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  • (1894 - 1935) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1894) Stage Play: The Amazons. Written by Arthur Wing Pinero. Lyceum Theatre: 19 Feb 1894- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Lorena Atwood, Barrett Barker, Billie Burke (as "Lady Thomasin"), Miriam Clements, Annie Esmond [Broadway debut], Arthur Fitzgerald, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Galfred") [Broadway debut], Shelly Hull, Dorothy Lane, Thomas Reynolds, Morton Selten, Fritz Williams.
  • (1896) Stage Play: The Squire of Dames. Drama. Palmer's Theatre: 20 Jan 1896- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: John Drew Jr., Maude Adams, A.S. 'Pop' Byron, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Annie Irish. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1897) Stage Play: Never Again. Farce. Based on the French of Anthony Mars [earliest Broadway credit] and 'Maurice Desvallieres', as translated by T.R. Birmingham. Garrick Theatre: 8 Mar 1897- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Elsie de Wolfe, Ferdinand Gottschalk, E.M. Holland, Agnes Miller, May Robson, Fritz Williams. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1899) Stage Play: The Manoeuvres of Jane. Comedy. Written by Henry Arthur Jones. Directed by Fred Williams. Daly's Theatre: 27 Nov 1899- 4 Feb 1900 (84 performances). Cast: Mary Mannering (as "Jane Nangle"), George C. Boniface, Jessie Busley, William F. Courtenay, Julia Devereux, William Eville, John Findlay, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Charles Harbury, Ethel Hornick, Mrs. Hart Jackson, Gertrude Lewis, Beatrice Burton Morgan, Ethel Sanborn, Alison Skipworth, H.S. Taber, Elizabeth Tyree, Charles Walcot, Mrs. Charles Walcot, John L. Weber, Mrs. Thomas Whiffen.
  • (1900) Stage Play: My Daughter-in-Law. Comedy. Based on the French of Fabrice Carre and Paul Bilhaud. Lyceum Theatre: 26 Feb 1900- Apr 1900 (closing date unknown/72 performances). Cast: Fannie Brough, Josephine Gautier, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Seymour Hicks, Henry Kemble, J.L. MacKaye, Joseph Maylon, Margaret Robinson, Herbert Standing, Ellaline Terriss.
  • (1901) Stage Play: The Climbers. Drama. Written and directed by Clyde Fitch. Bijou Theatre: 21 Jan 1901- Jun 1901 (closing date unknown/163 performances). Cast: Amelia G. Bingham, Clara Bloodgood, George Boniface, Madge Carr Cook, Minnie Dupree, Robert Edeson, Lillian Eldredge, John Flood, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Johnny Trotter"), Ysobel Haskins, Annie Irish, Mr. Kinard, Florence Lloyd, Maude Monroe, Edward Moreland, Henry Stokes, James Bennett Sturgis, Frederick Wallace, Henry Warwick, Frank Worthing, Harry Wright. Produced by Amelia G. Bingham.
  • (1902) Stage Play: Lady Margaret. Comedy. Adapted from the French by Edward E. Rose. Bijou Theatre: 27 Jan 1902- Feb 1902 (closing date unknown/32 performances). Cast: Edward Abeles, Amelia G. Bingham, Edith Blair, Verner Clarges, Madge Carr Cook, Arnold Daly, Miss De Rondamayo, Robert Dudley, Minnie Dupree, Bijou Fernandez, Alfred Fisher, Marion Gardiner, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Annie Irish, Annie Morton, T. Roberts, Harriett Sawyer, Cora Tanner, Alice Theiss, Charles Walcot, Harold Walsh, Henry Warwick, Ivah Wills, Evelyn Wood, Frank Worthing. Produced by Amelia G. Bingham.
  • (1902) Stage Play: A Modern Magdalen. Drama. Written by C. Haddon Chambers. Directed by Max Freeman. Bijou Theatre: 29 Mar 1902- May 1902 (closing date unknown/73 performances). Cast: Amelia G. Bingham, A.S. 'Pop' Byron, Madge Carr Cook, Charlotte Dandiege, Henry E. Dixey, Robert Dudley, Adele Farrington, Alfred Fisher, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Joseph Holland [final Broadway role], Gordon Johnston, Wilton Lackaye, William Moore, Lucille Spinney, Lillian Thatcher, Lillian Wright.
  • (1903) Stage Play: The Frisky Mrs. Johnson. Drama. Written by Clyde Fitch. Based on "Mme. Flirt" by Paul Gavault and Georges Berr. Directed by Clyde Fitch. Princess Theatre: 9 Feb 1903- Apr 1903 (closing date unknown/80 performances). Cast: William L. Abingdon, F. Owen Baxter, Amelia G. Bingham, Madge Carr Cook, Minnie Dupree, Alfred Fisher, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Wilton Lackaye (as "Jim Morley'), Richard Lambart, Ernest Lawford [Broadway debut], George S. Probert, Alison Skipworth, Charles H. Wentz, Lillian Wright. Produced by Amelia G. Bingham. Note: Filmed as The Frisky Mrs. Johnson (1920).
  • (1903) Stage Play: The Girl from Dixie. Musical comedy. Book/lyrics by Harry B. Smith. Musical Director: Selle Simonson. Additional music by Ben Jerome, Max S. Witte, George A. Norton, Gustav Kerker, A. Baldwin Sloane, Will Marion Cook, Rosamond Johnson, Ludwig Englander, George Rosey, Theo M. Tobani, E.D. Prussian, Kerry Mills, Dudley Buck and H.J. Green. Additional lyrics by George A. Norton, M.E. Rourke, Robert Cole and Harry Raymond. Directed by R.H. Burnside. Hoyt's Theatre: 14 Dec 1903- 2 Jan 1904 (25 performances). Cast: Irene Bentley (as "Kitty Calvert"), William H. Bentley (as "Nick Calvert" / "Ensemble"), Charles H. Bowers (as "Edward Brandon"), Bella Desmond (as "Malvina Carrol"), Dorothy Doner (as "Maud Mabel Earle"), Charles K. French (as "Napoleon Lee"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Lord Dunsmore"), Albert Hart (as "Jack Randolph"), Rose Hart (as "Imogenia"), W.L. Hobart (as "Jim Small" / "Ensemble"), Vernon H. Lee (as "Bob Marshall" / "Ensemble"), D.M. Lunsden (as "Bill Douglas" / "Ensemble"), Esther Lyons (as "Sally Sumpter"), Albert J. Marshall (as "Jefferson Payne" / "Ensemble"), Olga May (as "Edith" / "Ensemble"), Amy Muller, Evelyn Nesbit (as "Bess Jackson"), Lorraine Osborne, Edward Pooley, George A. Schiller, Charles H. Sheffer, Ada Verne, Mabel Verne. Produced by Sam S. Shubert, Sam Nixon and J. Fred Zimmerman.
  • (1904) Stage Play: Glittering Gloria. Musical comedy. Music by Bernard Rolt. Book by C.M.S. McLellan [credited as Hugh Morton]. Lyrics by C.M.S. McLellan [credited as Hugh Morton] and Bernard Rolt. Featuring songs by Jean Schwartz and A. Baldwin Sloane. Featuring songs with lyrics by William Jerome and Edward Abeles. Daly's Theatre (moved to The Grand Opera House from 4 Apr 1904- close): 15 Feb 1904- Apr 1904 (closing date unknown/30 performances). Cast: Marie Allen (as "Brenda"), Percy Ames (as "Archie Toddleby, Jack's friend"), Sybil Anderson (as "Rosamund/Chorus"), Katherine Black (as "Chorus"), Viola Clayton (as "Chorus"), Belva Don Kersley (as "Kathleen"), Gertrude Douglas (as "Irene"), Lotta Ettinger (as "Chorus"), Edna Farrell (as "Ethel"), Amy Forsland (as "Chorus"), E. Lovat Fraser (as "Robert Shreve, Slapton's partner"), Edward Gore (as "Samuel Slapton, a Bond Street jeweler"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Zebedee Poskett, a rural solicitor"), Olive Haskell (as "Chorus"), John Hendy (as "First Porter"), Flora Hengler (as "Herbert "Buttons," at Coddlesmere mansions"), May Hengler (as "Sarah, maid to Gloria"), May Hopkins (as "Chorus"), Ethel Intropodi (as "Chorus"), Eugene O'Rourke (as "Mr. Griddletop, Third Assistant superintendent of luggage"), Carol Oty (as "Chorus"), Adelaide Prince (as "Mrs. Jack James"), Jessie Radcliffe (as "Chorus"), Phyllis Rankin (as "Dorothy Kenworthy, Archie's fiancée"), Adele Ritchie (as "Gloria Grant, known as "Glittering Gloria"), Forrest Robinson (as "Colonel Pasquale Gallegher, from El Paso, Texas"), Frieda Salber (as "Chorus"), George A. Schiller (as "Algernon Entwistle, the Colonel's Secretary"), Cyril Scott (as "Jack James, Jack's Wife"), Lottie Vernon (as "Chorus"), Marie L. Wilson (as "Ariadne"). Produced by John C. Fisher and Thomas W. Ryley.
  • (1904) Stage Play: The Duke of Killicrankie. Romance/farce. Written by Robert Marshall. Directed by William Seymour. Empire Theatre: 5 Sep 1904- Dec 1904 (closing date unknown/128 performances). Cast: 'Lewis Baker (I)', Constance Bell, Fanny Brough, Richard Carrington, Margaret Dale, John Drew, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Mr. Henry Pitt-Welby"), Kate Lester, B.W. Parmenter, Robert Schable. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1905) Stage Play: The Toast of the Town. Written by Clyde Fitch. Daly's Theatre: 27 Nov 1905- 30 Dec 1905 (38 performances). Cast: C. Leslie Allen, Viola Allen, M.L. Bassett, Miss Coburn, Harold De Becker, Robert Drouet, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Harrison Hunter, Isabel Irving, Leopold Lane, Miss Northrup, Miss Phillios, Charles D. Pitt, Fanny Addison Pitt, Hassard Short, Maurice Steuart, Miss Terry, Alice Wilson.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Braisley Diamond. Melodrama. Written by Tremayne and Hall. Directed by George Foster Platt. Hoyt's Theatre: 9 Jan 1906- Feb 1906 (closing date unknown/32 performances; performed in rotation with "A Case of Arson"). Cast: H. Bruce Delamater, Dorothy Drake, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Helen Grantly, Grace Merritt, H.C. Mortimer, George Probert, C.N. Schaeffer, Henry Vibart, May Vokes, Edith Yeager.
  • (1906) Stage Play: Lucky Miss Dean/The Daughter of the Tumbrils. Comedy. Note: Mr. Gottschalk appeared in "Lucky Miss Dean" only; data applies to this production only). Written by Sidney Bowkett. Hoyt's Theatre: 5 Feb 1906- Feb 1906 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: William Courtleigh, Paul Everton, Mrs. Goldfinch, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Helen Grantly, Frank Patton, C.N. Schaeffer. Produced by James B. Delcher.
  • (1906) Stage Play: The Triangle. Melodrama. Written by Rupert Hughes. Manhattan Theatre: 20 Feb 1906- Mar 1906 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: Consuelo Bailey, William Bramwell, Colin Campbell, Guy Coombs, May Isabel Fisk, Mrs. Goldfinch, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Mr. Enslee"), Victor Herman, William Morris, Charlotte Walker. Produced by Walter N. Lawrence.
  • (1906) Stage Play: Barbara's Millions. Comedy. Written by Paul M. Potter, from "Le Bonheur, Mesdames" by Francis de Croisset. Directed by Herbert Gresham. Savoy Theatre: 8 Oct 1906- Oct 1906 (closing date unknown/14 performances). Cast: Catherine Countiss, Walter Craven, Rosalie De Vaux, Ernest Elton, Mattie Ferguson, Ferdinand Gottschalk, G. Harrison Hunter, Irene Perry, Lillian Russell, H. Reeves Smith. Produced by Joseph Brooks.
  • (1907) Stage Play: Widower's Houses. Written by George Bernard Shaw. Herald Square Theatre: 7 Mar 1907- Mar 1907 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Frank Davis, Ferdinand Gottschalk, William F. Hawtrey, Herbert Kelcey, Henry Kolker, Effie Shannon, Adelyn Wesley, Harold Williams. Produced by Sam Shubert.
  • (1907) Stage Play: The Primrose Path. Written by Bayard Veiller. Directed by Ferdinand Gottschalk and Charles Sinclair. Majestic Theatre: 6 May 1907- May 1907 (closing date unknown/16 performances). Cast: Helen Ashton, Edna Barbour, Minnette Barrett [Broadway debut], Dolly Chester, Phoebe Creighton, Mabel Duffy, Caroline Harris, Vera Irving, Robert Jackson, John Kloville, Ralph Lewis, Sheldon Lewis [Broadway debut], Charles Reigel, Sarah Whiteford, Margaret Wycherly (as "Joan Treghenna"). Produced by Bayard Veiller. Note: Filmed by Universal [then known as Universal Film Mfg. Co.] as The Primrose Path (1915).
  • (1907) Stage Play: My Wife. Written by Michael Morton. Based on the French of Paul Gavault and Robert Charvay. Empire Theatre: 31 Aug 1907- Dec 1907 (closing date unknown/129 performances). Cast: Axel Brunn, Herbert Budd, Billie Burke (as "Beatrice "Trixie" Dupre"), John Drew (as "Gerald Eversleigh"), Frank Goldsmith, Ferdinand Gottschalk, L.C. Howard, Hope Latham, Mario Majeroni, Rex McDougall, Soldine Powel [credited as E. Soldene Powell], Albert Roccardi, Morton Selton, Ida Greeley Smith, Walter Soderling, Dorothy Tennant. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Revellers. Comedy. Written by Charles Richman. Maxine Elliott's Theatre: 7 Sep 1909- Sep 1909 (closing date unknown/15 performances). Cast: Charles Richman, Jack Randolph, Harriet Anderson, William 'Stage' Boyd, Ida Conquest, Dorothy Dean, Frank De Kum, Vera Finlay, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Frank Kingdon, Thais Lawton [Broadway debut], W.C. Masson, Reeva May, May McKenzie, George Nash, Henry Van Cleve, Florence Robertson [final Broadway role], Jane Rogers, Mabel Rowland, Alma Sedley. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1909) Stage Play: Antony and Cleopatra. Tragedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. New Theatre: 6 Nov 1909- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Julia Marlowe (as "Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt"), E.H. Sothern (as "Antony/Triumvir"), A.E. Anson, Lee Baker, Charles Balsar, Reginald Barlow, Rowland Buckstone, Alfred Cross, Lawrence Eyre, Ferdinand Gottschalk, William Harris, Ben Johnson, Howard Kyle, William McVay, Henry Stanford, George Venning, Jacob Wendell. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The Cottage in the Air. Written by Edward Knoblock. New Theatre: 11 Nov 1909- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Charles Balsar, Albert Bruning, Jessie Busley, Louis Calvert, 'Harriet Otis Dellenbaugh', Ferdinand Gottschalk, William McVay, Wilfred North, Beverly Sitgreaves, Mrs. Sol Smith, Henry Stanford, Robert Vivian [Broadway debut], Jacob Wendell, Olive Wyndham, Cecil Yapp [Broadway debut].
  • (1909) Stage Play: Strife. Written by John Galsworthy. New Theatre: 17 Nov 1909- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: A.E. Anson, Lee Baker, Reginald Barlow, Albert Bruning, Rowland Buckstone, Louis Calvert, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Robert Homans, Ben Johnson, William McVay, Harry Melick, Nat Nazarro Jr., Wilfred North, Henry Stanford, John Tansey, Jacob Wendell, Cecil Yapp. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1909) Stage Play: The School for Scandal. Comedy. Written by Richard B. Sheridan. New Theatre: 27 Dec 1909- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: A.E. Anson, Albert Bruning, Louis Calvert, Rose Coghlan, Grace George (as "Lady Teazle"), Ferdinand Gottschalk, E.M. Holland, Matheson Lang, Thais Lawton, Henry Stanford, Jacob Wendell, Olive Wyndham, Cecil Yapp, Oswald Yorke. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Twelfth Night. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. New Theatre: 26 Jan 1910- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Lee Baker, Reginald Barlow, Leah Bateman-Hunter, Louis Calvert, Pedro de Cordoba, Lawrence Eyre, Hannam Clark, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Robert Homans, Victor Johns, Matheson Lang, Nat Nazarro Jr., Annie Russell, Henry Stanford, Robert Vivian, Jacob Wendell, Oswald Yorke. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Winter's Tale. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. New Theatre: 28 Mar 1910- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Lee Baker, Reginald Barlow, Leah Bateman-Hunter, Albert Bruning (as "Autolycus"), Jessie Busley, Rose Coghlan, Alfred Cross, Pedro de Cordoba, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Clown"), E.M. Holland (as "Old Shepherd"), Robert E. Homans, Ben Johnson, Henry Kolker, Edith Wynne Matthison, Henry Stanford, Vida Sutton, John Tansey. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Merry Wives of Windsor. Comedy (revival). Written by William Shakespeare. New Theatre: 7 Nov 1910- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: A.E. Anson, Stewart Baird [Broadway debut], Lee Baker, Albert Bruning, Louis Calvert, Edwin Cushman, Pedro de Cordoba, Frank Gilmore, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Victor Johns, Ben Johnson, Arthur La Rue, William McVay, E.W. Morrison, William Raymond, John Sutherland, John Tansey. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: The Thunderbolt. Written by Arthur Wing Pinero. New Theatre: 12 Nov 1910- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: A.E. Anson, Albert Bruning, Louis Calvert, George Clarke, Patricia Collinge, Edwin Cushman, Harriet Otis Dellenbaugh, Frank Gilmore, Ferdinand Gottschalk, E.M. Holland, Ben Johnson, Thais Lawton, Olive Oliver, Helen Reimer, Louise Seymour, Olive Wyndham. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1910) Stage Play: Old Heidelberg (Revival). Written by Wilhelm Meyer-Foerster. New Theatre: 19 Dec 1910- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Stewart Baird, Jessie Busley, Louis Calvert, Edwin Cushman, Albert Easdale, Frank Gilmore, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Robert Hamilton, E.M. Holland, Victor Johns, Ben Johnson, William McVey, William Raymond, Helen Reimer, Mrs. Sol Smith, John Sutherland. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert.
  • (1911) Stage Play: Vanity Fair. Written by Robert Hichens and Cosmo Gordon Lennox. Based on the novel by William Makepeace Thackeray. New Theatre: 7 Jan 1911- unknown (unknown performances). Cast: Lee Baker, Albert Bruning, Rose Coghlan, Edwin Cushman, Pedro de Cordoba, Frank Gilmore, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Ben Johnson, Gail Kane, Elsie Herndon Kearns, Thais Lawton, Eleanor Scott L'Estelle, Olive Oliver, Helen Reimer, Leila Repton, John Sutherland. Produced by Lee Shubert and J.J. Shubert. Note: Filmed as Vanity Fair (1911), Vanity Fair (1915), Vanity Fair (1922), Vanity Fair (1923).
  • (1911) Stage Play: Nice Wanton/Noah's Flood [joint production]. New Theatre: 27 Mar 1911 (1 performance). Nice Wanton: Stewart Baird, Reginald Barlow, Albert Bruning', Albert Easdale, Frank Gilmore, William McVay, William Raymond, John Sutherland, Jacob Wendell, Cecil Yapp. Noah's Flood: Stewart Baird, Reginald Barlow, Lewis Calvert, Edwin Cushman, Pedro de Cordoba, Albert Easdale, Ferdinand Gottschalk, William Hamilton, Ben Johnson, William Raymond, Jacob Wendell, Cecil Yapp.
  • (1913) Stage Play: The New Secretary. Written by Francis de Croisset, with an adaptation by Cosmo Gordon Lennox. Lyceum Theatre: 23 Jan 1913- Mar 1913 (closing date unknown/44 performances). Cast: A.G. Andrews, Kitty Brown, Conrad Cantzen [Broadway debut], Charles Cherry, Marie Doro, Annie Esmonde, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Wilson Hummel, Frank Kemble-Cooper, Mac Macomber, Harry Redding, Robert W. Smiley, Mrs. Thomas Whiffen, Edith Wycoff. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Truth. Drama (revival). Written by Clyde Fitch. Little Theatre: 14 Apr 1914- Jun 1914 (closing date unknown/55 performances). Cast: Sydney Booth (as "Warder"), Grace George (as "Becky Warder"), Ferdinand Gottschalk, Fanny Hartz, Lionel Hogarth (as "Butler"), Isabel Irving, Guthrie McClintic (as "Milliner's Employee"), Zelda Sears (as "Mrs. Crespigny"), Conway Tearle (as "Lindon"). Produced by Winthrop Ames.
  • (1914) Stage Play: The Prodigal Husband. Written by Dario Niccodemi and Michael Morton. Empire Theatre: 7 Sep 1914- Oct 1914 (closing date unknown/42 performances). Cast: Helen Hayes [credited as Helen Hayes Brown], Grace Carlyle, Harry Crocker, John Drew, May Galyer, Jessie F. Glendinning, Ferdinand Gottschalk, J. Homer Hunt, Harry Leighton, Josephine Morse, John Mottus, Clinton Preston, Walter Soderling, Rose Winter. Produced by Charles Frohman.
  • (1917) Stage Play: Please Help Emily. Written by H.M. Harwood. Lyceum Theatre: 14 Aug 1916- Sep 1916 (closing date unknown/40 performances). Cast: Joseph Allenton, Anton Ascher, Sydney Blair, Charles Cherry, Hubert Druce [credited as Herbert Druce], Ferdinand Gottschalk, Alice Hale, John Harwood, J.J. Horowitz, Alice John Vernon Kelso [Broadway debut], Jeffreys Lewis, Maud Milton, Ann Murdock, Kenyon Musgrove, Ben Probst, Jules Raucourt. Produced by Charles Frohman Inc. Note: Filmed by Empire All Star Corp. [distributed by Mutual Film] as Please Help Emily (1917), and by Famous Players-Lasky Corporation [distributed by Paramount Pictures] as The Palm Beach Girl (1926).
  • (1917) Stage Play: Such Is Life.
  • (1917) Stage Play: The Morris Dance. Written by Harley Granville-Barker. Based on the novel "The Wrong Box" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Based on Lloyd Osbourne. Little Theatre: 13 Feb 1917-Mar 1917 (closing date unknown/23 performances). Cast: Richard Bennett, Sidney Blackmer, William Foster, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Ethelbert Hale, Dora Heritage, Isadore Marcil, James W. Morrison, Gerald Oliver-Smith, Robert Rendel, Elisabeth Risdon, John L. Shine, Carl M. Tyng, Peter Woolman, Barry O'Moore. Produced by Winthrop Ames.
  • (1919) Stage Play: Adam and Eva. Comedy.
  • (1921) Stage Play: Captain Applejack. Farce. Written and directed by Walter Hackett. Cort Theatre: 30 Dec 1921- Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/195 performances). Cast: Maud Andrew (as "Palmer"), Wallace Eddinger (as "Ambrose Applejohn"), Phoebe Foster (as "Poppy Faire"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Horace Pengard"), Hamilton Revelle (as "Ivan Borolsky") [final Broadway role], Walter F. Scott (as "Dennett"), Harold Vermilyea [credited as Harold Vermilye] (as "Johnny Jason"), Marie Wainwright (as "Mrs. Agatha Whatcombe"). Produced by Sam Harris.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Truth About Blayds. Comedy/tragedy. Written by A.A. Milne. Directed by Winthrop Ames. Booth Theatre: 14 Mar 1922- Jun 1922 (closing date unknown/108 performances). Cast: Alexandra Carlisle (as "Isobel"), Gilbert Emery (as "A.L. Royce"), Vane Featherston (as "Marion Blayds-Conway"), Mary Gayley (as "Parsons"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "William Blayds-Conway"), O.P. Heggie (as "Oliver Blayds"), Leslie Howard (as "Oliver Blayds-Conway"), Frieda Inescort (as "Septima Blayds-Conway") [Broadway debut]. Produced by Guthrie McClintic.
  • (1922) Stage Play: The Lady Cristilinda. Comedy.
  • (1923) Stage Play: You and I. Comedy. Written by Philip Barry. Directed by Robert Milton. Belmont Theatre: 19 Feb 1923- Jun 1923 (closing date unknown/136 performances). Cast: Ferdinand Gottschalk, Frieda Inescort, Geoffrey Kerr, Reginald Mason, Beatrice Miles, H.B. Warner, Lucile Watson. Produced by Richard G. Herndon.
  • (1924) Stage Play: The Bride. Comedy/mystery. Written by Stuart Olivier. 39th Street Theatre: 5 May 1924- May 1924 (closing date unknown/30 performances). Cast: Donald Cameron (as "Wilson Travers"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Mortimer Travers"), Robert Harrison (as "Dr. Sandross"), Isabel Irving (as "Henrietta Travers"), Jefferson Lloyd (as "Officer O'Brien"), George Pauncefort (as "James"), Henry W. Pemberton (as "Inspector Gillson"), George Henry Trader (as "Isaac Walton Pelham"), Peggy Wood (as "Marie Duquesne"). Produced by Jewett & Brennan Inc.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Stork.
  • (1925) Stage Play: The Buccaneer. Written by Laurence Stallings and Maxwell Anderson. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 2 Oct 1925- Oct 1925 (closing date unknown/20 performances). Cast: Claude Allister (as "Henry Marmion"), Gene Carvel (as "Lady Pierson"), Cecil Clovelly (as "James Townshend"), J. Colvin Dunn (as "Don Jacinto De Esmeraldo"), William Farnum (as "Capt. Henry Morgan"), Ethel Fisher (as "Lady Francis"), Irene Freeman (as "Mrs. Westley"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Charles II"), Jeanne Greene (as "Carmencita"), William R. Gregory (as "Basilio Fernandez"), Frank Hearn (as "An Ensign"), Galwey Herbert (as "George Castle"), Harry Kendall (as "Dave" / "A Councillor"), Beatrice Maude (as "Maria"), Leslie Palmer (as "Commodore Wright"), Lionel Percival (as "A Herald"), Brandon Peters (as "Capt. Manuel Montalvo"), Edmund Waller (as "Eliphalet Skipworth, Esq."), Estelle Winwood (as "Dona Lisa/Lady Elizabeth Neville"). Produced by by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1925) Stage Play: In a Garden. Comedy. Written by Philip Barry Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 16 Nov 1925- Jan 1926 (closing date unknown). Cast: Marie Bruce (as "Miss Mabie"), Louis Calhern (as "Norrie Bliss"), Cecil Clovelly (as "Frederic"), Frank Conroy (as "Adrian Terry"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Roger Compton"), Laurette Taylor (as "Lissa Terry"). Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1926) Stage Play: The Jest. Comedy/tragedy (revival). From the Italian of Sem Benelli. "Madrigal of May" composed by Maurice Nitke. Scenic Design by Robert Bergaman and Robert Edmond Jones. Lighting Design by George Schaff. Costume Design by Mme. E.S. Freisinger. Directed by Arthur Hopkins. Plymouth Theatre: 4 Feb 1926- Apr 1926 (closing date unknown/77 performances). Cast: E.J. Ballantine (as "Fazio, Gianetto's Servant"), Malcolm Barrett, Richard Bengali (as "Camus, Calandra's Servant"), Cecil Clovelly (as "The Doctor"), Madeline Delmar, Maude Durand, Alphonse Ethier, Alexander Frank, Pancho Fuentes, Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Tornaquinci"), William Griffith, Violet Heming, Jacob Kingsberry, John Knight, Martha MacGraw, Maria Ouspenskaya (as "Fiametta"), Basil Sydney (as "Giannetto Malespini, A Young Painter"), Millard Vincent. Produced by Arthur Hopkins.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Crown Prince. Romance. Written by Zoe Akins. From the Hungarian of Ernest Vajda. Directed by Lawrence Marston. Forrest Theatre: 23 Mar 1927- May 1927 (closing date unknown/45 performances). Cast: Arthur Bowyer (as "Meyer"), Dennis Cleugh (as "Personal Lackey"), Mary Ellis (as "Anna"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Herr Schmitt"), Harold Heaton (as "Adjutant Von Stucken"), Jerome Lawler (as "Vercel"), Samuel Rosen (as "First Lackey"), Henry Stephenson (as "The Emperor"), Kay Strozzi (as "Charlotte"), Basil Sydney (as "The Crown Prince"), C.W. Van Voorhis (as "The Equerry"). Produced by L. Lawrence Weber.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Command to Love.
  • (1927) Stage Play: The Love Duel.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Tonight or Never. Comedy. Written by Lily Hatvany. Directed by David Belasco [final Broadway credit]. Belasco Theatre: 18 Nov 1930- Jun 1931 (closing date unknown/232 performances). Cast: Agnes De Dome (as "The Marchesa's Maid"), Melvyn Douglas (as "The Unknown Gentleman"), Helen Gahagan (as "The Prima Dona"), Warburton Gamble (as "His Excellency") [final Broadway role], Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "The Faithful Dog"), Robert Greig (as "The Man Servant"), Edmund Lowe (as "The Waiter"), Greta Meyer (as "The Maid"), Katherine Stewart (as "The Marchesa"). Produced by David Belasco. Note: Mr. Belasco died on 14 May 1931 during production run.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Joseph.
  • (1930) Stage Play: Lost Sheep.
  • (1935) Stage Play: Play, Genius, Play! Comedy. Written by Judith Kandel. Scenic Design by Cirker & Robbins. Directed by Jo Graham. St. James Theatre: 30 Oct 1935- Nov 1935 (closing date unknown/5 performances). Cast: Effie Afton (as "First Girl"), Hardie Albright (as "Paul Carey"), Walter Armin (as "Proprietor"), Barbara Brown (as "Cousin Doris"), Theresa Maxwell Conover (as "Mrs. Margaret Carey"), Clarence Derwent (as "Albert Sterne"), Len Doyle (as "Healey"), John T. Dwyer (as "Uncle Richard"), William Fay (as "Uncle Brian"), Walter Fenner (as "Doctor"), Maurice Freeman (as "Manufacturer"), Mercedes Gilbert (as "Ambrosia"), Charlotte Gloer (as "Eve"), Vaughn Godfrey (as "Pacci"), Ferdinand Gottschalk (as "Mr. Jay Carey") [final Broadway role], Butler Hixon (as "Mr. Morgan"), Vera Hurst (as "Cousin Annabelle"), Stapleton Kent (as "Holliday"), Linda Leeds (as "Leda Marshall"), William Morris (as "First Man"), Gertrude Mudge (as "Aunt Nancy"), Gavin Muir (as "Monty"), William Norton (as "Farmer"), Beverly Parker (as "Second Girl"), Sidney Riggs (as "Casazza"), Virginia Sale (as "Jenny"), Saranoff (as "Sascha Noodleman"), Mildred Schroeder (as "Third Girl"), W.W. Shuttleworth (as "Kelly"), Craig Williams (as "Second Man"), Judith Wood (as "Diana Saunders"), Sam Wren (as "Jorje Carey"). Produced by Lew Cantor.

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