Sleepy Hollow Finale: Ep Breaks Down Crane's Stunning Deal With the Devil

Sleepy Hollow Finale: Ep Breaks Down Crane's Stunning Deal With the Devil
Warning: The following post contains spoilers from Sleepy Hollow‘s Season 4 finale.

Well, would you look at that: The road to hell really is paved with good intentions.

The Sleepy Hollow season finale on Friday finds Ichabod offering Satan a lien on his soul in exchange for The Philosopher’s Stone, which the Witnesses use to revoke Malcolm Dreyfuss’ immortality long enough to wound him. Then, thanks to a ticked-off Jobe — who doesn’t like hearing that he’d be nothing more than Lara’s babysitter in Dreyfuss’ dystopian future — the demon henchman grabs his former boss and immolates him
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Leverage Movie a Possibility; Series Being Shopped to Other Networks

Leverage Movie a Possibility; Series Being Shopped to Other Networks
Fans of the TNT series Leverage were given some bad news just before Christmas last month, when TNT canceled the series right before its Season 5/series finale, "The Second David Job". Given the abrupt ending of the show, series creator/executive producer Dean Devlin recently revealed that they may make a Leverage movie.

"That would be fun to do. That's definitely a possibility."

He also said the producers are looking for another network home, even though the odds of the series coming back are slim.

"We're going to try to shop it around now and see if there is any other interest elsewhere. Look, it's a long shot but we have a lot of love for the show and the fans have been tremendously supportive. If we can find a way for it to continue we'll pursue."

If Leverage does get a second chance, Dean Devlin said there will be no shortage of story materials.
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Leverage - A Look Back (Top 3 From Each Season)

Leverage is set to return to our television screens on December 12th! Many Grifters (the name given to Leverage fans) have been anticipating this event as we may get answers about the mysterious Damien Moreau. In honor of the show's return, let's look back at three fan favorites from each of the seasons. So, yes, it's a Top Nine List!

Season One

"The Wedding Job" (1.07): When a man takes the fall for a mob boss, his family is promised money in compensation. Sadly, that never came to be and now the team must pose as wedding planners to provide some leverage to the situation. Aside from the fact that this episode introduces us to soon-to-be-favorites McSweeten and Taggart, we also get a glimpse at just how talented Eliot is in the kitchen. I love a man who knows his way around a meal.

Eliot Spencer: Look, hold a knife like this,
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Leverage 1.13. “The Second David Job”.

Previously on Leverage: In the first part of the two-part finale the team sets out to steal one of two original models of Michelangelo’s David. In doing so they’ll ruin the man who ruined Nathan’s life by refusing his son’s cancer treatment. The plan nearly worked before Jim Sterling stepped in. The team escaped using skills learned from one another and fled their separate ways.

Instead of stepping right in on last week’s closing events we open in the museum with…
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