To Flirt or Not to Flirt

Everyone flirts differently. That's the first thing you need to know if you choose the action "to flirt," whether in an audition scene or a performance. Consider the ways different actors flirt, says Los Angeles acting coach Scott Sedita, one of my go-to people for commonsense advice about acting.George Clooney has a confident, ironic flirt, with a glint in the eye. Kim Cattrall's flirt is sexually charged. Justin Long's is shy; Michael Cera's is awkward and self-effacing, like Woody Allen's. Angelina Jolie's is seductive. You can flirt coyly, teasingly, comically, innocently, any which way. I've noticed that some people appear to be flirting simply by lowering their voice and speaking in hushed, confiding tones.Ultimately, though, you must flirt in your own personal, honest way within the circumstances of the script and with the qualities of the character you're playing. Hopefully, what comes out
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Oct 31st: All routes lead to Ncpa, courtesy, International Animation Day

International Animation Day celebrations are back with a bang! Organized by Asifa India, the India leg of International Animation Day (Iad) is scheduled for 31st October at Ncpa in Mumbai. Apart from Mumbai, the organizers have planned to take the festival to other cities as well including Hyderabad, Pune, Bengaluru and Indore. Speaking to Bollywood Hungama, Saraswati Balgam, President, Asifa India, shared, "This year, we have some really interesting sessions lined up along with a power packed set of speakers, master classes, creative activities with a lot fun and frolic filled in it," To brief about some of the session, the list include: 'Creating an effective story and how to pitch it by Max Howard'; 'Acting for animators by Ed Hooks'; 'Making of Alpha and Omega by Crest Animation' and 'Shelley's Eye Candy', amongst several other interesting sessions. "In addition to the sessions, we would also have interactive acting and drawing sessions,
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You Can't Fake It

When I saw "Crazy Heart" recently, I was knocked out not only by Jeff Bridges' incredibly authentic performance but also by Robert Duvall in a much smaller role. There's not a moment in the film in which Duvall is anything less than utterly truthful, which is always the case with him.So I was amused when I called actor, teacher, and Sanford Meisner disciple Jim Jarrett to discuss what truthful acting really means, and he told me a funny story related to him by Jon Voight. Long ago, when Duvall and Voight were in Meisner's class, Duvall took one step into a scene and Meisner said, "Already wrong." Which proves that sometimes even the most talented actors have to learn what it means to be honest when acting."You can't fake it," says Jarrett of truthfulness. If the moment "isn't as full as it should be, you lead yourself along and don't push…
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