FrightFest 2011 Review: Rogue River

Rogue River

Stars: Michelle Page, Bil Moseley, Lucinda Jenney, Michael Cudlitz | Written by Kevin Haskin, Ryan Finnerty | Directed by Jourdan McClure

Taking a trip into the wilds of Oregon to scatter her fathers ashes at Rogue River (hence the title), Californian Mara (Page) finds her car towed by the local Sheriff. However all is not lost as a kindly passing stranger, played by Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2‘s Bill Moseley, offers to give her a lift, which she begrudgingly accepts. Big mistake…

Yes, no points for guessing what happens next as Rogue River is as cliched as they come – Mara is kidnapped and both emotionally and physically tortured by good-old-by Jon and his cohort Lea, played Moseley and his real-life wife Lucinda Jenney respectively, before being subjected to a degrading act of copulation with her own brother who has come to find her! Of course this being your typical torture/rape/revenge flick,
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