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The Deadly Spawn at the Hi-Pointe Midnights this Weekend!

“What are those things? Frankie, what the hell are those things?”

What has three heads, about a million teeth, and gore galore? It’s The Deadly Spawn, this month’s Late Night Grindhouse midnight movie at The Hi-Pointe Theater brought to you by the madmen at Destroy the, and it’s another big-screen St. Louis premiere. This $25,000 16mm wonder from 1985 concerns a meteorite that crashes to earth during a torrential thunderstorm, bringing with it a slimy, three-headed alien beast that craves human meat and gives birth to hundreds of eel-like spawn. The wicked intergalactic fiend promptly scarfs down two campers and then goes into the basement of a house where a teenage monster movie fan (Charles George Hildebrandt) lives, eating the kid’s parents as well. And this is just in the first ten minutes!

The Deadly Spawn was one of dozens of movies which attempted to cash
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DVD Review: The Deadly Spawn

The Deadly Spawn

Stars: Charles George Hildebrandt, Tom DeFranco, Richard Lee Porter | Written by Douglas McKweon, Ted A. Bohus | Directed by Douglas McKeown

Something awful is coming, hurtling through the void in a meteor that’s on a collision course with earth. When two foolish campers witness the meteor crash and investigate they become the first, of many, victims of the Deadly Spawn. Soon the spawn descend upon the basement of a house belonging to science-geek Pete (DeFranco), his movie obsessed younger brother Charles (Hildebrandt). As the spawn grow in size, and in appetite they eat their way through Pete and Charles’ family and friends, including Aunt Millie (Ethel Michelson) and Uncle Herb (John Schmerling), along with their invited guests and a handful of Pete’s study buddy’s…

Shot in 1982, The Deadly Spawn was the brainchild of producer Ted A. Bohus who, along with writer/director Douglas McKeown crafted a film that has,
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DVD Review - The Deadly Spawn (1983)

The Deadly Spawn, 1983.

Directed by Douglas McKeown.

Starring Tom DeFranco, Charles George Hildebrandt, Ethel Michelson and John Schmerling.


A crashed meteorite brings hostile alien life to Earth.

The Deadly Spawn is upfront about its inspirations, taking lead from and citing monster movies from the 1950s such as The Thing from Another World (1951), The Mole People (1956) and It! The Terror from Beyond Space (1958). Aspiring to blend the genres of horror and science-fiction, we open with a meteorite falling from outer space and landing in a remote part of New Jersey. Two plucky campers set out to investigate and are promptly dispatched in a pre-credits sequence that suitably sets the tone.

Following this, The Deadly Spawn struggles to find its footing. Another two characters are introduced - a mother and father - and some semblance of a plot seems to get going until strange happenings in a basement also lure these folks to their untimely demise.
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