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‘Hellmington’ Review

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Stars: Nicola Correia-Damude, Michael Ironside, Yannick Bisson, Monica Parker, Gabe Grey, Allegra Fulton, Kyra Harper, Angelica Stirpe, Shannon McDonough, Adam MacDonald, James Eddy, Munro Chambers, Robin Archer, John Clifford Talbot | Written and Directed by Alex Lee Williams, Justin Hewitt-Drakulic

When Samantha’s father is on his death bed, she sees him for the first time in years and his dying words are ‘Katie Owens’. The name of a girl who went missing nine years earlier and has history with Samantha. She sees this as a sign of sorts, and now, as a police officer herself, she investigates the disappearance of Katie Owens.

There’s a few supernatural and horror-leaning elements to the story in Hellmington but basically it is a simple thriller horror about a missing girl. Despite the story featuring many twists and turns, with new revelations coming at what seems like every fifteen minutes the script isn’t
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