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Print Biographies (3)

Meredith Etherington-Smith. The 'It' Girls: Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, the Couturiere "Lucile" and Elinor Glyn, Romantic Novelist. New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovonovich, 1986. ISBN 0151457743
Randy Bryan Bigham. Lucile - Her Life by Design: Sex, Style and the Fusion of Theatre and Couture. San Francisco/Dallas: MacEvie Press Group, 2012. ISBN 9780615609980
Valerie D. Mendes, Amy de la Haye. Lucile Ltd: London, Paris, New York and Chicago, 1890s-1930s. London: V&A Publishing, 2009. ISBN 9781851775613

Film Biographies (1)

Portrayals (3)

Interviews (4)

Ladies' Home Journal (US) October 1916, pg. pp. 77-78, ""Lady Duff Gordon's Message to the Women of America""
Vogue (US) April 1 1916, pg. pp. 54-55, ""At Lady Duff Gordon's 'Chansons Vivantes' Worthy Cause Wrought Exquisite Effect""
Theatre Magazine (US) March 1915, pg. p. 154, ""A Flashlight Interview with Lady Duff Gordon on Fashions for the Stage""
Vogue (US) April 15 1910, pg. p. 27ff, ""A High Priestess of Clothes""

Articles (5)

Relapse (US) May 2012, pg. pp. 7-11, by: Amina Srna, ""Titanic Couture: How Lady Duff Gordon Survived the Epic Sinking and Changed Women's Fashion Forever""
The Cleveland Plain Dealer (US) March 7 2002, by: Evelyn Theiss, "Survivor's Haunting Creations from Time of Titanic"
Harper's Bazaar (US) February 1917, pg. pp. 66-67, by: Lady Duff Gordon (Lucile), ""The Last Word in Fashions""
Harper's Bazaar (US) August 1914, pg. pp. 38-41, ""Lady Duff Gordon - Lucile""
Good Housekeeping (US) November 1910, pg. pp. 572-573, by: Grace Aspinwall, ""Lady Duff Gordon: A Titled Designer of Clothes Who Aims to Dress the Soul""

Pictorials (5)

Tatler (GB) April 7 1920, pg. n.p., ""A Dress Show at Lucile's""
L'Art et la Mode (FR) November 29 1919, pg. pp. 924-925, ""Creations de Lucile""
Les Modes (FR) June 1914, pg. p. 23, ""Robe du Soir par Lucile""
Femina (FR) May 1 1911, pg. 247, ""La Mode Elegante (Creations Lucile)""
Illustrated London News (GB) June 13 1908, pg. supplement, ii-iii, ""Fashion's Stage: The Methods of the Theatre at the Dressmaker's""

Magazine Covers (3)

Theatre Magazine (US) September 1915
Good Housekeeping (US) December 1912
Bystander (GB) June 15 1904

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