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Fox News Tops Hgtv, Nickelodeon as Most-Watched Cable Network

Fox News was the most-watched network among basic cable in both total day and primetime viewers last week, while CNN beat MSNBC among the key news demo. Fox News averaged 2.2 million primetime viewers from May 29 through June 4, while Hgtv finished second with 1.5 million viewers. MSNBC averaged 1.4 million to finish third, while USA and TBS round out the top five. When it comes to total day viewership, Fox News averaged 1.4 million to hold off Nickelodeon’s 1.2 million. Hgtv, MSNBC and CNN round out the top five, but none surpassed the 1-million viewer plateau. Also Read: Steve Hilton's...
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Fox News’ Steve Hilton Aims to Examine Populist ‘Revolution’ on Sundays

Fox News’ Steve Hilton Aims to Examine Populist ‘Revolution’ on Sundays
Steve Hilton is eager to explain the widening gulf between the world’s haves and have-nots.

When the former senior advisor to British Prime Minister David Cameron opens his Fox News Channel program this evening, he will so so as the globe is being roiled by headlines that some viewers could never have envisioned decades ago: A terrorist attack took place on London Bridge. The U.S. President has said he plans to remove the nation he governs from a global pact meant to improve the environment, out of concern it could hurt U.S. jobs. Recent jobs numbers, however, suggest the U.S. is close to full employment.

For Hilton, many of the biggest breaking-news stories can be explained by an ongoing dynamic, a working class that finds itself farther and farther behind the wealthy. Their story needs to be told, he said in a recent interview. “We are not planning to be particularly ideological. We
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Alec Baldwin’s Advice to Kathy Griffin on Trump Brouhaha: ‘F— Them All’

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Alec Baldwin’s Advice to Kathy Griffin on Trump Brouhaha: ‘F— Them All’
“I think it’s really a great way of demonstrating a commitment to the West Coast,” Hilton tells TheWrap Steve Hilton’s “The Next Revolution” premieres Sunday night on Fox News Channel from the network’s brand new studio in Los Angeles. “I think it’s really a great way of demonstrating a commitment to the West Coast. One of the ideas of doing the show from here was to bring a bit of a West Coast feel to the channel,” Hilton told TheWrap. “They’ve done an incredible job to build a beautiful, modern, cool set.” That new set,
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Steve Hilton’s ‘The Next Revolution’ Brings Fox News to Los Angeles

Steve Hilton’s ‘The Next Revolution’ Brings Fox News to Los Angeles
Steve Hilton’s “The Next Revolution” premieres Sunday night on Fox News Channel from the network’s brand new studio in Los Angeles. “I think it’s really a great way of demonstrating a commitment to the West Coast. One of the ideas of doing the show from here was to bring a bit of a West Coast feel to the channel,” Hilton told TheWrap. “They’ve done an incredible job to build a beautiful, modern, cool set.” That new set, located at Fox News’ L.A. office, is expected to house other programs in the near future but Hilton
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Fox & Friends in the henhouse: how Trump's beloved show wields power

The president and the Fox News morning show have built a symbiotic relationship: the program defends Trump as it helps set his agenda

“I like that group of three people,” Donald Trump said this month. “They had a man who was saying: ‘Trump is the greatest president ever and there will never be one like him.’”

Trump was referring to Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt and Brian Kilmeade – the hosts of Fox & Friends – and a segment he had seen on the show. It’s one of the president’s favorite programs, and it may well be the most influential television program in the world.

"Put the narrative aside. Report real news." -Mom Deborah Antignano on media's coverage of alleged Russia-Trump campaign ties

Related: President Trump parrots Fox News again with attack on Chelsea Manning

If you missed yesterday's congressional hearing with FBI Dir. James Comey, you didn't miss much.
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Fox News Will Launch Sunday Show Focused on Populist Movement

Steve Hilton, the one-time strategy director to former British Prime Minister David Cameron, will take the reins of a new Sunday-night entry on Fox News Channel that examines the rise of populism in the U.S. and abroad, the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news outlet said Wednesday.

“The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton,” billed as a one-hour political talk show, will launch in May and air Sundays at 9 p.m., according to a statement from Suzanne Scott, the network’s executive vice president of programming. The program is expected to focus “on the populist movement and its impact throughout America and the world,” the network said, and will feature a rotating panel of political experts, an in-depth look at global news, and interviews with newsmakers and high-profile guests. The show will originate from Los Angeles.

Hilton joined Fox News Channel as a contributor in 2016, and offers perspective on politics and technology on both Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network
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Steve Hilton To Host New Fox News Channel “Populist Movement” Sunday Show ‘The Next Revolution’

Fox News Channel will debut a one-hour political talk show about the rise of the populist movement in the U.S. and abroad, hosted by former David Cameron adviser Steve Hilton. The Next Revolution launches in May, and airs weekly on Sundays at 9 pm Et. Brit press describes Hilton as one of former UK Prime Minister Cameron's closest advisers until their falling out over immigration and Brexit. Fox News announced last December it had signed Hilton as a contributor, saying he…
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Former David Cameron top adviser Steve Hilton to host Fox News show

Lampooned strategy chief’s hour-long show for Rupert Murdoch will unpick the rise of populism in the Us and UK

Steve Hilton, the former top adviser to David Cameron who was satirised in a British sitcom, is to host his own show on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News.

American viewers will see the man lampooned as a shoeless spin-doctor in The Thick of It in an hour-long show called The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton, according to a report in the Ft. The show, which will air on a Sunday night, promises to unpick the ascent of populism on both sides of the Atlantic.

Related: Former David Cameron strategy chief Steve Hilton signs Fox deal

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MPs attack Google's 'derisory' efforts to stop music and film piracy

Tory MP John Whittingdale 'unimpressed by Google's continued failure to stop directing consumers to illegal, copyright infringing material'

Google will be criticised by MPs for making "derisory" attempts to curb music and film piracy and using its "perceived power and influence" at the heart of David Cameron's government to shore up its position.

The Commons culture, media and sport select committee accused the search engine of offering the thinnest of excuses to avoid taking action against widespread piracy, a problem that the committee claimed is costing the creative industries millions of pounds in lost revenue a year.

Tory MP John Whittingdale, the chairman of the committee, said his fellow MPs were "unimpressed by Google's continued failure to stop directing consumers to illegal, copyright infringing material on the flimsy excuse that some of the sites may also host some legal content. The continuing promotion of illegal content through search engines is simply unacceptable,
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The monarchy will be abolished in my lifetime, says Danny Boyle

Despite praising Queen star turn in London 2012 opening ceremony, Oscar-winning director is all republican

The Queen should be replaced by an elected head of state, with Jk Rowling a natural contender for the post, says Danny Boyle, architect of the Olympics opening ceremony which gave the monarch one of her most memorable starring roles.

Boyle makes the suggestion in a Guardian interview where he reveals the debt he owes to both the controversial former Downing Street adviser Steve Hilton and the ill-fated Millennium Dome, tells how he was rejected by Elvis Costello as well as David Bowie and discloses how he came to cast the Queen alongside James Bond.

The Oscar-winning director, who won near-universal plaudits for the London 2012 opening ceremony, comes out as a republican, one who believes Britain will abolish the monarchy in his lifetime. Of the royal family, he says: "I think the pressure on them is utterly impossible,
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Danny Boyle: champion of the people

He's the republican who got the Queen to turn Bond girl, the avowed leftwinger the Tories chose to open the London Olympics, the Oscar-winning director determined to remain an 'equal citizen': meet the ultimate idealist

Last month, the BBC's head of drama, Ben Stephenson, addressed a meeting of writers, commissioners and producers. One key passage could be distilled into two words: Danny Boyle. Stephenson told his audience he wanted them to seek inspiration from the opening ceremony of the London Olympics, which, he said, had scale and brilliance and, above all, had succeeded not in spite of its Britishness but because of its Britishness, delighting viewers here and around the world by rooting itself in the authentic stories and spirit of these islands.

Stephenson hardly needed to elaborate. Boyle's Isles Of Wonder spectacular – with its rising chimneys, its fiery, forged Olympic rings, its bouncing children on NHS beds and its
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TV review: The Thick Of It; The Scapegoat

Whisper it – The Thick Of It isn't very funny. Even the swearing has lost its edge

It's like … what's something you really look forward to for a long time but which turns out to be not all that? Losing your virginity? A cigarette at the end of a long haul flight? The Stone Roses' Second Coming? Actually, I think Second Coming is underrated and brilliant, so not like that; smoking, and the other, I've forgotten. Anyway, there's no escaping it: this opening episode to the fourth (and probably final) series of The Thick of It (BBC2), one of the smartest, funniest British TV shows ever made, is – whisper it – disappointing.

The opposition from the last series is now in power. So the Ken Clarke-ish Peter Mannion is the new minister at the DoSAC, and he's flanked, ineptly, by advisers Phil and Emma. But this is a coalition government,
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No Doubt debut Major Lazer remix of new single 'Settle Down'

No Doubt debut Major Lazer remix of new single 'Settle Down'
No Doubt have unveiled a remix of their new single 'Settle Down'. The group's comeback track has been re-worked by Major Lazer, who have previously mixed songs by Hot Chip and Beastie Boys. Listen to 'Settle Down (Major Lazer Remix)' below: The remix is the first of five that will be released throughout the week, with more expected from Stephen Hilton and Jonas Quant. 'Settle Down' (more)
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TV review: Borgen | Sherlock

It's brilliant, it's Danish – and it's got knitwear! It's Borgen, the new The Killing

Imagine it. There's a general election. Neither David Cameron nor Ed Miliband wins the number of seats needed to form a government. The country waits while coalition deals are made and broken. Nick Clegg, who made a surprisingly good speech during the live TV debates, holds the key to Downing Street.

There's a heap of other stuff going on, too. Cameron's head of strategy, Steve Hilton, suddenly has a heart attack and tragically dies, which saddens newsreader Katie Derham, with whom he's having an affair. Derham's more experienced colleague, Kirsty Wark, is back on the bottle, gets snitched on, and is fired. Samantha Cameron meanwhile is addicted to tranquilisers and shopping and spends £8,000 at Mulberrry, which husband Dave pays for using taxpayers' money. He gets found out, which scuppers his chances of remaining in No 10, though
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Our pick of the week: The story, the stat, the quote, the tweet

Lanre Bakare on the people and stories in the media spotlight in the last seven days

The story

Blue-sky thinking

Steve Hilton's bizarre plans to boost the economy caught many unawares this week. The Financial Times revealed that David Cameron's shaven-headed strategist had some "blue-sky ideas" for the economy. The story could have come straight from an Armando Iannucci script, with the guru suggesting that the government should ignore European labour regulations by scrapping maternity leave and bin all consumer rights for nine months. Malcolm Tucker would no doubt have some choice (four-letter) words for Hilton's suggestions. Coalition HQ has plenty to mull over after the disappointing Gdp figures, but they're probably not desperate enough to take any of Hilton's proposals too seriously – yet.

The stat


… confirmed wolf attacks have taken place on livestock in France so far this year. The rise of Canis lupus has caused controversy with
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What Google's U.K. Ruling Says About Its Power in Europe

Why did Google get away with slapped wrists and no fine for their data harvesting in the U.K.?

The U.K.'s Information Commissioner has spoken, and let Google off the hook. The Internet giant had been under investigation after harvesting individuals' private data via its Street View cars. The verdict: unintentional. The punishment? Slapped wrists, the data to be deleted within nine months, and case closed. Wow. A result for Google, without a doubt.

"We’re pleased that the Ico have concluded their investigation and we will be working to delete the data as soon as possible," a Google spokesperson tells Fast Company.

But how has it managed to get away without a fine?

In an interview with the BBC, the Information Commission's deputy, David Smith, said that a fine was impossible. "We'd have had to find that there was substantial damage or distress to individuals from the collections of snippets of emails,
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'Bufton Tufton' Tory MPs blamed for attacks on Cameron ally Steve Hilton

Leaked emails attributed to old-school Conservatives who feel they are being marginalised by Cameron and his inner circle

The "Bufton Tufton" wing of older, traditionally minded Conservative MPs is being blamed for attempting to destabilise a key ally of David Cameron.

Steve Hilton, the party's director of strategy, has been the subject of embarrassing disclosures in the past week involving an expletive-ridden outburst and leaked emails.

The leaks went beyond Westminster when Channel 4 News reported that Hilton had been fined £80 after a row with railway staff at Birmingham New Street station in 2008. Hilton was arrested after shouting "wanker" at train staff when he failed to produce his ticket in time as he returned home from the Conservative party conference.

Alarm bells started ringing at Tory HQ when a series of strategic bulletins, which Hilton emails to chosen Conservative MPs, were leaked to the Times. Tory MPs said the emails showed how accurately Hilton,
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The Thick of It: series three, episode four

The opposition return – and Tucker is put to shame by the opposition spin doctor. But not in the swearing stakes, obviously

Spoiler Alert: This weekly blog is for those who are watching The Thick of It series three. Don't read on if you haven't seen episode four

I said a couple of weeks ago that government press chief Malcolm Tucker got all the best lines in The Thick of It. But this week, with the welcome return of the opposition, Stewart Pearson (Vincent Franklin) – the herbal-tea drinking, bearded, shaven-headed, cringingly Cameroonian spin doctor – rather puts him to shame.

Stewart is perhaps partly based on David Cameron's marketing guru Steve Hilton, who has supposedly voted Green at past elections and for a sustained period supervised the Tory leader's progress from an eyrie in California, where his wife worked for Google.

Stewart's primary job seems to be to remodel unreconstructed old
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Exclusive: Full Soundtrack For Rupert Grint’s Cherrybomb, Plus Interview With Stephen Hilton (FlyKKiller)!

With only eight days left until the world premiere of Rupert Grint's latest movie Cherrybomb, we are determined to bring you new exclusives every day! Today, we have two treats for you: the first one is the full and definitive Cherrybomb soundtrack, and the second is Karo's exclusive interview with the band flyKKiler, who have contributed two songs to the movie! The band member whom Karo spoke to, Stephen Hilton, actually collaborated with David Holmes on scoring the entire soundtrack. Together, they hoped to bring to the film a variety of music(s) that teenagers nowadays listen to, as they have access to a large range of sounds via iTunes or the internet. We are happy to share with you all the songs and bands featured on the Cherrybomb soundtrack.
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