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  • (2002) Stage: Appeared in "Morning's at Seven" on Broadway. Comedy (revival). Written by Paul Osborn. Directed by Daniel Sullivan. Lyceum Theater: 21 Apr 2002-28 Jul 2002 (112 performances + 27 previews that began on 28 Mar 2002). Produced by Lincoln Center Theater (André Bishop: Artistic Director. Bernard Gersten: Executive Producer)
  • (1993) Stage Play: Three Men on a Horse. Comedy. Written by George Abbott and John Cecil Holm. Musical Director: John Kander. Scenic Design by Marjorie Bradley Kellogg. Directed by John Tillinger. Lyceum Theatre: 13 Apr 1993- 16 May 1993 (39 performances + 24 previews that began on 23 Mar 1993). Cast: Leslie Anderson (as "Gloria"), John Beal (as "The Tailor") [final Broadway role], Danny Burstein (as "Delivery Boy"), Helmar Augustus Cooper (as "Moses"), Joey Faye (as "Harry"), John Franklyn-Robbins (as "Mr. Carver"), David Geist (as "Gus, the Piano Player"), Ellen Greene (as "Mabel"), Julie Hagerty (as "Audrey Trowbridge"), Heather Harlan (as "Hotel Maid"), Dave Johnson (as "Racetrack Announcer"), Jack Klugman (as "Patsy"), Zane Lasky (as "Frankie"), Nora Mae Lyng (as "Sylvia, the Chanteuse"), Tony Randall (as "Erwin Trowbridge"), Jerry Stiller (as "Charlie"), Michael Stuhlbarg (as "Al/Radio Announcer"), Ralph Williams (as "Clarence Dobbins"). Understudies: Andrew Bloch (as "Charlie/Harry/Patsy"), Danny Burstein (as "Al/The Tailor"), Edmund C. Davys (as "Clarence Dobbins/Erwin Trowbridge/Mr. Carver"), Rand Mitchell (as "Moses/The Tailor"), Margery Murray (as "Audrey Trowbridge/Mabel") and Michael Stuhlbarg (as "Delivery Boy/Frankie"). Produced by National Actors Theatre (Tony Randall, Founder and Artistic Advisor. Michael Langham, Artistic Advisor).
  • (1986) Stage Play: The Front Page. Comedy (revival). Written by Charles MacArthur and Ben Hecht. Scenic Design by Tony Walton. Directed by Jerry Zaks. Vivian Beaumont Theatre: 23 Nov 1986- 11 Jan 1987 (57 performances + 28 previews that began on 31 Oct 1986). Cast: Amanda Carlin (as "A Woman"), Ronn Carroll (as "Kruger, Journal of Commerce"), Jerome Dempsey (as "The Mayor"), Patrick Garner (as "Tony/A Policeman"), Julie Hagerty (as "Peggy Grant"), Ed Lauter (as "Murphy, Journal"), Philip LeStrange (as "Frank, a Deputy"), John Lithgow (as "Walter Burns"), Beverly May (as "Mrs. Grant"), Bill McCutcheon (as "Mr. Pincus"), Bernie McInerney (as "Endicott, Post"), Deirdre O'Connell (as "Mollie Malloy"), Richard Peterson (as "A Policeman"), Michael Rothhaar (as "Carl, a Deputy"), Raymond Serra (as "Diamond Louis"), Richard B. Shull (as "Sheriff Hartman"), Paul Stolarsky (as "Earl Williams"), Charles Stransky (as "Wilson, American"), Richard Thomas (as "Hildy Johnson, Herald Examiner"), Jack Wallace (as "Woodenshoes Eichorn"), Jeff Weiss (as "Bensinger, Tribune"), Lee Wilkof (as "Schwartz, Daily News"), Trey Wilson (as "McCue, City Press"), Mary Catherine (as "Wright Jennie"). Understudies: Amanda Carlin (as "Mollie Malloy/Peggy Grant"), Anita Dangler (as "Jennie/Mrs. Grant"), Patrick Garner (as "Carl/Earl Williams/Frank/Mr. Pincus"), Philip LeStrange (as "Endicott/McCue/Murphy/Wilson"), Richard Peterson (as "Bensinger/Kruger/Schwartz/Tony") and Michael Rothhaar (as "A Policeman/Diamond Louis/Hildy Johnson/Woodenshoes Eichorn"). Replacement actor: Tom Brennan (as "Woodenshoes Eichorn"). Produced by Lincoln Center Theater (as "Gregory Mosher: Artistic Director. Bernard Gersten: Executive Producer).
  • (1986) Stage: Appeared in "The House of Blue Leaves". Comedy.
  • (2013) TV commercial: Old Navy clothing stores.
  • (July 13, 2008 - September 6, 2008) "The Marriage of Bette and Boo" written by Christopher Durang; directed by Walter Bobbie; with Terry Beaver (as Father Donnally); Heather Burns (as Emily Brennan); Victoria Clark (as Margaret Brennan); John Glover (as Karl Hudlocke); Kate Jennings Grant (as Bette Brennan); Julie Hagerty (as Soot Hudlocke); 'Adam Lefevre' (as Paul Brennan); Zoe Lister-Jones (as Zoe Lister-Jones) (as Joan Brennan); Charles Socarides (as Matt Christopher); and Evan Welch (as Boo Hudlocke); Off-Broadway at the Laura Pels Theatre in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

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