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'Swamp Devil' (DVD)

Despite their dramatic potential, ecological importance and scientific interest, swamps rarely get the good press that crystal-clear lakes, misty mountains and sun-drenched beaches do. This may be partly because so much superstition has grown up around them. Swamp monsters are popular expressions of this superstition, embodying the impression that swamps are muddy, bug-infested slime pits.

Perhaps the most famous such monster in the annals of film is the comic book character Swamp Thing. This tangle of humanoid swamp vegetation first appeared in DC Comics' House of Secrets #92 (1971) and he was later revamped for his own title. In the 1980s the comic was adapted for the film Swamp Thing. The character has also appeared in that film's sequel, The Return of Swamp Thing, and animated and live-action television series.

Contemporary with the origination of Swamp Thing was the first appearance of Marvel Comic's Man-Thing. Swamp Thing and Man-Thing had similar origin
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