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Blumhouse Exec Confirms Halloween Will Be R-Rated

Throughout the last twelve months or so, Blumhouse Productions, the studio behind horror franchises such as Ouija and The Purge, has quietly garnered a sterling reputation at the box office. The Jason Blum-founded company oversaw projects like the James McAvoy-led Split and the fourth installment in James Wan’s Insidious series, The Last Key, both of which turned massive profits on minimal budgets.

The studio’s crowning achievement, however, didn’t arrive until recently, when Jordan Peele’s mammoth success, Get Out, pocketed four Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor (Daniel Kaluuya), and Best Original Screenplay, despite only being victorious in the latter.

Hoping to keep the momentum going now, this October will see Blumhouse Productions release the much-anticipated sequel to John Carpenter’s distinguished horror classic, Halloween. The reimagining will apparently disregard each subsequent entry into the horror series, proceeding Carpenter’s original 1978 film,
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New Halloween Test Screening Reaction Calls It Dark, Brutal And Very Graphic

Before we dive into what is undoubtedly a confusing saga of hushed rumors and conflicting reports, let’s recap the last 24 hours in the Halloween camp.

This past weekend, some outlets caught wind of an alleged test screening hosted by Blumhouse – a test screening that John Carpenter denies ever existed – where David Gordon Green’s sequel was supposedly bashed for its wholly unsatisfying finale, not to mention the lack of continuity connecting it with the franchise.

“Halloween suffers from a lack of continuity with barely any exposition connecting this Halloween to its roots,” read the initial report. “[The movie is] aimed at modern horror fans who enjoy franchises like The Purge and Sinister, rather than the nuanced or complex tapestry Michael Myers aficionados are craving.

The Ending is unsatisfying and hardly befitting of something John Carpenter promises will be the last Halloween movie ever.”

Michael Emerges From The Shadows On First Halloween Poster
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Halloween 2018 Test Screening Goes Over Poorly with Horror Fans?

Blumhouse Productions recently conducted a test screening for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's new Halloween movie, and it's left some old school horror hounds pretty angry. Fans have been skeptical about the movie since it was announced, but pictures from the set as well as the inclusion of Jaime Lee Curtis and John Carpenter scoring the soundtrack have gone a long way in fueling hope for the quasi-sequel. However, notes from the first test screening may reignite that initial skepticism.

According to Horror Freak News, the new Halloween movie was given scores of fair to poor from the test screening, with many noting that the movie is too long and that the ending is not very good at all. According to a source who attended the test screening, "considerable time (is) spent developing characters who don't last long." But that wasn't the worst news that had been reported
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Test Screening For The New Halloween Film Didn't Go Over Well With Audience

Blumhouse Productions recently held a test screening for David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's new Halloween film, which is set 40 years after the events of the original film. Apparently, that screening didn't go over very well and there's no doubt that fans of the franchise won't like what is being said.

The following information comes from Horror Freak News. A source at the screening told them that the film "suffers from a lack of continuity with barely any exposition connecting this Halloween to its roots." That person also says that the current cut is too long, clocking in at close to 2 hours with "considerable time spent developing characters who don’t last long."

The film tested fair to poorly with the audience, and the movie. is said to be "aimed at modern horror fans who enjoy franchises like The Purge and Sinister, rather than the nuanced or complex tapestry Michael Myers aficionados are craving.
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There’s Been No Test Screenings For The Halloween Sequel, According To John Carpenter

Blumhouse’s Halloween hasn’t been test screened yet because there hasn’t even been a first cut. Or so says John Carpenter.

The undisputed Master of Horror took to Facebook (h/t Fansided) yesterday evening in order to set the record straight, revealing that Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green are yet to settle on a first cut, let alone release a theatrical print that’s ready to be screened in front of a test audience.

That ought to allay fears that the long-anticipated Halloween sequel was struggling to leave much of an impression among focus groups, after it emerged over the weekend that some viewers had taken issue with the ending. Turns out those allegations were totally false, as Carpenter told his Facebook audience that, “There hasn’t even been a first cut. No test screenings yet.”

Michael Emerges From The Shadows On First Halloween Poster 1 of 2

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First Reactions To Halloween Test Screenings Aren’t Very Good

To date, we’ve heard nothing but good things about David Gordon Green and Danny McBride’s upcoming Halloween sequel which, for those who don’t know, will ignore all films in the series except John Carpenter’s original. Now having wrapped production, producer Jason Blum recently saw a first cut and had nothing but praise for it, while star Jamie Lee Curtis called the footage she’s seen so far terrifying. But how are audiences reacting to the film?

Last week, Blumhouse held a test screening in California and from what we understand, it didn’t go over too well. It wasn’t a disaster, mind you, but HorrorFreakNews.com spoke to their source and while the individual claimed that overall they did enjoy Halloween, it certainly had some flaws. However, they were also quick to mention that with reshoots, said issues could probably be ironed out.

For starters,
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John Carpenter Will Compose the Score for the New ‘Halloween,’ Jason Blum Confirms

John Carpenter Will Compose the Score for the New ‘Halloween,’ Jason Blum Confirms
Just because John Carpenter isn’t directing the newest “Halloween” movie doesn’t mean he won’t be involved. Producer Jason Blum has confirmed that Carpenter, who composed the music for the original 1978 slasher in addition to co-writing and directing it, will return to the franchise with a simple tweet.

Carpenter has composed the music for many of his own films: “Dark Star,” “Escape From New York,” “They Live,” “The Fog,” “Christine,” and so on and so forth. This new “Halloween,” which is being directed by David Gordon Green, will be his first film score since 2001’s “Ghosts of Mars.” It’s also the first “Halloween” movie in nearly a decade, following Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake and its 2009 sequel.

Green, whose all-over-the-place career has seen him direct everything from “George Washington” and “Joe” to “Pineapple Express” and “Stronger,” also co-wrote the screenplay with Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley. Jamie Lee Curtis
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Jamie Lee Curtis discusses the “terrifying” new Halloween, John Carpenter confirmed to score

Universal Pictures kicked off the promotion for the next instalment in the Halloween series this past week with the release of a first teaser poster for the upcoming reboot, and now actress Jamie Lee Curtis – who reprises her iconic role as Laurie Strode – has revealed to Yahoo that a “terrifying” trailer is on its way.

“I’ve seen a trailer and I’ve seen some footage, and it’s terrifying,” said Curtis. “They went full-tilt boogeyman. And I’ve never said that in my life, and I will say full-tilt boogeyman for the rest of the year as I go around talking about this.”

Curtis also went on to discuss why she decided to return to her role from the 1978 slasher classic, stating:

“And as soon as I read what David Gordon Green and Danny McBride had come up with … and the way that they connected the dots of the story,
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Jamie Lee Curtis spills some plot details on the terrifying Halloween reboot

  • JoBlo
I'm sure I don't need to tell you what an incredible film John Carpenter's Halloween is, and although the many sequels were entertaining in their own way, they couldn't hope to live up to the original. Arriving forty years after the franchise began in 1978, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's upcoming reboot will find Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie... Read More...
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John Carpenter Providing ‘Halloween’ Reboot Score; Jamie Lee Curtis Confirms Plot Details

John Carpenter Providing ‘Halloween’ Reboot Score; Jamie Lee Curtis Confirms Plot Details
We really know very little about David Gordon Green‘s Blumhouse-produced Halloween reboot. Now, as the film’s release date gets closer, star Jamie Lee Curtis reveals some interesting details about the Halloween reboot plot. Plus: Jason Blum confirms that John Carpenter is providing the film’s soundtrack. Halloween Retold The Halloween reboot is getting ready to step out of the shadows. […]

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Halloween Sequel Is Told Through The Eyes Of Laurie’s Granddaughter

Four decades have passed since John Carpenter’s cult classic and still to this day, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode is revered as the original Scream Queen. And for good reason.

She’s on the verge of a second coming, too, what with Blumhouse and David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel now barrelling down on its mid-October release date. Said to be just as scary and deeply unsettling as the original, Green’s follow-up picks up immediately where Halloween left off, thereby allowing his sequel to ignore all other films in the timeline.

Indeed, the screenplay cooked up by David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride was enough to convince Curtis to return to Haddonfield one last time, where Michael Myers is plotting another reign of terror – only this time around, the slasher sequel will be told through the eyes of Laurie’s unsuspecting granddaughter, Allyson (Andi Matichak).

And as
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Jason Blum Confirms John Carpenter Is Scoring Halloween

When you’re discussing the most iconic themes in cinematic history, there’s undoubtedly a few choice selections that’ll make anybody’s short list. Naturally, one may bring up John Williams’ work on Star Wars or Superman: The Movie, or Danny Elfman’s contributions to Batman. But when it comes to the horror genre, there’s one piece that arguably reigns supreme – and that’s the one from John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Now, there have been several talented composers to follow in the legend’s footsteps, with each still retaining the original theme but, of course, they throw in their own little variations and/or employ the use of updated synthesizers. Still, that doesn’t mean the very idea of having Carpenter return won’t drive fans into a frenzy, and sure enough, it did back when it was announced a few months ago.

However, at the time, there
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Suspiria Remake Is So Intense It Sent Dakota Johnson to Therapy

Suspiria Remake Is So Intense It Sent Dakota Johnson to Therapy
Anytime that an iconic movie of any genre is being remade, there's a huge amount of skepticism from fans who are worried about ruining the legacy of the original film. That's exactly what happened when it was announced that Academy Award nominated director Luca Guadagnino was taking on Dario Argento's Suspiria. There's still a healthy amount of doubt in the air regarding the Suspiria remake, but star Dakota Johnson has just made a pretty bold claim about how intense it is, revealing that it sent her to therapy.

Dakota Johnson plays the main character, Susie Bannion, in the Suspiria remake, taking on the role that Jessica Harper (who also has a role in the remake) played in the original horror classic. For those worrying about how intense and scary the Suspiria remake will be, Johnson has some comforting news. Apparently, the conditions on the set were perfect for a horror backdrop,
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New Halloween Movie Has a One-Eyed Michael Myers?

New Halloween Movie Has a One-Eyed Michael Myers?
Is the new Halloween movie going to give Michael Myers just one eye to work with? It certainly looks like that may be the case, based on a close examination of the movie's first poster. Blumhouse recently debuted the first Halloween poster, which took a minimalistic approach, but introduced us to the older Michael Myers and his new look. In many ways, it's the same slasher we know from John Carpenter's original movie, perhaps to a surprising degree of paying attention to continuity and detail.

When the Halloween poster is lightened up, as it was pretty dark, we can see a lot more detail on the older mask and the face of Michael Myers. It's the same mask that he wore 40 years ago, but it's clearly been through the ringer over the course of the last four decades. The lightened up version of the poster also reveals a much
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Is The Halloween Poster Hinting At A One-Eyed Michael Myers?

The years have not been kind to Michael Myers.

That was the big takeaway coming out of yesterday’s official poster reveal for Halloween, which showed a tattered, worn-out version of that iconic William Shatner mask peering out of the shadows.

It’s a suitably ominous tease for what is arguably one of the year’s most-anticipated horror movies – Hereditary being a close second – though it wasn’t long before the Internet’s sharpest minds ran a fine-tooth comb over Blumhouse’s official one-sheet. Well, turned up the brightness and zoomed in a little, but what they found could have serious ramifications for the Strode Family as they gear up for one final confrontation against the otherworldly monster known as The Shape.

Upon closer inspection, it seems as though Michael’s left eye is damaged – presumably due to the fact that Laurie Strode jammed a coat hanger into it towards
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Little Crazy Boy in Mask, Why Are You Crying?

Chris here. Remake/reboot culture isn't going to be slowing down anytime soon, and you should be girding our loins for some bizarre iterations if you aren't already. Take this fall's revamp of Halloween which has been taken over by... David Gordon Green? The director is primarily known for intimate dramas and character studies, like last fall's Stronger. While Jamie Lee Curtis's return to the franchise has stoked a high level of anticipation, Green's place in the franchise remains a giant question mark. And from the looks of the first teaser poster, the director has brought his signature ennui and it looks just as weird as that sounds - like a "sorry for your loss" greeting card with a serial killer on it. In the comments, tell us what is making Michael Myers so downtrodden!
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Jamie Lee Curtis Says Halloween Sequel Is Terrifying

Halloween is one of the most iconic franchises in horror history, though the last few entries have, to put it bluntly, been a bit rubbish. Everyone’s hoping that’s going to change with Blumhouse’s upcoming sequel though, which reunites Michael Myers with his most famous adversary, Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode.

With a script by Danny McBride and direction by David Gordon Green, hopes are high that this film – which is intended to be a direct follow-up to the John Carpenter original and will ignore the subsequent movies – will reinvigorate the franchise. And though we still haven’t seen any footage just yet, everything we’ve heard about the project so far has been incredibly positive.

That continues today, too, with new comments from Curtis, who, unlike us, has actually seen some of the film and promises that it’s “terrifying.” Speaking to Yahoo!, here’s what she
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Jamie Lee Curtis Says Laurie’s Ready And Waiting For Michael In Halloween

Michael Myers has carved his way through countless screaming teenagers over the course of the various Halloween movies, but there’s one who’ll always stand out. I’m talking, of course, about Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode, the original ‘final girl’ in John Carpenter’s 1978 classic.

Though the character has appeared in various films in the franchise, David Gordon Green’s direct sequel to the one that started it all ignores the sub-standard follow-ups and promises to give us a ‘real’ grudge match between Michael and Laurie. And while it remains to be seen what that’ll involve, Jamie Lee Curtis has teased via Twitter that Michael Myers is returning to Haddonfield, and Laurie Strode is ready and waiting for him.

By this point, she’s a grandmother, and when Michael threatens her family she’s forced to dust off those old homicidal maniac defeating skills and show that
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Michael Myers Shows Off His New Mask in ‘Halloween’ Poster

Michael Myers Shows Off His New Mask in ‘Halloween’ Poster
The first official Halloween poster has arrived, giving us our first look at the modern day Michael Myers in David Gordon Green‘s new reboot/sequel. Feast your eyes on The Shape below. To heck with Avengers: Infinity War – my most anticipated film of 2018 is David Gordon Green’s Halloween. Green and co-writer Danny McBride are resurrecting Michael Myers […]

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No, 2018’s Halloween Sequel Won’t Release As H40

Not unlike how Avengers: Infinity War is about to commemorate 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Blumhouse and David Gordon Green’s Halloween sequel is arriving at the perfect time, as it’s going on 40 years since John Carpenter, the original Master of Horror, unleashed Michael Myers upon the moviegoing masses.

So make no mistake, October 19th will mark a very special moment for the horror community as a whole, who will no doubt be flocking to their nearest cinema in order to cower before the Halloween of 2018.

But despite online rumors to the contrary, Blumhouse’s continuation won’t be releasing as ‘H40,’ a title presumably designed to mark the anniversary of the genre-defining original. Truth be told, it doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, and considering that this is the first Halloween movie in almost 10 years, perhaps it’s best to stick with the tried and tested
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