Alan Cumming to bring one-man 'Macbeth' to New York's Lincoln Center Festival

Alan Cumming to bring one-man 'Macbeth' to New York's Lincoln Center Festival
Toil and trouble, indeed. Apologies to my old theater teacher Mrs. Lefkoe for even mentioning the Scottish play, but if something goes wrong in this particular production of Macbeth, only one actor will suffer from the witches’ curse. The Good Wife actor and occasional Broadway star Alan Cumming will play every role in the National Theater of Scotland’s upcoming stab at Shakespeare’s classic bloodbath, including the titular role and that of his murderous wife.The production will originate in June at the Tramway in Glasgow, and hit the U.S. for New York City’s Lincoln Center Festival
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Speaking Shakespeare

It's no accident that Andy Goldberg offers his courses under the umbrella title Shakespeare Gym. He'll tell you his philosophy "is that actors can receive deeper and more profound understanding" of Shakespearean text "through physical exploration."In other words, Goldberg isn't interested in simply getting Bard wannabes to speak the poetry and prose; he wants it to flow through the entire body. "Often in Shakespeare," he says, "people talk about 'acting from the neck up' in a derogatory sense. I want the words to come organically from below the navel, so that it's not a cerebral process but a physical process. Ultimately, it's both."Goldberg disseminates his theory through two courses he gives several times a year: a beginners course and an advanced course. In love with Shakespeare since taking a course at Stanford called Shakespeare Through Performance, he recalls with a laugh, "I discovered I was a terrible actor
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