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  • (1970s) TV commercial: Mobil Oil as "Mr. Dirt", shown climbing up out of an engine all dirty and oily.
  • (1970s) TV commercial: Was the clapboard operator in the famous "Spicy Meatball" Alka-Seltzer commercial.
  • (1970) Stage: Directed "A Place for Polly" on Broadway (final Broadway credit). Written by Lonnie Coleman. Incidental music by William Fisher. Scenic Design by Clarke Dunham. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 18 Apr 1970 (1 performance + 9 previews). Cast: Cathryn Damon (as "Angela"), Dortha Duckworth (as "Mrs. Bigelow"; final Broadway role), Daniel Keyes (as "Mr. Bigelow"), Alan Manson (as "Tony"), Konrad Matthaei (as "Otis"), Marian Mercer (as "Polly"), Robert Moberly (as "Dan Da Vinci"), William Mooney (as "George"), Evelyn Russell (as "Joyce"). Produced by Ken Gaston, Leonard J. Goldberg and David G. Meyers. Associate Producer: Henry R. Stern.
  • (1970) Stage: Appeared in "Grin and Bare It!" / "Postcards".
  • (1965) Stage: Appeared in "Mating Dance". Comedy.
  • (1964) Stage: Appeared in "Something More!". Musical.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared in "Bravo Giovanni". Musical.
  • (1962) Stage: Appeared in "New Faces of 1962". Musical revue.
  • (1957) Stage: Appeared in "Let It Ride!" Musical comedy.
  • (1957) Stage: Wrote (w/Sidney Carroll) continuity for "Mask and Gown", produced on Broadway. Musical revue. Conceived / directed / co-produced by Leonard Sillman. Music / lyrics by Ronny Graham, June Carroll, Arthur Siegel and Dorothea Freitag. Musical Direction / Music Arranged by Dorothea Freitag. Choreographed by Jim Russell. John Golden Theatre: 10 Sep 1957-12 Oct 1957 (39 performances). Cast: Betty Carr, T.C. Jones, Gaby Monet, John Smolko, Rod Strong. Co-produced by Bryant Haliday.
  • (1956) Stage: Wrote opening number music / lyrics for "New Faces of 1956" on Broadway. Musical comedy/revue. "Stars in the Rough," "Steady Edna," "Darts" sketches by Paul Lynde. "The Broken Kimona" sketch by Richard Maury. "A Canful of Trash" sketch by Louis Botto. "Madame Interpreter" sketch by Neil Simon and Danny Simon. "Twenty Years in the Blackboard Jungle" sketch by Terry Ryan and Barry E. Blitzer. Music by Dean Fuller ("One Perfect Moment," "Isn't She Lovely," "Scratch My Back," "This is Quite a Perfect Night," "Mustapha . . . ", "She's Got Everything") and John Rox. Lyrics by Marshall Barer ("One Perfect Moment," "Isn't She Lovely," "Scratch My Back," "This is Quite a Perfect Night." "Mustapha . . . ", "She's Got Everything"). Music / lyrics for "The Washingtons Are Doin' Okay" by Michael Brown. Lyrics ("Tell Her," "A Doll's House," "Don't Wait . . . ", "Boy Most Likely . . . ". "White Witch") by June Carroll. Music ("Tell Her," "A Doll's House," "Don't Wait . . . ", "Boy Most Likely . . . ", "White Witch") by Arthur Siegel. Music for "Hurry," "April in Fairbanks," "Rouge" by Murray Grand. Music for "The Greatest Invention" by Matt Dubey and Sid Silvers. Music for "What Does Dream Mean?" and "The Greatest Invention" by Harold Karr. Lyrics for "What Does Dream Mean?" and "The Greatest Invention" by Matt Dubey. Music / lyrics for "Girls 'n' Girls 'n' Girls" by Irvin Graham. Music / lyrics for "I Could Love Him" and "Talent" by Paul Nassau. Music for "One Perfect Moment" by Leslie Julian-Jones. Lyrics for "Hurry" by Elisse Boyd. Lyrics for "The Broken Kimona" by Richard Maury. Music for "The Broken Kimona" by Robert W. Stringer. Lyrics for "The Greatest Invention" by Harold Karr and Sid Silvers. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal, Albert Sendrey and Joe Glover. Musical Director: Jay Blackton. Conceived by / Production Supervised by Leonard Sillman. Musical Numbers Staged / Directed by David Tihmar. Scenic Design by Peter Larkin. Costume Design by Thomas Becher. Lighting Design by Peggy Clark. Sketches directed by Paul Lynde. Ethel Barrymore Theatre: 14 Jun 1956-22 Dec 1956 (220 performances). Cast: Franca Baldwin, Suzanne Bernard, Jane Connell, Billie Hayes, Johnny Haymer, Tiger Haynes [Broadway debut], Ann Henry, T.C. Jones, John Laverty, Virginia Martin, Bill McCutcheon, John Reardon, Amru Sani, Bob Shaver, Jimmy Sisco, Maggie Smith, Dana Sosa, Rod Strong, Inga Swenson [Broadway debut]. Understudies: Shellie Farrell, Paula Lloyd, Bill Mullikin, Alice Nunn, Bill O'Brien, Jack Parker, Jack Payne, Tom Roland, Ruth Tarson, Patti Williams. Produced by Leonard Sillman and John Roberts. Produced in association with Yvette Schumer. NOTE: Musical Director [assumed duties during production run]: Anton Coppola.
  • (1954) Stage: Appeared (as "Charlie Reader") in "The Tender Trap" on Broadway. Written by Max Shulman and Robert Paul Smith. Directed by Michael Gordon. Longacre Theatre: 13 Oct 1954-8 Jan 1955 (102 performances). Cast: Kim Hunter (as "Sylvia Crewes"), Robert Preston (as "Joe McCall"), Joey Faye (as "Sol Schwartz"), Jack Manning (as "Earl Lindquist"), Parker McCormick (as "Poppy Matson"), Julia Meade (as "Jessica Collins"; Broadway debut), Janet Riley (as "Julie Gillis'). Produced by Clinton Wilder. NOTE: Filmed as The Tender Trap (1955).
  • (1952) Stage: Co-wrote music / lyrics for songs (earliest Broadway credit) for "Leonard Sillman's New Faces of 1952" on Broadway. Musical revue. Featuring songs by Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick [earliest Broadway credit], Michael Brown, Murray Grand and Francis Lemarque. Featuring songs with lyrics by Arthur Siegel, June Carroll, Sheldon Harnick, Michael Brown, Elisse Boyd, Alan Melville (I)', Herbert Farjeon, Francis Lemarque and Peter DeVries. Sketches by Ronny Graham and Mel Brooks (credited as Melvin Brooks). Additional text by Peter DeVries, Roger Price, Alan Melville, Paul Lynde [Broadway debut], Luther Davis and John Cleveland. Musical Director / Special Orchestration by Anton Coppola. Music orchestrated by Ted Royal. Conceived by / Directed by John Murray Anderson. Sketches directed by John Beal. Musical Staging by / Choreographed by Richard Barstow. Scenic Design by Raoul Pene Du Bois. Costume Design by Thomas Becher and Raoul Pène Du Bois. Royale Theatre: 16 May 1952-28 Mar 1953 (365 performances). Cast: Virginia Bosler, June Carroll, Robert Clary [Broadway debut], Allen Conroy, Virginia Wilson [credited as Virginia de Luce; Broadway debut], Michael Dominico, Alice Ghostley, Ronny Graham, Patricia Hammerlee, Eartha Kitt (as "Featured Singer"), Joe Lautner, Carol Lawrence, Paul Lynde, Bill Mullikin [Broadway debut], Carol Nelson, Rosemary O'Reilly, Jimmy Russell. Understudies: Lance Avant, James Komack [credited as Jimmie Komack; Broadway debut], Dorothy Love, Clark Ranger, Dinnie Smith. Produced by Leonard Sillman.
  • (1996) Stage: Wrote (w/Stephen Cole) lyrics for "Saturday Night at Grossinger's". Music Claire Richardson, book by Stephen Cole. Los Angeles Jewish Symphony Orchestra Benefit Concert Staging, Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Center's Fred Kavli Theatre. Cast: Ruta Lee (as "Jennie"), Gavin MacLeod (as "Jennie's best friend", Sheldon Seltzer. Musical. (1987)--"Saturday Night at Grossinger's" Fort Worth, TX, starring Ruta Lee and Gavin MacLeod, directed by Bruce Lumpkin; (2003)--"Grossinger's", Broadhollow Theatre, Rockville Center, NY. (2005)--Four-month run at Theatre West, Los Angeles, CA. (2006)--Three-month run at Fort Lauderdale, FL,, starring Barbara Minkus and Barry Pearl.
  • (1959) Stage: Appeared in Manya Starr's musical, "What a Day," at the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA, with Celeste Holm in the cast.
  • (1967) Stage: Appeared in Murray Schisgal's play, "Luv," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ, with Betsy Palmer and Robert Darnell in the cast. Harvey Medlinsky was director.
  • (1969) Stage: Directed Jack Sharkey's play, "Here Lies Jeremy Troy," at the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ, with Will Hutchins, Murvyn Vye and Charles Braswell in the cast.
  • (August 3 to 8, 1959) He acted in the musical, "What A Day!," at the Ogunquit Playhouse in Ogunquit, Maine in a John Lane Presentation with Celeste Holm in the cast.
  • (1958) Record album: Take Five -comic

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