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Flashback Weekend Chicago 2017 to Celebrate 15th Anniversary with Star-Studded Nightmare On Elm Street Festivities This August

It’s hard to believe that the Flashback Weekend horror convention in Chicago is already turning 15 years old, but Mike and Mia Kerz, the founders behind the long-running event, are pulling out all the stops to make sure this year’s show is a great experience for attendees, especially if you’re a fan of the A Nightmare on Elm Street series (and who isn’t, really?).

Horror legend Robert Englund headlines Flashback Weekend 2017, which runs from August 4th through the 6th at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare (5440 N. River Road, Rosemont, Il, 60018), and during the convention he’ll be joined by numerous cast members from a handful of sequels and the original Nightmare, including Heather Langenkamp, Lisa Wilcox, Amanda Wyss, Brooke Theiss, Joann Willette, Ricky Dean Logan, Katharine Isabelle, Toy Newkirk, Danny Hassel, Kelly Jo Minter, and many more.

Other notable guests for this year’s Flashback include genre icon Lance Henriksen, as well as Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocca from The Boondock Saints, both Curtis Armstrong and Donald Gibb of Revenge of the Nerds fame, Lew Temple, and horror host extraordinaire, Svengoolie, will also be back to host the annual Sinister Visions costume contest like only Berwyn’s finest can.

For the entire lowdown on the 2017 Flashback Weekend guests and events announced so far, read on for more information from the official press release below. And for details on how to get your tickets and attend this year’s Nightmare on Elm Street blowout, check out the Fbw site Here.

Press Release: Horror legend Robert Englund (Freddy Krueger) headlines a major “Nightmare On Elm Street”

series reunion at the 15th Anniversary of Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con on August 4-6, 2017 at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare in Rosemont, Il.

In addition to Robert Englund, the “Nightmare On Elm Street” franchise reunion will feature celebrity guests from each of the eight Elm Street films including Heather Langenkamp (Elm Street 1, 3, & 7), Amanda Wyss and Ronee Blakley (Elm Street 1), Joann Willette (Elm Street 2), Lisa Wilcox (Elm Street 4 & 5), Brooke Bundy ( Elm St 3 & 4), Tuesday Knight (Elm St 4), Danny Hassel (Elm St 4 & 5), Brooke Theiss (Elm St 4), Andras Jones ( Elm St 4), Toy Newkirk (Elm St 4), Kelly Jo Minter (Elm St 5), Ricky Dean Logan (Elm St 6), Ken Kirzinger (Jason from Freddy Vs. Jason), Katharine Isabelle (Freddy Vs. Jason), and Jesse Hutch (Freddy Vs. Jason).

Other major guests include the legendary Lance Henriksen (“Aliens”, “Near Dark”) and pop culture icons Sean Patrick Flanery and David Della Rocca (“The Boondock Saints”), Curtis Armstrong (“Booger”) and Don Gibb (“Ogre”) from “Revenge Of The Nerds”, Lew Temple (“The Walking Dead”, “The Devil’S Rejects”), with more guests to be announced.

Special events include a giant screen outdoor movie showing of “Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master” (1988) introduced by Robert Englund and the Elm Street 4 cast. Chicago Horror Host legend Svengoolie (Rich Koz) will host the annual Sinister Visions Costume contest. Special parties each evening including a Costume Contest with prizes and celebrity guest appearances, and a wild party featuring illusionist Ron Fitzgerald and Burlesque.

Flashback Weekend Chicago Horror Con also features a huge vendor’s room, celebrity guest panels, and screenings throughout the weekend. Tickets are now on sale. For additional details, visit

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‘Bloodsport’ shines the spotlight on Van Damme so strongly that everything else pales in comparison


Written by Christopher Crosby, Mel Freidman and Shedon Lettich

Directed by Newt Arnold

USA, 1988

Every year in Hong Kong, an underground martial arts tournament is held in secrecy. The Kumite (a term given to a specific type of karate) is where the world’s best fighters come together on invitation to prove their worth in full contact fights, no questions asked. United States Army captain Frank Dux (Jean-Claude Van Damme), having been trained under the auspices of Senzo Tanaka (Roy Chiao), has received his invitation to this year’s tournament and, against the orders of his immediate superiors, slips away from detection and travels to the Far East for the fight of his life. Once there, he meets fellow American fighter Ray Jackson (Donald Gibb) and nosy reporter Janice Kent (Leah Ayres), who wants a scoop on the action. Hounding Frank are two officers, Helmer and Rawlins (Norman Burton and,
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Van Damme’s ‘Bloodsport’ & ‘Kickboxer’ Both Getting Reboots

Two movies that made a star of Jean-Claude Van Damme in the late ’80s - Bloodsport (1988) and Kickboxer (1989) – are both getting reboots. (Does it even feel like pain anymore?)

Relativity Media reportedly has director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) attached to the new version of Bloodsport, while Kickboxer will be re-launched by Radar Pictures (Riddick), with Hong Kong director Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Zero) at the helm.

Deadline dropped the news of the Bloodsport/Kickboxer reboots. The site reports that the new Bloodsport - originally about an army officer who goes Awol to compete in an illegal underground fight tournament – will now be about “the morally-conflicted life of 21st century mercenaries who clash with the underground world of Brazilian Vale Tudo, the martial arts style used by Donald Gibb’s ...

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Kickboxer Remake in the Works for Director Stephen Fung and Radar Pictures

The debate over whether Jean-Claude Van Damme's Bloodsport or Kickboxer is a better movie is about to get a contemporary boost: both films are now slated for remakes.  We reported earlier today on the progress of the Bloodsport reboot, landing director James McTeigue (V for Vendetta) at Relativity Media.  Now, word has it that Kickboxer is also getting into the ring with a new version to be helmed by Stephen Fung (Tai Chi Zero).  The Kickboxer film will be scripted by Jim McGrath and Dimitri Logothetis, and is set up through Radar Pictures, which produced The Last Samurai and Riddick.  Casting is now underway and producers are looking towards an early 2014 start.  That's about all we've got on the reboot, but hit the jump for a breakdown of Bloodsport vs Kickboxer. Deadline reports that Jcvd's Kickboxer is also in the works, but the question of which movie is better remains to be seen.
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Bloodsport Remake Re-Enters The Ring

Bloodsport Remake Re-Enters The Ring
Somewhere in Jean-Claude Van Damme’s house, we like to imagine his mobile is practically throwing itself off tables as production companies try to reach him to discuss cameos in two separate remakes of his early films. First up, we have movement on Bloodsport, with V For Vendetta director James McTeigue now attached.The 1988 version of Bloodsport, which helped launch the splits-loving fighter as an action star, found Jcvd as an American Army officer whose ninja training comes in handy when competing in the underground Hong Kong tournament called the Kumite.McTeigue’s take shoves the story into the 21st century, focusing on mercenaries who scrap in the equally unsafe art of Brazilian Vale Tudo, as employed by Donald Gibb’s Ray Jackson in the original. Writer Robert Mark Kamen has written the early draft from a story originally developed by Phillip Noyce when he was slated to direct, but
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James McTeigue will direct the Bloodsport reboot, filming to begin in 2014

  • JoBlo
I feel a lot like Frank Dux during the final fight in Bloodsport: someone has thrown sand in my eyes at the confirmation that the Van Damme-less Bloodsport reboot is moving forward with filming slated to begin in early 2014. The original Bloodsport is a Cannon Films classic based on the "true" life story of Frank Dux who entered the underground Kumite competition in Hong Kong. Featuring Bolo Yeung, Donald Gibb, and a young Forest Whitaker, it is one of those classic 1980s guy...
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Fright Night Film Fest 2011: Join Guest Of Honor John Carpenter And Many More!

Join guest of honor John Carpenter (Halloween, The Thing, Escape From New York) all weekend at Fright Night Film Fest/Fandom Fest. Carpenter’s latest movie “The Ward” is making its way to horror fans all around the world this year. The Walking Dead will be representing all weekend with the zombies from the hit show appearing. Melissa Cowan, Addy Miller, Keisha Tillis and Brittany Murphy will all be appearing.

Any Star Wars fans out there? Of course there is! Both boba Fett’s will be at Fandome Fest, meet Jeremy Bulloch (The Empire Strikes Back) and Daniel Logan (Attack of the Clones, Star Wars:Clone Wars)

Other awesome guests for the weekend include Henry Winkler (Happy Days, The WaterBoy, Scream), Edward Furlong (The Crow Wicked Prayer, Terminator 2, Pet Semetary 2) Michael Biehn (Aliens, Tombstone, Terminator) and Jennifer Blanc (Dark Angel, The Crow) will be screening their new movie and Biehn’s directorial debut,
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Salt Director Phillip Noyce Set to Remake Bloodsport

Noyce has recently confirmed his involvement in the upcoming and unexpected reboot of the classic 1988 martial arts film that starred Jean Claude Van Damme. The original Bloodsport was one of the films which helped launch Jean Claude Van Damme's career. It also starred future Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, Donald Gibb & Bolo Yeung. The synopsis for the original film told the story of an American who was trained from his youth in the ways of Ninjutsu by a Japanese master of the art. Out of gratitude and respect for having been allowed the training in place of his master's deceased and only son, the American leaves for Hong Kong to participate in the Kumite — an illegal and underground, freestyle, single-elimination and occasionally deadly full-contact martial arts tournament...
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Top 5 Jean Claude Van Damme films

Hard Target For 20 years Hong Kong director John Woo was the driving force in film on the Pacific Rim. Following the success of The Killer, Woo's 1989 masterpiece of operatic violence, he made out to Hollywood with his chop-socky. Hard Target. Woo's American debut took the Belgium-born Jean-Claude Van Damme to new lows of clunky one-liners and preposterous action scenes forcing you to suspend you disbelief to a max. However Hard Target proved that John Woo was the hottest name in action at the time Double Impact Shot on location in Hong Kong, the film contains not one but two Van Dammes. Jcvd plays twin brothers. The gimmick is to pit Van Damme up against Van Damme which successfully works when one brother in a drunken and jealous rage believes that the other is sleeping with his girlfriend. The film also includes Bolo Yeung as the villain and a muscle-bound lesbian
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