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Stills We Love: Attack Of The Crab Monsters

Crabs attack Stills We Love in a double-photo feature!

It’s Attack of the Crab Monsters today, folks. And we’ve got two photos for you. Best get to it. Just look:

Click to enlarge.

It’s always odd to see color photos from movies that have etched themselves into our memories in black and white. Here’s a scuba-geared Pamela Duncan on location in Bronson Canyon for one of Roger Corman and Chuck Griffith’s most durable creature features, Attack of the Crab Monsters. The state of the art Telepathic Talking Crab Puppeteers are working their magic in what may be a rehearsal but is more likely a test to see if the wires will hold. The guy on the right looks like he might be Ed Nelson, who was underneath the Crab whenever it had to move, and claims Jack Nicholson was hanging around hoping to get in on the gig.
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The Ultimate List of Films for Carmageddon!

Stay off the streets and stay in with a movie…that takes to the streets.

Los Angelenos are aflutter with impending chaos. And, if you don’t live in Los Angeles, you probably don’t understand. (I live here and I’m not sure I fully understand.) But this weekend (July 15-17), the City of Los Angeles has gotten it in its mind to shut down the 405 Freeway, one of the central lifelines for the (frankly absurd) amount of traffic that hits Los Angeles on a daily basis. This means that, functionally, no one’s going anywhere this weekend and the entire West side of Los Angeles is going to be choked off by the cold, unrelenting hands of the Los Angeles Dot.

Naturally, this has become a bit of a cultural meme (surely confusing anyone who doesn’t live in Los Angeles) dubbed by internet pun genii as “Carmageddon.
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TCM Drive-In Doubles Week 4

Dante gives us the details of TCM’s June 23rd back-to-back-to-back double-features.

Another week in June means that TCM — possibly the best channel on any cable box anywhere — is back with another Thursday night chock full of monstrous mayhem. This week they’re turning their attention to something near and dear to our very hearts: underwater fiends.

Here’s Joe (and company) with the rundown:

June 23

It Came From Beneath The Sea - The top half of what Bill Warren has called the greatest double bill of the 50s (withCreature with the Atom Brain), this Harryhausen classic benefits from its newsreelish location shooting. Ernest Dickerson appreciates it here.

The Monster That Challenged The World – A surprisingly well produced cheapie with a cool, if immobile, monster by Augie Lohman that takes place on the Salton Sea. It’s a far cry from The Magnificent Ambersons, but a bulky Tim Holt makes
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Roger Corman on "Naked Paradise"

Roger's 1956 trip to Hawaii resulted in two movies (naturally) and this one was so well plotted by Chuck Griffith and Mark Hanna that he remade it several times under different titles and in different locations. Look for later leads Dick Miller and Jonathan Haze in supporting henchmen roles. Then- girlfriend Beverly Garland stars in the fourth of five pictures for Roger.
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