Little Boy – The Review

So, what’s the cure for overloading on the all-depressing news (now bombarding you with 24-hour cable channels along with the “interweb”)? Well, a time machine would be great. Imagine pulling the lever on Rod Taylor’s 1960 model or Doc Brown’s DeLorean-based 1985 sweet ride (thirty years, can’t be!). Too bad they don’t exist, but buying a ticket at the multiplex can whisk you away for a couple of hours or so, right? The feel-good nostalgia flick has become almost as popular a genre as the haunted house spook show or the sports “underdog” story. The 1940’s have proved a most popular destination for, well over forty years (remember Summer Of 42 back in 71’?). It’s been the setting for a very recent Oscar winner, The Imitation Game, and even a big superhero blockbuster with Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Hey, we just visited it two weeks ago in
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