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Hammer's "Captain Kronos"

Titan Comics' "Hammer Comics: Captain Kronos" #1, based on the 1974 horror feature, available September 27, 2017, is written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Tom Mandrake, with covers by Mike Perkins and Tom Mandrake:

"...in the depths of Eastern Europe, the legendary vampire hunter, 'Captain Kronos', and his two assistants, 'Grost' and 'Carla', are called to help rid a town of its vampire plague.

"However, beneath the surface of the beleaguered town a malevolent force far more evil and deadly is awakening and it might just be the match of Kronos..."

The R-rated "Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter" (1974) was written and directed by Brian Clemens for Hammer Film Productions, starring Horst Janson, John Carson, Shane Briant and Caroline Munro.

"...debonair supernatural expert 'Captain Kronos' (Janson) and his hunchbacked assistant, 'Grost' (John Cater), meet their match when they encounter a village where vampires have been stealing the vitality of young women, leaving them elderly and decrepit.

"Armed with his sword and formidable deductive reasoning, Kronos begins to solve the macabre mystery, with evidence pointing to the aristocratic 'Lady Durward' (Wanda Ventham) and her family as prime suspects..."

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Horror Channel Strikes Blow With More Hammer Double-Bills!

Voluptuous vampire vixens, undead slaves, cobra-women, grisly murders and creepy aliens. Yes, Hammer heaven continues throughout March as the UK’s number one TV destination for all things horror brings you five more Hammer horror double-bills, which broadcast from Sat March 1st – Sat March 29th from 9.00pm on the Horror Channel!

Sat 1 March @ 21:00 – The Plague Of The Zombies (1966)

Directed by John Gilling, this is Hammer’s sole foray into the Zombie genre and centres on a mad Cornish squire who solves a labour crisis in his tin mines by turning local villagers into voodoo-controlled zombies. Dr. Thompson (Brook Williams) and his daughter Alice (Jacqueline Pearce) soon discover the unpleasant nocturnal habits of the shambling undead slaves, and Sir James Forbes (André Morell) arrives to investigate.

Sat 1 March @ 22:45 – Captain Kronos – Vampire Hunter (1974)

Considered one of the last great Hammer films, this swash-buckling vampire yarn, features a master swordsman, a
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Exclusive! Cinema Retro Attends "Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter" Reunion

  • CinemaRetro
Cinema Retro London correspondent Adrian Smith brings us the inside story of the recent reunion of Captain Kronos cast members.

Brian Clemens, Horst Janon, Caroline Munro, Lois Dane and John Cater . (Photo copyright Matt Gemmell)

The last eighteen months has seen an impressive array of Hammer-related film events here in the UK, most organised by filmmaker and cult-film champion Don Fearney. Saturday, 29 March saw perhaps the most intriguing and popular event so far occur at the Cine Lumiere in London.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter is a long forgotten film which was virtually ignored at the time of its release, even by Hammer themselves. However it has developed a strong following since becoming available on home video and DVD, and many see it as one of the strongest entries in the latter end of the Hammer canon, falling between weaker efforts such as Twins of Evil and The Satanic Rites of Dracula.
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