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Sundance London 2017 Review – Bitch (2017)

Bitch, 2017.

Directed by Marianna Palka.

Starring Caroline Aaron, Eric Edelstein, Kingston Foster, Jamie King, Ren Hanami, and Jason Ritter.


An ordinary suburban family descends into chaos when the mother suddenly and unexplainably takes on the psyche of a rabid dog.

There are few experiences like sitting through Marianna Palka’s violently off-beat Bitch. What hooks with a fascinating set-up very, very quickly loses itself in some of the most frenzied and uncomfortable editing this side of a half-forgotten Taken sequel, and winds up doing nothing short of totally defecating over every last drop of its potential. It’s easily one of the most grating 90-minute indies in recent memory; a talented lead and a powerful initial by-line, totally squandered.

This isn’t to say that Palka’s ideas are anything but solid; there’s a relatively firm central push towards the meaningful here, covering everything from gendered roles in the family,
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