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My Love Is Not Your Love: Two Documentaries Misunderstand Whitney Houston's Magic

“It’s about more than the music.” This is what one of the talking heads in Kevin Macdonald’s Whitney insists—that the story of legendary pop vocalist Whitney Houston is about more than her music. Houston’s grisly descent into drugs and addiction certainly has a steeper dramatic arc than the rise-rise, slow fade-and-fall trajectory of her celebrated voice, which was severely damaged by the time she was found face down in a hotel bathtub at the age of 48 in February of 2012.Except, the music is a big part of Houston’s story. Daughter of soul singer Cissy Houston, cousin of Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick, goddaughter to Darlene Love and unofficial niece to Aretha ‘Auntie Ree’ Franklin, she was born into family of singers. An instantly recognisable mezzo-soprano with a powerful, clean, goosebump-inducing belt, her emotional range could reach celestial highs, buoyed by her trademark melismas and stemming
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Rob Reiner: His best films to date

For about 35 years now, Rob Reiner has been a director. For the first decade and a half, he was among the best in the business. Recently? Not so much. That being said, we’re focusing on the good today. Since he’s releasing a new film in the next few days, it feels apt to look at his best work. So, that’s what I’m doing. A full ranking of all of his movies is on the way, with special attention paid to his top features. I would argue that half of his output is good to very good, with five or six legitimately great works on his resume. This week, Reiner puts out his 20th feature, this time another political offering. It’s Shock and Awe, his treatise on the lies of the Bush Administration, namely in terms of going to war with Iraq. As per IMDb:
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Whitney Review

  • HeyUGuys
You wait for one Whitney Houston film and then, in the space of 12 months, two follow hot on the heels of one another. Having been pipped to the post by Nick Broomfield’s Whitney: Why Can’t I Be Me, prolific Scot Kevin MacDonald now weighs in with Whitney.

Leading off with the positive notes of her apotheosis rather the ignominy of her end, his work is neither hagiography nor hatchet job. Intentions persist to tell the story as the main players saw it. And what main players are procured. Unlike Broomfield’s doc, which might just shade Whitney in terms of overall execution, a real coup is secured in the form of testimonials from Bobby Brown (ex-husband), as well as other members of her family aside from her mother, Cissy, and one of her brothers, Gary.

What arises is something of a contradictory account of the wiles and whims of the star.
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Trailer for Rob Reiner's Investigative Journalism Film 'Shock and Awe'

"How real is the chatter about Iraq?" "Very." Vertical Entertainment has released the first official trailer for Rob Reiner's new film, an investigative journalism thriller titled Shock and Awe. The film is based on the true events of Knight Ridder journalists who were the only ones who "got it right" in the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq War. They were the only ones skeptical skeptical of President Bush's claim that Iraq's Saddam Hussein has "weapons of mass destruction." James Marsden stars as Warren Strobel, and Woody Harrelson as Jonathan Landay, with a cast including Jessica Biel, Milla Jovovich, Tommy Lee Jones, Rob Reiner himself, and Richard Schiff. This looks like another strong film about the power and importance of good journalism. And you know, I am happier seeing films about journalism instead of more films about the war. Here's the first official trailer for Rob Reiner's Shock and Awe, direct
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Woody Harrelson and James Marsden star in trailer for Iraq War drama Shock and Awe

Ahead of its arrival on DirecTV next month, a trailer has been released for director Rob Reiner’s Iraq war drama Shock and Awe starring Woody Harrelson, James Marsden, Jessica Biel, Tommy Lee Jones, and Milla Jovovich.

Shock and Awe is based on the true events of Knight Ridder journalists who were the only ones who “got it right” in the lead-up to the 2003 Iraq War when they questioned the true nature of the Bush administration’s claims that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction, which was used as justification for the conflict.

Take a look at the trailer here…

Shock and Awe is set to arrive on DirecTV on June 14th, followed by a theatrical release on July 13th.

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Woody Harrelson & James Marsden expose harsh truths in Shock and Awe trailer

  • JoBlo
The year was 2002, when Dick Cheney remarked to the world that “Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” As the 46th Vice President of the United States shared these doom-stricken words, panic settled into the bones of politicians, journalists, and a frightened public, who were left with little choice but to fear... Read More...
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‘Shock And Awe’ Trailer: Rob Reiner’s Thriller About Journalists Vs. The Government’s Iraq War Justification

“Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction.” It was 2002, and Dick Cheney had just delivered that chilling line to the world. As politicians, civilians and journalists digested its broad implications, a team of reporters at Knight Ridder were told to “see if we can nail them down.” This is their story. Here is the first trailer for Shock and Awe, director Rob Reiner’s politically charged film starring Woody Harrelson and James…
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Cannes Film Review: ‘Whitney’

Cannes Film Review: ‘Whitney’
“Whitney” is the second documentary about the life and death of Whitney Houston to come along in a year, and it’s also the second one that’s entrancingly well-done. Here’s the thing about Whitney Houston: She was so incandescent that if you sat through nine documentaries about her, you’d probably experience, each time, what I did during the early scenes of “Whitney” — the hope that somehow, this time, the beautiful enraptured young singer in front of you will find a way to defeat her demons, that they won’t drag her down, that the story will turn out different.

Because surely, it’s one of the most tragic — and, its way, inexplicable — downfalls in the history of American show business. Cocaine addiction, of course, is an insidious monster, but Houston, even after rehab, kept returning to it, as if she wanted to destroy herself. To see her life story is always,
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Tom Brokaw Accused of Sexual Harassment By Former NBC Anchor (Exclusive Video)

Linda Vester had a reputation for covering tough stories. As a war correspondent for NBC News in the ’90s, she spent three tours of duty in the Middle East and took two assignments in Africa.

But as it turned out, her biggest battle at work wasn’t in the field. She says it was as a victim of sexual harassment by Tom Brokaw, the legendary newsman who manned the anchor desk for “NBC Nightly News” for 22 years and hosted “Today” and “Meet the Press.”

In a series of interviews with Variety conducted over several months, Vester alleged that Brokaw physically
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Backstabbing for Beginners | Review

The Oil and the Pussycat: Fly’s English Debut Sinks to the Bottom

Danish director Per Fly makes his English language debut with Backstabbing for Beginners, a Us/Canadian/Danish co-production based on the memoirs of Michael Soussan and featuring a handsome, if sometimes ill-fitting international cast attempting to convey something more important than what transpires here. Before diving in, it might help to have a comprehensive, or at least working knowledge of certain historical instances involving the corruption of government, the United Nations, and the Oil-for-Food program in Iraq, which blossomed in the late 1990s following the defeat of Saddam Hussein in…
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'Backstabbing for Beginners': Film Review

'Backstabbing for Beginners': Film Review
Backstabbing for Beginners is ostensibly a thriller about the corruption and intrigue surrounding the Saddam Hussein-era "Oil for Food" program sponsored by the United Nations. But the most thrilling aspect of director Per Fly's film is watching the interactions between co-stars Theo James and Ben Kingsley. Even as James sucks all the energy out of the room with his inert performance, Kingsley creates oxygen with his dynamic, wildly entertaining turn. Hearing the veteran performer find endlessly different ways to spew F-bombs makes you wonder why he's never been in a Quentin Tarantino movie.

Based on the memoir by Michael Soussan,...
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British Soldier Adnan Sarwar Heads Back To Iraq For BBC Two Documentary

Former British soldier Adnan Sarwar is heading back to Iraq fifteen years after the start of the Iraq war for a two-hour documentary for BBC Two. The broadcaster has commissioned UK and U.S. producer October Films to make Return To Iraq (w/t). Sarwar will explore how the country has changed since he served in the army as a 24-year old. He will discuss how his life changed following an ambush after seeing how driving Saddam Hussein from power led to more violence in the…
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'Shock and Awe': Film Review | Dubai 2017

'Shock and Awe': Film Review | Dubai 2017
The reporting team at Knight Ridder Newspapers has been called "the only ones who got it right" about Saddam Hussein's non-existent weapons of mass destruction that sparked the 2003 Iraq war. Based on a true story, Rob Reiner's Shock and Awe gives much-deserved credit to their far-sighted (if generally unheeded) news coverage, but the message tends to melt into a paint-by-numbers screenplay that pushes too many genre buttons to be thoroughly exciting. All the President's Men is the most obvious reference and, if imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Alan J. Pakula must be blushing.

The movie ...
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‘The Problem with Apu’: Hari Kondabolu Doesn’t Want to Punish ‘The Simpsons,’ but He’s Looking for a Shift in the System

‘The Problem with Apu’: Hari Kondabolu Doesn’t Want to Punish ‘The Simpsons,’ but He’s Looking for a Shift in the System
For a movie meant to start conversations, “The Problem with Apu” follows its own advice and includes plenty of its own. In his search for answers about the origins, impact, and continued inclusion of “The Simpsons” character Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Hari Kondabolu gives over much of the runtime of his new truTV documentary to his talks with South Asian performers and professionals about how Apu has affected not just their careers, but their lives.

Kondabolu’s film argues that as a character, Apu isn’t just a vehicle for promoting misguided and harmful stereotypes about South Asian people. For him, it’s a symptom of a system that never had anyone at the table to explain why the Kwik-e-Mart owner might be a caricature that would fundamentally shape understanding of the South Asian-American experience for everyone from playground bullies to well-intentioned businessmen.

This need for an honest evaluation of what Apu might represent,
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How NCIS Star Sean Murray Celebrates His Dad, a Retired Navy Captain, on Veterans Day

How NCIS Star Sean Murray Celebrates His Dad, a Retired Navy Captain, on Veterans Day
Sean Murray has played Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee on NCIS for 15 years, but his connection to the Navy runs even deeper than its involvement in his career. The actor’s dad Craig spent 30 years as a naval officer.

“I remember during the Gulf War, my father’s ship had just finished a deployment in in the Gulf and was on its way back when the war started in Kuwait,” Murray, 39, tells People. “They turned around and went back to the Gulf. I have this memory of being at home and watching Saddam Hussein on the television. He was saying
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Antonio Banderas as Pablo Picasso, Pretty Spot-On!!!

  • TMZ
Antonio Banderas is long gone from his guitar case-carrying, gun-slinging days but he's still a badass ... painter. Antonio is here wearing a toupée as he portrays Pablo Picasso for the second season of "Genius" on National Geographic. It's pretty damn spot on ... right? Antonio's in Sitges, Catalonia -- south of Barcelona -- shooting the series. Talk about commitment to the role ... Antonio also shaved his head for the role. He's known for nailing the appearance.
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'The Long Road Home': TV Review

Fourteen years after President George W. Bush ordered the first bombs on Saddam Hussein's Iraq as part of that country's invasion, the general consensus is that that ongoing conflict should never have been started and that Bush's stated goal of "regime change" was an arrogant, blood-soaked folly. Set in 2004, NatGeo's The Long Road Home gives voice to an early version of the protest against the war when the mother of a deploying soldier asks his superior why the military has invaded Iraq if the perpetrators of 9/11 are suspected to be in Afghanistan.

Based on ABC correspondent Martha Raddatz's...
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Morgan Freeman to star as Colin Powell in the biopic Powell

Adam McKay won’t be the only one to tackle the biopic of a U.S. politician, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Morgan Freeman will be starring as former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in the biopic Powell from director Reginald Hudlin.

The script was written by Ed Whitworth and will follow Powell during his time as former U.S. President George W. Bush’s presidency. Powell has an infamous role in the U.S.’ decision to invade Iraq in 2003 by making a presentation to the United Nations that Saddam Hussein was in possession of weapons of mass destruction, an assertion he at first denied and were later proven false. Powell will follow the lead-up to Powell’s Un presentation.

Freeman will also executive produce the film with Hyde Park Entertainment’s Ashok Amritraj and Addison Mehr and Revelations Entertainment’s Kelly Mendelsohn. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry
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Morgan Freeman to star as Colin Powell in new biopic

Nick Harley Oct 19, 2017

Powell will detail the former Secretary of State's time in the George W. Bush White House.

Morgan Freeman has always been a stately presence, and now he’ll take that persona to the logical next step by portraying former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell in a biopic.

Freeman will star in Powell by director Reginald Hudlin, who’s coming off the heels of his Thurgood Marshall biopic, Marshall. The script was written by Ed Whitwort and has remained on the best unproduced screenplay Black List since 2011. The film is set during Powell’s time in the White House serving as Secretary of State under President George W. Bush.

A respected Army general and the first African-American Secretary of State, Powell became a controversial figure after making a case for the war in Iraq to the United Nations Security Council. Powell initially opposed U.S. involvement in the Middle East,
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Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Biopic

Morgan Freeman to Play Colin Powell in Biopic
Morgan Freeman will star as Colin Powell in an independent biopic about the former U.S. Secretary of State.

The film will focus on Powell’s 2003 speech to the United Nations to seek support for the Bush administration’s plan to forcibly remove Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, based on intelligence — later discredited — that Iraq was developing nuclear weapons. Powell later described the event as a low point in his career.

Reginald Hudlin is attached to direct “Powell” with Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment and Freeman’s Revelations Entertainment as the production companies. Producers are Amritraj and Lori McCreary, Freeman’s partner at Revelations.

Hudlin will direct from a script by Ed Whitworth, which was on the 2011 Black List. The project will focus on Powell’s tenure as the 65th United States Secretary of State, serving under President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2005. He was the first African American to serve in that position.

Executive producers
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