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'Orgy of the Damned' to open in the U.S. on Halloween 2015

Orgy of the Damned, directed by Creep Creepersin, is a fun and romantic, yet dark and erotic take on vampires with a unique visual style that pays homage to the classic European exploitation films.

Check out the interview by Dawna Lee Heising with actor Domiziano Arcangeli, who plays a 300 year old vampire in the film, below the official details.

From The Press Release:

Orgy of The Damned is beautiful to look at and enjoyable to watch, this new movie is sure to make a name for itself and quickly become a cult classic. It has many key motives that make it a compelling choice for every cult movie lover. From its dark and brooding tale of vampires to its usage of today’s Hollywood club scene, the film uniquely portrays a quite unusual and incestuous family of vamps and how they spend their time. They are existentially bored,
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Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival – 40 Years Later Returns

To all a good fright! Filming has begun on New Wave Independent Pictures’ Silent Night, Bloody Night 2: Revival. The movie is a direct sequel to Theodore Gershuny’s 1974 gothic proto slasher, taking place forty years later and expanding on the original mythology. Jennifer Runyon Corman and Jeff Dylan Graham join the cast.

Synopsis: After a death in the family, siblings Angelica and James Zacherly travel to the small … Continue reading →
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‘Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge’ VOD Review

Stars: Natalie Scheetz, Nick Principe, Caroline Williams, Christa Campbell, Annika Strauss, Sarah Hayden, Manoush, Jared Demetri Luciano, Jeff Dylan Graham, Micaela Schäfer, Ryan Nicholson | Written and Directed by Marcel Walz

Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge follows Christine and her friends as they drive home through the desert from a bachelorette party. Stopped by a mysterious woman who is dressed in a police officers uniform, they are lead straight into the trap of mass murderer Max Seed. Seeking revenge from a mishap years ago, the blood soaked madman is determined to inflict an insufferable pain to anyone who crosses his path.

I like to think that every film I watch teaches me something about life, furthers my understanding of the world around me and maybe how to treat my fellow man (or woman). What this film has taught me is not to take a long detour through the desert “for the
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Full Moon Streaming Unleashes J.R. Bookwalter's Mega Scorpions on the Web

Ten years ago director J.R. Bookwalter (The Dead Next Door) made a film called Deadly Stingers. Now, a decade later, Full Moon Entertainment has retitled this homage to giant insect flicks and is offering it streaming on the company's website!

Mega Scorpions stars Trent Haaga, Marcella Laasch, Sewell Whitney, Brinke Stevens, Stephen O'Mahoney, Ariauna Albright, Sarah Megan White, Lilith Stabs, Nicholas Read, and Jeff Dylan Graham.


In a small U.S. town toxic waste has been illegally dumped for years, causing the local scorpion population to grow into six-foot-long killers as a result. A young girl named Joey witnesses the death of fellow teenager Eric by a giant scorpion, but her elder sister Alice doesn't believe her. Neither does Sheriff Evans when he comes calling after finding the mutilated remains of Eric. As more local residents are killed by the scorpions, a group of teenage parolees becomes trapped in
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Moderngrumble (2012) Movie Trailer: Tony Venable, Jeff Dylan Graham

Moderngrumble Trailer. Tony Venable‘s Moderngrumble (2012) movie trailer stars Jeff Dylan Graham, Rikki Nicole Morga, and Nancy Pop. Moderngrumble‘s plot synopsis: “The coming of age story of a young monster and possible messiah told as a mash up between The Bride of Frankenstein and Jack Kerouac’s On the Road.” The Jeff Dylan Graham Moderngrumble photo: Jeff Dylan Graham Moderngrumble More on Moderngrumble: The [...]

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Bloody Bloody Bible Camp (Review)

2012 - 85 mins. - Not Rated

D: Vito Trabucco

C: Reggie Bannister, Tim Sullivan, Ron Jeremy, Jeff Dylan Graham

A group of bible students are murdered at a sleepaway camp by Sister Mary Chopper, a nun out to kill those who are caught sinning.

Retro styled horror films have been in vogue for a few years now. Most of the films in this sub-genre miss the mark, because they fail to capture the spirit of those horror films of yesteryear. However, Bloody Bloody Bible Camp is an exception. Elements present in those films - gratuitous nudity, tasteless situations, lack of logic, iconic horror movie villain, over the top gore, tacky fashions - are all here. So then how is it that Bloody Bloody Bible Camp ended up missing the mark? .....Well, I'll tell you. They missed the mark in terms of pacing. Mistake number one - they take a villain like Sister Mary Chopper,
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Interview with Kit Williamson

Think of Topher Grace (That 70's Show, Spiderman 3). Now think of indie horror vet Jeff Dylan Graham (Bloody Bloody Bible Camp). Now imagine if the two were crossed and you would get something, or in this case someone, resembling Kit Williamson. Still, there is something unquestionably unique and different about Kit compared to a lot of the other young hopeful actors who come to La in hopes of making it. In just a short amount of time, Kit Williamson has been featured in a variety of horror film productions including Last Halloween - a romance in the vein of Before Sunrise, but with a horror twist. There's also Opious, which could be described as a cross between The Evil Dead & Ghostbusters, & a role in Elisabeth Fies second feature length film - I Hate L.A. On top of everything, Kit Williamson will be joining the cast of my very own production - Drive-In Massacre as Trey.
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Updated look into "Mountain of the Flesheaters"

Joe Hollow

From Joe Hollow, the director behind the indie slasher event of 2011 – “Cut”, and executive producers Shawn Allen & Debra Lamb comes "Mountain of the Flesh Eaters". Inspired by a short story written by Shawn Allen, Mountain of the Flesh Eaters follows in the terrifying tradition of such horror classics as The Hills Have Eyes & The Texas Chain Saw Massacre as a series of brutal, unrelenting murders plague a small town and the sheriff that gets caught up in the chaos.

Looking to join the ranks alongside those classics, Mountain of the Flesh Eaters will actually be told from the point of view of the flesh eating, blood thirsty cannibals themselves. With Mountain of the Flesh Eaters, film writer Joe Hollow is looking to get beyond the stereotypical characterizations and get to the heart of what makes these cannibals who they are. What makes them tick? What makes them engage in these cannibalistic activities?
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An all star cast comes together for "Mountain of the Flesheaters"

Mountain of the Flesheaters The people behind Mountain of the Flesheaters, which is getting set to start filming pretty soon, have just released a cast list with some of the actors involved in the project. One word that comes to mind when seeing all these names is "Wow!". Even if the film fails from a story standpoint (which we hope it doesn't), at least there will be this huge cast to help keep your interest. Some of the names that appear in this cast are iconic horror actors that fans everywhere grew up watching mixed with some of the brightest new talents in the indie horror field. Here's some of the actors and actresses that will be appearing in the film:

-Debra Lamb (Stripped to Kill & Beverly Hills Vamp)

-Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead & Silent Night, Deadly Night)

-Lynn Lowry (Cat People & The Crazies
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Fell - A fine film that no one is going to see? How can you help?

Fell starring Jeff Dylan Graham Usually when it comes to the politics of a film finding distribution or getting into film fests, we here at Big Daddy Horror Reviews usually stay away from that as our main thing is on reporting on the latest horror news and offering up reviews of the latest horror films. However, when a quality film can't even get into a film fest and find distribution, that's like a double whammy for the film making it so that people won't be able to see the film and for word of mouth to start spreading on it. That's what is happening to Fell from Marcus Koch and starring Jeff Dylan Graham.  

Fell deals with young man (Jeff Dylan Graham) who has apparently murdered a woman in his bathtub. He wakes up from a prescription drug induced sleep where the lines between reality and a nightmarish world are blurred.
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Interview with actor Peter Stickles of Evil Bong 3-D

Peter Stickles Imagine if Chris O' Donnell (School Ties) had a cousin, or even brother, who looked like him and who made campy, low budget horror films. Then you got a good idea of what Peter Stickles is all about! In his breakout role in Shortbus, Peter Stickles made stalking awfully damn cute! He followed that up with a controversial role in Watch Out. This year, Peter Stickles stars in two films for Full Moon Entertainment, Gingerdead Man 3-D: Saturday Night Cleaver & Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bond that are expected to re-establish Full Moon's presence as a viable producer of low budget horror films. Over the course of his career, Peter Stickles has had people talking about him. It might not have been all positive as the projects he has been have stirred up a wide variety of opinions, but the thing is, these projects have got
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November Son shines in the light of October Moon

Critically praised and one of the first gay-themed thrillers, October Moon was released theatrically on September 25, 2005 and hit DVD on Valentine’s Day 2006, the film was an immediate success. With that success in hand, director Jason Paul Collum brings us the sequel, October Moon 2: November Son.

Referred to as “Oddly gothic…creepy fun…” (Instinct) and “A cut above most independent horror films…” (Film Monthly) October Moon 2: November Son holds the distinct novelty of being the first gay-horror film sequel! This DVD edition contains an all-new 4 page full-color insert by writer, director producer Jason Paul Collum (Something To Scream About). The entire original cast returns (even the dead ones) and are joined by Scream Queen supreme Debbie Rochon (Witchouse 3: Demon Fire), soap star Robyn Griggs (One Life To Live) and recording artist Sacha Sacket (Dante’s Cove), making his screen debut.

The title was an immediate success and
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It's Women In Horror Month And you're Invited To The Celebration!

Hey peeps! February is Women in Horror Month and you all are invited to celebrate with the lovely ladies!

From the Press Release:

This year we are excited to announce

The Second Annual Women In Horror Month Celebration

At Dark Delicacies In Burbank, CA February 12th, 2011

We would like to officially invite you to the second year’s festivities for Women In Horror Month celebrations in Burbank, California at Dark Delicacies!

Dai Green and Reyna Young have teamed up with Sue and Del Howison to bring this exciting event to the friends and fans of women in the horror genre and to celebrate our strides in the industry throughout the years while also meeting up for two great causes!

February 12th, 2011 we will be having a food drive to benefit the Burbank Food Bank and a clothing drive to benefit The Covenant House whose mission is to reach out to
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Movie Review: Fell (2010)

Florida FX artist and filmmaker Marcus Koch, who just previously had given us the splatterific clown-slasher gorefest 100 Tears, takes on a totally different type of film with his latest feature Fell. Fell stars Jeff Dylan Graham as Bill, a young man with a variety of personal problems he tries to wash away with drugs and alcohol. Faced with memory loss after waking up to finding a dead woman’s body in his bathtub, he spends his hours alone eating, taking pills, drinking, and trying to regain his memory and figure out how to rectify his situation.
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The Big Daddies presents Outstanding Achievement in a Lead Performance

So that time of year is upon us where we over at Big Daddy Horror Reviews get under way with the first annual Big Daddies. We figure mainstream commercial cinema gets the Oscars and The Golden Globes, so I figured it only fitting that the horror genre gets its own set of awards thus was born the "Big Daddies". The aim of the Big Daddies is to honor outstanding achievement in the horror genre including films that virtually no one saw to the independents to the very popular. To kick start this round of the nominations (in no order) we are announcing the nominees in the categories of outstanding achievement in a Lead Performance Actor & Actress. And the nominees are.......


Jeff Dylan Graham - Fell

William Forsythe - Dear Mr. Gacy

Kodi Smit-McPhee - Let Me In

Giles Alderson - The Possession of David O' Reily

Jesse Moss -
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Exclusive: Dread Visits the Set of Lovesick Captivity

This writer recently hit the set of filmmaker Creep Creepersin’s latest flick, Lovesick Captivity, in Burbank, California, and while there chatted with the director concerning the feature as well as the slew of upcoming projects he’s currently prepping.

Our visit came on the third and final day of principal photography for Lovesick Captivity (Creepersin works historically fast); yet, we found the filmmaker rather relaxed, regardless of the time constraint. The psychological thriller, which chronicles the rising domestic strife between a man and his blushing bride (the latter is stalked by a serial killer and subsequently has been forced into self-imposed house arrest), stars longtime Creepersin collaborator Charlie Vaughn, Dylan Vox (Brides of Sodom), Jeff Dylan Graham (Don’t Look in the Basement), Robbyn Leigh (Devil’s Den), Katie Costick (City Rats) and supermodel Heather Hewitt. Andrew Ceperley serves as director of photography, and Nikki Wall and Creepersin produce along with Tom Ingram.
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Creep Creepersin to Put You in Lovesick Captivity

Indie film maven Creep Creepersin is at it again. This time with his fifteenth feature film, Lovesick Captivity, in the can and headed your way! Let's crank out the stills and the details, shall we?

From the Press Release

Creepersin Films has wrapped their new feature, Lovesick Captivity. The psychological thriller is also prolific character actor Charlie Vaughn’s first leading role. Vaughn, who has played many diverse roles like the quirky Bernie Andrews in The Corporate Cut Throat Massacre; the straight-laced parole officer in The Brothers Cannibal; the super creepy Mountain Mike in Lake Death; as well as Maynard Fletcher, a rogue cop from the future in the upcoming sci-fi film Trash and Progress, and the sinister Evil Wong in Mkc: Monster Killers Club. Vaughn also directed the upcoming feature Vampire Boys, being released this February by Ariztical Entertainment.

About Lovesick Captivity, Vaughn says, "We all have our inner demons,
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Interview with director, actor Alan Rowe Kelly (Don't Look In The Basement)

The first thing people will notice about horror director Alan Rowe Kelly (Don't Look In The Basement, I'll Bury You Tomorrow) is that he is a gender bender, but Kelly has been bending more then genders his entire career as he has broken out the idea of conventionality. At the age of 39, with 40 just right around the corner, he had an epiphany. Bored with a career as a stylist, he made the sudden and dramatic move to horror. First testing the waters as an author, he switched over to the world of indie horror film directing where he won great acclaim for "I"ll Bury You Tomorrow". As he continued to direct films, he also started making a name for himself in the indie horror world as an actor playing power players, agents, something that rhymes with witch, etc. These were powerful, empowered characters that personally reflected upon Alan Rowe Kelly himself.
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Fell (2010)

Directed by: Marcus Koch

Written by: Katie Walters, Kristian Day, Jeff Dylan Graham

Cast: Jeff Dylan Graham, Katie Walters, Kristian Day

Every so often, a role comes along that is so juicy and dynamic that an actor truly gets to sink his teeth in to the hilt and give it a good shake; these roles allow the actor to show a range of emotion and progress his character throughout the length of the film in ways that most scripts simply fail at enabling.

Enter Fell, the newest feature-length offering from Marcus Koch. Best known for his special effects work in films like Walking Distance and Sweatshop, Koch also directed the cult favorite 100 Tears and Rot, showing a wide range of ability in his warped mind. Fell is very different than anything we've seen from Koch before, and for good reason; during the Q&A at Bloodbath Film Festival in Texas,
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Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival Is This Weekend!


If you're in or around the Dallas area this weekend this is a can't miss event! Great fun, great people and great indie horror films to watch!

                                       Saturday at 12:00pm - Sunday at 8:00pm

                                                       The Texas Theatre

                                                     231 W. Jefferson Blvd

                                                              Dallas, TX

Check out the goods below!

Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival is the 4th film festival organized and hosted by Doa Blood Bath Entertainment. This two day event is a celebration of independent cinema in the horror and dark comedy genres.

Cost to attend: $7 per film, $15 for a one day pass, $25 for the weekend. 

All of the information, official selections, and schedule are posted at

The offiical hotel is The Belmont Dallas ( with special rates using discount code BB2.

November 13 and 14 at The Texas Theatre! Blood Bath 2: The Film Festival will showcase some of the finest in indie horror short and feature films.
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