“Stage Fright” (1987) Review

Review By Chris Wright,

Directed by: Michele Soavi

Written by: George Eastman & Sheila Goldberg

Starring: Barbara Cupisti (Alicia), David Brandon (Peter), Mary Sellers (Laurel), Robert Gligorov (Danny), Jo Ann Smith (Sybil), Giovanni Lombardo Radice (Brett), Martin Philips (Mark), Piero Vida (Ferrari), Loredana Parrella (Corinne), Ulrike Schwerk (Betty), Domenico (Police Chief), Clain Parker (Irving Wallace)

The slasher genre had long come to a close by the time “Stage Fright” came about, but it did its part in giving a tired genre a refreshing spark of life. Its original title is “Deliria” and also known as “StageFright: Aquarius.” Italian director Michele Soavi delivered a gory forgotten slasher gem in his directorial debut. In the tradition of Dario Argento, whom he had worked with in production of several films with, he uses his surreal style to deliver a near hypnotic feel to the movie at times. This Italian flick was
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