DVD Review – Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan (2014)

Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan, 2014.

Written and Directed by Greg Hall.

Starring Paul Marlon, Samuel Anoyke, Roger Griffiths, Simon Phillips and Mark Sangster.


Five criminals unknown to each other are hired to complete a bank robbery. What should have been a smooth operation soon descends into paranoia, violence and horror…

Reportedly renamed to have a ‘hooligan’ element in its UK title to cash in on impending football World Cup fever (clearly someone holds the English footie fan in high esteem), this crime thriller doesn’t actually have very much to do with said beautiful game. True, lead gang member Danny (Paul Marlon) liked a bit of a kick about of the more physical variety before or after a match, but his past does not impact on the full hazily plotted yarn.

The story, such as it is, comprises of a whodunit, or more explicitly, a ‘whohiredit’, ‘it’ being a cockernee style bank job.
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Doctor Who complete reviews: Planet of the Ood

I guess it was only a matter of time before the Ood came back for another tussle with The Doctor. They had proven to be a big success in David Tennant's first season, thanks to their strikingly unusual appearance and the mystery of whether they were goodies or baddies. In the end, they got a rather sad exit in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit, after they were killed in explosions, having been possessed by the Beast. Even The Doctor couldn't save them this time, the scoundrel.

So he figures that he owes them one after arriving on the Planet Of The Ood. We'd seen how they were no more than shuffling servants to human beings in the far future, serving up drinks and food like badly mutated butlers. The concept of Ood slavery was briefly mentioned, but it's dwelt upon more heavily in Planet Of The Ood – which incidentally,
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UK Urban Thriller, “Deadmeat,” Out on DVD

When (or if) you think of urban UK film, you may immediately think Noel Clarke. However, while he may be the biggest fish, Clarke isn’t the only one swimming in that pool. Based on the cult novel of the same name by Q (aka Ashanti Power, aka Kwabena Manso), two years ago, Deadmeat won awards on both sides of the pond, Best British Feature at the Bfm Film Festival (London, UK), as well as an Accolade Award for Excellence (Hollywood, Us) and is now due to be released on DVD this week… in the UK, anyway.

Written, directed by and starring Q, Deadmeat is a gritty urban thriller which explores London’s gangland dark underbelly in a chilling tale of revenge killings and betrayal.

While Clarke’s earlier films, KidultHood and AdultHood, gained an avid youth following thanks mainly to their somewhat realistic potrayal of bleak UK inner city life,
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