Big Brother: Marc told off by Big Brother for inappropriate comments

Big Brother's Marc O'Neill has been reprimanded by Big Brother for his behaviour, as he continues to wind up his fellow housemates.

Marc began the day by telling Sam Kay that she has "a fanny like a bag", to which an unhappy Sam responded: "Talking about a baggy fanny is so appropriate, isn't it?"

She then told Marc off for his words, saying: "I think the way you speak is horrendous... I don't even mind the banter when it's between me and you but when you're trying to show off in front of everyone it makes me cringe... you're just disgusting."

After Big Brother gathered the housemates for face to face nominations, Marc was nominated for eviction by Joel Williams, Harry Jackson, Chloe Wilburn, Danny Wisker, Cristian Mjc and Nick Henderson.

Marc didn't react well to Nick nominating him, saying: "Me mate, me idol nominated me. What a wanker.
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Morning Meme: Roseanne Envies Her Gay Siblings' Relationships, Alan Ritchson Suits Up for "Catching Fire," and Where Jonathan Groff is Next Getting Naked

Buzzfeed makes a strong case that the comedy Baby Daddy might be worth watching just for actor Derek Theler.

Not only does the Democrat's platform contain an endorsement of marriage equality, it also includes a trans-inclusive Employment Non Discrimination Act endorsement.

Surprising no one, lawyers for the Aurora shooting assailant James Holmes are requesting more time for a psychological evaluation of their client.

At her concert in St. Petersburg, Madonna encouraged fans to raise their pink bracelets to "show your love and appreciate for the gay community." It's unclear if authorities will seek to charge her for promoting homosexuality, but Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called her a "former whore." Maybe he's more of an Elton John fan?

In an extensive interview with Out, Jonathan Groff talks about being asked by a reporter why he was at the gay march on Washington. “I just told her. I sort of always knew,
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Fugitive caught 'sneaking back into prison'

A Us fugitive was allegedly caught by jail guards as he attempted to sneak back into the prison from which he had just escaped. It is claimed that Harry Jackson, 25, was spotted attempting to return to a penitentiary in the Us state of Georgia laden with 14 packets of cigarettes which he had allegedly stolen from a nearby shop. Sheriff Tommy Gregory alleged that Jackson (more)
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