Half Century Halle (and other anniversaries)

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1040 King Duncan is killed in battle and King Macbeth succeeds him. Shakespeare fictionalizes everything later for Macbeth. So many theatrical productions and movies follow. Out damn spot!

1932 The 1932 Summer Olympics end. This is the Olympic year when gorgeous Buster Crabbe became a gold medalist (pictured left). Hollywood then snatched him right up for movie serials and action adventure franchises including Tarzan The Fearless

1945 Japan surrenders during Ww II (the six year war will last only two more weeks.) but movie makers all over the world have never stopped telling the war's infinite stories. On that same day Steve Martin is born in Waco Texas. It only takes him another 68 years to get the Oscar he totally deserved

1946 Two actor birthdays: Blacksploitation actor Antonio Fargas who became "Huggybear" on TV's popular Starksy & Hutch and Susan Saint James TV of McMillan & Wife
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Happy Anniversary to The Blair Witch Project

On this day exactly ten years ago, a movie dropped that would forever change the face of independent film. Love it or hate it, The Blair Witch Project stands proudly as a sterling example that anyone with the right equipment, a boatload of passion, and a bitchin' idea can make a great film outside of Hollywood.

What a ride this flick had, huh? Sadly, it seems en vogue now to hate the movie, but back in the day most fans (myself included) just couldn't get enough of the story, the books, the film, and the brilliant mythology that had been put into place.

For all those involved -- from directors Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick to talented collaborators like Ben Rock and Neal Fredericks and everyone in-between -- we here at Dread Central would like to take a moment to say thanks not only for the scares but for giving
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The Devil's Muse Double-Disc Details

One new movie I haven't heard much about until now is Ramzi Abed's The Devil's Muse, but that's all about to change. On September 30th Halo-8 Entertainment is releasing a deluxe two-disc set of the film. It'll be packed with goodies including a full-length soundtrack CD composed by David J (Bauhaus, Love & Rockets) and Ego Plum (Nicktoons' Making Fiends).

So, what's The Devil's Muse about? Halo-8 provided this summary:

When beautiful young actress Lisa Small (Kristen Kerr of David Lynch's Inland Empire) is cast as the tragic victim known as The Black Dahlia in a film about Hollywood's most famous unsolved murder, an entire dreamworld awakens around her. Meanwhile, a local sociopath has set out on a copycat murder spree timed out with the 60th anniversary of the original killing. A spider's web grows around Lisa as her nightmares and desires intersect with the death toll rising around her.
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