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SXSW Film Review: ‘Sadie’

SXSW Film Review: ‘Sadie’
The eponymous protagonist at the chilly heart of “Sadie” is a troubled 13-year-old girl who is driven to extremes by her unyielding notions about what constitutes loyalty. Of course, Sadie — rivetingly played with tamped-down intensity by newcomer Sophia Mitri Schloss — would no doubt dispute that description, if only because it implies she’s not in full control of her actions at every moment. She’d have you know that if anyone or anything is doing any driving, well, she’s the one at the wheel. Equal parts coming-of-age story and slow-burn thriller, writer-director Megan Griffiths’ quietly absorbing and methodically disquieting drama is a genuine rarity: a sympathetic portrait of a budding sociopath.

Sadie lives with Rae (Melanie Lynskey), her mother, in a dreary Midwestern trailer park where, sooner or later, everybody knows everybody else’s business. (The wintery cinematography of T.J. Williams Jr. accentuates the overall air of dead-end gloom.
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‘Sadie’: Sophia Mitri Schloss Simmers As A Troubled Youth [SXSW Review]

War can be waged on many fronts, but don’t overlook or underestimate the subtle, but deadly psychological warfare campaign fought by a profoundly disaffected teenage girl. These notions clash and resistance are one of the ideas explored in “Sadie,” a troubled, coming of age trailer park drama from writer/director Megan Griffiths (“The Night Stalker,” “Lucky Them“) bolstered by an unnervingly cold, but breakout performance by Sophia Mitri Schloss.
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SXSW Review: ‘Sadie’ is a Provocative, Emotionally Violent Coming-of-Age Drama

While on its surface, Sadie is not an explicitly political film about the present American condition, it is a story of the “forgotten men and women” hidden from the public eye in various social contexts. Following a troubled young woman who may one day become a problem society will deal with the only way it knows how–branding her a monster and putting her in a state prison–Megan Griffiths’ film could be read as an origin story. But if there’s a silver lining to this tragedy, it’s that there’s some small level of intervention from adults to prevent this possibility, even if they never know quite what to say to help.

12-year old Sadie (played brilliantly by Sophia Mitri Scholoss) spends her days roaming around the scrap yards that flank her trailer park. Her seemingly only friend is her younger neighbor, Francis (Keith L. Williams), and his grandfather.
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With ‘Sadie,’ Director Megan Griffiths Counters Notion That Violence Is The Answer To People’s Problems — SXSW

With ‘Sadie,’ Director Megan Griffiths Counters Notion That Violence Is The Answer To People’s Problems — SXSW
Known for films including Eden and The Off Hours, writer/director Megan Griffiths is back at SXSW this year with a family drama titled Sadie. The film centers on Sadie, a young girl (played by breakout star Sophia Mitri Schloss) who struggles with the absence of her military father. As her mother (Melanie Lynskey) begins dating another man (John Gallagher Jr.), Sadie takes matters into her own hands to tank the relationship. “I started writing this in 2009. It was sort of…
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‘Sadie’ Review: Megan Griffiths’ Trailer Park Drama Falls Flat, Even With a Breakout Performance From Its Young Star — SXSW

‘Sadie’ Review: Megan Griffiths’ Trailer Park Drama Falls Flat, Even With a Breakout Performance From Its Young Star — SXSW
No one is happy in the hazy, dank world of Megan Griffiths’ trailer-park drama, “Sadie.” But no one is as compelling in their discontent as the eponymous lead, an outcast 13-year-old played by breakout star Sophia Mitri Schloss. Unhappy with her lot in life, she’s ignored at nearly every turn, only finding solace in her doting mother Rae (Melanie Lynskey) and her long-time best pal Francis (Keith L. Williams).

However, Sadie’s fragile existence is made worse by the protracted absence of her father. A daddy’s girl through and through, Sadie is convinced that her soldier dad is the only one who really understands her — not only with their shared interest in gory horror movies, military strategy, and sensible flak jackets, but also in emotions and worldview. That her father has been out of the country and her life, for years (save for his bi-monthly letters) stings Sadie,
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14 Movies From Female Filmmakers to See At SXSW, From ‘Fast Color’ to ‘Sadie’

  • Indiewire
Girl Talk is a weekly look at women in film — past, present, and future.

While Hollywood continues to struggle towards parity in the director’s chair, the film festival world is playing major catch-up. At this year’s SXSW Film Festival, the push towards parity is becoming more of a reality than ever before, as 33% of all feature films at the fest are directed by women, while the shorts section boasts 59% female directorship across its slate. It’s a stark difference to the studio side of the industry.

The USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative’s latest study, “Inclusion in the Director’s Chair? Gender, Race & Age of Directors across 1,000 films from 2007-2017,” found that, of the 109 film directors associated with the 100 top movies of 2017, 92.7 percent were male; 7.3 percent were female. Days later, the San Diego State University’s Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film followed with the “Celluloid Ceiling” study,
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10 Films Premiering at SXSW '18 To Watch

  • Cinelinx
SXSW 2018 is upon us. Here are 10 films, without Tomatometers to guide us comfortably, premiering at this year's fest that you can bet on.

Relaxer - Joel Potrykus

Dogged to deteriorate ‘til he clobbers the unclobberable, Abby can’t flee his dent in the couch til he bests his brother’s bet to beat level 256 of Pac-Man. The stakes are, in that Potrykus way, only as strong as the disillusioned hero can envisage. Sleepless, stagnating, running on processed dairy, Abby’s obstacle might be Potrykus’s most menacing yet.


Don’t Leave Home - Michael Tully

Michael Tully’s first feature since the low-dose nostalgia trip Ping Pong Summer leaves comfort for myth and mystery, a curiosity and obsession that leads an artist away from the hearth.


Field Guide To Evil - Anthology

This ”Global dark folklore anthology” features shorts from The Lure director Agniezka Smoczynska, Goodnight Mommy’s
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‘Sadie’ Trailer Teases What Could Be A SXSW Standout

Over the years, we’ve seen films that tackle the life of a person in the military from almost every angle. However, there’s one side of the military life that hasn’t really been explored much on film, until now. Premiering at this year’s SXSW is the newest film from writer/director Megan Griffiths, “Sadie.” In the first teaser trailer for the movie, we see how military life affects the daughter of a soldier, and it’s probably not how you would expect.
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Trailer Watch: A Teen Will Do Whatever It Takes to Keep Her Family Together in “Sadie”


Sadie misses her dad. She writes him letters while he serves tours in the military, and no matter the distance between them, she remains extremely attached to him and anxiously awaits his visits. Her mom (Melanie Lynskey) feels differently. Rae is tired of her husband’s prolonged absence and wants to move on. Her daughter isn’t going to make that easy. As a new trailer for Megan Griffiths’ “Sadie” hints, the 13-year-old is willing to take extreme measures to keep her family together.

Horrified to discover her mom with another man, Sadie seems resolved to get rid of him. “Nice people don’t break up families,” she says of Cyrus (John Gallagher Jr.). There are snippets of scenes with ambulance lights and a hospital waiting room, suggesting that Sadie’s wrong when she says to a friend, “Nobody cares what [kids] do.” While her plot to get rid of Cyrus remains a mystery,
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‘Sadie’ Trailer: A Teen Aims To End Her Mother’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend In Megan Griffith’s Drama

‘Sadie’ Trailer: A Teen Aims To End Her Mother’s Relationship With Her Boyfriend In Megan Griffith’s Drama
Exclusive: There are many teens who will stop at nothing to keep their parents together no matter how broken the relationship. As seen in the new trailer for Sadie, which makes its world premiere at SXSW, the titular teen (played by newcomer Sophia Mitri Schloss) is taking this to another level. Written by Megan Griffiths, the film follows 13-year-old Sadie who lives at home with her mother (Melanie Lynskey) while her father serves repeated tours in the military. Sadie is…
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Women Directors Dominate SXSW Competition

Nijla Mu’min’s “Jinn” will screen at the fest: Mu’min’s official website

The lineup for the 2018 edition of South by Southwest Conference and Festival has been announced, and it’s cause for celebration. Of 10 films screening in the Narrative Feature Competition, eight are directed or co-directed by women, and four of 10 titles in the Documentary Feature Competition are helmed or co-helmed by women. All told, women directed or co-directed 12 of 20 features in competition, or 60 percent overall.

Films up for competition awards include Olivia Newman’s “First Match,” the story of a teenage girl who tries to reconnect with her estranged father by wrestling boys, Nijla Mu’min’s “Jinn,” a portrait of a black teen Instagram celebrity who is dealing with her mother’s conversion to Islam, and “TransMilitary,” a doc about transgender troops co-directed by Fiona Dawson.

Ana Asensio’s “Most Beautiful Island” was named Grand
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SXSW 2018 Lineup Includes New Films from Jody Hill, Andrew Bujalski, Julia Hart & More

With Sundance 2018 wrapped up, the next major American festival is South by Southwest Film Festival and today they’ve announced their lineup. Opening with John Krasinski’s horror film A Quiet Place, it also includes some of our most-anticipated films of the year: Jody Hill’s Observe & Report follow-up The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter (which Netflix has announced they’ll release), Andrew Bujalski’s Support the Girls, and Julia Hart’s Miss Stevens follow-up, the sci-fi film Fast Color (pictured above) starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Check out the lineup below for the festival that takes place March 9-18 in Austin. It also includes many Sundance 2018 titles, and you can see our reviews of those here.

Narrative Feature Competition

Ten world premieres; ten unique ways to celebrate the art of storytelling. Selected from 1,408 narrative feature submissions in 2018.


Director/Screenwriter: Laura Steinel

When an emotionally stunted 30 year-old woman is tasked
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SXSW 2018: John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Announced as Opening Night Film

  • DailyDead
"If they hear you, they hunt you." Before it's released in theaters this April, John Krasinski's new post-apocalyptic movie A Quiet Place will have its world premiere as the opening night movie at South by Southwest.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world that's been ravaged by monsters attracted by sound, A Quiet Place was directed and co-written by John Krasinski, who also co-stars alongside Emily Blunt, Noah Jupe, and Millicent Simmonds.

Part of the Headliners screening slate, A Quiet Place will make its world premiere on March 9th ahead of the film's April 6th theatrical release from Paramount Pictures. This marks the third feature film behind the camera for Krasinski, who directed Brief Interviews with Hideous Men and The Hollars, as well as three episodes of The Office, on which he played the iconic character of Jim Halpert.

Other genre movies screening at SXSW, including the Midnighters slate, will be announced on February 7th,
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Bill Murray, Daryl Hannah, and Christopher Plummer as a Con Man: 5 Highlights from SXSW’s 2018 Film and TV Lineup

Bill Murray, Daryl Hannah, and Christopher Plummer as a Con Man: 5 Highlights from SXSW’s 2018 Film and TV Lineup
The 2018 SXSW Film and TV lineups have landed, and Austin’s programming of new films and TV shows looks like nothing else out there. As the film section enters its 25th anniversary and the festival’s top programmer Janet Pierson enters her 10th, SXSW remains a distinctive presence on the festival circuit, one that speaks to an ever-changing media landscape and the variability of filmmaking outside of Hollywood. Here are some of the standouts from the announcement.

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Daryl Hannah Made an Experimental Western With Willie Nelson

As calls for supporting women filmmakers continue to dominate the industry, SXSW’s program provides a compelling response. Its 10-movie narrative competition is dominated by eight women directors, varying wildly in age and experience. These include first-time director Hannah Marks, who co-directed the drama “Shotgun” with Joey Power. Marks
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SXSW 2018 unveils opening film, features roster

SXSW 2018 unveils opening film, features roster
Jordan Peele’s The Last O.G to screen in Independent Episodic; Timur Bekmambetov’s Profile among SXSW line-up.

Source: Paramount Pictures

SXSW top brass on Wednesday (January 31) said the world premiere of John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place will open the 25th edition of the festival, which runs in Austin, Texas, from March 9-18.

Krasinski directed and stars in horror-thriller A Quiet Place alongside his wife Emily Blunt in the tale of an isolated family living in silence for fear of attack by an unknown force than tracks sound. Platinum Dunes produced the feature, which opens in the Us through on April 6 through Paramount.

SXSW launches the inaugural Independent Episodic section this year, an expansion on the Episodic section launched in 2014. Overall, the festival will screen 132 features, with additional titles to be announced.

The full line-up will include 44 films from first-time filmmakers, 86 world premieres, 11 North American premieres and five Us premieres. The films were culled
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SXSW Film and TV 2018 Lineup: Jordan Peele, Female Directors, and More Lead Latest Announcement

SXSW Film and TV 2018 Lineup: Jordan Peele, Female Directors, and More Lead Latest Announcement
The SXSW Conference and Festivals has announced its features lineup and opening night film, plus a selection of episodic titles for the 25th edition of the Film Festival, running this March in Austin, Texas. This year’s festival will open with John Krasinski’s Paramount-produced “A Quiet Place,” playing as part of the festival’s Headliners section. Elsewhere, the film lineup is stacked with a number of offerings from female filmmakers, including its Narrative Feature Competition, which includes eight films (out of ten) directed or co-directed by women, from Megan Griffiths’ “Sadie” to Stacy Cochran’s “Write When You Get Work.”

Other sections of the festival also include a heavily female bent, including three films in the Headliners section (which currently includes five titles), and the Narrative Spotlight section, which includes new films from Lynn Shelton, Miranda Bailey, Julia Hart, and Suzi Yoonessi. Those titles are joined by a slew of other SXSW regulars,
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Stranger Things: The Other Places You've Seen Aunt Becky

Image Source: Netflix Fans were in for a surprise in Stranger Things season two when Eleven leaves Hawkins about halfway through the season to find her mom, Terry. Of course, viewers know from season one that there's nothing but heartbreak for Eleven (real name: Jane). She arrives at her mother's house and meets her Aunt Becky, who tells her about Terry's condition. Becky is played by Amy Seimetz, who may not be a very mainstream actor but is well-known on the indie circuit. She got her start directing and producing short and independent films, including associate producing Medicine for Melancholy, which was nominated for both Gotham and Independent Spirit Awards. RelatedLet's Take a Moment to Appreciate the Perfectly Preppy Style Choices of Stranger Things' Nancy Wheeler Her acting career really took off when she starred in three of Joe Swanberg's independent films: Alexander the Last, Silver Bullets, and Autoerotic.
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Exclusive interview: Room 104 director Megan Griffiths talks The Fight and The Missionaries

Tonight on Room 104, The Fight is a fierce and frantic episode which sees two women war with each other as the male-dominated Mma fight system keeps them marginalized financially. In short, and without too many spoilers, they cook up a scheme. The technically accurate and stunning choreography of The Fight proves how few limitations space presents to film when in the right hands, thanks to the eye and skill of Seattle-based director Megan Griffiths (The Night Stalker).  This incredible episode is one of the best so far and the second effort for the series directed by Griffiths, who more
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The Best TV Directors of All Time – IndieWire Critics Survey

The Best TV Directors of All Time – IndieWire Critics Survey
Every week, IndieWire asks a select handful of TV critics two questions and publishes the results on Tuesday. (The answer to the second, “What is the best show currently on TV?” can be found at the end of this post.)

This week’s question: Who is the best TV director? Why? (For old, current or upcoming shows.)

Marisa Roffman (@marisaroffman), TV Guide Magazine

The recent Emmy Awards was a good reminder of just how great television directors are right now. It was the best overall crop we’ve had in years, and one of the few categories where it felt like it could have gone any way.

But in terms of best television director, I’m partial to David Nutter. His 30-plus year resume is impressive (“The Sopranos,” “ER,” “The X-Files,” plus an Emmy win for “Game of Thrones”) and wildly varied (he’s done procedurals like “Without a Trace,
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‘Room 104’: Straight Guy Mark Duplass Wrote The Year’s Sweetest Gay Love Story

‘Room 104’: Straight Guy Mark Duplass Wrote The Year’s Sweetest Gay Love Story
In last week’s episode of “Room 104,” the inventive TV experiment from the Duplass brothers, two baby-faced Mormon missionaries ask “Heavenly Father” for a sign when their faith begins to flag. Feeling discouraged by their failure to persuade a single convert, Noah (Adam Foster) has recently tried coffee, and Joseph (Nat Wolff) zealously guides him back to the light. When they ask for a sign and the TV magically turns on so-called “pornography,” Joseph flip-flops and proposes breaking all the rules as a way to strengthen their faith. When Joseph returns with a six-pack of beer, they throw the tamest all nighter any hotel has ever seen, which to them is incredibly wild and thrilling. Through passing glances and hidden hard-ons, it soon becomes clear they’d like to switch teams in more ways than one.

What unfolds is a funny and sensitive exploration of repressed sexuality, their earnest
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