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Interviews (4)

http://www.film-news.co.uk/show-review.asp?H=Mark-Holden-Interview&nItemID=896 (GB) February 24 2014, by: Sophie West, "Mark Holden Interview"
African Times (GB) October 13 2003, Iss. 108, pg. Front & Page 5, by: Emenike Pio, "My Kingdom for a London Stage"
The Edmonton Journal (CA) May 26 1996, by: Conal Mullen, "City cop quits beat for first love--acting"
The Edmonton Journal (CA) September 2 1992, pg. D13, by: Nick Lees, "All the world's a stage"

Articles (2)

West End Times (CA) March 31 1997, pg. 7, by: Louise Whitney, "Gaze scores in touchy role"
The Edmonton Sun (CA) May 16 1996, pg. News 21, by: Jonathon Jenkins, "Cop trades handcuffs for footlights"

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