Top 100 Most Anticipated Foreign Films of 2015: #17. Catherine Breillat’s Bridge of Floating Dreams

Bridge of Floating Dreams

Director: Catherine Breillat // Writer: Brian Jones

Shortly before her latest title, the autobiographical Abuse of Weakness hit it’s limited release in August 2014, provocateur Catherine Breillat announced she would be directing material written by someone other than herself for the first time in her four decades of filmmaking. It appears that Breillat has left behind her series of fairy tale adaptations indefinitely and is branching out with her first English language feature with this Japanese/Australian co-production, a 1960′s period piece titled Bridge of Floating Dreams. Breillat compared the script to her 1999 film Romance, so expect profound erotic flourishes.

Cast: Not available.

Producer: The late David Hannay, Richard Barnes and Candide Production France’s François Cohen-Séat.

U.S. Distributor: Rights available.

Release Date: At the time this was announced, work was still going into the script and further funding needed to be secured. Breillat doesn’t work very quickly,
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French director Catherine Breillat comes on board Aus co-production

For the first time in her 40-year career, controversial and renowned French director Catherine Breillat has agreed to direct a film she has not personally written, signing onto the Australian co-production Bridge of Floating Dreams. Penned by Australian Brian Jones, Bridge of Floating Dreams follows his own experiences as a young man who falls in love with a Japanese woman during his travels in the 60.s. This relationship introduces him to the mizu-shobai . an outrageous and now extinct sub-world of Japanese nightlife. Breillat is well known for her clinical, bleak style as well as for exploring female sexuality in her work with unconventional explicitness. She has been described as a .porno auteuriste.. .My story has explicit erotica, sure,. says Jones. .But it.s the opposite of bleak and clinical. That.s why I was initially dubious about sending it to her. We took a chance and sent to her anyway.
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Breillat set for Floating Dreams

Breillat set for Floating Dreams
French director to direct her first English-language film.

French director Catherine Breillat has signed to direct her first English-language film, Bridge of Floating Dreams set against the backdrop of Japan some twenty years after Hiroshima.

Set against the backdrop of 1960s Japan, it revolves around the relationship between Sean, a young Australian backpacker on his first foreign adventure, and Miyoshi, a nightclub hostess.

In the backdrop, Sean is also befriended by an Austrian forger and a street-wise Japanese wannabe Yakuza hit man.

“In the relationship between Miyoshi and Sean there is something of “romance”, but more flamboyant and carnal; more romantic and Romanesque,” says Breillat.

It is based on a screenplay by award-winning Australian screenwriter Brian Jones

“In the relationship between Miyoshi and Sean there is something of “romance”, but more flamboyant and carnal; more romantic and Romanesque,” says Breillat.

It is the first time Breillat, whose last film Abuse of Weakness premiered at Toronto last year
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Farewell for David Hannay

Friends and colleagues of the late David Hannay are invited to a "wrap" party at the Hannay family home on Saturday.

The details:

Mary Moody And The Entire Hannay Family Invite You To Join Them In A Wrap Party To Honour The Final Scene Of A Long And Amazing Story. The Life Of David Hannay . An Epic Tale Of Drama, Suspense, Revenge, Intrigue, Love, Comedy And Much More. Saturday, April 5. 2 pm .Glenray Park. 61 Porters Lane Yetholme .You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.. Mae West
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Vale David Hannay

Producer David Hannay will be remembered as one of the pioneers of the modern Australian film industry, a passionate cinephile, mentor and loyal friend.

The Nz-born filmmaker whose career spanned seven decades died on Monday, aged 74, after a long battle with cancer.

He entered the film industry at Artransa Park Studios in 1958 as an extras casting assistant on Ray Lawler's Summer of the Seventeenth Doll.

As a producer and executive producer he was involved in more than 50 film and television productions. His feature film credits include Stone, The Man From Hong Kong, Solo, Death of a Soldier, Emma.s War, Mapantsula, Shotgun Wedding, Gross Misconduct, Dead Funny, Savage Play, Love in Ambush and the feature documentary Stone Forever.

He was Head of Production for Gemini Productions (which merged with the Grundy Organisation in 1977) from 1970 to 1973 and again from 1975 to 1976, and general manager of the Greater Union production subsidiary The
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New director for Weekend Warriors

Hong Kong-based Australian filmmaker Antony Szeto has signed to direct the action thriller Weekend Warriors.

Scripted by Trevor Howis, the film follows a young Army reserve officer who tries to save his men and his brother from his psychopathic former mentor who is hell bent on revenge.

Szeto.s latest film is Fist of the Dragon, a martial arts actioner produced by the legendary Roger Corman. Shot in Nanhai, China, the film sees a retired Mma fighter (Ufc star Josh "The Punk" Thomson) head to the Far East to meet his new lover Meili (Hong Kong martial artist Juju Chan). When he inadvertently takes possession of a package sought by an international arms dealer, mayhem ensues.

That was Szeto.s second collaboration with Corman following The Haunted, a horror movie about a Western documentary crew who discover a story about a head concubine who violently murdered another concubine.

Howis tells
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Change of personnel for Weekend Warriors

Writer/producer Trevor Howis is assembling a new creative and international sales team for his thriller Weekend Warriors.

Howis has parted company with David Hannay and the UK.s The Spice Factory, who were to co-produce the film with his firm Vincero Productions.

As a result, director Brian Trenchard-Smith is no longer involved. In a related move, Howis has resigned as head of development for David Hannay Productions after more than three years.

Howis' screenplay is set in a remote forest valley where an inexperienced junior officer endeavours to save his men and his brother from his battle-hardened psychopathic former mentor who is hell bent on revenge.

.Ultimately we have decided it's better for us and our project to pursue other opportunities on our own and move away from the .Ozploitation. brand, . Howis told If.

.It is the toughest decision I have ever had to make but I feel it's the right one.
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Brian Trenchard-Smith looks to China

Anglo/Australian filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith is developing Sword Point, a drama about an injured Chinese gymnast who takes up fencing in a bid to realise her dream of representing China in sport.

The Los Angeles-based filmmaker and his producing partner Marty Fink are shopping the project to Chinese companies with a view to a mounting it as an Australian/Chinese co-production.

The sports-themed drama may seem far removed from the usual milieu of the writer-director whose credits include the action adventures BMX Bandits, The Man from Hong Kong and Stunt Rock, horror movies Turkey Shoot and Dead End Drive-in, and TV.s Flipper.

.I have no usual milieu if you look at my resume, GenresRUs; this will be a sports movie,. said the filmmaker who is on the Gold Coast shooting Hard Drive, an action comedy that stars John Cusack as a mysterious American who arrives in Brisbane, goes looking
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Trenchard Smith to direct Weekend Warriors

Trenchard Smith to direct Weekend Warriors
Brian Trenchard Smith will direct Australian action film Weekend Warriors.

The Spice Factory, Hannay Productions/Vincero Productions and Stealth Australia are on board to produce.

Stealth is handling sales.

Trevor Howis writes the script, about an army reserves officer who is disgraced and plots his revenge on his psychopathic former mentor.

The writer is Dhp head of development Trevor Howis. The producers are Michael Cowan, Jason Piette, David Hannay, and Trevor Howis.

Casting is underway with Maura Fay Casting.

Trenchard Smith’s credits include The Man From Hong Kong, Dead End Drive-In and The Quest.
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Writer Provides Update on Flies 3D

Producer and writer Anthony Egan is buzzing about his contribution to the growing 3-D horror market Flies . The film is the latest from director Jamie Blanks who jumped back onto the genre scene last year with Storm Warning and has a remake of Long Weekend on the way. " Flies 3D is a love letter to '70s animal attack flicks with a healthy dose of '50s mutant bugs," Egan tells "It's been in development for well over a decade, back when the only Aussie flicks in the ball park were Dark Age , Razorback and, at a stretch, the original Long Weekend ." Egan scripted this throwback and is producing with producer David Hannay. "Jamie officially came on board last year, but turns out he'd been slipped an early draft by...
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Jamie Blanks On for 3D Flies

Is it true that not only has a 3D film never come out of Australia, but that there’s never been a nature-run-amok movie about flies? I can’t come up with one of either off the top of my head, though I’m sure The Foywonder will chime in if the latter isn’t accurate.

Inside Film spoke to veteran producer David Hannay, who told them that Flies will be the first 3D production for the land down under, and has attached Storm Warning director Jamie Blanks as director. The script, written by Anthony Egan, tells of some genetically altered flies who escape from a lab and attack a nearby town that has just opened a tourist attraction shaped like a giant blowfly.

So why 3D? Australia is ready to move into the future just like every other film market; ”We have to embrace new technologies, because the audience expects it.
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Urban Legend Director Attracting 3D 'Flies'

While I still haven't taken the time to write a review for his remake of Long Weekend, Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend, Storm Warning) is already out prepping his next horror film. During an interview with Inside Film, Australian producer David Hannay announced he would be teaming up with Anthony Egan to bring us a new 3D horror film entitled Flies, which will be directed by Blanks from a screenplay by Egan. Veteran and legendary producer David Hannay (Stone, The Man from Hong Kong) is teaming up with editor/writer Anthony Egan to produce what could potentially be Australias first feature film in stereoscopic 3D.
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Jamie Blanks Flies into His Next Film

Australian producers David Hannay and Anthony Egan are teaming up to unleash the 3D horror film Flies , scripted by Egan. According to Inside Film, Jamie Blanks ( Storm Warning ) is attached to direct. Flies is based around the concept of genetically-engineered insects that escape and attack a small town. "It was a concept we thought that no one has really touched on the subject of 'nature goes nuts' in Australia," Egan tells If, somehow forgetting the choice "nature run amok" offerings that have and are coming out of his country including Blanks' own upcoming Long Weekend . "So we thought up an idea that would fit that genre and have appeal in the national marketplace." Production is expected to begin in the first quarter of 2009 and is...
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