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Other Works

  • (1955 - 1981) Active in the following Broadway productions (as actor or director):
  • (1955) Stage Play: Almost Crazy. Musical revue. Sketches by James Shelton, Hal Hackady and Robert A. Bernstein. Music by Portia Nelson, Raymond Taylor and James Shelton. Lyrics by Portia Nelson, Raymond Taylor and James Shelton. Musical Director: Al Rickey. Music arranged by Ted Royal. Entire production staged by Lew Kessler. Choreographed by William Skipper. Directed by Christopher Hewett [earliest Broadway credit]. Longacre Theatre: 20 Jun 1955- 25 Jun 1955 (16 performances). Cast: Kay Medford, James Shelton, Karen Anders, Alvin Beam, Vincent Beck, Ron Cecil, Betty Colby, Nick Dana, Lorna Del Maestro, Phyllis Dorne, Babe Hines, Mildred Hughes, Joan Morton, Fred Nay, Kevin Scott, William Skipper, Gloria Smith, Rita Tanno, Rochard Towers, Ann York. Produced by John S. Cobb.
  • (1956) Stage Play: My Fair Lady. Musical/Romantic comedy. Book by Alan Jay Lerner. Music by Frederick Loewe. Lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner. Adapted from "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw. Music arranged by Robert Russell Bennett and Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Trude Rittman. Musical Director: Franz Allers. Choral arrangements by Gino Smart. Production Design by Oliver Smith. Costume Design by Cecil Beaton. Lighting Design by Feder. Hair Design by Ernest Adler. Wig Design by Ira Senz. Choreographed by Hanya Holm. Directed by Moss Hart. Mark Hellinger Theatre (moved to The Broadhurst Theatre from 28 Feb 1962- 14 Apr 1962, then moved to The Broadway Theatre from 18 Apr 1962- close): 15 Mar 1956- 29 Sep 1962 (2717 performances). Cast: Julie Andrews (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Rex Harrison (as "Henry Higgins") [from 15 Mar 1956- 23 Dec 1957; replaced by Edward Mulhare], Robert Coote (as "Colonel Pickering"), Stanley Holloway (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Cathleen Nesbitt (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Estelle Aza (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Philippa Bevans (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Paul Brown (as "Flunkey/Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Thatcher Clarke (as "Dancing Ensemble [from ?- Sep 1956], Melisande Congdon (as "Singing Ensemble"), Cathy Conklin (as "Flower Girl/Dancing Ensemble"), Margaret Cuddy (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Imelda De Martin (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Pat Diamond (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Crandall Diehl (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Gordon Dilworth (as "Selsey Man/Harry/Lord Boxington"), Pat Drylie (as "Dancing Ensemble"), David Evans (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Gordon Ewing (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble"), Lola Fisher (as "Singing Ensemble"), Rosemary Gaines (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Maribel Hammer (as "Queen of Transylvania/Singing Ensemble"), Barbara Heath (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Christopher Hewett (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy"), Carl Jeffrey (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Glenn Kezer (as "Second Cockney/Servant/Singing Ensemble), John Michael King (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), William Krach (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble"), Vera Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Nancy Lynch (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Rod McLennan (as "Another Bystander/Jamie/Ambassador"), James Morris (as "Third Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), Barton Mumaw (as "Chauffeur/Constable/Dancing Ensemble"), Gene Nettles (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Colleen O'Connor (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Paul Olson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Mrs. Hopkins/Lady Boxington"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill"), Joe Rocco (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Fernando Schaffenburg (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Muriel Shaw (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Reid Shelton (as "First Cockney/Butler/Singing Ensemble"), Patti Spangler (as "Singing Ensemble") [from ?- Sep 1956], Herb Surface (as "Fourth Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), David Thomas (as "Hoxton Man/Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Gloria Van Dorpe (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), James White (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Judith Williams (as "Mrs. Higgins' Maid/Dancing Ensemble"). Understudies: Constance Brigham (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Paul Brown (as "Jamie'), Gordon Dilworth (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Maribel Hammer (as "Mrs. Hopkins"), Christopher Hewett (as "Henry Higgins"), Glenn Kezer (as "Harry"), Rod McLennan (as "Colonel Pickering"), Olive Reeves-Smith (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill/Mrs. Pearce"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Reid Shelton (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), David Thomas (as "Zoltan Karpathy"). Replacement actors during Mark Hellinger Theatre run: Helen Ahola (as "Singing Ensemble"), Christian Alderson (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Michael Allinson (as "Henry Higgins") [from 10 Feb 1960- ?], Bill Atkinson (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Gretl Bauer (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Lindsey Bergen (as "First Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), Maxine Berke (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Mary Sue Berry (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Leta Bonynge (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Leo Britt (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy") [from circa 14 May 1956- ?], Margaret Broderson (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Paul Brown (as "Footman"), Betty Buday (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Regina Burger (as "Singing Ensemble") [from circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Ann Casey (as "Singing Ensemble"), Pamela Charles (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 2 Feb 1959- ?], Diana Chase (as "Singing Ensemble"), Hilda Clarke (as "Singing Ensemble"), Thatcher Clarke (as "Dancing Ensemble/Busker") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Melville Cooper (as "Colonel Pickering"), Robin Craven (as "Bystander/Zoltan Karpathy") [from 4 Jun 1956 - ?], Margaret Cuddy (as "Mrs. Higgins' Maid"), Joan Darby (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Reginald Denny (as "Colonel Pickering") [from circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Bill Diehl (as "Singing Ensemble/Third Cockney"), Crandall Diehl (as "Bystander") [from circa 25 Jun 1956- ?], Joan Diehl (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Gordon Dilworth (as "Alfred P. Doolittle"), Lee Dougherty (as "Singing Ensemble"), Loren Driscoll (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), Christopher Edwards (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Susan Fellows (as "Queen of Transylvania/Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Lola Fisher (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 14 Aug 1956- ?], Bramwell Fletcher (as "Henry Higgins") [from 25 Aug 1958- ?], Janet Gaylord (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Katia Geleznova (as "Dancing Ensemble") [circa 25 Jun 1956- ?], Don Grilley (as "Singing Ensemble"), Maribel Hammer (as "Lady Boxington/Mrs. Hopkins"), Moss Hart (as "Escort of the Queen of Transylvania") [from 23 Dec 1957- 23 Dec 1957], Kim Hayward (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Tom Hellmore (as "Henry Higgins"), [from 17 Aug 1956- ?], Tom Hestor (as "Busker"), Sally Ann Howes (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 3 Feb 1958- ?], Ray Hyson (as "Third Cockney/Singing Ensemble"), John H. Jones (as "Bartender/Singing Ensemble"), Robert Karl (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Lawrence Keith (as "Footman/Singing Ensemble/Flunkey"), Kay Kendall (as "Queen of Transylvania") [from 23 Dec 1957- 23 Dec 1957], Glenn Kezer (as "Butler"), Dieter Klos (as "Dancing Ensemble"), William Krach (as "First Cockney") [circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Ronnie Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from 14 Aug 1961- 24 Feb 1962], David Lober (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Jean Maggio (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Iva March (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Margery Maude (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Svetlana McLee (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Rod McLennan (as "Bartender"), Linda McNaughton (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Kiki Minor (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Dale Moreda Dancing Ensemble") [from circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Margot Moser (as "Eliza Doolittle") [from 30 Jan 1961- ?], Edward Mulhare (as "Henry Higgins") [from 29 Nov 1957- ?], Barton Mumaw (as "Bystander"), Glenn Olson (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Robert Price (as "Singing Ensemble"), Ronald Radd (as "Alfred P. Doolittle") [from 23 Dec 1957- ?], Rosemary Rainer (as "Eliza Doolittle/Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Charlotte Ray (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bill Reilly (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Viola Roache (as "Mrs. Higgins"), Ronald Rosanoff (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Bentley Roton (as "Busker/Dancing Ensemble"), Dorothy Scott (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Karen Shepard (as "Servant/Singing Ensemble"), Barbara Siman (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Robert St. Clair (as "Dancing Ensemble"), Herb Surface (as "Servant"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Eynsford-Hill") [circa 31 Dec 1957- ?], Marc West (as "Dancing Ensemble") [circa 12 Sep 1956- ?], Harry Woolever (as "Dancing Ensemble"). Understudies: Helen Ahola (as "Mrs. Hopkins"), Leo Britt (as "Henry Higgins/Colonel Pickering"), Robin Craven (as "Henry Higgins"), Lola Fisher (as "Eliza Doolittle"), John H. Jones (as "Freddy Eynsford-Hill"), Lawrence Keith (as "Jamie"), Rosemary Rainer (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Karen Shepard (as "Eliza Doolittle"), Regina Wallace (as "Mrs. Higgins"). Replacement actors during Broadhurst Theatre run: Leta Bonynge (as "Mrs. Pearce"), Ronnie Lee (as "Dancing Ensemble") [from 28 Feb 1962- 28 Jul 1962]. Replacement actors during Broadway Theatre run: None noted. Produced by Herman Levin. Note: Filmed by Warner Bros. as My Fair Lady (1964) by Warner Brothers.
  • (1959) Stage Play: First Impressions. Musical comedy. Written and directed by Abe Burrows. Alvin Theatre: 19 Mar 1959- 30 May 1959 (92 performances). Cast included: Polly Bergen, Hermione Gingold, Farley Granger, Adrienne Angel, Arlene Avril, Suzie Baker, Alvin Beam, Richard Bengal, Jim Corbett, Stuart Fleming, Norman Fredericks, Christopher Hewett (as "Collins"), Stuart Hodes, Donald Madden, Jeannine Masterson, Martha Mathes, Phyllis Newman, Lauri Peters, Casper Roos, Lynn Ross, Tony Rossi, Jay Stern, Marti Stevens, Beverly Jane Welch. Produced by George Gilbert and Edward Specter Productions Inc. Produced in association with The Jule Styne Organization.
  • (1960) Stage Play: From A to Z. Musical revue. Book by Woody Allen, Herbert Farjeon and Nina Warner Hooks. Featuring songs by Jerry Herman, Jay Thompson, Dickson Hughes, Everett Sloane, Jack Holmes, Mary Rodgers, Paul Klein, Fred Ebb, Norman Martin, William Dyer and Charles Zwar. Featuring songs with lyrics by Jerry Herman, Jay Thompson, Dickson Hughes, Everett Sloane, Jack Holmes, Marshall Barer, Fred Ebb, Norman Martin, Don Parks, Lee Goldsmith and Alan Melville. Musical Director: Milton Greene. Music orchestrated by Jay Brower and Jonathan Tunick. Vocal arrangements by Milton Greene. Dance arrangements by Jack Holmes. "On the Beach" devised by Mark Epstein and Christopher Hewett. Directed by Christopher Hewett. Plymouth Theatre: 20 Apr 1960- 7 May 1960 (21 performances). Cast: Hermione Gingold, Alvin Epstein, Louise Hoff, Elliott Reid, Kelly Brown, Michael Fresco, Stuart Damon, Bob Dishy, Isabelle Farrell, Larry Hovis, Nora Kovach, Doug Spingler, Paula Stewart, Beryl Towbin, Virginia Vestoff. Produced by Carroll Masterson and Harris Masterson.
  • (1960) Stage Play: The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Musical comedy. Based on material by Richard Morris. Music and lyrics by Meredith Wilson. Choreography by Peter Gennaro. Directed by Dore Schary. Winter Garden Theatre: 3 Nov 1960- 10 Feb 1960 (532 performances + 1 preview). Cast included: Tammy Grimes (as "Molly Brown), Harve Presnell, Mitchell Gregg, Jack Harold, Christopher Hewett (as "Roberts"/also understudied as "Monsignor Ryan"], Patricia Kelly, Edith Meiser, Cameron Prudhomme, Vito Durante, Don Emmons, Lynne Osborne, Joe Pronto, Wanda Saxon, Alex Stevens, Terry Violino. Produced by The Theatre Guild.
  • (1961) Stage Play: Kean. Musical comedy. Book by Peter Stone [earliest Broadway credit]. Music by Robert Wright and George Forrest. Lyrics by Robert Wright and George Forrest. From a comedy by Jean-Paul Sartre. Based on the play by Alexandre Dumas. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Ballet and incidental music by Elie Siegmaster. Musical Director: Pembroke Davenport. Vocal arrangements by Pem Davenport. Choreographed by Jack Cole.Directed by Jack Cole. Broadway Theatre: 2 Nov 1961- 20 Jan 1962 (92 performances + 1 preview on 1 Nov 1961). Cast: Alfred Drake (as "Edmund Kean"), Roderick Cook (as "Lord Neville") [Broadway debut], Alfred De Sio (as "Christie"), Oliver Gray (as "Prince of Wales"), Christopher Hewett (as "Barnaby"), Robert Penn (as "Ben"), Arthur Rubin (as "Francis"), Truman Smith (as "Solomon"), Lee Venora (as "Anna Danby"), Patrick Waddington (as "Count De Koeberg"), Joan Weldon (as "Countess Elena De Koeberg"), Martin Ambrose (as "Major-Domo/Henchman/Singer"), Charise Amidon (as "Singer"), John Aristides (as "Dancer"), Barbara Beck (as "Dancer"), Johanna Carothers (as "Dancer"), Lois Castle (as "Dancer"), Charles Corbett (as "Dancer"), Kenneth Creel (as "Dancer"), Patricia Cutts (as "Lady Amy Goswell"), Randy Doney (as "Tim/Dancer"), Judy Dunford (as "Dancer"), Charles Dunn (as "Patrick/Singer"), Eddie Erickson (as "Prop Boy/Singer"), Nancy Foster (as "Singer"), Larry Fuller (as "Dancer"), Margaret Gathright (as "Sparrow/Singer"), Maggie Goz (as "Singer"), Mickey Gunnerson (as "Dancer"), George Harwell (as "Pott/Singer"), Pamela Hayford (as "Dancer"), Jim Hutchison (as "Dancer"), Lisa James (as "Dancer"), Rene Jarmon (as "St. Albands/Dancer"), John Jordan (as "David"), Paul Jordan (as "Pip"), John Lankston (as "Lord Delmore/Singer"), Richard Lyle (as "Dancer"), George Martin (as "Dancer"), Joseph McGrath (as "Secretary/Singer"), Lispet Nelson (as "Singer"), Mary Nettum (as "Singer"), Roger Puckett (as "Dancer"), Larry Shadur (as "Maxwell/Guard/Singer"), Suanne Shirley (as "Dancer"), Susan Terry (as "Singer"), Alfred Toigo (as "Stage Manager/Singer"), Gloria Warner (as "Bolt/Singer"), John Wheeler (as "Guard/Singer"). Standby: Lawrence Brooks (as "Edmund Kean. Understudies: Martin Ambrose (as "Barnaby"), Nancy Foster (as "Anna Danby"), Larry Fuller (as "Christie"), Christopher Hewett (as "Prince of Wales"), John Lankston (as "Count De Koeberg"), Mary Nettum (as "Countess Elena De Koeberg/Lady Amy Goswell"), Larry Shadur (as "Ben"), Alfred Toigo (as "Lord Neville") and John Wheeler (as "Francis"). Replacement actors: John Aristedes (as "David"), Larry Fuller (as "Pip"), John Jordan (as "Acrobat"), Paul Jordan (as "Acrobat"), Joseph McGrath (as "Stage Manager"). Understudy: John Lankston (as "Lord Neville"). Produced by Robert Lantz.
  • (1962) Stage Play: The Affair. Written by Ronald Millar. Based on the novel by C.P. Snow. Directed by John Fernald. Henry Miller's Theatre: 20 Sep 1962- 29 Dec 1962 (116 performances + 2 previews). Cast: Edward Atienza (as "Club Steward"), Keith Baxter (as "Donald Howard, Ph.D."), Francis Compton (as "G.H. Winslow, M.A."), Edgar Daniels (as "Arthur Brown, M.A., Senior Tutor"), C. Stafford Dickens (as "Newby, the College porter"), Mitchell Erickson (as "Club Steward"), J.S. Good (as "Lester Ince, M.A., Lecturer in Music"), Christopher Hewett (as "Tom Orbell, M.A."), Elizabeth Hubbard, Geoffrey Lumsden (as "Lester Ince, M.A., Lecturer in Music"), Kenneth Mars (as "Martin Eliot, Ph.D. Lecturer in Physics"), Brewster Mason (as "Sir Lewis Eliot, K.B.E., M.A."), Donald Moffat (as "Julian Skeffington, Sc.D. Demonstrator in Physics"), Kynaston Reeves (as "Thomas Crawford, Sc.D., F.R.S., Master"), Brenda Vaccaro (as "Laura Howard"), Patrick Waddington (as "Alec Nightingale, Sc.D., Bursar") [final Broadway role], Paxton Whitehead (as "Gilbert Dawson-Hill, M.A., Q.C."). Understudies: C. Stafford Dickens (as "G.H. Winslow, M.A./M. H. L. Gay, M.A.F.B.A./Hon. Litt.D."), J.S. Good (as "Donald Howard, Ph.D./Julian Skeffington, Sc.D."), Kenneth Mars (as "Sir Lewis Eliot, K.B.E., M.A.") and Sloane Shelton (as "Laura Howard/Margaret Eliot"). Produced by Bonard Productions and Henry Sherek.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Hadrian VII. Written by Peter Luke. Based on "Hadrian the Seventh" and other works by Fr. Rolfe. Directed by Peter Dews. Helen Hayes Theatre: 8 Jan 1969- 15 Nov 1969 (359 performances + 10 previews). Produced by Lester Osterman Productions (Lester Osterman, Richard Horner, Lawrence Kasha), Bill Freedman and Charles Kasher.
  • (1970) Stage Play: Sleuth. Mystery/thriller. Written by Anthony Shaffer. Directed by Clifford Williams. Music Box Theatre: 12 Nov 1970- 13 Oct 1973 (1222 performances + 4 previews). Cast: Keith Baxter (as "Milo Tindle"), Anthony Quayle (as "Andrew Wyke"), Phillip Farrar (as "Inspector Doppler"), Harold K. Newman (as "Detective Sergeant Tarrant"), Roger Purnell (as "Police Constable Higgs"). Standbys: Michael Allinson (as "Andrew Wyke"), Victor Arnold (as "Milo Tindle"), Henry Raymond (as "Inspector Doppler"), John Stephen (as "Detective Sergeant Tarrant/Police Constable Higgs"). Replacement actors: Jordan Christopher (as "Milo Tindle"), Curt Dawson (as "Milo Tindle"), Donal Donnelly (as "Milo Tindle"), Patrick Macnee (as "Andrew Wyke"), Robin Mayfield (as "Detective Sergeant Tarrant"), Liam McNulty (as "Police Constable Higgs"), Brian Murray (as "Milo Tindle"), Paul Rogers (as "Andrew Wyke"), George Rose (as "Andrew Wyke"), Stanley Rushton (as "Inspector Doppler"). Standbys: Curt Dawson (as "Milo Tindle"), Christopher Hewett (as "Andrew Wyke"). Produced by Helen Bonfils, Morton Gottlieb and Michael White. Filmed as Sleuth (1972), Sleuth (2007).
  • (1973) Stage Play: No Sex Please, We're British. Written by Anthony Marriott and Alistair Foot. Directed by Christopher Hewett. Ritz Theatre: 20 Feb 1973- 4 Mar 1973 (16 performances + 24 previews). Cast: John Clarkson, Stephen Collins, Ronald Drake, Robert Jundelin, J.J. Lewis, Maureen O'Sullivan (as "Eleanor Hunter"), Jennifer Richards, Leon Shaw, Jill Tanner, Tony Tanner. Produced by Tom Mallow. Produced by arrangement with John Gale.
  • (1975) Stage Play: Trelawny of the "Wells." Comedy (revival). Written by Arthur Wing Pinero. Scenic Design by David Mitchell. Directed by A.J. Anton. Vivian Beaumont Theatre: 15 Oct 1975- 23 Nov 1975 (47 performances + 14 previews). Cast: Walter Abel (as "Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower") [final Broadway role], K.T. Baumann (as "Sarah"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Hunston"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Brewster"), Anita Dangler (as "Mrs. Telfer, Miss Violet Sylvester"), Jerome Dempsey (as "Mr. James Telfer"), Merwin Goldsmith (as "Mr. Ablett"), Walt Gorney (as "Charles"), Christopher Hewett (as "O'Dwyer"), Mary Beth Hurt (as "Miss Rose Trelawny"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Captain De Foenix"), John Lithgow (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd"), Aline MacMahon (as "Miss Trafalger Gower") [final Broadway role], Jerry Mayer (as "Mr. Denzil"), Ann McDonough (as "Clara De Foenix"), Mandy Patinkin (as "Mr. Arthur Gower") [Broadway debut], Ben Slack (as "Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Meryl Streep (as "Miss Imogen Parrott") [Broadway debut], Michael Tucker (as "Mr. Tom Wrench"), Helen Verbit (as "Mrs. Mossop"), Sasha von Scherler (as "Miss Avonia Bunn"). Understudies: Thomas Barbour (as "Charles/Mr. James Telfer/Vice Chancellor Sir William Gower"), K.T. Baumann (as "Clara De Foenix"), Tom Blank (as "Mr. Arthur Gower/Mr. Tom Wrench"), Suzanne Collins (as "Miss Avonia Bunn/Miss Imogen Parrott/Sarah"), Jeffrey Jones (as "Mr. Ferdinand Gadd/O'Dwyer"), Jerry Mayer (as "Captain De Foenix/Mr. Ablett/Mr. Augustus Colpoys"), Ann McDonough (as "Miss Rose Trelawny") and Elsa Raven (as "Miss Trafalger Gower/Mrs. Mossop/Mrs. Telfer"). Produced by The New York Shakespeare Festival (Producer: Joseph Papp). Associate Producer: Bernard Gersten.
  • (1976) Stage Play: Music Is. Musical comedy. Book by George Abbott. Music by Richard Adler. Lyrics by Will Holt. Based on "Twelfth Night" by William Shakespeare. Musical Director: Paul Gemignani. Music orchestrated by Hershy Kay. Dance arrangements by William Cox. Vocal arrangements by William Cox. Musical Staging by Patricia Birch. Assistant Director: Judith Abbott. Directed by George Abbott. St. James Theatre: 20 Dec 1976- 26 Dec 1976 (8 performances + 14 previews). Cast: Helena Andreyko, Daniel Ben-Zali, David Brummel, Doug Carfrae, Jim Conti, Catherine Cox, Ann Crowley, Dennis Daniels, Dawn Herbert, Donald Hettinger, Christopher Hewett (as "Malvolio"), Joel Higgins, David Holliday, Marc Jordan, Dana Kyle, Sherry Mathis (as "Olivia") [final Broadway role], Wayne Mattson, Jason McAuliffe, William McClary, Paul Michael, Carolann Page, Joe Ponazecki, David Sabin, Susan Elizabeth Scott, Denny Shearer, Steve Uscher, Melanie Vaughan, Mimi B. Wallace, Laura Waterbury. Understudies: David Brummel (as "Antonio, Captain/Duke Orsino"), Doug Carfrae (as "Curio/Valentine"), Jason McAuliffe (as "Sebastian"), William McClary (as "Feste/Malvolio"), Paul Michael (as "Sir Toby Belch"), Carolann Page (as "Olivia/Viola"), Susan Elizabeth Scott (as "Maria"), Denny Shearer (as "Sir Andrew Aguecheek"). Produced by Richard Adler, Roger Berlind and Edward R. Downe Jr.
  • (1979) Stage Play: Peter Pan. Musical comedy. Music by Mark Charlap. Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. A musical production of the play by Sir J.M. Barrie. Additional music by Jule Styne. Additional lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Dance arrangements by Wally Harper. Additional dance arrangements by David Krane. Music and Vocal Direction by Jack Lee. Directed by Rob Iscove. Lunt-Fontanne Theatre: 6 Sep 1979- 4 Jan 1981 (554 performances + 24 previews). Starring: Sandy Duncan, Christopher Hewett (as "Captain Hook") [final Broadway role], George Rose, Joey Abbott, Cleve Asbury, William Carmichael, Neva Ray-Powers, Arnold Soboloff, Trey Wilson.
  • Productions other than Broadway [list likely incomplete]:
  • (1951) He performed in Sandy Wilson's revue, "See You Later," at the Watergate Theatre in London, England with Dulcie Gray in the cast.
  • Played the part of Bowser, the villain from the Super Mario Brothers games and cartoon of the same year, for Icecapades in 1989.
  • TV commercial for Commodore VIC-20 Computer (1980s).
  • (1965) He directed Louis Verneuil's play, "Affairs of State," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Betsy Palmer and Walter Abel in the cast.
  • (1965) He directed John Van Druten's play, "Bell, Book, and Candle," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Allen Ludden, Betty White and James Coco in the cast.
  • (1965) He directed Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's musical, "Gigi," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with George Hamilton, Susan Watson and Dorothy Sands in the cast.
  • (1966) He acted in Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley's musical, "The Roar of the Greaspaint, The Smell of the Crowd," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Kenneth Nelson and Jill Choder in the cast. Buff Shurr was director.
  • (1967) He directed Beverley Cross' play, "Half A Sixpence," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Kenneth Nelson, Alice Cannon and Byron Webster in the cast.
  • (1970) He directed Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein's musical, "The Sound of Music," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Barbara Meister and Erik Silju in the cast.
  • (1971) He directed Paul Osborn's play, "The Vinegar Tree," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Shirley Booth and Staats Cotsworth in the cast.
  • (1977) He acted in Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe's musical, "My Fair Lady," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Michael Evans, Leigh Beery and Roderick Cook in the cast. Jerry Adler was director.
  • (April 6 to May 15, 1983) He acted in Sigmond Romberg, Oscar Hammerstein, Frank Mandel and Laurence Schwab's musical, "The New Moon," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, New Jersey with Judith McCauley, Richard White and Norman A. Large in the cast. Robert Johanson was director and choreographer. Kay Cameron was musical director. Jim Coleman was musical supervisor. James Morgan and Daniel Ettinger were scenic designers. Steve Cochrane was lighting designer. Guy Geoly was costume designer.
  • (August 5 to 17, 1974) He directed the musical, "No, No Nanette," at the North Shore Music Theatre in Beverly, Massachusetts with Nanette Fabray (Sue Smith); Claiborne Cary (Lucille Early); Bonnie Franklin (Nanette); Hal Linden (Billy Early); Paul Keith (Jimmy Smith); Peter Ligeti (Tom Trainor); Miriam Burton (Pauline); Cheryl Bayer (Flora Latham); Valerie Lee (Winnie Winslow) and Phyllis MacBryde (Betty Brown) in the cast. Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel wrote the book. Vincent Youmans was composer. Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach were lyricists. Burt Shevelove was adapter and original director. Dan Siretta was choreographer. Jonathan Anderson was musical director. Theda Taylor was lighting designer. Eve Lyon was scenic designer. Betsey Potter was costume designer. Shari Alfaro, Trudy Bordoff, Marilyn Firment, Karen Good, Dawn Herbert, Barbara McKay, Laurie Skinner, Ellen Wayne, Robert Anderson, Gene Harbin, Ron Lucas, Eddie Mekka, Jim-Patrick McMahon, Alan Rich, Ken Rogers and Jeff Veazey also played Nanette's friends. Stephen Slane was managing director.
  • (July 1975) He played Captain Hook and Mr. Darling in J.M. Barrie, Jerome Robbins and Elmer Bernstein's musical, "Peter Pan," in a Kenley Players production at the Packard Music Hall Theatre in Warren; the Veterans Memorial Theatre in Columbus and Memorial Hall in Dayton, Ohio with Sandy Duncan (title role); Marsha Kramer (Wendy); Darcel Wynne (Tiger Lilly); Marty Zagon (Smee); Michael Wantuck (Michael) and Howard Kaye in the cast. Rob Iscove was original director and choreographer. Mario Melodia was production director and choreographer. Bruce Monroe was scenic designer. Glen Clugston was musical director. FOY was flying. James M. Barrie wrote the book. Mark Charlap was composer. Carolyn Leigh was lyricist. Jule Styne was additional composer. Betty Comden and Adolph Green were additional lyricists. Trude Ritman and Elmer Bernstein were composers for incidental music. Jerome Robbins was original production director and choreographer. Brooks-Van Horn of New York City was original costume designer. William Kirk was program coordinator. Mike Verina was cover artist. John Kenley was artistic director.
  • (July 17 to 21; July 30 to August 4, 1979) He played the Barker, Ted Ragg, O'Casey and the Judge in Bertolt Brecht's play, "The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui," in the Williamstown Theatre Festival production at the Adams Memorial Theatre Main Stage at Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts with Roman Alis (reporter); Tom Allesio (Roma's bodyguard); Ilene Antelman (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Tom Atkins (Ernesto Roma); Debbie Bauman (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Louis Beachner (The actor, the pastor); Michael Bloom (Bowl, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Robert Brolli (Butcher); Yusef Bulos (Clark); Dawn Catelotti (a little girl); Chico Colella (policeman); Jeffrey Deckman (whitewasher); John DeMita (Gaffles); Rick Driscoll (Caruther, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Philip Euling (whitewasher); Jennifer Glass (a lady, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Brett Goldstein (whitewasher); Christopher Graham (Roma's bodyguard, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Jean Hackett (Dockdaisy); Michael Harris (Roma's bodyguard); Spenser Hopton (newsboy); Trevor Hopton (newsboy); John Howland (Arturo's bodyguard); Gail Hoyt (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Jeff Janus (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Daniel Kanter (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Danile Kanter (young Inna); Claire Kaplan (newsgirl); Gabriel Kaplan (newsboy); Ann Marie Karash (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Tom Kaufman (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Dana Keough (whitewasher); Roger Kovary (Arturo's bodyguard); Scott LaFeber (The Defense Counsel, Dogsborough manservant, reporter); Kevin Larkin (Chicago/Cicero grocer, reporter); Donald Madden (Arturo Ui); Allen McCullough (Arturo's bodyguard); Jim McGuire (Arturo's bodyguard); Kevin McGuire (Crocket, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Peter Monroe (Roma's bodyguard, Chicago/Cicero grocer); George Morforgen (Giuseppe Givola); David Nava (Young Dogsborough); Michael O'Flaherty (Goodwill, Greenwool); Mark Peterson (newsboy); Kim Powers (Smith, the Defendant Fish, Chicago/Cicero grocer); J.B. Quill (Flake); Gray Reisfield (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Ami Rothschild (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Aloysius Schack (the prosecutor, reporter); Robert Schaffer (Whitewasher); Connie Schulman (Chicago/Cicero grocer); David Simonds (Mulberry); Ralph Strait (Emanuele Girl); Eric Thayer (reporter); Leonard Tucker (Sheet, Ignatius Dullfleet, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Tony Tucker (court physician); Barbette Tweed (Betty Dullfleet); Carrie Wagner (Chicago/Cicero grocer); Scott Wakefield (Shorty, Chicago/Cicero grocer); Francesca Wieckowski (a wounded woman); Tucker Windover (newsboy) and Richard Woods (Old Dogsborough) in the cast. Nikos Psacharapoulos was artistic director. Peter Hunt was director and lighting designer. John Conklinwas setting designer. Rita Ryack was costume designer. Eric W. Diamond was composer. Peter Glazer was stage manager. Amy Pell was assistant stage manager.

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