collaborations between musicians, video artists, film-makers and other image makers.

The full list of titles competing for the three Canon Tiger awards for short films are:
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Etrange 2013: Bykov, Sono And Jodorowsky Awarded In Paris

Paris' much-loved Etrange Festival ended with a bang the other night. Before the closing night screening of Vincenzo Natali's Haunter, awards were given to three films and directors.First among equals was director Yuri Bykov, who took the Canal + Nouveau Genre Award for his crime thriller The Major. Jury members were wowed by Bykov's moral vision, an unflinching look at a police sergeant who becomes an accidental killer. Sono Sion's Why Don't You Play In Hell? took home the Feature Length Audience Award, adding another feather in the cap of this much loved, absolutely psychotic film.Finally, Adan Jodorowsky's The Voice Thief swept both short film categories, winning the Canal + Grand Prix and the Audience Award. The banner above comes from Jodorowsky's film, proving if nothing...

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What to Buy This Week: DVD and Blu-ray releases for November 5th

It’s Monday, so we all know what that means! Yes, it’s time for another rundown of DVDs and Blu-ray’s hitting stores online and offline this week. It’s a jam-packed week, with plenty of movies waiting to take you money, so let us breakdown the new releases and highlight what you should – and shouldn’t – be buying from today, November 5th 2012.

Pick Of The Week

The Best of Family Guy (DVD)

Warning–this hilarious Family Guy collection may contain more irreverent humour, zany flashbacks and outrageous musical moments than you can handle. Inside you’ll find creator Seth MacFarlane’s 10 hand-picked favourite episodes, plus the “Road to the North Pole” double-length holiday episode chosen by you as the top fan-favourite, and all-new bonus content–including the “Seahorse Seashell Party” episode on DVD for the first time ever. You’ve laughed at the rest, now own the best…
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Blu-ray Review: Santa Sangre

Santa Sangre

Stars: Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell, Thelma Tixou, Sabrina Dennison, Adan Jodorowsky, Faviola Elenka Tapia, María de Jesús Aranzabal | Written and Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

I love films, I always have. From an early age I’d watch them and take every detail in and I’d read books on them. The problem with the subject though is that it’s huge. You can watch so many films every year and feel you know an amazing amount then something will come along that totally blows everything out of the water. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a name that I’m sure some will know and some won’t, I’ll admit I didn’t know much about his work if anything, and then I was given the chance to review Santa Sangre. One way to describe this film is an education into the extreme, the surreal and the stunning.
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“25 New Faces” Update: “Our Nixon” At Moma, Kickstarting “F To 7th”, Borscht Commissions, Mayer Erases The Web

I’ve not been posting as regularly recently as much of my focus has been on the redesigned Filmmaker website, which will be launching in the very near future. But, on this quiet Friday afternoon, I thought I’d take the opportunity to provide a few quick updates on the current class of filmmakers in our “25 New Faces,” who are a very productive bunch.

Firstly, New Yorkers should head to MoMA this Sunday, October 28, for The White House Home Movies: Richard Nixon on Super-8, a screening which is part of the 10th MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation. There will be clips from Penny Lane and Brian Frye’s upcoming documentary feature Our Nixon, and Penny and Brian – plus Dwight Chapin, one of the men who shot the Nixon home movies — will be in attendance.

Staying in NYC, Ingrid Jungermann is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for F to 7th,
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Review: Santa Sangre

Santa Sangre

Stars: Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell, Thelma Tixou, Sabrina Dennison, Adan Jodorowsky, Faviola Elenka Tapia, María de Jesús Aranzabal | Written and Directed by Alejandro Jodorowsky

I love films, I always have. From an early age I’d watch them and take every detail in and I’d read books on them. The problem with the subject though is that it’s huge. You can watch so many films every year and feel you know an amazing amount then something will come along that totally blows everything out of the water. Alejandro Jodorowsky is a name that I’m sure some will know and some won’t, I’ll admit I didn’t know much about his work if anything, and then I was given the chance to reviewSanta Sangre. One way to describe this film is an education into the extreme, the surreal and the stunning.

Santa Sangre
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Project of the Day: The Junior Jodorowsky's New 'Dwarves-and-Gold-Dripping-Vaginas' Project

Project of the Day: The Junior Jodorowsky's New 'Dwarves-and-Gold-Dripping-Vaginas' Project
Here's your daily dose of an indie film in progress; at the end of the week, you'll have the chance to vote for your favorite. In the meantime: Is this a movie you’d want to see? Tell us in the comments. "The Voice Thief" Tweetable Logline: Adan Jodorowsky and Asia Argento team up to create a surreal, psychedelic film featuring dwarves and gold-dripping vaginas. Elevator Pitch: The offspring of Alejandro Jodorowsky and Dario Argento are teaming up to make a film in Miami produced by Borscht Corp. Adan Jodorowsky’s film is a surreal odyssey through Miami’s psychedelic underworld featuring characters such as a prostitute dwarf who lives in the shadow of her mother’s corpse and a giant transvestite that drips gold from its vagina. It's being lensed by Cannes vet Alexis Zabe and produced by Lucas Leyva and Jillian Mayer (Filmmaker Magazine's 25 New Faces of Indie.
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Santa Sangre (1989)

Directed By: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Starring: Axel Jodorowsky, Adan Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell, Thelm Tixou, Sabrina Dennison

Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre had been without a Us DVD release since it originally premiered in the early 90s. Since then, the film has remained a bit of enigma to anyone who was unlucky enough to miss it. Made some 10 years after his last film, Santa Sangre marked a return to Mexico and a return to the fabulously surreal world that fans of Jodorowsky had been so familiar with. Now thanks to Severin Films, Santa Sangre has been released on both DVD and Blu-ray with over five hours of exclusive extras.

Santa Sangre is the story of a young circus performer, the crime and passion that shatters his soul and the macabre journey back to the world of his armless mother, deaf-mute lover and murder. It is an odyssey of ecstasy and anguish,
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Blu-ray Review: Santa Sangre

Rating: 5/5

Writers: Alejandro Jodorowsky, Roberto Leoni, Claudio Argento

Director: Alejandro Jodorowsky

Cast: Axel Jodorowsky, Blanca Guerra, Guy Stockwell

The Movie:

For all the bizarre characters, mixed religious iconography, and surreal set pieces, Alejandro’s Jodorowsky’s Santa Sangre, well-deserving of its cult classic status, is his most straightforward work. It’s a human story, a journey into, around, and through manhood and the subversion of coming-of-age by life events both mysterious and profound. At its core is Fenix (the young version played by Adan Jodorowsky and by Axel Jodorowsky in adulthood), the son of a gluttonous strongman/knife-thrower, Orgo (Guy Stockwell), and a trapeze performer/armless-saint-worshiping-cult leader named Concha (Blanca Guerra), who literally becomes part of his own mother and is forced to help her rid the world of the the lust and promiscuity that led to the destruction of their family.

Read more on Blu-ray Review: Santa Sangre
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Santa Sangre - DVD Review

Filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky has few films to his name, but those that bear it have a following. His most recent work to date has finally been released on home video with a great selection of extras. Fenix (Axel Jodorowsky, the director.s son) lives in an asylum and imagines himself closer to the bird which he.s named after as he lives in a tree that.s in his room and only eats raw fish rejecting normal food. We discover how Fenix got into this predicament by a flashback to his youth. The young Fenix (Adan Jodorowsky, the director.s other son) was in his father Orgo.s (Guy Stockwell) circus. Orgo was a womanizer and has his eye on tattooed stripper
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