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  • (1950 - 1997) Active on Broadway in the following productions:
  • (1950) Stage Play: Arms and the Girl. Musical comedy. Written by Rouben Mamoulian, Herbert Fields, and Dorothy Fields. Music by Morton Gould. Lyrics by Dorothy Fields. Based on the play "The Pursuit of Happiness" by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall Langner. Music orchestrated by Morton Gould and Philip J. Lang. Choreographed by Michael Kidd. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. 46th Street Theatre: 2 Feb 1950- 27 May 1950 (134 performances). Cast: Florenz Ames (as "Capt. Aaron Kirkland"), Howard Andreola, Andy Aprea, Seth Arnold (as "Thad Jennings"), Pearl Bailey (as "Connecticut"), Edmund Balin, Mimi Cabanne, Joseph Caruso, Lulu Belle Clarke, John Conte, Cliff Dunstan, Nanette Fabray (as "Jo Kirkland"), Barbara Ferguson, Paul Fitzpatrick, Peter Gennaro (as "Dancer") [Broadway debut], Annabelle Gold, Georges Guétary, Sterling Hall, Maria Harriton, Eda Heinemann (as "Prudence Kirkland"), Katherine Henning, William Inglis, Robert Josias, Joan Keenan, William J. McCarthy, Barbara McCutcheon, Peter Miceli, Jerry Miller, Patricia Muller, Dan O'Brien, Mary O'Fallon, Frederick Olsson, Arthur Partington, Robert Rippy, Shirley Robbins, Philip Rodd, Patricia Rogers, Helen Stanton, Bettina Thayer, Donald Thrall, William Thunhurst, Arthur Vinton, Norman Weise, Marc West, Onna White (as "Dancer"), Fern Whitney, Lou Yetter, Victor Young. Produced by The Theatre Guild. Produced in association with Anthony Brady Farrell.
  • (1950) Stage Play: Guys and Dolls. Musical comedy. Music by Frank Loesser. Lyrics by Frank Loesser. Book by Abe Burrows and Jo Swerling. Based on a Story and Characters by Damon Runyon. Musical Director: Irving Actman. Music arranged by George Bassman and Ted Royal. Vocal arrangements by Herbert Greene. Vocal direction by Herbert Greene. Scenic Design by Jo Mielziner. Lighting Design by Jo Mielziner. Costume Design by Alvin Colt. Assistant Designer to Mr. Mielziner: John Harvey and Trew Hocker. Dances and Musical Numbers Staged by Michael Kidd. Directed by George S. Kaufman. 46th Street Theatre: 24 Nov 1950- 26 Nov 1953 (1200 performances). Cast: Robert Alda (as "Sky Masterson") [Broadway debut/winner of 1951 Tony Award for Best Actor], Isabel Bigley, Vivian Blaine (as "Miss Adelaide"), Sam Levene (as "Nathan Detroit"), Pat Rooney (as "Arvide Abernathy"), Wana Allison, Forrest Bonshire, Douglas Deane, Geraldine Delaney, Charles Drake, Barbara Ferguson, Tony Gardell, Peter Gennaro (as "Dancer"), Bern Hoffman, Lee Joyce, Stubby Kaye (as "Nicely-Nicely Johnson") [Broadway debut], Beverly Lawrence, Marcia Maier, Christine Matsios, Paul Migan, Joe Milan, Carl Nicholas, Margery Oldroyd, Mission Band, Netta Packer, Tom Pedi (as "Harry the Horse"), Eddie Phillips, B.S. Pully, Paul Reed, Harry Lee Rogers, Don Russell, Hal Saunders, Bud Schwab, Johnny Silver, Earle Styres, Beverly Tassoni, Merritt Thompson, Ruth Vernon, Onna White (as "Dancer"). Produced by Feuer & Martin. Note: On hiatus during much of the summer of 1953. Winner of 5 1951 Tony Awards. Produced on film as Guys and Dolls (1955) starring Marlon Brando.
  • (1954) Stage Play: The Pajama Game. Musical comedy. Music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross. Book by George Abbott and Richard Bissell. Based on the novel "7-1/2 Cents" by Richard Bissell. Musical Director: Hal Hastings. Music orchestrated by Don Walker. Dance arrangements by Roger Adams. Choreographed by Bob Fosse. Scenic Design by Lemuel Ayers. Costume Design by Lemuel Ayers. Assistant to Mr. Ayers (Scenery): Robert O'Hearn. Assistant to Mr. Ayers (Costumes): Frank Thompson. Directed by George Abbott and Jerome Robbins. St. James Theatre (moved to The Shubert Theatre from 12 Nov 1956 to close): 13 May 1954- 24 Nov 1956 (1063 performances). Produced by Frederick Brisson, Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince.
  • (1955) Stage Play: Seventh Heaven. Musical. Music by Victor Young. Lyrics by Stella Unger. Book by Victor Wolfson and Stella Unger. Based on the play by Austin Strong. Musical Director: Max Meth. Music orchestrated by David Terry. Choral direction by Crane Calder. Choreographed by Peter Gennaro. Directed by John C. Wilson. ANTA Playhouse: 26 May 1955- 2 Jul 1955 (44 performances). Produced by Gant Gaither and William Bacher.
  • (1956) Stage Play: Bells Are Ringing. Musical comedy. Material adaption by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green. Music by Jule Styne. Musical Director: Milton Rosenstock. Music orchestrated by Robert Russell Bennett. Vocal arrangements and direction by Herbert Greene and Buster Davis. Dance arrangements by John Morris. Incidental music by John Morris. Choreographed by Jerome Robbins and Bob Fosse. Shubert Theatre (moved to The Alvin Theatre from 15 Dec 1958 to close): 29 Nov 1956- 7 Mar 1959 (924 performances). Cast: Judy Holliday (as "Ella Peterson"), Sydney Chaplin (as "Jeff Moss"), Pam Abbott, Frank Aletter (as "Blake Barton"), Doria Avila, Joanne Birks, Dort Clark (as "Inspector Barnes"), Frank Derbas, Norma Doggett, Phyllis Dorne, Don Emmons, Peter Gennaro (as "Carl"), Frank Green, Eddie Heim, George S. Irving, Patti Karr, Kasimir Kokich, Eddie Lawrence, Marc Leon, Urylee Leonardos, Jeannine Masterson, David McDaniel, Paul Michael, Frank Milton, Barbara Newman, Tom O'Steen, Julian Patrick, John Perkins, Nancy Perkins, Ellen Ray, Michelle Reiner, Marsha Rivers, Steve Roland, Donna Sanders, Jean Stapleton (as "Sue"), Willy Sumner, Ed Thompson, Beryl Towbin, Ben Vargas, Ann Wallace, Bernard West (as "Dr. Kitchell"), Jack Weston (as "Francis"), Pat Wilkes, Billy Wilson, Gordon Woodburn. Replacement cast during Shubert Theatre run: Heywood Hale Broun (as "Francis"), Betty Garrett (as "Ella Peterson") [during Judy Holliday's vacation], Scott Hunter (as "Joey"), Hal Linden (as "Jeff Moss") [Broadway debut], David McDaniel (as "Singer at Night Club"), Paul Michael (as "Police Officer"), Larry Parks (as "Jeff Moss) [during Sidney Chaplin's vacation], Jack Rains (as "Maitre D'Hotel"), Ben Raisen (as "Waiter"). Understudy: June Ericson (as "Ella Peterson"). Replacement cast during Alvin Theatre run: Doria Avila (as "Another Actor"), Vincent Beck (as "Man from Corvello Mob"), Louisa Cabot (as "Dancer"), Michael Davis (as "Singer"), Frank Derbas (as "Carl"), Joan Elliott (as "Singer"), Jain Fairfax (as "Dancer"), Barbara Gutierrez (as "Carol"), Marian Hunter (as "Dancer"), Louis Kosman (as "Dancer/Other Man"), Marc Leon (as "Waiter"), Ripple Lewis (as "Singer"), Hal Linden (as "Jeff Moss"), Paul Lipson (as "Larry Hastings"), Sigyn Lund (as "Dancer"), Frances Martin (as "Dancer"), Paul Merrill (as "Maitre D'Hotel/Singer"), William Miller (as "Dancer"), Philip Nasta (as "Dancer/Master of Ceremonies/Telephone Man"), Mitchell Nutick (as "Dancer/Joey"), Ernest Parham (as "Dancer"), Alice Pearce (as "Sue"), Alan Peterson (as "Dancer"), Ralph Roberts (as "Francis"), Bob Roman (as "Singer"), Adolph Sambogna (as "Dancer"), Donna Sanders (as "Olga"), Mary Ellen Schimmel (as "Singer"), Jim Smock (as "Dancer"), Harriet Spitz (as "Dancer"), Mark Tully (as "Singer/Singer at Night Club"), Edmund Walenta (as "Police Officer/Singer"), Louise Woods (as "Mrs. Mallet/Singer"). Understudies: Doria Avila (as "Carl"), Vincent Beck (as "Jeff Moss"), Jain Fairfax (as "Carol/Olga"), Louis Kosman (as "Man from Corvello Mob"), Marc Leon (as "Dr. Kitchell"), Paul Lipson (as "Sandor"), Frances Martin (as "Gwynne"), Mitchell Nutick (as "Francis"), Steve Roland (as "Inspector Barnes"), Bob Roman (as "Paul Arnold/Ludwig Smiley"), Lynne Stuart (as "Ella Peterson"), Mark Tully (as "Blake Barton"). Note: Filmed as Bells Are Ringing (1960). Produced by The Theatre Guild. Note: Ms. Holliday won Tony award as Best Actress, Musical.
  • (1957) Stage Play: West Side Story. Musical drama.
  • (1959) Stage Play: Fiorello! Musical. Book by Jerome Weidman and George Abbott. Music by Jerry Bock. Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick. Musical Director: Harold Hastings. Music orchestrated by Irwin Kostal. Dance arrangements by Jack Elliott. Assistant Musical Director: Mike Forman. Choreographed by Peter Gennaro. Directed by George Abbott. Broadhurst Theatre (moved to The Broadway Theatre from 9 May 1961- close): 23 Nov 1959- 28 Oct 1961 (795 performances). Cast: Tom Bosley (as "Fiorello LaGuardia"), Howard Da Silva (as "Ben Marino"), Mark Dawson (as "Floyd, a cop"), Nathaniel Frey (as "Morris, office manager"), Ellen Hanley (as "Thea, the sweatshop workers' leader"), Pat Stanley (as "Dora. Marie's friend"), Patricia Wilson (as "Marie, Fiorello's secretary"), Bob Bernard (as "1st Heckler/Derby/Dancer"), Elaine Cancilla (as "Dancer"), Charlene Carter (as "Dancer"), David Collyer (as "Mr. Zappatella/Singer"), Frederic Downs (as "Senator"), Barbara Gilbert (as "Singer"), H.F. Green (as "Mr. Lopez/Politician"), Ellen Harris (as "Dancer"), Patricia Harty (as "Dancer"), Bob Holiday (as "Neil/Law clerk"), Del Horstmann (as "Announcer/2nd Player/Singer"), Scott Hunter (as "1st Man/Dancer"), Ron Husmann (as "4th Player/Singer"), Deedy Irwin (as "Florence/Singer"), Bob LaCrosse (as "Dancer"), Mara Landi (as "Secretary/Singer"), David London (as "5th Player/Tough Man/Singer"), Lynda Lynch (as "Dancer"), Jim Maher (as "3rd Heckler/Dancer"), Gregg Owen (as "Dancer"), Julian Patrick (as "6th Player/Reporter/Singer"), Ginny Perlowin (as "Singer"), Patsy Peterson (as "Singer"), Lowell Purvis (as "Dancer"), Michael Quinn (as "3rd Player/Commissioner"), Dellas Rennie (as "Dancer"), Eileen Rodgers (as "Mitzi Travers") [Broadway debut], Lynn Ross (as "Sophie/Dancer"), Silver Saundors (as "Singer"), Michael Scrittorale (as "2nd Heckler/Frankie Scarpini/2nd Man/Dancer"), Stanley Simmonds (as "Ed Peterson/Frantic"), Dan Siretta (as "Dancer"), Joseph Toner (as "Seedy Man/4th Heckler/Judge Carter"), Pat Turner (as "Nina/Dancer"), Helen Verbit (as "Mrs. Pomerantz"). Standby: Harvey Lembeck (as "Fiorello LaGuardia") [final Broadway role]. Understudies: David Collyer (as "Ben Marino/Morris"), Patricia Harty (as "Dora") [Broadway debut], Ron Husmann (as "Neil"), Mara Landi (as "Mrs. Pomerantz"), Jack McMinn (as "2nd Player/3rd Player/4th Player/5th Player/6th Player"), Ginny Perlowin (as "Thea"), Patsy Peterson (as "Mitzi Travers"), Eileen Rodgers (as "Marie"). Produced by Robert E. Griffith and Harold Prince.
  • (1960) Stage Play: West Side Story. Musical drama (revival).
  • (1960) Stage Play: The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Musical. Note: Filmed as The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964).
  • (1962) Stage Play: Mr. President. Musical comedy.
  • (1964) Stage Play: West Side Story. Musical drama (revival).
  • (1964) Stage Play: Bajour. Musical comedy.
  • (1969) Stage Play: Jimmy. Musical.
  • (1973) Stage Play: Irene. Musical comedy (revival). Music by Harry Tierney. Lyrics by Joseph McCarthy. Additional lyrics by Charles Gaynor, Otis Clements and Jack Lloyd. Additional music by Charles Gaynor and Otis Clements. Book by Hugh Wheeler and Joseph Stein. Book from an adaptation by Harry Rigby. Based on the original play by James Montgomery. Music and Vocal Direction: Jack Lee. Music orchestrated by Ralph Burns. Dance arrangements by Wally Harper. Incidental music by Wally Harper. Musical Staging by Peter Gennaro. Production Design by Raoul Pene Du Bois. Costume Design by Raoul Pène Du Bois. Vocal Consultant to Debbie Reynolds: Nora Dunfee. Miss Reynold's costumes by Irene Sharaff. Lighting Design by David F. Segal. Sound Design by Tony Alloy. Directed by Gower Champion. Minskoff Theatre: 13 Mar 1973- 8 Sep 1974 (594 performances + 13 previews that began on 1 Mar 1973). Cast: Debbie Reynolds (as "Irene O'Dare"), George S. Irving (as "Madame Lucy"), Patsy Kelly (as "Mrs. O'Dare"), Monte Markham (as "Donald Marshall"), Ruth Warrick (as "Emmeline Marshall"), Carmen Alvarez (as "Helen McFudd"), Meg Bussert (as "Debutante"), Trudy Carson (as "Debutante"), Paul Charles (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Arlene Columbo (as "Debutante"), Dennis Edenfield (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), David Evans (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Carrie Fisher (as "Debutante"), Bob Freschi (as "Clarkson/Ninth Avenue Fella"), Dorothy Wyn Gehgan (as "Debutante"), John Hamilton (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Bruce Lea (as "Jimmy O'Flaherty/Ninth Avenue Fella"), Frances Ruth Lea (as "Debutante/Swing Dancer"), Jeanne Lehman (as "Debutante"), Joe Lorden (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Bryan Nicholas (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Kate O'Brady (as "Arabella Thornsworthy/Debutante"), Julie Pars (as "Debutante"), Pamela Peadon (as "Debutante"), Ted Pugh (as "Ozzie Babson"), Robert Rayow (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Dennis Roth (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Kenn Scalice (as "Ninth Avenue Fella/Swing Dancer"), Ron Schwinn (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Janie Sell (as "Jane Burke"), David Steele (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Albert Stephenson (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Pat Trott (as "Debutante"), Sandra Voris (as "Debutante"), Jeanette Williamson (as "Debutante"), Penny Worth (as "Debutante"). Replacement cast: Don Bonnell (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Ralph Braun (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Arlene Columbo (as "Swing Dancer"), Hans Conried (as "Madame Lucy"), Christy Curtis (as "Debutante"), Linda Edelman (as "Debutante"), Judy Endacott (as "Debutante"), Mary Flowers (as "Debutante"), Gary Gendell (as "Ninth Avenue Fella/Swing Dancer"), Bette Glenn (as "Debutante"), Olivia Hahn (as "Debutante"), Ron Husmann (as "Donald Marshall") [from 31 May 1973- ?], Stephanie James (as "Debutante"), J.J. Jepson (as "Jimmy O'Flaherty/Ninth Avenue Fella"), Patti Karr (as "Helen McFudd"), Marybeth Kurdock (as "Debutante"), Bobbi Lange (as "Debutante"), Merilee Magnuson (as "Debutante") [circa Aug 1974- 8 Sep 1974], Mary McCarty (as "Mrs. O'Dare") [from 2 Aug 1973- ?], Jacqueline Payne (as "Debutante"), Stan Picus (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Jane Powell (as "Irene O'Dare") [from 6 Feb 1974- ?], Kathryn Sandy (as "Debutante"), Steve Short (as "Ninth Avenue Fella"), Karen Weeden (as "Jane Burke"), Penny Worth (as "Helen McFudd"). Produced by Harry Rigby, Albert W. Selden and Jerome Minskoff. Associate Producer: Steven Beckler.
  • (1977) Stage Play: Annie. Musical comedy. Musical Director: Peter Howard. Music by Charles Strouse. Lyrics by Martin Charnin. Book by Thomas Meehan. Music orchestrated by Philip J. Lang. Dance arrangements by Peter Howard. Based on "Little Orphan Annie" by Harold Gray. "Little Orphan Annie" used by permission of Chicago Tribune - New York News Syndicate Inc. Choreographed by Peter Gennaro. Directed by Martin Charnin. Alvin Theatre (moved to The ANTA Playhouse from 16 Sep 1981- 24 Oct 1981, then moved to The Eugene O'Neill Theatre from 29 Oct 1981- 6 Dec 1981, then moved to The Uris Theatre from 10 Dec 1981- close): 21 Apr 1977- 2 Jan 1983 (2377 performances + 15 previews that began on 8 Apr 1977). Cast: Sandy Faison (as "Grace Farrell") [Broadway debut], Robert Fitch (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Dorothy Loudon (as "Miss Hannigan"), Andrea McArdle (as "Annie"), Reid Shelton (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Diana Barrows (as "Tessie"), Laurie Beechman (as "Sophie, the Kettle/Cecille/A Star to Be/Bonnie Boylan/Perkins/Ensemble"), Danielle Brisebois (as "Molly"), Shelley Bruce (as "Kate"), Barbara Erwin (as "Lily St. Regis/Ensemble"), Robyn Finn (as "Pepper"), Donna Graham (as "Duffy"), Janine Ruane (as "July"), Raymond Thorne (as "Harry/F.D.R."), Steven Boockvor (as "Dog Catcher/Jimmy Johnson/Honor Guard/Ensemble"), Edwin Bordo (as "Drake/Ensemble"), Edie Cowan (as "Mrs. Pugh/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Donald Craig (as "Dog Catcher/Bert Healy/H.V. Kaltenborn's Voice/Hull/Ensemble"), Dick Ensslen (as "Lt. Ward/Morgenthau/Justice Brandeis/Ensemble"), Bob Freschi (as "Fred McCracken/Hopkins/Ensemble"), James Hosbein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Sound Effects Man/Ickes/Ensemble"), Mari McMinn (as "NBC Page/Ensemble/Sandy Sandy"), Penny Worth (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan/Ensemble"). Swing: Don Bonnell ("Swing"). Standby: Kristen Vigard (as "Annie"). Understudies: Arf (as "Sandy"), Steven Boockvor (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly"), Edie Cowan (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donald Craig (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Bob Freschi (as "Bert Healy/Drake"), Donna Graham (as "July"), Mari McMinn (as "Grace Farrell"), Janine Ruane (as "Duffy/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Raymond Thorne (as "Oliver Warbucks") and Penny Worth (as "Miss Hannigan"). Replacement actors [during Alvin Theatre run]: Jennine Babo (as "Molly/Tessie"), Diana Barrows (as "Annie") [Alternate], Gary Beach (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Tiffany Blake (as "Tessie"), Kathryn Boule (as "Grace Farrell"), Stacey Lynn Brass (as "Duffy"), Randall Ann Brooks (as "Duffy"), Shelley Bruce (as "Molly" [Alternate]/Annie [from 6 Mar 1978- ?], David Brummel (as "Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Martha Byrne (as "July"), Penny Marie Chaney (as "Pepper"), Keene Curtis (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), John Deyle (as "Bert Healy/Fred McCracken/Howe"), Dick Ensslen (as "Bert Healy"), Kim Fedena (as "Tessie/Kate/"), Jodi Ford (as "July"), Gary Gendell (as "Dog Catcher/Honor Guard/Jimmy Johnson"), Alice Ghostley (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 15 Aug 1978- ?], Donna Graham (as "July") [Alternate], Betty Hutton (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 19 Sep 1980- ?] (final Broadway role), Chris Jamison, Timothy Jecko (as "Apple Seller/Ensemble/Howe/Jimmy Johnson"), Lynn Kearney (as "Grace Farrell"), Kathy-Jo Kelly (as "July"), Tara Kennedy (as "Kate"), Anne Kerry (as "Grace Farrell"), R. Martin Klein (as "Bundles McCloskey/Ensemble/Ickes/Sound Effects Man"), Ruth Kobart (as "Miss Hannigan"), Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 29 Apr 1981- ?], Annie McGreevey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Beth McVey (as "A Star to Be/Annette/Ensemble/Ronnie Boylan/Sophie, the Kettle"), Sarah Jessica Parker (as "July/Annie [from 6 Mar 1979- ?]"), Mary Bracken Phillips (as "Grace Farrell"), Lola Powers (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Harve Presnell (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Rhodes Reason (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Jane Robertson (as "Annette/Ronnie Boylan"), Larry Ross (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Honor Guard"), Rita Rudner (as "Lily St. Regis"), Marianne Sanazaro (as "Cecille/Connie Boylan/Ensemble"), Karen Schleifer (as "Kate"), John Schuck (as "Oliver Warbucks, "Daddy" Warbucks"), Allison Smith (as "Annie") [from 29 Jan 1980- ?], Dorothy Stanley (as "Lily St. Regis"), Donna Thomason (as "Bonnie Boylan/Ensemble/Mrs. Greer"), Jenn Thompson (as "Pepper"), Alfred Toigo (as "F.D.R./Harry"), Ann Ungar (as "Annette" [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ensemble [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]/Ronnie Boylan [from 26 Aug 1977- 27 Jan 1980]"), Henrietta Valor (as "Ensemble/Mrs. Pugh/NBC Page/Perkins"), Richard Walker (as "Dog Catcher/Ensemble/Hull"), Dolores Wilson (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 21 Aug 1979- ?]. Swings: Roy Meachum, Aileen Quinn. Understudies: Tiffany Blake (as "Annie"), Don Bonnell (as "Ensemble"), Shelley Bruce (as "Annie"), David Brummel (as "Drake"), Dick Ensslen (as "F.D.R."), Kim Fedena (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Timothy Jecko (as "Drake"), Tara Kennedy (as "Molly"), Laura Kerr (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"), Beth McVey (as "Lily St. Regis"), Roy Meachum (as "F.D.R."), O'Malley (as "Sandy"), Lola Powers (as "Miss Hannigan"), Jane Robertson (as "Ensemble/Lily"), Larry Ross (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Donna Thomason (as "Grace Farrell"), Ann Ungar (as "Miss Hannigan"), Henrietta Valor (as "Miss Hannigan"), Richard Walker (as "Bert Healy"), Mimi Wallace (as "Ensemble"). [During ANTA Playhouse run:] June Havoc (as "Miss Hannigan") [from 6 Oct 1982- ?], Marcia Lewis (as "Miss Hannigan"). [During Eugene O'Neill Theatre run:] Jennine Babo (as "Duffy"), Caroline Daly (as "Pepper"), Roxanne Dundish (as "Molly"), Sherry Dundish (as "Duffy"), Richard Sabellico (as "Rooster Hannigan"), Guy Stroman (as "Rooster Hannigan"). Swing: Joy Merri. Understudy: Sherry Dundish (as "Molly"). [During Uris Theatre run:] Janet Aldrich (as "A Star to Be"), Dorothy Andres (as "Molly"), Laura Baker (as "July"), Shelly Burch (as "A Star to Be"), Kia Goodwin (as "Kate/Tessie"), Alyson Kirk (as "Kate/Annie [from 2 Sep 1982- ?], Hally McGehean (as "Pepper"), Lauren Mitchell (as "Grace Farrell"), Nicole Nowicki (as "Kate"), Becky Snyder (as "July"), Julie Stevens (as "Pepper"), Stephanie Vine (as "July/Tessie/Pepper"). Swings: Loren Kaufman, Stephanie Vine. Understudies: Becky Snyder (as "Annie"), Stephanie Vine (as "Duffy/July/Kate/Pepper/Tessie"). Produced by The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Mike Nichols, Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc. and Icarus Productions. Produced in association with Peter Crane. Note: Filmed by Columbia Pictures as Annie (1982).
  • (1978) Stage Play: The American Dance Machine. Dance [Special production]. Musical Director: David Baker and David Krane. Special arrangements by Danny Hurd. Dance arrangements by Trude Rittman, Laurence Rosenthal, Genevieve Pitot, John Heawood, David Baker, Russell Warner, Robert Wagner, Robert Prince, Peter Matz, Sol Berkowitz, Luther Henderson and Edward Scott. Historical material arranged by Albert Murray. Featuring songs by Jule Styne, George M. Cohan, Richard Rodgers, Harold Rome, Sandy Wilson, John Kander, Gary Geld, Cy Coleman, Jerry Jeff Walker, David Heneker, Duke Ellington, Meredith Willson, Frederick Loewe, Cole Porter, Vincent Youmans and Jimmy Van Heusen. Featuring songs with lyrics by Leo Robin, Oscar Hammerstein II, Fred Ebb, Carolyn Leigh, Billy Strayhorn, Johnny Mercer, Alan Jay Lerner, Irving Caesar and Sammy Cahn. Entire Associate Director: David Baker. Featuring choreography from "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes," "Carousel," and "Brigadoon" by Agnes de Mille. Featuring choreography from "George M!" by Joe Layton. Featuring choreography from "Destry Rides Again" and "Can Can" by Michael Kidd. Featuring choreography from "The Boy Friend" by Buddy Schwab. Featuring choreography from "Cabaret" by Ron Field. Featuring choreography from "Shenandoah" by Bob Tucker. Featuring choreography from "Little Me" by Bob Fosse. Featuring choreography from "Half a Sixpence" by Onna White. Featuring choreography from "Television" by Carol Haney. Featuring choreography from "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" by Peter Gennaro. Featuring choreography from "No, No, Nanette" by Donald Saddler. Featuring choreography from "Walking Happy" by Danny Daniels. Choreographic reconstruction by Evelyn Taylor, Karin Baker, Patti Mariano, Gemze de Lappe, Swen Swenson, Eleonore Treiber, Marianne Selbert, Gene Gavin, Tom Panko, Ron Bostick, Eric Paynter, Buzz Miller, Vito Durante, Jamie Jamieson, Ken Urmstrom, Helen Gallagher and Dick Korthaze. Historical material arranged by Harold Cromer. Costume Design by John David Ridge. Lighting Design by Jeremy Johnson. Directed by Lee Theodore. Century Theatre: 14 Jun 1978- 3 Dec 1978 (199 performances). Cast: Helena Andreyko (as "Ensemble"), Nancy Chismar (as "Soloist"), Harold Cromer (as "Guest Artist"), Lisa Gennaro (as "Ensemble"), Louise Hickey (as "Soloist"), Don Johanson (as "Soloist"), Amy Lester (as "Ensemble"), Patti Mariano (as "Guest Artist"), Greg Minahan (as "Ensemble"), Christine Oren (as "Ensemble"), Candice Prior (as "Ensemble"), Kevin Ryan (as "Ensemble"), Don Swanson (as "Guest Artist"), Alexandra Visitor (as "Ensemble"), Derek Wolshonak (as "Ensemble"), Donald Young (as "Ensemble"). Produced by Lee Theodore, Louis K. Sher and Gloria Sher.
  • (1979) Stage Play: Carmelina.
  • (1980) Stage Play: West Side Story. Musical/drama (revival).
  • (1980) Stage Play: One Night Stand [Never officially opened - 25 Oct 1980].
  • (1982) Stage Play: Little Me.
  • (1989) Stage Play: Jerome Robbins' Broadway.
  • (1989) Stage Play: 3 Penny Opera.
  • (1997) Stage Play: Annie.
  • (2009) Stage Play: West Side Story. Musical (revival). Book by Arthur Laurents. Music by Leonard Bernstein. Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Translations: Lin-Manuel Miranda. Music orchestrated by Leonard Bernstein, Sid Ramin and Irwin Kostal. Musical Director: Patrick Vaccariello. Choreography Reproduced by Joey McKneely. Associate Director: David Saint. Associate Choreographer: Lori Werner. Based on a conception of Jerome Robbins. Directed by Arthur Laurents. Palace Theatre: 19 Mar 2009- 2 Jan 2011 (748 performances + 27 previews that began on 23 Feb 2009). Produced by Kevin McCollum, James L. Nederlander, Jeffrey Seller, Terry Allen Kramer, Sander Jacobs, Roy Furman/Jill Furman Willis, Freddy DeMann, Robyn Goodman/Walt Grossman, Hal Luftig, Roy Miller, The Weinstein Company and Broadway Across America (John Gore, CEO. Thomas B. McGrath, Chairman. Beth Williams, COO & Head of Production). Associate Producer: LAMS Entertainment.
  • (August 9, 1993 - January 30, 1994) He choreographed the musical, "Annie Warbucks," at the Variety Arts Theatre in New York City with J.B. Adams, Brooks Amy, Jackie Angelscu, Harvey Evans, Colleen Fitzpatrick, Michael E. Gold, Missy Goldberg, Natalia Harris, Cindy Lou, Marguerite MacIntyre, Donna McKechnie, Jennifer L. Neuland, Kip Niven, Ashley Pettet, Harve Presnell, Alene Robertson, Molly Scott, Steve Steiner, Raymond Thorne, Elizabeth Zaremba, and Kathryn Zaremba in the cast. Alexis Dale Fabricant was understudy. Dennis J. Grimaldi, William P. Miller, Ben Sprecher, and Eve Lynn were producers with Bulldog Theatrical Productions. Thomas Meehan wrote the book. Martin Charnin was lyricist. Charles Strouse was composer. Ming Cho Lee was set designer. Ken Billington was lighting designer. Tom Sorce was sound designer. Jeffrey Richards was general press manager. Jeffrey M. Markowitz was production stage manager. WIlliam Berloni was animal trainer.

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