‘Lock the Doors’ Review (Black Lava)

“Trügerische Sicherheit”

When it comes to splatter and gore, there’s one country that is infamous for it’s underground scene: Germany. I’m guessing that if you’re a cult film fan, you may have sat through a couple. Whether you like them or not, visionaries like Jörg Buttgereit (Nekromantik), Andreas Schnaas (Violent Shit) and Olaf Ittenbach (The Burning Moon) – to name just a few – have not only carved out a macabre living for themselves, but have also marvelled and inspired plenty of filmmakers the world over. From arthouse to shithouse, from Diy to moderately budgeted – there is a vast amount of films from Germany’s bloody and gruesome underground film scene for you to discover. Fast forward to today and it’s a bit more of a scarce landscape. Thankfully, Austrian based label Black Lava Entertainment are one of the distributors giving this often crude art form and
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Second Trailer for Mar Negro is the Bloodiest Thing You’ll See All Month

Some trailers just speak for themselves. The film journalist doesn’t have to waste anyone’s time penning a faux-witty introduction that provides some sort of shallow insight into the clip’s presentation. He or she simply has to sit back, relax, and let the video do it’s thing. Unfortunately for you, I can’t seem to do that. Writer/director Rodrigo Aragao’s “Mar Negro” (aka “Black Sea”) looks insane. The second trailer for the flick comes across like a hellish collaboration between Peter Jackson and Olaf Ittenbach. It’s seriously strange stuff. The story is explained as such: A strange contamination strikes a fisherman’s village. When fish and shellfish become evil creatures that transmit death and destruction, the lonely Albino risks his soul for the love of his life, in a desperate fight for survival. “Mar Negro” is hitting film festivals at the moment, so it
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The Lawless Land Of Direct-To-Video, Micro-Budget 80s/90s Cinema

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The Lawless Land Of Direct-To-Video, Micro-Budget 80s/90s Cinema
With the demise of the drive-in theater rose the behemoth home video industry – and a torch was passed from one era of low-budget directors and producers to a new batch of underfunded fringe filmmakers. These fresh faces had new technology, and a new distribution game… but a similar reckless abandon and rebellious tenacity as their b-movie forefathers.

Fright fans were introduced to a new breed of horror movies - made for tens of thousands of dollars… or thousands of dollars… or a few hundred bucks and a borrowed video camera. Unpaid amateurs / quasi-professionals made up the bulk of most casts and crews - and often, the directors and producers were quite inexperienced themselves.

Join me for a visit to the heyday of the direct-to-video, micro-budget horror movie. We’ll explore this strange new cinema of the 80s and see how it evolved through the ‘90s. (Be sure to adjust tracking for best picture quality.
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The Giallo Returns to London's FrightFest with the Blood-Soaked Short Yellow

The giallo film has been away for way too long. And because of that fact this news makes me happy. So if you're one of those lucky sods who'll be at London's Film4 FrightFest this weekend, you'll have an opportunity to dig on this promising throwback thriller.

From the film's Facebook page: Yellow is the story of a man obsessed with hunting down a vicious serial killer committing a series of gruesome murders across the neon lit city of 1980's Berlin. At its core Yellow is a character study of human frailty and the discovery of dark secrets.

It was directed by UK-based Ryan Haysom, and the FX are from German gore maestro Olaf Ittenbach.

"Film 4 FrightFest are thrilled to be presenting the world premiere of Ryan Haysom's brilliant short Yellow. Fitting perfectly with some of our Italo themed FrightFest 2012 line-up (Tulpa, Paura 3D, Eurocrime!, Berbian Sound Studio, and
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Timeless Teaser And Graham Humphreys Poster For UK Neo-Giallo Yellow

As the saying goes, everything old is new again and fans of classic giallo films are currently enjoying a resurgence of the style in the indie underground. Soon to premiere at the Film4 FrightFest is Ryan Haysom's short film Yellow. Boasting original artwork by UK legend Graham Humphreys and VFX work from Germany's Olaf Ittenbach, the film's teaser is a nicely timeless bit of work. Have a taste below....
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Win A Custom The Burning Moon Poster From Twitch, Intervision, & Borscht Corp!

I've made no secret of my love for the infernal delight that is Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon, and now you can own a very limited custom print of this poster. This glow-in-the-dark, screen printed poster was specially designed for a screening in Miami, but you can win one just by sending me an e-mail.  There are only 100 of these posters, and only a very few left for sale, but you won't have to pay a dime if you win.  Here's what Borscht Corp has to say about their creation: Limited edition poster for legendary horror film "The Burning Moon." Illustration by Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit; Vice). 18"x24" screen print. Glows in the dark. Hand numbered. Only 100 exist. Less than 20 remain in...
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Review: The Burning Moon (DVD)

Up front, I will say that I am not a gore hound. I do not enjoy watching people get killed just for the fun of it. Preferably there is some kind of plot to get wrapped up in and characters that I am invested in. Then, if the film tends to be violent, I am more apt to accept what is happening to them as more than just gore for gore’s sake.

In all fairness, I did know what I was in for watching The Burning Moon, but the film’s reputation of being one of the most shocking and disgusting movies had me curious.

Olaf Ittenbach stars as a drug addicted punk who has a penchant for street fighting. One night he is asked by his parents to baby sit his younger sister and after getting high, he stumbles into her bedroom to tell her two bedtime stories
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Motion Picture Purgatory: The Burning Moon

Ah, Thursday! The day Trembles sends over his Motion Picture Purgatory reviews is always filled with mystery. What will he come up with next? Well, this week it's German gorehound director Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon from 1997.


Tales about an escaped serial killer preying on a family and a bloodthirsty priest's rampage of rape and murder probably aren't the kind of bedtime stories you'd tell a child, but then you're not German horror auteur Olaf Ittenbach. Banned for years in its native country, this Teutonic terror opus finds a junkie (played by Ittenbach) "entertaining" his little sister with these shock- and gore-filled episodes. Beate Neumeyer, Rudolf Hoss also star. In German with English subtitles.

One small step for man, one giant leap for malevolence!

Discuss Motion Picture Purgatory in the comments section below!
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New On DVD: The Burning Moon (1997)

Do you like disemboweling? Do you like people being forced to eat their friend’s eyeballs? I knew you did. And because you have such discerning, gore-soaked taste, you’ll probably want to hurry out and pick up a copy of Olaf Ittenbach’s German blood-fest “The Burning Moon”. Seriously, there’s something horribly, and delightfully wrong with this dude. The film is a bit of a mythic figure, circulating on bootleg VHS tapes traded in seedy back rooms by an underground network of hardcore horror fanatics. At least that’s the way I imagine it going down. Given the cinematic mayhem that is now available on DVD, that would be an appropriately sketchy scenario. Shot on video, and I mean grainy, crappy, cable-access-looking video, “The Burning Moon” looks terrible. Right out of the gate the acting is, well, lets just say it matches the picture quality. But neither of
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DVD Review: The Burning Moon - Believe The Hype

Among well-heeled gorehounds, Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon is something of a talisman, a badge of honor for those who've seen it and lived to tell the tale. The film is notorious among horror fans and in the ever-percolating VHS collector underground. Ittenbach shot this, his second feature, on video back in the early '90s, somewhat late in the Sov generation. The Burning Moon was even a bit of a mystical thing back in the day, as I remember reading about this film that would break your soul back in 1997 when I was a budding film freak in high school. The Burning Moon hasn't been readily available in the Us since its initial VHS release. There was an import German DVD, but it was...
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New Column – The Week In Horror Feb.21st, 2012 With Introduction

Welcome faithful Icons readers and supporters! Rob G here. To those have been with us since the beginning when we launched back in April of 2004, Thank you for still being here! And for those newbies just stopping by and skimming around through the oddness that is Icons Of Fright, cheers and welcome!

Our goal from the beginning with Icons was always a simple one. Deliver extensive informative and educational interviews with various genre professionals, while simultaneously being advocates for all things horror and helping to bridge the gap between those professionals in the industry and us, the fans. We ourselves have always been huge fans of the genre. Every one of us has a story of how pivitol the horror genre has been to our upbringing and we love nothing more than meeting friends, readers and filmmakers at the many conventions that take place across the country every single year.
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Attention Splatter Fans! Olaf Ittenbach's 'The Burning Moon' Hits DVD

Happy Valentine's Day, splatter fans. It is on February 14th that Intervision Picture Corps and Severin Films will be releasing Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon on DVD. This 1990s shot-on-vhs video nasty was banned for it's over-the-top carnage, the likes of which haven't been seen on screen since H.G. Lewis. More details on the special edition DVD, along with some Nsfw stills, are after the jump. From the press release: "In 1992, writer/director/special effects master Olaf Ittenbach changed the face of video horror, force-fed its ripped-out eyeballs to screaming audiences, then used a drill, machete and shotgun on its still-twitching torso: Ittenbach himself stars as a degenerate junkie who babysits...
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The Burning Moon Brings A Valentine's Day Massacre To DVD From Intervision!

Coming Valentine's Day 2012 is one of the most notorious Sov horror films of all, Olaf Ittenbach's The Burning Moon.  This nasty film is among the most vile, hateful, and angry of all horror films and has been a hot item ever since it was first released on VHS back in 1997. Ittenbach rode the German gore wave created by auteurs like Jorg Buttegereit to new heights in creating this demented, over the top, pile of filth.  Intervision Picture Corp are releasing this film next year with a newly unearthed behind the scenes featurette, check out more details below:The Burning Moon Gets DVD Release From Intervision Picture Corp On February 14th, 2012"Unspeakable Carnage... This is the most medically accurate depiction of gore and human violence...
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Burning Moon Ready to Stain the World Red

Fans of German splatter king Olaf Ittenbach can finally rejoice as his ultra-violent 1997 flick The Burning Moon is finally making its way to home video. Mop and a plastic tarp not included.

Look for it on February 14th, 2012.

From the Press Release

Intervision Picture Corp is pleased to announce the Special Edition DVD release of Olaf Ittenbach’s shocking gorefest The Burning Moon. Described by Vice Magazine as “unspeakable carnage,” the last word in splatter-soaked, German nihilism was shot on glorious VHS in the 90s and will be packaged for the first time with a rare, recently unearthed 45-minute bonus making-of documentary.

“When the Germans make a horror movie,” says Mr. Beaks of Ain’t It Cool News, “They Make A F%*#Ing Horror Movie!” In 1992 writer/director/special effects master Olaf Ittenbach changed the face of video horror, force-fed its ripped-out eyeballs to screaming audiences, then used a drill,
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Olaf Ittenbach's Burning Moon is Coming to DVD

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Intervision Picture Corp. is prepping the Special Edition DVD release of Olaf Ittenbach's gorefest The Burning Moon - splatter-soaked, German nihilism shot on VHS in the' 90s and packaged, for the first time with a rare, recently unearthed, 45 minute bonus making-of documentary.

In 1992, writer/director/special effects master Olaf Ittenbach changed the face of video horror, force-fed its ripped-out eyeballs to screaming audiences, then used a drill, machete and shotgun on its still-twitching torso: Ittenbach himself stars as a degenerate junkie who babysits his young sister with two bedtime stories of the damned. 

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Blood Soaked Trailer for Marc Rohnstock’s German Splatter Opus Necronos

I seems like only yesterday (read: 6 days ago) that I posted a plethora of images from writer/director Marc Rohnstock’s upcoming German splatter epic “Necronos: Tower of Doom” here at Beyond Hollywood. Nipping at the shredded heels of that little promotional maneuver comes the “censored” trailer for the aforementioned horror outing, a clip that promises the follow elements: splatter, gore, fantasy, horror, blood, and nudity. From the looks of things, the filmmakers have delivered the goods. Timo Rose and Olaf Ittenbach should be extremely proud. I’m a pretty sick and twisted individual, so, naturally, I’m excited to see it. In case you missed it the first time, here’s the synopsis: Necronos, one of the mightiest minions of the devil himself has come to earth to create an invincible army of the undead under leadership of barbaric demons, called Berzerkers. To achieve his goal Necronos needs
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Olaf Ittenbach's Splatter Classic 'The Burning Moon' on DVD

Olaf Ittenbach's Splatter Classic 'The Burning Moon' on DVD
Trust me, this news is exciting. Olaf Ittenbach's 1992 shot-on-video splatterfest The Burning Moon will be making its way onto DVD this fall courtesy of Intervision Picture Corp. All the convincing you need is below in the Nsfw The Burning Moon trailer. Check it out.   More on Intervision Picture Corp. and their slate of shot-on-video wonders making their way to DVD at their official site.
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Dead by Dawn 2011: The Last Employee movie review

Year: 2010

Directors: Alexander Adolph

Writers: Alexander Adolph

IMDb: link

Trailer: link

Review by: Projectcyclops

Rating: 8 out of 10

The Last Employee is a supernatural horror film for anyone who.s had to stay late at the office and contend with creepy corridors, motion sensor lighting and the long walk to the underground car park. It concerns an unemployed lawyer called David Böttcher (Christian Berkel . you might recognize him as the barman from Ingourious Basterds), a family man who, due to health problems made unclear, has spent three years receiving medical treatment and has finally found himself a new job. During the interview it.s explained by his new boss that an underperforming company is to be dismantled and it.s David.s duty to inform the employees that all fired and to start the inventory of the office supplies and accounts. Not a job anyone would ask for certainly,
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Reminder: 10% Off Rare Gore Flicks From Obscurity Video

Don't forget Obscurity Video is still offering 10% off its already cheap horror/exploitation DVD prices. The official Horror Yearbook approved distributer sells gore, horror, mixtapes, and mondo flicks that do not have region 1 releases for only $4! Titles include: Gore movies by Olaf Ittenbach, the unoffical Guinea Pig movie Lucky Sky Diamond, rare horror movies such as Angst, Black Devil Doll From Hell, Nightmare in a Damaged Brain and Pinku flicks like White Rose Campus, Then Everybody Gets Raped, and the Brutal Hopelessness of Love.
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Sodium, Hell & Twilight Posters!

Posters, posters, posters. You want them, we got them! First up we’ve got the final poster for Sodium Babies, the badass-looking vampire movie we first told you about a few days back. Then we have the new opus from Legion of the Dead director and German effects maestro, Olaf Ittenbach, Legend of Hell. Very little info out there about that one, but we’ll let you know if we find more!

Finally, Cinematical got their hands on the final poster for Twilight, which as all you weepy vampire movie freaks will know hits theaters November 21st. Click on the teaser image to see the whole thing!

- Johnny Butane

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