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  • (1903) Stage: Co-wrote lyrics for songs in "Nancy Brown" on Broadway (earliest Broadway credit). Musical comedy. Music by Henry K. Hadley. Book / lyrics by George Broadhurst [credited as George H. Broadhurst] and Frederic Ranken. Musical Director: George P. Towle. Featuring songs by Max S. Witte, Rosamond Johnson, Louis G. Munz and Eugene Ellsworth. Featuring songs with lyrics co-written by Eugene Ellsworth, Bob Cole, James Weldon Johnson. Directed by Frank Smithson. Bijou Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House from 26 Oct 1903-close): 16 Feb 1903-Nov 1903 (closing date unknown/112 performances). Cast: Adele Archer (as "Maud"), Ada Bartlett (as "Ensemble"), George Beban (as "Count Fromage de Brie"), Anna Bennett (as "Ensemble"), Judith Berolde (as "The Princess Barboo"), Minna Blackman (as "Ensemble"), Henry Borden (as "Ensemble"), May Bordley (as "Ensemble"), Evelyn Botsford (as "Strolling Minstrel"), Aline Boyd (as "Nara"), Alice Brown (as "Ensemble"), Harry Brown (as "Socrates Finis"), Harry Burgess (as "Strolling Minstrel"), Marie Cahill (as "Nancy Brown"), Grace Cameron (as "Muriel"), Ethel Carroll (as "Ensemble"), Lita Castello (as "Zuzu"), Gertrude Cochrane (as "Ensemble"), Daniel Corse (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth Cumming (as "Ensemble"), Helen Curzon (as "Rena"), Philip Dale (as "Ensemble"), Frank Dearduff (as "The Grand Duke of Drinkamutchsky"), Gertrude Doremus (as "Ensemble"), Gladys Earlcott (as "Ensemble"), Louise Egener (as "Ensemble"), Julie Fenton (as "Ensemble"), Maud Francis (as "Gwendolen"), Florence French (as "Ensemble"), Mabel Gardner (as "Ensemble"), Al Grant (as "Noah Little"), Farron Gray (as "Ensemble"), Jennie Hardy (as "Ensemble"), Sadie Harris (as "Ensemble"), John Havens (as "Lord Worcestershire"), Alfred Hickman (as "Venderhyphen Jenks"), Agnes Hinton (as "Ensemble"), Adelaide Howland (as "Ensemble"), Margaret Johnson (as "Ensemble"), Elizabeth King (as "Ensemble"), Alice Knowlton (as "Tutu"), Helen Lathrop (as "Tulu"), Eva Lewis (as "Ensemble"), Ella Mann (as "Ensemble"), Leslie Mayo (as "Sally"), W.W. Meehan (as "Ensemble"), Edythe Moyer (as "Alice"), Jean Newcombe (as "Mrs. John Jenks"), T.R. O'Brian (as "Ensemble"), Ruby Paine (as "Gracie"), Albert Parr (as "Mara Mustapha"), Mlle. Proto (as "The Dancer"), Estelle Rogers (as "Ensemble"), V.A. Rose (as "Ensemble"), Maud Sloane (as "Sadie"), Madison Smith (as "Hullybaloo"), Mason Smith (as "Ensemble"), Edwin Stevens (as "Muley Mustapha"), Rose Stevens (as "Ensemble"), Maude Stillman (as "Ensemble"), Isabelle Stuart (as "Ensemble"), Beth Titus (as "Ensemble"), G.M. Vale (as "Ensemble"), Henry Vogel (as "Baron Sauerbraten"). Produced by Daniel V. Arthur.
  • (1905) Stage: "A Jolly Baron" on Broadway. Musical/fantasy.
  • (1905) Stage: "Bankers and Brokers" on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1918) Stage: Wrote (w/Samuel Shipman) "Friendly Enemies" on Broadway. Cast: Richard Barbee (as "William Pfeifer"), Sam Bernard (as "Henry Block"), Mathilde Cottrelly (as "Marie Pfeifer"), Felix Krembs (as "Walter Stuart"), Louis Mann (as "Karl Pfeifer"), Natalie Manning (as "Nora"), Regina Wallace (as "June Block"). Produced by A.H. Woods. NOTE: Filmed as Friendly Enemies (1925), Friendly Enemies (1942).
  • (1943) Stage: Wrote source material ("Give and Take") for "All for All", produced on Broadway. Written by Norman Bruce. Directed by Harry Green. Bijou Theatre: 29 Sep 1943-11 Dec 1943 (85 performances). Cast: Lyle Bettger (as "John Bauer Jr."), Wyrley Birch (as "Daniel Drum"), Flora Campbell (as "Marion Kruger"), Harry Green (as "Albert Kruger"), Jack Pearl (as "John Bauer Sr."), Loring Smith (as "Thomas W. Craig"). Produced by A.L. Berman. NOTE: Filmed as Give and Take (1928).
  • (1924) Stage: Wrote book for "No Other Girl", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Bert Kalmar. Lyrics by Harry Ruby. Musical Director: Alfred Newman. Choreographed by Larry Ceballos. Directed by John Meehan. Morosco Theatre: 13 Aug 1924-27 Sep 1924 (56 performances). Cast: Helene Blair (as "Ensemble"), Billy Blythe (as "Ensemble"), David Brown (as "Ensemble"), Edward Buzzell (as "Ananias Jones"), Jane Carroll (as "Mary Herrington"), Ruth Conley (as "Miss Jones / Ensemble"), Fred Cowhick (as "Ensemble"), Earle Craddock (as "Joshua Franklin"), Francis X. Donegan (as "Amos Trott / Mr. Van Etten"), Doris Eaton (as "Molly Lane"), Helen Ford (as "Hope Franklin"), Nonnie George (as "Ensemble"), Eddie Gerard (as "Butler"), Jack Grieves (as "Ensemble"), William Hale (as "Ensemble"), Henry Hicks, Dorothy Kane (as "Ensemble"), Zita Mae (as "Ensemble"), Dorothy Martin (as "Ensemble"), Aileen Meehan (as "Miss Smith / Ensemble"), Henry Mortimer (as "Thomas Lord"), Frank Parker (as "Ensemble"), Richard Powell (as "Ensemble"), James Francis Robertson (as "Obadiah Bingle"), Sylvia Shawn (as "Ensemble"), John Sheehan (as "Bryan"), Rose Stone (as "Ensemble"), William Sully (as "William Frawley"), Trix Taylor (as "Ensemble"), Vera Trett (as "Ensemble"), Albert White (as "Ensemble"), Helen Wilson (as "Ensemble"). Produced by A.L. Jones and Morris Green. Produced in association with A.H. Woods.
  • (1923) Stage: Directed (w/Howard Lindsay) / wrote "The Good Old Days", produced on Broadway. Comedy. Broadhurst Theatre: 14 Aug 1923-Oct 1923 (closing date unknown/71 performances). Cast: Beatrice Allen (as "Katie Zimmer"), George Bickel (as "Nick Schloss"), Mathilde Cottrelly (as "Fritzie Zimmer"), Harry Curtin (as "Jack"), John G. Fee (as "The Bum"), Charles Havican (as "Gus Rausch"), John Junior (as "William J. Parker"), Nan Karew (as "Mrs. Mahoney"), John Kuhns (as "Doyle"), Harry Linkey (as "Sweeney"), Harry Lester Mason (as "John Miller"), Charles Mather (as "Jim Knowles"), Joseph Slaytor (as "Officer Kelly"), Ralph Weidhaas (as "Tim"), Stewart Wilson (as "Ted Schloss"), Charles Winninger (as "Rudolph Zimmer"). Produced by A.H. Woods.
  • (1923) Stage: Wrote "Give and Take", produced on Broadway. Comedy/farce. Directed by W.H. Gilmore. 49th Street Theatre: 15 Jan 1923-Jun 1923 (closing date unknown/172 performances). Cast: Charles Dow Clark (as "Daniel Drum"), Robert W. Craig (as "Jack Bauer, Jr."), Louis Mann (as "John Bauer"), George Sidney (as "Albert Kruger"), Vivian Tobin (as "Marion Kruger"), Douglas Wood (as "Thomas Craig"). Produced by Max Marcin [as Max Marcin Inc.].
  • (1921) Stage: Wrote "Two Blocks Away", produced on Broadway. Comedy. George M. Cohan's Theatre: 30 Aug 1921-Sep 1921 (closing date unknown/47 performances). Cast: Barney Bernard (as "Nathaniel Pomerantz"), Marie Carroll (as "Jane"), John W. Cope (as "Bill Lewis"), Robert Craig (as "Tom Roland"), Clyde Dilson (as "Jimmy Finnegan"), Alice Endres (as "Capt. Maggie"), Wallace Erskine (as "Martin"), Charles Henderson (as "Officer Donovan"), Kate Morgan (as "Nora Finnegan"), William Morlin (as "Guiseppe"), Jessie Nagle (as "Mrs. Watson"), Jack Rutherford (credited as John Rutherford; as "Robert Ives"), Hope Sutherland (as "Molly Finnegan"). Produced by Charles B. Dillingham. NOTE: Filmed as The Cohens and Kellys in Atlantic City (1929).
  • (1909) Stage: "The Newlyweds and Their Baby", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1908) Stage: "School Days", produced on Broadway. Musical.
  • (1907) Stage: "King Casey", produced on Broadway. Musical/farce.
  • (1907) Stage: "The Rogers Brothers in Panama", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy.
  • (1905) Stage: Wrote (w/Harry Williams) book / lyrics for "Tom, Dick and Harry", produced on Broadway. Musical comedy. Music by Egbert Van Alstyne. Musical Director: Melville Brown. Featuring songs by Max S. Witte. Featuring songs with lyrics by George Broadhurst. Musical numbers staged by Gertrude Hoffman. Directed by' A.H. Woods' (also producer) and Will N. Drew. American Theatre (moved to Haverly's 14th Street Theatre from 20 Nov 1905-25 Nov 1905, then moved to The West End Theatre from 27 Nov 1905-2 Dec 1905, then moved to The American Theatre from 15 Jan 1906-close): 25 Sep 1905-20Jan 1906 (33 performances). Cast: George L. Bickel (as "Tom, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Harry Bond (as "Col. Bluff, commander U.S.A."), Jeannette LaBeau (as "Senorito Richarado, Spanish Spy"), Dorothy LaMar (as "Mrs. Ella Noyes, a widow"), Frank Thorndyke (as "Lt. Manley, second in command, U.S.A."), Harry Watson Jr. (as "Dick, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Ed Lee Wrothe (as "Harry, Late Flipper Brothers Circus"), Marion Armstrong (as "Showgirl"), Robert Athon (as "Don Garcia, President of the Port O'Domingo"), Miss Baldwin (as "Yearling"), Frank Bernard (as "The Great Mogul" / "Cadet and Turk"), George Blair (as "Cadet and Turk"), Miss. Brown (as "Yearling"), Mary Clayton (as "Showgirl"), Bessie Clifford (as "Lillian Bluff, Colonel's daughter"), Miss Dawn (as "Yearling"), Grace Falk (as "Yearling"), Miss Fitzgerald (as "Yearling"), Miss Frank (as "Yearling"), Mr. Grasser (as "Cadet and Turk"), B. Hawkins (as "Yearling"), Kitty Hawkins (as "Yearling"), V. Hawkins (as "Yearling"), Miss Hay (as "Showgirl"), John Henry (as "Malto, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), Ida Hoppe (as "Showgirl"), Edna Hunter (as "Showgirl"), Miss Leigh (as "Yearling"), Miss Leroy (as "Showgirl"), James Lichter (as "Carson, a waiter" / "Cadet and Turk"), Regina McAvoy (as "Yearling"), Mr. McCarty (as "Cadet and Turk"), Frank McCue (as "I'm a Trailer"), Janet Melville (as "Yearling"), Tom O'Brien (as "Gallic, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), M. Price (as "Cadet and Turk"), Clay Price (as "Reverse, Spanish Spy disguised as musician"), Charles Purdy (as "Cadet and Turk"), Miss Ranney (as "Yearling"), B. Raymond (as "Yearling"), Julia Raymond (as "Yearling"), Edna Richardson (as "Showgirl"), Miss Spaeth (as "Yearling"), Bebe Stanley (as "Showgirl"), Frank Stapleton (as "Congo, the President's servant"), Mr. Young (as "Cadet and Turk").
  • (1918) Stage: Wrote "Nothing But Lies", produced on Broadway. Longacre Theatre: 8 Oct 1918-Feb 1919 (closing date unknown/135 performances). Cast: Jane Blake, Malcolm Bradley, James Bryson, Gordon Burby, William Collier Sr. (as "George Washington Cross"), Harry Cowley, Florence Enright (as "Lorna Temple"), Riley Hatch [credited as William Riley Hatch], Rapley Holmes (as "Jefferson Nigh"), Frank Monroe, Clyde North (as "Allen Nigh"), Grant Stewart, Robert Strange, Olive Wyndham. Produced by Gilbert M. 'Broncho Billy' Anderson and L. Lawrence Weber. NOTE: Filmed as Nothing But Lies (1920),

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