'Temporal Powers': Off-Broadway play mines misery of life

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"Temporal Powers" is an excellent play, beautifully acted and directed. When it was over, I wanted to lock myself in a dark room with a full bottle and contemplate the futility of love and life.

But that would only be when the depression lifted.

As they say in Ireland, it is a grand play, and this is as Irish as it gets. Written by the not-well-enough-known Teresa Deevy (1894-1963), this was first staged at Dublin's Abbey Theatre in 1932.

Now it's at the Mint Theater, one of off-Broadway's powerhouses. Steps from the Broadway theaters, the Mint is a world away because it is on the third floor of an old building. Here, a soft Irish fiddle is piped in as the lights go up on the set. The set is the same for the three acts.

It's the inside of a ruin, which is nothing but stone and exposed brick, the
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