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Mexican Oscar-Winning Filmmaker to Head Top Venice Jury: 3D Disaster Thriller to Open Fest

'Everest' 2015, with Jake Gyllenhaal at the Venice Film Festival. What global warming? Venice Film Festival 2015 jury: Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón president The 2015 Venice Film Festival, to be held Sept. 2–12, has announced the members of its three main juries: Venezia 72, Horizons, and the Luigi De Laurentiis Award for Best Debut Film. In case you're wondering, “Why Venezia 72”? Well, the simple answer is that this is the 72nd edition of the festival. Looking at the lists below, you'll notice that, as usual, Europeans dominate the award juries. The only two countries from the Americas represented are the U.S. and Mexico, and here and there you'll find a sprinkling of Asian film talent. Golden Lion jury The Golden Lion – Venezia 72 Competition – jury is comprised by the following: Jury President Alfonso Cuarón, the first Mexican national to take home the Best Director Academy Award (for the Sandra Bullock-George Clooney
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Can't Get Enough of Serial Killers? Meet Your New Obsession

What is it about serial killers that makes them so alluring?

Investigation Discovery's first scripted drama seeks to explore that question in its new series Serial Thriller: Angel of Decay. Based on a true story, the three-night miniseries, which premiered Sunday, follows police as they try to track down a killer in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s.

In an exclusive clip from Monday night's installment, three investigators on the case discuss the killer's profile – and what makes him so attractive to his female victims.

"Why do they keep falling for it? I mean, why do they go off with an unknown guy?
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Review: Good Vibrations

This is the Pure Movies review of Good Vibrations, directed by Lisa Barros D'Sa and Glenn Leyburn, starring Jodie Whittaker, Dylan Moran, Richard Dormer, Adrian Dunbar, Mark Ryder, Andrew Simpson and Demetri Goritsas. Reviewed by Dan Higgins for @puremovies. "New York have the haircuts, London have the trousers, Belfast has the reason" shouts Terri Hooley across a crowded Ulster Hall. The fact that his guest list for the fundraising concert is so big that he's making a loss on the door doesn't affect him. This was the Woodstock of Belfast Punk. When Hooley opened Good Vibrations records on Great Victoria Street a year or so into the troubles in Belfast, he was going against the norm. Everyone was leaving Belfast, nobody was starting up businesses. But Hooley would never have predicted what came next.
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X-Men: First Class - review

This attempt to create a pre-history for the X-Men achieves mixed results, but Michael Fassbender's Nazi revenge storyline gets the highest marks

Two years ago, Jj Abrams imagined the meeting of young Kirk and young Spock in his rebooted Star Trek; a brilliant piece of movie pre-history. Now producer Bryan Singer and director Matthew Vaughn make their attempt to revitalise the X-Men movie series by doing the same thing with the mutants' warring, schismatic leaders Professor Xavier and Magneto.

We see how they first met in the cold war 1960s as flashy, headstrong mutant-youngsters. The result is baggy and chaotic and over-long, but watchable, often enjoyably bizarre, and with the occasional flash of cold steel. These flashes come from the formidable Michael Fassbender, as the young Magneto. The film sets out to explain the origin of the X-Men, and even has a slightly strained rationale for Magneto's famous pointy mask/helmet,
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The Whistleblower (2010) Movie Trailer: Larysa Kondracki, Rachel Weisz

The Whistleblower Trailer has premiered. Larysa Kondracki‘s The Whistleblower (2010) stars Rachel Weisz, Vanessa Redgrave, Monica Bellucci, Benedict Cumberbatch, and David Strathairn. The Whistleblower‘s plot synopsis: Inspired by actual events, Kathryn Bolkovac (Rachel Weisz) “is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk.”

We previously posted The Whistleblower Promo Trailer. This movie trailer is far better for The Whistleblower than the promo trailer was but the promo trailer went into far better detail as to what was actual going on (the criminal activity) than this movie trailer does. This trailer is cleaner and cut in a more theatrical way and the viewer gets to see more of the key players involved,
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