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  • Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • After The Fall (1964). Drama. Written by Arthur Miller. Lighting and Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Directed by Elia Kazan. ANTA Washington Square Theatre: 23 Jan 1964- 29 May 1965 (208 performances). Cast: Ruth Attaway, Stanley Beck, Mariclare Costello, Scott Cunningham, Faye Dunaway, Crystal Field, Lou Frizzell, James Greene, Hal Holbrook, Salome Jens, Virginia Kaye, Zohra Lampert, Barbara Loden, Paul Mann, Ralph Meeker, Jason Robards, Patricia Roe, Harold Scott, Diane Shalet, David J. Stewart, Michael Strong, Jack Waltzer, David Wayne. Produced by City Playhouses, Inc.
  • (1969) Stage Play: A Patriot for Me. Drama. Written by John Osborne. Incidental music by Laurence Rosenthal. Scenic Design by Oliver Smith. Directed by Peter Glenville. Imperial Theatre: 6 Oct 1969- 15 Nov 1969 (49 performances + 6 previews). Cast: Maximilian Schell (as "Alfred Redl"), Salome Jens (as "Countess Sophia Delyanoff"), Dennis King (as "Baron von Epp"), Jered Barclay (as "Ludwig Max von Kupfer"), Peter Bartlett (as "Officer/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Alan Brasington (as "Ferdy/Hofburg Guest"), Warren Burton (as "Officer/Hofburg Guest/Young Man in Cafe/Lady of Fashion"), Madlyn Cates (as "Anna/Hofburg Guest"), Peter Colly (as "Salome/Hofburg Guest"), Mariclare Costello (as "Hilde"), Staats Cotsworth (as "Lt. Col. Ludwig von Mohl"), Noel Craig (as "2d Lt. Victor Jerzabek/Officer/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Keene Curtis (as "Col. Mischa Oblensky"), James Dukas (as "Stanitsin"), Michael Goodwin (as "Lt. Stefan Kovacs/Flunkey"), John Horn (as "Albrecht"), Carl Jessop (as "Marie Antoinette/Officer/Hofburg Guest"), Tom Lee Jones (as "Orthodox Priest/Kupfer's Second Officer/Hofburg Guest/Private/Boy") [Broadway debut], Richard Jordan (as "August Siczynski") [final Broadway role], Marilyn Joseph (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest/Passerby"), John Kramer (as "Adjutant/Hofburg Guest/Private/Little Boy"), Luis Lopez-Cepero (as "Hotel Waiter/Hofburg Guest/Shepherdess"), Christopher Pennock (as "Paul/Flunkey/Little girl"), Stefan Schnabel (as "Gen. Conrad von Hotzendorf"), Hedy Sontag (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Robert Stattel (as "Maximilian von Taussig"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Equestrienne/Hofburg Guest/Passerby/Hotel Head Waiter"), Brian Sturdivant (as "Balkan Chief/Kupfer's Second Officer/Hofburg Guest/Private"), Tom V.V. Tammi (as "Steinbauer"), Billi Vitali (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Inge von Reith (as "Whore/Hofburg Guest"), Bryan Young (as "Waiter at Anna's/Hofburg Guest/Tsarina"), Ed Zimmerman (as "Judge Advocate Jaroslav Kunz"). Understudies: Peter Bartlett (as "Boy/Ferdy/Lady of Fashion/Marie Antoinette"), Warren Burton (as "2d Lt. Victor Jerzabek"), James Dukas (as "Hotel Head Waiter"), John Handy (as "Shepherdess/Tsarina"), Carl Jessop (as "Hotel Waiter/Steinbauer"), Tommy Lee Jones [credited as Tom Lee Jones] (as "Lt. Stefan Kovacs/Paul") [Broadway debut], John Kramer (as "Judge Advocate Jaroslav Kunz/Ludwig Max von Kupfer"), Luis Lopez-Cepero (as "Albrecht/Salome"), Christopher Pennock (as "August Siczynski/Maximilian von Taussig"), Hedy Sontag (as "Countess Sophia Delyanoff, Hilde"), Eugene Stuckmann (as "Baron von Epp/Col. Mischa Oblensky/Gen. Conrad von Hotzendorf/Lt. Col. Ludwig von Mohl"), Brian Sturdivant (as "Adjutant/Stanitsin/Young Man in Cafe") and Ed Zimmerman (as "Alfred Redl"). Produced by David Merrick Arts Foundation. Associate Producer: Samuel Liff.
  • (1971) She acted in Paul Zindel's play, "And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, Massachusetts with Sandy Dennis in the cast.
  • (1960) She acted in Leslie Stevens' play, "The Marriage Go-Round," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Constance Bennett, Edward Mulhare and Gene Blakely in the cast. Warren Enters was director.
  • (January 27 to March 20, 2011) She played alternate for Bette Davis in Dan Gordon's adaptation of Bose Hadleigh's book, "Bette Davis Speaks," at the Indian Wells Theater in Palm Desert, California with Linda Gray (Bette Davis); Kathleen Noone (Bette Davis) and Rolf Saxon (Bose Hadleigh) in the cast. T.J. Castronovo was director. Mike Carazza and Heather Hundley were producers. Frank Montifore was co-producer. William Gilinsky was stage manager. Jeff Rack was set designer. Cary Tyler was sound designer and operator. Gil Trevino was light designer. Ana Castronovo was costume designer. Earl Wilson was Tech Team Leader. Mike Singer was publicity manager. Penni Thompson, Vicky Espin and Helen Machtolf were Box Office. Bill Gray was house manager.

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